124 Classy 70s Hairstyles That You Will Like

Aha, the 70s hairstyles! One of the most elegant fashion eras of all times, with everyone showing off their individuality, the 70s was ‘An Era Of Glam.’ The hippies and gypsy gave birth to the shaggy, the feathered look and also the straight and sleek. The good thing about this era was, there was nothing called ‘The Trend,’ and every person had their hairstyle.
Ladies with the urge to try something out of the box should, undoubtedly, give the 70s hairstyle a shot!

Popular 70s Hairstyles

70s hairstyles

The Shag was one of the most popular 70s hairstyles. This hairstyle was also called ‘the disco hair’ as it was more popular among people who loved partying a lot. So, party girls, if you run out of ideas on the type of hairstyle that might suit you for a disco, this hairdo will be your “BAE,” for sure.

Curled Shag

The shag is the best hairdo for ladies with a heart-shaped face and if you have decided to curl it right, trust me you will look gorgeous!

Double Up-do With Bangs

The up-dos never go out of style and with the bangs and long sleek straight hair, any girl can pull off the 70s hairdo with style.

Curls Of Glam

Curls are the best hairdo for women of any age, and this old-fashioned hairdo is like old wine in a new bottle that never fails to make an impression.

Bun With Floral Touch

In this modern day of plastic fashion, it’s such a uniqueness to remain a classic! This bun with floral touch has a beautiful feminine touch will surely make you look elegant.

Wavy Curls And Hairband


This hairdo of wavy curls is so beautiful and gives a 70s diva vibe; moreover, the hairband gives a gorgeous glam look.

Curls In Ombre

The curls can be such a beautiful compliment in ombre. Additionally, if you have shoulder length hair, this style looks pretty for sure.

Middle Partition With Curls

This Gabrielle- curls hairdo gives such a diva look that leaves a beautiful impression on anyone. So, girls if you want to look classic you need to try this hairdo.

The Blue Band

Just spare your time and look at this beautiful lady with soft curls, don’t you think she has a breathtaking look? Moreover, the blue band is an exact match with the blues of her eyes which is undoubtedly a great combo that never goes wrong.

Bun And  A Bow

The Bun these days are of a different category; however, this bun still makes anyone nostalgic as it has ‘The Charm’ which complements well with a bow.

The Raw Look

Ladies, you need to know that “more is less” and sometimes, adding nothing much to your hair can be a win-win, like this hairdo which, undoubtedly, brings out the sexiness in you.

Straight Sleek Hair

Aha, look at that hair! The straight, sleek hair never fails to give away that sexy aura and back in the 70s, it did set the fashion world on fire.

Diva Curls

You are a Diva, and everybody knows it, now girl, it’s time for you to show it! Moreover, this hairdo will suit you best to give you that ‘Diva’ look for sure.

Classic Bun

Shiny, chocolate classic bun is my favorite hairdo when it comes to hairstyles of the 70s, and you can try it for sure with no doubt as it will not fail to leave an impression on you.

Rolled Shaggy

When it comes to the 70s hairdo, one can never miss the out-rolled shag. Additionally, if you are aspiring for a look with coolness and with a touch of classic, you should opt for this hairdo.

Top Bun With Shaved Base

Bun both simple or messy never fails to impress anyone; similarly, you can give an artist touch with lower shave which is sure to look fabulous!

Messy Braid

This hairdo gives such a GOT vibe, and the messy texture of the caramel hair is such a charmer.

Puff With  A Hairband

Puffs were the ‘Queen Of Hairstyle’ in the 70s and if you are one of those blessed with wavy hair, making a puff hair and complementing it with a hairband would be your best decision.


Back in the 70s, ‘The Goldie’ look was worn by almost all the celebs because this hairdo makes your hair look thick and undoubtedly, helps you stand out of the crowd.

Curved In Bob

Remember Lady Gaga’s bob in ‘Alejandro’? Yes, I am talking about the rolled-in Bob which complemented so well with her oval face. So, ladies if you are looking for some new bob designs, this might be the one that will make you go “Aha!”

Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs with sea -wave curls are perfect, and if you are one of those ladies with a dark shade of hair, you are for sure to look elegant.

Rolled Long Hair

This hairdo was one of the trending hair designs of the 70s, and still today it has not lost its charm; moreover, for any event, this hairdo can be a perfect match.

