Throwback! On 75 Popular 90s Hairstyles

The homecoming of old hair trends has become a popular culture in fashion industries these days. Today the fashion is all about rainbow and updo braids but still, 90s hairstyles were the king of all. It was the time when hairstyles used to define the personality of the celebrity. If you were born in those days then you definitely are familiar with 90s hairstyle showcased in Hollywood movies. Back in the 90s the stars cast namely Gwen Stefani and Mariah Carey were the epoch-making actresses in regard to new hairstyles in those days. Because of some such movie stars 90s styles are still fresh in minds of many fashion lovers and also the old magazines has preserved these hair relics.

Going with the changing fashion pattern of the era, 90s beauty trends were defined by messy looks and gentle behavior. All types of hairstyle similar to modern days were popular in those days also, just with a different name. Including braids, twirl curl, golden vines and other today’s popular hair color and styles were already there. That’s because 90s hairstyle was all about experimentation and trying a new look, and it makes this period as the golden era for new hairstyles.

How could we not remember the popular Rachel hair featured by Jenifer Aniston “Camp Cucamonga”? Are you aware that textured style with uneven pieces made her signature look during the 90s? And what about those braided ponytails that Britney Spears stunned in her debut video for Baby One More Time? All these ’90s hairstyles’ will remain as a relic for the upcoming fashion industry.

Some of the popular 90s hairstyles featured by different celebrities are:

  • The Rachel Hairstyle: Jennifer Aniston
  • The Flipped-Out Bob Hairstyle: Drew Barrymore
  • Mini-Buns Hairstyle: Gwen Stefani
  • Crimped Hairstyles: Christina Angular
  • The Winona Hairstyles: Winona Raider
  • The Box Braid Hairstyles: Janet Jackson
  • Curtained Hairstyles: Leonardo Caprio
  • Butterfly Clips: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Now let’s get a little nostalgic on 75 popular 90s hairstyles, shall we?

bun bun updo 90s hairstyles

The 90s hairstyle had a kind of obsession for updos, they were fond of putting their hair upward either by making a bun or by other means possible. Those days same updo was trending fashion.

Ribbon mess 

The trend of arranging messy hair began and ended in 90s time. Those days not only the girls on screen but also real-life women’s used to arrange the messy hair with ribbon and feature great look.

Falling golden curl

This falling curl was especially popular in movies when the 90s began to make sensual pictures with led actress dancing around the beach- this style became popular to add credibility to her sensual appeal.

Round bun 

The round bun is usually considered a very old look these days, even in mythological pictures we can see such hair. But back in 90s time, this hairstyle was popular in classic cinema.

spiral flow 

The gentleness of any face is determined by the shape of her hair, if you were born in the 90s and has this kind of hair, you would probably have been the icon of decent looking girl.

Messy up style

When your hair mess rises up like the electric look – just make sure to notice around as there will be many eyes looking to you. It was the default look of attitude girl in old Hollywood pictures.

90’s vibe 

As this twirl flow hair was discovered by old fashion, it is often considered among best 90s hairstyles. If you want to get back in old days just try grooming yourself in old version looks and grow old out of you.

short-twirl 90s hairstyle 

When talking about 90s hairstyle, how can we miss the short twirl? After the feminist movement, many women began to shorten their hair as the sign of feminist revolution. And the same revolution gives rise to this unique style.

knot-lock tail

Apart from fallen golden hair, the know-lock was difficult to design during the  90s. Especially in summer, this look became so much popular on music videos that, it often attracts eyes of outer societies that of Hollywood lovers.

3D foliage 

If you are three people in a gang, each can move on with different 90s hair design and get new look very unsimilar from each other. If you want to test new, begin with the second design.

Red braid 

Braids were not much popular in 90s hairstyles but there were other designs exactly similar to braids but with a different name. The homecoming of 90s trends is just like ‘old wine in the new jar’.


spiral curly

If you have a little spiral with curls, no modern hairstyle can match your 90s look. Among the most iconic hairstyles, this comes first, even Bollywood and other movies in the 90s has featured this style as the dominant characteristic of the lead female actress.

Golden down-curl 

The 90s was always popular as the age of golden hair, those days people even used to sell their long golden hair at the high price. The evolution of hair as part of beauty emerged in those days.

