131 Iconic 60s Hairstyles For Vintage Lovers

“If you are bored with the newbies, go old school and get those 60s hairstyles!” Seriously the hairdos these days look over the top and comical, but back in those days hairstyles were so classy and could grab anyone’s attention for real. Brigitte Bardot Backcombed Half-Up, Malryin Monroe hairdo, Mohawk, Bangs, and cutesy cut- all these hairdos amounts to such a classic and beautiful look that is almost impossible to avoid!
So, honey if you are tired of the new plastic hairdos of 2019 get those 60s hairstyles!

60s Hairstyles With Puff

60s hairstyles

How could you ever avoid the 60s hairstyles when they are this sexy and classy at the same time?

Audrey Hepburn Updo 

Hepburn was one of the most influential actresses of her era, and her hairstyle was unique and undoubtedly elegant.

Marilyn’s Curl

Who wouldn’t want those killer curls like those of Marylin’s?

Artistic Bob

One of the best thing about the 60s hairstyle is that every hairdo has a certain elegance, which is sure to make anyone look classy!

Classic Bun Of 60s

I’m sure that your grandmother also had one of this bun because it was popular during the 60s that every lady had it at some point in their life.

Stereotypical Bob

Are you getting ready for a 60s theme party? If yes, this hairdo is one of the best choices as it provides that iconic look for sure.

Mullet For Ladies

Mullet was famous, especially in the 70s, but in the late 60s, people had started experimenting with this hairdo.

High Updo

If you have a long, thick, and robust hair, why not show it off?

Short 60s Hairstyles

Back in the 60s, ladies had started opting for boy’s hair cut and even feminist preferred hairdo like this one.


Nowadays, not many people prefer this hairdo; maybe because of the oversized puff but if you are a vintage lover you will surely find this hairstyle alluring.

Messy Look

You are young, beautiful, and free- use it! Honey, let your hair float with the summer breeze.

Bold Hair Twist

Keeping an afro can look so untidy and can be so challenging to manage, but with a hair twist like this one, you are sure to make your hair manageable and look hot at the same time.

The Iconic Wavy Bun

This hairdo is just perfect for a barbie look! And back in the 60s, this hairdo had taken all the party house by storms.

Huge Beehive Of The 60s

Well, this hairdo is a real classic! And I’m not sure if everyone is going to admire it because of its large diameter.

Classy Hepburn’s Bun

The black hair in her hairdo makes the actress looks young and beautiful and if you want to try 60s hairstyle getting this hair is one of the best fashion choices for sure.

Beehive Bun With Side Partition

Who said 60s hairdo is not for a modelish look? Seriously who said that?

Large Curls

Neither does curls lie, nor does your hip, so why not get something new for your hair and put on those curls?

Marilyn’s Alluring Aura

Marilyn was one of that actress who is still well known for her looks and that iconic look, and her hairstyle is one to the best hairdos from the 60s.

Chopped Bob

This hairdo is one of the beautiful hair design that looks pretty on any facial structure type.

Classy Pixie

How can you ever ignore a hairdo like this one? Seriously this is one of those hairstyles that will grab your attention no matter where you are.

Layered Pixie For Women Over 50s

Be it for ladies over 60 or under; this hairdo never fails to be a disappoint!

Hairband And Puff Hair

The 60s is best known for its dolled up look, so if you are eager to get that dolly set up, you ought to try this hairdo.

60s Hairstyle For Pixie Lover

The start of pixie and the new era of boyish hair came from the 60s, so you can look back to get that youthful hairdo.

Beehive Bun And Band

Hey girls who love hairbands, why not get this hairdo for real?

Back Puff

Back puff, curtain bangs- the best signature look of the 60s! Trust me, honey, you will fall for it.

The Blonde Wavy Strands

Now, this is one of the transitions of Marilyn’s hairdo.

Low Classic Bun

Isn’t this such a beautiful hairdo? For a red carpet look or a decent gown, this hair is the best no matter what!

Frizzy Orange Blond

Blonde looks good; be it an old lady or young women, but this fashion of orange blond has long faded; however, if you want to try something different, this can be a right choice.

The Rolled Out Curls

The cottony texture and rolled out hair is one of the trademarks looks from the 60s that is sure to make anyone look gorgeous.

Amber Bush

How can you never fall in love with this beautiful amber shoulder -length hair?

Decent Band Straight Sleek Hair

This hairdo is worn by kids nowadays, but back in the 60s, people preferred it even for formal wear.

Side Puff And Bun

I have a single word for this hairdo- “Adorable!” Honestly, look at the beautifully turned up hair!

Clipped Up Flat Waves

I am pretty sure that people these days will never choose this hairdo because it is pretty safe to say that this hairdo looks a bit weird.