Thick Bangs

The trend of keeping bangs originated in the 60s-70s, and it was considered thicker the fringes, more beautiful the hair.

Simple Blond

Blonds can look gorgeous when styled right and even if you with a simple middle partition, you can look stunning with the blond with certainty.

The 70s Ponytail

Amazingly, the side ponytail of the 70s was vastly different from the regular ponytail of today. The bangs, the puff and the ponytail in the side are the best combos when it comes to simple, yet elegant hair styling.

Rolled-out Bob

Don’t you think that this hairdo looks like a blooming flower? If you are opting for a hairstyle with a touch of uniqueness, you should try this hairdo.

Messy Blond

I am pretty sure that I am obsessed with blond, and I have to admit that blonds look good in any styling and even when left lose with only a black hairband it sure seems charming!

70s Disco Hairstyle

The ‘disco-hairstyle’ of the 70s was so cool, and I can never get enough of this hairdo as it is fit for any and every occasion these days.

Long Straight Sleek Hair

The beautiful hair looks pretty no matter what, and even when left messy your straight hair is sure to look elegant.

Classic Bun

The classic bun, to be honest, never goes out of style. Moreover, the complementary bangs add an elegant charm to this hairdo.

The Classic Lob

Lobs were not so popular during the 70s, but the celebs who tried on the lobs looked stunning as the lobs those days were sharp and complemented the jaw lines giving a youthful look.

Pixie In Flat Hair

The pixie looks fab no matter what and if you have a shiny hair, trust me, you will never regret putting this hairdo on.

Silver Curtain Blond

Isn’t this hairdo so charming? Well, I do feel the charm, and if you are one of those blessed with silver strands, you should try this hairdo for sure.

Baby Curls

Baby curls are so cute and if you have a bob in that curly hair then girl, trust me, you will look classic than ever before.

Typical 70s Hairstyle

This hairdo is one of those that comes to mind whenever someone mentions a 70s celebrity and no wonder it is so charming; moreover, the black bow adds so much of beauty to this hairdo.

Bow And Lower Curls

The lower curls give such a romantic vibe, and with a bow, you will have a perfect hairdo for a date or a prom.

Bangs With Hairband Braid

This hairdo with bangs merely looks fantastic. Moreover, if you are thinking of showing off your facial detail, this hairdo can be a great option.

70s Ariana Hairdo

If Ariana Grande had a hairdo in the 70s, it would look something like this one. Trust me, the cute puff in front with a ribbon seems fantastic.

The Classic Frizzy

Frizzy hair can look both elegant and classic if you know how to play your hair game right. This hairdo can also make you stand out of the crowd.

Blond And Curls

If you are Blondie and are very bored with the same hairdo, it’s time for you to try something completely new and fresh and this killer curls will undoubtedly serve you right.

70s Shag

The 70s had its unique shag which never fails to disappoint anyone, and there are still some people out there who put on this hairdo looking elegant and cool.

Soft Blond

Don’t you think the blonde looks like cotton candy? With soft glow, this hairdo is a definite charmer.

The Chic Style

With this hairdo your hair is sure to look healthy and also classy; similarly, if you have long locks, you are sure to look like a princess with this hairdo.

Rocking ’em Bangs

Bangs can look gorgeous if you know how to put it correctly; moreover, for those ladies with a broad forehead which looks quite dull at times, bangs can be a good option.

Messy Blond In Bob

Messy bob never goes out of style, maybe because it’s easy to put and gives such beautiful raw look which brings out the sexy vibe. So, even in late 70s ladies rocked this look and till date, nothing has changed much.

The Hairband Trend

Back in the 70s, the streets would be full of ladies with hairbands and lowered curled hair, and this hairdo was in the top of the trending list. Well, these days if you want to bring on that 70s vibe, you need to try this hairdo with no regrets.

Silver Blond

Be it silver blond or the blond of gold, these hair color never go out of style, and keeping simple fringes on the front will add a much-needed charm.

Front Braid

The frontal hair can sometimes be so irritating, especially when it directly trickles your face and the 70s had a good solution for this hair problem which looked both stylish and classy.

The 70s Glam

Take a moment and admire this lovely hairdo, don’t you think it’s beautiful? The lower soft curls with the front curtain bangs are so alluring that no one can quickly get their eyes off it.