Sun-kissed highlight 

The steps are really easy for this hairstyle, let your soak in sun for a long time before coloring, if you are naturally red then it’s even better. Then take a small strand of hair and knit it in box spiral pattern- you are done with great hair.

black coil 

The black hair-usually popular as Indian look in the 90s was featured best with coil design. Every strand of hair was made curly and let it free till it reaches the half of shoulder- remember you need to have long hair for this fabulous look.

short-white highlight 

Short hair with straight edge was a popular pattern. Hair curls were bid requirement for some girls when they seek extra attention in mega parties or prom nights. The curl was next to the definition of beauty itself.

Up-bun fall 90s hairstyles

The bun in the upper part with remaining strands of hair falling free- If you want to get the most popular look of old movies actress then go for this style. With this design, you can have a modern tone in ancient ways.

Back-tie gold 

As mentioned earlier, 90s hairstyles were the period of golden hair and any kind of design in gold was considered best. If you put some jewelry along with modern make-ups, you can look as pretty as 90s models.

Ruby down 

Experimentation with new hairstyles was the best feature of the 90s fashion world. They introduced many new styles including this Ruby fall – which is the combination of curl and braided updo in french style

Over spiral curl 

Back in those days, the curls were not supposed to be subtle like today’s design, the more spiral- the more considered beautiful. It is similar to what Kangana Ranawat feature in her debut Bollywood movies.

Black- red combo 

You can follow simple steps to achieve this black-red combo. As the popular 90s hairstyles this design has ruled fashion world for long years and many young womens were fond of it. Even the movie industry has featured this style in many hit Hollywood.

knot down

The style of hair never determined the period of the fashion industry, though in the 90s the case was very different. Some of the hairstyles ruled the trends so intensely that people still remember the falling knots in a different way.

Red straight

Many girls still love red hairs with golden vibes on it – such combination gives the double effect of color and sun-kissed natural look on the hair. If you want to look natural with artificial color grooming, then it’s for you.

Jumbo bun 

It is today’s fashion that bun is shaped like cat ears- for more cuteness in the look. But back in those days stud look was more popular than cute features. So people loved to showcase messy hair with a wide loose bun. Its what we call icon shift in the fashion industry.

Pony spiral

when you have ponytail knitted in a spiral shape- one can just say ‘voila’. No words can describe this popular hair trend of the 90s. It began with the black community and then gradually the white working girls adopted this style.

Dark-tight spiral

The spiral hair can be mingled with any other design- be it dead-lock, knot-tied or long coil. The core of the spiral is a knot. You need to follow a simple step- just make the knot and leave hair in your preferred design way.

Circle twirl 

The small strand of hair falling from each side of the head– what we call alfa today. In the case of 90s hairstyles, the twirl was used for adding extra beauty to hair design.

Couple lock

Thsi lock was popular among school children in 90s, most of the girls were find of this lock design as it is easy to hand steps and also looks formal for academic life. Ever dream to get back in school days- try this look.


Cats are among the cute creature in the world and when you were cat fashion then you are also considered cuter. This cat design hair is for those girls who want to look more cuter in young age.

Bun-bun twist 

Buns never were self-sufficient to create the new design, they always demand another style to bake the round look. In this case, the twirls are curved to make a bun shape and falling strands of hair have added more to beauty look.

curly braid 

If you are fed up with a modern look, you can go for this 90s fashion, Just follow simple hand movement- first, make the bun our of curly hair then leave all remaining strands to fall wide- remember the hairs shouldn’t be tight, let it fall as it is.

Queen down

The old timers were not influenced by Victoria complex, they had their own queen look to feature in any kind of celebration. Be it the celebration of marriage or any kind of feast like a carnival, the default elite look was same as you see in the picture.

wide messy coil 90s hairstyles

The coiled hair can never be arranged in a tidy way – it can never let go it’s messy complexion. But messiness is what makes the coil do perfectly. So don’t ever try to redo with the mess in coil hair because it’s what makes coil perfect.

Catty-cat bun 

As mentioned earlier, the cat feature was the popular guiding trend for 90s hairstyles and many young girls, especially the college kids were obsessed with cat look. For cat look, you just need to have a cute face and enough hair to shape it in the number of buns.

knitted fishtail 

With this knitted fishtail you can go anywhere except parties– because partied demand tidy looks and only the tight hair give you such look. If you want this open-loose look, then be habituate to visit the beach.

Tribal pony 

This loose pony hair would remind you of the ancient Asian tribes- the jungle dwellers. But in the 90s this hairstyle came as popular homely fashion, especially the housewives used to spend time in home making this hair design.