La Vie En Rose Style

This beautiful hairdo of beehive style is one of bun that comes in mind when talking about the 60s hairstyles.

Monroe’s Hairdo

This flattering hairdo has taken over the fashion industry for many decades, as Miss Monroe wore this hairdo.

Marilyn’s Hairstyle Of 60s

Talking about the 60s, the 1st thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the flying shirt photograph and that beautiful Bob of Marilyn’s hair.

Iconic Bun Of The 60s

This beautiful hairdo of the 60s is, undoubtedly, one of the cute hair designs ever.

Another Marilyn Inspiration

This hairdo is the exact copy of the Marilyn’s style, and you should have no doubts about that.

Pixie For Women Over 50

If you are women of above 50 and want a hairdo to make you look charming, take your inspiration from the 60s style, trust me, it will never let you down.

Elegant Beehive Bun

Who said beehive bun looks comical? Seriously, who said that?

Baby Afro

This hairdo initially came from the African-American community and is one of those hairdos that has gained much popularity over the years.

Classy Curls

The black curls and the beautiful gown for the party will never go wrong, trust me when I say this!

Cara’s Updo

This hair of Cara with half -updo design is one of the most impressing hairdo inspiration of all time, which is perfect for any age group.

Puffed Hair With Band

When you think about hairbands, it’s either you have your hair flat, or you have a puff in the front of the band, but why go stereotypical? Try something new with this hairdo.

Messy Hair With Bangs

This hairdo is one of that hairstyle that is simple to pull on and looks fashionable with no doubts.

Classy Choppy Bangs

The fashion of bangs came along from the 60s, and if you are looking for the fringes inspiration, why not go back and see it for yourself?

Beautiful Mohawk

Mohawk can make you look like a punk, but if you put in proper order, you can look classy for sure.

Hippie Band

Back in the 60s, Hippie’s hair was a very stylish statement, and still today it is considered as one of the coolest hairdo yet available.

The Bombshell Look

“Bombshell” is what people of 60s called when they meant to say Hot! And a hairdo that gave a sexy aura was named bombshell, and this very hairdo is one of the best examples.

Cutey Bow Band And Beautiful Beehive

Are you looking for a youthful and cute hairdo inspiration, why not go through all the hairband styles of the 60s?

Flat Front Beehive

If you want a straight, sleek hairstyle for a dolled up look, this hairdo will give you that”Yes!” moment for sure.

Side Bangs

This beautiful hairdo is sure to give you a cowgirl look, that you will love with deepest of your heart.

Curtain Bangs For Long Hair

For girls who love to keep their hair long, this hairdo is one of the best options as it looks good both from back and front.

The Gorgeous Band Hairdo

This hairdo is perfect for a red carpet look! The slightly raised puff in the front and the straight, sleek blond behind is ideal for a classy design.

Black Hair Pixie

Cute, sweet, hot, and sexy- all at once, and if you want a hairdo with all these compliments, this hairdo should be in your bucket list with certainty.

Curtain Bangs And Elegant Puff

This classy look is sure to win any guys heart and is the perfect hair to wear for a date.

Curls And Curls

60s hairstyles are known for many styles, and one of the best one is curls, and you will never regret getting these killer curls for sure.

Marilyn’s Curls

Now that’s how the famous Marilyn got her curls, in the time when rollers had not been so prominent.

Large Afro

60s Jazz music was full of the artist with a huge afro, and the best thing about this hairdo is that it is a hairstyle of both men and women.

Classic Party 60s Hairstyles

Cute hair, small cake, and that beautiful bun with side partition hair- wasn’t that so stylish moment of the history ever?

The Classy Lob

The lob now and then is not much different, and the lob originated from the 60s to be true.

Bandanna Hairstyle Updo

Remember a poster of a girl who wears a classic bandanna hairband and flexing her bicep? OK, then you know how famous this hairdo was back in the 60s.

Hairband Styles

This hairband style is unique, and you are sure to look like such a charmer with a band like this one.

Rolled Sea Wave Updo

This hairdo is one of the most elegant hairstyles that you will ever find if you look back at the hair fashion history!

The Floral Band

Curtain bangs and floral bands- what more do you need to look pretty?

Pretty Bun

This hairdo consist of a simple hairdo made beautiful with that bronze Floral accessory. Trust me , this is simple yet elegant and perfect for your wedding day.

Middle Partition

Middle partition of the Hippie’s hair will never do you any wrong, trust me when I say that.

Low Beehive Hairdo

60s hairstyles were full of the high beehive and are not such a practical hairdo these days, but with a low one, you can pull this off without looking weird at all.

Boyish 60s Hairstyles

The feminist revolution had already begun back in the 60s, and feminist loved this hairdo for sure.