Simple Wave

Simple waves can be the best solution when it comes to styling and girls if you are confused about what hairstyle suits you best, keeping it simple can sometimes do a great trick!


70s Ariana Hairdo

If Ariana Grande had a hairdo in the 70s, it would look something like this one. Trust me, the cute puff in front with a ribbon seems fantastic.

Long Shag

Long shag was such a hit in the 70s, and from hippies to the celebs, this hairdo had its aura of coolness going on.

Queen Puff

Your hairdo can either make you look ordinary or help you stand out of the crowd, and this Queen Puff is so fascinating that it can make anyone look classy and royal for sure.

Side Parted Hairdo

Side parted hairdo is such a classic! This hairdo adds a much-needed wave and is good to go for weddings or formal dates.

Side Parted Bangs

There are so many options for bangs and so many types of them that ladies, you are sure to get overwhelmed and this specific type was in the top trending list in the 70s era.

Loose Blond

Less is more and sometimes just letting down your hair with no extraordinary hairdo can make you look charming in an effortless way.

Black Hair And Bob

Bob is the best when it comes to short hair and styling, and if you are one of those ladies with black hair and no idea of any styling, this hairdo can change your perspective about hairstyle in a good way.

Thin Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are the best option in hair styling if you are looking forward to drawing attention to your eyes. So, ladies if you have got that killer eyeliner and the hot mascara look in your eyes, these bangs will be a perfect match!

Parted Bangs

The 70s was the era full of styles and bangs. Additionally, one of the most popular fringes of that era is the parted one. With a beautiful hairband and long hair up-do at the back, this hairdo adds a much-needed charm.

Side Swept Bangs

Don’t you think this hairdo is cute? Well, it sure is, and the floral touch in the side with those killer bangs is the exact component that can make you look dead drop gorgeous.

Amber Red

Out of all the top trending hair color in the 70s era, amber was the best, and till date, this hairdo is taking the fashion industry by storm. So, all the fashionistas out there, this is the moment for you to shine!

Layered Parted Bangs

The 70s was full of layered hair and bangs; similarly, for every facial type the fringes were designed differently, and this parted bangs were intended for ladies with oval or heart-shaped face to be specific.

Bun With Pin Up Bangs

Who said classic hairdo was boring? Seriously, who said that? This hairdo is a beautiful example proving to all the Classic-Hairstyle haters that hairstyle in the past was so much more than the trending plastic hair designs of today.

Simple Long Blond

Long hair of blond was always and has always been the most admired hair. So, ladies blessed with blond should undeniably flaunt them wherever and whenever possible!

Half Up-do

These days half up-dos are just for the kids, but back in the 70s, beautiful women wore this hairdo. To all those ladies with healthy hair and killer curls, I would undoubtedly recommend this hairdo.

Strip Hairbands

Reminds me of those hippie days! This strip hairbands are such a complement to your hair that it both makes you look younger and makes your hair manageable.

70s Shag And Bangs

This hairdo was a trending hairstyle for both men and women in the 70s. Remember Bon Jovie? Oh yes, the lead singer also had this hairdo, so ladies, if you want to bring on some cool fashion trend, keeping up with this shag, can be a great start.

The Marilyn Monroe Aura

No one can avoid the beautiful fashion icon Monroe and no one can forget her signature look. For those dressing up for a classy ball, this hairdo might add the missing charm.

Upper Sleek And Lower Frizzy

This hairdo is a fashion risk, yet a much-wanted fashion shot. Keeping the upper hair sleek, it stands out from the Afro hairdo and keeps the classy look intact.

Middle Partition With Braid

Trust me, history is rewinding, and the old fashion is coming in top trends! Ladies, you don’t have to go much further to find an example as this hairdo is solid proof that hairstyle like these is coming back in the trending list.

Short Shag

Shag is the best if you are opting for a hairdo which is both easy to manage and looks cool. Moreover, this hairdo seems excellent for both casual and a classy look.

Side Puff And Partition

Don’t you think that this hairdo is a standout? With the side puff, this hairdo looks more voluminous and as this hairdo does not cover any part of the face, it helps to focus on facial details.

Half Up-do With A Puff

If you have a healthy hair, half up-do is made for you and you only, and at times this up-do can look boring in which case adding a simple puff can be the best solution.