Flyover braid 

The flyover braids are simple to make- you need the best color that suits your hair, special hair cream for curl look and creatively moving the hand. In less than twenty minutes you can be ready with this wonderful hair.

Wide- fall straight hair 

The wide fall straight hair will border your face and the falling hair frame you like the golden edge of the photo frame. With this hairstyle, your face would look like relic preserved in natural hair frame.

Twirl coil fall 

The twirl hair looks so beautiful when they are let to fall freely – and if you have naturally grown curls then nobody can match your level of style. Just remember to leave the curl wide loose to cover up your head in the frame.

Red-black combo 

The combo design was popular in 90s hairstyle. Most people use to prefer the combination of black and red with braids. Even today with that hair you can go any modern celebration ceremony and you would be the one with most unique hair design.

Black flux-fall 

Falling hair in every style look more pleasing that tight strands- don’t you remember the attitude girls in 90s Hollywood movies? It the same hairstyle they used to feature in movies for extra attention.

Snow Buffon

The Buffon is always great for white hairs – when you age to try this look and your youngness will revive with new zeal. But for making Buffon you need long hair that is flexible for any kind of moves. Be careful, it may fall if you make the wrong move.

Red pony-horn 

Like the popularity of pony-tails, the trend of pony-horn was developed in 90s time. Many womens, especially married one used to make such hair design. This is housewife friendly design as it showcases style and flexibility to work in the home at once. You just need less than a minute for this.

Round fall 

This style is not as difficult as it looks- you need cur hair, enough thick strand to make bun and twirls at each side for extra attention look. In less than an hour, you can make this style with own hand.

fancy-fall and straight 

Just looking back at the days’ people experimented with different 90s hairstyle makes us feel nostalgic about the past. This style has no name in today’s fashion world but still, we can see many walking bodies with similar hair pattern.

Snow-white and red combo 

The snow white would make you look old and red gives you young look. But if you combine white and red color same hair design then ? of course ! the resulting look would be young old – young looking like old.

Silky white spiral 

Have you ever wonder how a hairstyle can change our overall face feature even the body shape. Yes with this white hair you would look like storytelling grandmother or the fairy in grandmother’s tale.

Flowery braid 

Among all hair fashions, the flowery look suit best for young women. Such a look would illuminate their youth and beauty in a natural way. Don’t believe my words, try these 90s hairstyles, you will see the result

Mess-curl on edge cut 90s hairstyles

Messy can also make you look beautiful if you have the creativity to decorate mess. Try this messy look for the vibrant look – you won’t regret undoing your favorite design- because it will be your favorite once you try this.

Golden red fall 

Most people think that only the yellowish gold color can give the best look but even with red color in sun-kissed hair can give glourious look. Make sure to have sun-kissed hair and choose the color right.

braid updo white 

The braided updo is always popular regardless of time phase- 90s hairstyles celebrate as choice and today’s fashion industry regard it as default. If you hit braids in google you can see countless designs and even subcategory of it.

simple fall 

Is it easy to make simple fall, ask around- you will surely get yes answer. But you need to do nothing for this simple fall, literally do nothing and you can have this beautiful style. Just wake up and walk!

Slender stream

The slender look always suits best in white skin, it gives the vibes of light and slender make you look silkier. Don’t believe my words check the trending design in the fashion magazine, you can find the same statements.

Short-scapel bun

Making bun doesn’t always need high hair, in case of scapel look you need to make sure to put the hair down. Just move it closely from the surface of your head and make sure you keep it tight down. If you want to try something different, go for this style and grow newness out of you.

Coil stream fall 

The coiled hair always looks good in spiral design and if you let it fall then the new look would invade for the face. Even in 90s hairstyles trend, this look was popular among movie stars and model girls. As with the time this same hair shape has again revived with a new name.

up-roll braid 

The up-rolling culture is still popular in the modern fashion industry. Ever in today’s world, you can find a high profile model walking the ramp with the same old-fashioned hair trend. Such preference for this style again revived its importance.

Curve-gold 90s hairstyle 

As mentioned earlier the gold was a popular hair trend in the 90s and many young womens prefer to make golden hair in any ceremonies. Because of its alluring beauty, such preference for this hair still lasts in today’s time too.

Spiral white fall 

If you want to try something new in white hair then how about going for white spiral? Think again ! this look will yield you many compliments than you have imagined.

Rolled Mess Bun 

When rolled hair is left messy the pose own kind of unique look. Most will prefer messy in free terms as it looks wide like the frame. Also among popular 90s hairstyles, such messy looks were considered modern.