Recreating Marilyn’s Hairdo

No wonder the original hairdo was beautiful, but the recreated version isn’t so bad either!

Beehive Hairdo With Bow Band

Ladies wore this hairdo while going for the tennis and now people have started looking at it as the ultimate classic.

Red Bow With Blunt Bangs

Bombshell and cute in the same hairdo- who doesn’t love this hair?

Mop Top For Girls

Mop top has long gone, so if you want hair with lots of unique features, this hairdo is the best one to choose for sure.

Layered Flip Bob

Another hairdo known when it comes to 60s hairstyles is the flipped bob.

Recreated Mop Top

If you are a fan of BTS, you are familiar with this hairdo for sure, because many of the members put this hairdo.

Rolled Puff And Bun

Such a classic! This hairdo is undoubtedly going to win anyone’s heart as it looks so elegant.

Glam Curls Of The 60s

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The 60s is also known for its rolled hair and that beauty glam, so why not get it without delay.

Rolled Up Pin Cherry Hair

Classy and fancy -this is what this hairdo signifies, and is sure to make you look pretty than ever before.

Messy Waves

Messy wavy hair was not so popular back in the 60s, but it started back then as well; however, this hairdo is one of the most demanded hairdo choices of today.

Wavy Bob

Wavy hair is something that people could die for, especially when it is in short length.

The Bombshell

The blondies of the 60s loved this hairdo, as it makes you look hot and pretty at the same time, and you are sure to attract anyone’s eye where ever you go.

Bangs And Low Ribbon ed Pony

This hairdo is one of the most elegant hairstyles which is the best choice to wear with your formal attire.

The Dolled Up Beehive Hair

Who wouldn’t love hair like this one? Seriously, the charm and aura are so attractive that it is sure to draw anyone’s attention.

Recreating The 60s Hairstyles Of Actresses

Are you opting for 60s themed party, why not recreate the actress hairstyle?

Back Puff And Clipped Hair

Why not get a hair that looks both alluring and beautiful at the same time?

The Hippie’s Way Out

If you want your hairstyle to signify freedom and peace, getting a hippie’s cut is the best option, you will never regret getting this hairdo for real.

Beehive Hair For Colored Skin

Who said only blonde girls look good in the beehive hair? Seriously who said that? And whoever said that, prove them wrong by getting this gorgeous hairstyle of glam.

Puff And Beehive Bun

This hairdo is like a recreation of the original beehive hair. But honestly, this one looks more pretty than the real one.

The Drama

Sexy, charming and glam- what more do you need to get a look of Drama Queen! You are sure to look beautiful with this hairdo.

Rolled Front Hair

Step out of your comfort zone sometimes honey, and try this hairdo, trust me, you won’t regret it!

Pretty Perfect Look

This hairdo with that veil accessory is sure to give that exclusive glamour look that you can wear looking elegant.

Rihana’s Style

The beautiful Amber hair of this pretty singer- model is just dead drop gorgeous, and following her lead will be one of the best fashion choices that you will ever make.

Pretty Waves Of The 60s

How can you walk past a person with this gorgeous hair, and not look at it twice?

Auburn Pixie

Short hair but a playful one is sure to give you that youthful look, that you are eager to get no matter what!

Mop Top But With Layers

Look at that hair! Just look at the layering and the slightest of the crop, all fit in so well.

Normal Hairband Look

Go simple, cheeky, yet beautiful- as 60s hairstyles will make you feel pretty than ever.

Simple Beehive Beauty

This elegant hairdo is much trending these days, and even Dua Lipa got that hair for Met Gala this year!

Shortest Pixie

Simple yet cute, this hairdo will never be a disappointment for sure.

Waterfall Braids Of 60s

This beautiful hair is sure to be a head turner no matter where ever you go.

Cute Bob For Women Over 70

This hairdo is beautiful and is sure to give some youthful splash if you know how to pull it off in the right way.

Curled Up Babe

Curled up hair looks so adorable and is one of the hairdos that will never let you down, no matter in any situation.

Adorable Bob

If you are opting for an edgy look but full with elegance, darling, you are looking at the right hair design!

Double Partition Beehive

The Mama Simpson surely got inspired by this hair, because people usually get hair like this no more.

The Elegance With The Right Wave

Now, this hairdo sure shows some drama that is very difficult to ignore, as it so pretty and elegant at the same time. Additionally, the shine and texture are sure to praise for such beauty.

Cute 60s Hairstyles

Are you searching for a hairdo for your special day? Then, lady, you have come to the perfect place, and you have got your eyes on the prefect’s hair. This hairdo is one of the most cute 60s hairstyles, which is sure to look adorable on anyone.