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Pinned Up Hair And Accessory

Trust me, ladies, this is one of the most extravagant hairdos in this list. The pinned up hair, the sleek straight strands, and the accessory can make anyone look a classic! So, if you are opting for a look to look edgy, this hairdo will serve you right.

Bun With Sea Waves

Wavy hair is the best, and with a beautifully made bun, it is merely a head turner! For all the ladies opting to try something new with their hair, this hair might be the one that brings the much-wanted newness.


Want to look both bold and beautiful? In that case, this lioness hairdo can be your BAE as it adds an aura of boldness with a touch of feminine with the help of curls.

Middle Partition Rolls

If you are looking for a hairstyle to look much younger, you need to try this hairdo! The middle partition with the rolled up edges in the side gives you a chic look, and your loose long hair adds that youthful charm.

Up-do With  A Ribbon

Up-dos might look classic, but it is undoubtedly elegant. And for all the ladies who are bored with ponytails, this can be a good option.


Be it buss-like- hair or hair in curls; Afro always gives that diva aura. Despite its popularity in the 70s, its trend is fading, but if you still love this hairdo, there is no harm in trying this classy style.

Shag With Rolled Out Margin

This hairdo adds an elegant charm to your face; additionally, the rolled out curls creates a beautiful aura that is sure to make you look pretty without much effort.

Arched Bangs With Ponytail

Every time I look at this hairdo I go “Aw!”.This hairstyle can make anyone look adorable, and if you decide to put a ribbon as an accessory, trust me, you will not look less than a Barbie doll!

Long Side Hair Strand

Bangs can, sometimes, make you look like a kid and might not suit you the way you wish it could. In that case, ladies, you need to let few strands of hair loose in one side. This hairdo adds a touch of professionalism and sexiness.


Lana-Del Look

Lana Del Rey is one of the best examples when it comes to classic. Not only is her song of the past era, but also her hair and her style, which has mesmerized so many people and touches the hearts of many.

70s Hairstyle For Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair is effortless to maintain, and the 70s hairstyles mostly consist of this hairdo which was neither too long nor too short.

Side Parted Puff With Curls

The 70s hairstyles had much to do with puff and curls. So, girls with curly hair, if you want to look like a diva in your hair, 70s hairstyles will surely be like a fairy godmother of hair designing.

Middle Parted Bangs

If you are searching for hairstyles that looks fancy but still focuses on the facial structure, this hairdo is made surely and only for you!

Auburn Curls With Bow Bands


Auburn Curls With Bow Bands

Isn’t this hairdo so adorable? And look at that bow! The 70s hairstyles were cute, and the good thing is that this era played with a lot of hair color which not only seems natural but youthful as well.

Caramel Hair With Back Puff

The bangs show innocence in the front, and the puff is party in the back! Moreover, the caramel hair makes the whole look adorable and much lovable.


The 70s hairstyles gave many fashion choice, and the hairbands were one of them. Nevertheless, hairbands can sometimes look over the top in which case you can go with the hair chains, which, with no doubts, will look amazing.

Thin Braids With Accessory


Bob With  A Puff

Bob can be boring at times, and with a puff, this hairdo can get a transformation that is not only charming but also unique.

Bun With The Band

Just cool can look boring, but Classy Cool is the goal! So, ladies with this bowed -up-band and the cute bun, you can surely get that head-turning hairdo.

Ached Bangs

If you have a long face, ached bangs can be perfect. Moreover, with these bangs, you can look dolled up and adorable!

Cloth-Like Band

Curls can be bold, and with the hair band, they can look dashing. Trust me; your curls will never go wrong with the hair-band.

Silky Amber Hair

Straight hair never goes out of style, and this amber color is so perfect that I can never get enough of it. Ladies, with straight, sleek hair, you should, with no doubts, try this hairdo.

Rolled Shag

70s hairstyles mainly consist of shaggy and this particular shag is a hit as the hair tips look perfectly trimmed so ladies with split hair problems, this hair can be a perfect solution and you will get the opportunity to flaunt your beautiful strands.

Yellow Cotton

70s Blondie’s tried so many hair designs that these have remained an inspiration to so many till date, and one of the fantastic hairdos is the yellow cotton. Well, this is just a slang name, but still, like the name suggests this hairdo does not forget to give the soft texture look of cotton.

Messy 70s Hairstyles

Messy hair can look elegant! Well, this might sound ironical, yet is very accurate. Too much hair designs can mess up the style so much that you end up looking comical; therefore, this real mess can be a beauty in a few cases.

Upper Sleek And Lower Frizzy

This hairdo is a fashion risk, yet a much-wanted fashion shot. Keeping the upper hair sleek, it stands out from the Afro hairdo and keeps the classy look intact.

Lengthy Pixie

Pixie for girls was not so famous before the 50s and only after the beginning of women revolution after the world war, it took over the fashion industry, and celebs transformed this pixie in the 70s, and this is what it looked like in real.

70s Hairstyles For Dark Hair

Dark hair was in trend in that era and is still in Trend. This simple shag wore by women of 70s merely is incredible and can be worn for both formals and causal.

Dolled Up

Take your time and look at this hairdo, the makeup, and the model, doesn’t she look like a doll? The floral band with puffed up hair gives such a doll’s charm, and if you are looking for a style to look like a doll, this hairdo can be a serious inspiration.

Black Band

The thick band makes your face look so cute; moreover, when the hair is let free with the hairband keeping the hair in place, the look is just amazing.

Puff And Messy Hair

Puffed hair never looked so amazing like it seems in this hairdo. The eye shadow, the shade of hair and the makeup look so alluring that you are for sure to turn heads no matter where you go!

Strip Hairbands

Reminds me of those hippie days! This strip hairbands are such a complement to your hair that it both makes you look younger and makes your hair manageable.

Black Curls

70s hairstyles were full of puffs, curls, and shag. So, ladies with curls you might consider 70s hairstyles to keep your curls intact.

The Hippie Look

Hippies always look cool with long hair and a hairband. Well, long hair trend went on quite well back in the 70s and 80s; however, the pixie also took over in the 90s but again, we have long hair taking the fashion industry by storm these days.

Selena’s 70s Look

Many Hollywood celebs have tried the 70s look, and Selena Gomez is also one of them. The beautiful singer and actor’s hair merely looks gorgeous, and her styling makes it more fab!

The Raw Look

Ladies, you need to know that “more is less” and sometimes, adding nothing much to your hair can be a win-win, like this hairdo which, undoubtedly, brings out the sexiness in you.

Long Curtain-Like Bangs


Girls with silver blond are just gorgeous and if you have strands of silver, girl you should rock that hair with curtain bangs!

Side Partition Barbie Look

Girls with 70s hairstyles can look out of the place sometimes, but if you are trying to get this Barbie look, darling you will look dashing! So, ladies do try this chic look which will surely not disappoint you.

Thick Arched Fringes

If you so wish to get a healthy hair look, this hairdo can be the one you are searching. The bangs with loose side strands add a much -needed complement to your hair giving you a youthful look for sure.

Long Lob With Bangs

70s hairstyles did not consist much of Lobs, but a slight lob design did originate in that era. With the bangs in front, the hairdo looks good both from the front and the back.

Blunt Bangs And Bob

The short bangs in the long straight hair look pretty, and if you go with this, you are sure to look dolled up. Similarly, this is one of the coolest 70s hairstyles that is irresistible.

The 70s Classic

The Classic Frizzy

Frizzy hair can look both elegant and classic if you know how to play your hair game right. This hairdo can also make you stand out of the crowd.

70s Hairstyles For Spring

The summer and spring vibe merely is so beautiful, and this hairdo never fails to bring out that spring feeling. So, ladies if you are bored with that winter hairdo, it’s time to get up and have some fun!

Glam Up

Middle partition with back puff gives such a royal look that anyone could die for! The ladies who want to look classy but still fun, undeniably, need to try this hairdo.

Bun And Thin Braid

Bun and braids are always fun to look at, and if you are the girl who loves experiments, this hairdo is for you! With rope-like braid and calm bun, anyone and everyone can look dashing.

70s Hairstyles For Medium Length Dark Hair

Medium length dark hair look good in any form; however, the 70s hairstyles for such hair types were in many varieties, and each of them had their uniqueness. Therefore, ladies with shoulder length hair, if you are confused on the type of hair that suit you best, you should, with no doubts, try this hairdo.