91 80s Fashionable Hairstyles

‘If you are tired of the plastic fashion, go back to the 80s to find what your hair truly deserves!’ Trust me; you will not regret the 80s hairstyles. As back in the 80s the whale sprout, the shag, the blunt bangs, literally every hairdo was unique and had that quality of making your hair look voluminous and give you that youth aura.
Moreover, the 80s hairstyles not only bring that youthfulness but also match most of the hair types, meaning you have the choice to choose the best hairdo for you without applying much hair products and avoiding hair damage.

Voluminous 80s Hairstyles

80s hairstyles

This shag is, undeniably, pretty and is very different from the shags that we have today. The best part about this hairdo is, ladies with thin, flat hair can get a healthy voluminous look for sure.

Messy Curls

In the era of metal and punk rock, these messy curls were everyone’s BAE! So, ladies if you are into this genre of music you should, undoubtedly, give this hairdo a shot!

Curls And Bands

Bands always look pretty, don’t they? Be it Curls or straight, this hairdo of the 80s look fantastic and people still admire it for sure.

The Bow

Now, this hairdo is still trending! The bow-band merely is gorgeous and makes your whole look seem cute and youthful.

The Classy Waves

The 80s hairstyles were full of glam, makeup, and classy hairdo; moreover, this hairdo is a perfect example of the combo of cuteness with elegance. Doesn’t this hairdo remind you of the 80s disco?

The Scrunchies Hairdo

Among all the fashionable hairdo of this era, the scrunches were the top trending. With the high ponytail and the spiked up hair strands, this hairdo grabbed the attention of many for sure.

Elegant Pixie

Just look at that trim? The minutely cut strands and the perfectly placed hair, makes the whole look so elegant. Similarly, this hair fits perfectly well for any face type.

The Punk Rock Chic

80s was full of metal and punk rock and no wonders, most of the hairdo were meant to suit this music trend. Ladies, if you are opting for the punk look, the 80s can your best inspiration!

The 80s Bob

Now that’s an eye-catcher! Girls with thick hair and curls are going to slay this hairdo with unique charm.

Short Bangs

Bangs are always trending, all thanks to the cute celebs with fringes! However, Short Bangs were popular in the 80s, and most ladies were in love with that hairdo.

The Geek Cut

If you are in the mood of ‘Give me the 80s geek look!’, Darling, here you go! The glasses and the sassy hair is, undeniably, a good combo for the geek look.

The Shaggy In Curls

When it comes to shaggy 80s hairstyles never disappoints anyone; moreover, if you have that bouncy curls, you are sure to look hot!

Clipped Curls

Honestly, the clip here is present to aid the puff; moreover, the side bangs and the curls look so good in this style, that you will surely be a head-turner anywhere you go.

Rolled In Hair

This hairdo sure brings that classy vibe. Ladies, trust me, the bow and the tugged in 80s hairstyles are best to get the ‘Classic- Hollywood-Glam.’

The Classic Updo

The up-do has never lost its charm, and back in the 80s, these hairstyles were always in the top trending list.

The Tight Curls

Bussy hair might never have looked so good like it looks in this hairdo if you want inspiration for your curls than there is nothing as inspiring as the 80s hairstyle!

Side Loose Partition

Ladies looking for a unique hair design -this hairdo might be the one that makes you go “Aha!” as it will, undeniable, help you to stand out of the crowd.

The 80s Puff

A little glam, a little bold and a bit too high- this hairdo is a “yes-yes” if you are looking forward to going to a theme party.


80s Mullet

The 80s gave many hairstyles ideas, and one of the most unforgettable ones is the Mullet. With bangs, with spikes, with the long strand- this hairdo is all in one package.

Chic Bob

Bobs and bangs in straight hair can never go wrong. So, all the confused ladies out there, this hairdo can be your BAE.

Rolled Up Spike With Lower Shave

This hairdo is one of the coolest hair designs of all times. Moreover, this hairdo adds the much- needed hair charm.

Curly Mohawk

Mohawks were especially a male hairdo but even back in the 80s bold ladies tired this hairdo. Be it straight or curls, this hairdo never fails to leave an impression.

80s Spiral Curls

Spiral curls are fascinating to look at and glamour to wear. Ladies with curls, my only advice to glam them curls, is to try on some of the 80s hairdos.

Cute Side Braid

Never underestimate the power of side- braids! These braids can make you look like perfection or ruin your look to the fullest.

Glamorous Pixie

This pixie is making a come-back in today’s fashion industry. With the killer side-look, anyone can slay the glamour style.

Ombre And Curls

Curls can make your hair look healthier than ever before and if you are thinking of getting an ombre of gold for your hair, trust me, you will not regret your decision.

Barbie Look

Even if the Barbies came up in the late 50s, girls back in 80s were so obsessed to look like Barbie, that many girls tried their best to get the Barbie hair.

High Puff

Are you searching for an inspiring puff? Well, look no further as 80s hairdo will make you happier than ever.

The Hippie

Hippies gained a lot of popularity, and back in the 80s, this hairdo was considered one of the coolest fashion trend. The hairband, braid and long hair were considered the combo of styling.

The Whale Sprout Of 80s

The 80s has always been known for bizarre fashion trend but with a lot of uniqueness- well, this hair proves it all. This ponytail was one of the most demanded hairdos of that era.

Shining Curls

Curls in the 80s never seemed boring; moreover, with the bangs, the hairdo had’ office in the front and party in the back’ type of look.

Funky Bob

In the 80s, voluminous, funky bob was in trend. This hairdo can be a great motivation to people with thin hair!

Owl Extensions

In the mid-80s, animal prints were trendy, and the hairdo also had accessories like the feathers of birds. So, ladies who love accessorizing will fall for this style with no doubts.

The Glam

The glam look of the 80s is praise-worthy. This hairdo with side bangs and the bow is, honestly, one of the best hairdo ideas.

Candy Girl Look

The blue-bow- band and the thick bangs rocked the 80s and are making a come-back in today’s fashion world as well.

Messy Hairdo

Ladies who love messy hairdo will surely find a lot of motivation from the 80s! From the big puffs to the Mohawks, a messy hairstyle made a bold statement in that era.

Side Ponytail

This ponytail, nowadays, will be considered a fashion disaster but back in the 80s, this hairdo was, amazingly, in the trending list.

Curly Hair For Dark Skin

Dark-skin people always fear to experiment with the hair color, but if you have curls and if you have decided to color it in yellow or gold; trust me, you won’t regret it.

The Hippie Band

This Hippie hair with the hairband can make anyone go “Aw!” Moreover, if you want that hippie look, this hairdo should, undeniably, be in your bucket list.


This hairdo is full of attitude and glamour. With the side braid and the puff, you will looking stunning for sure.

Soft Rolls

Soft rolls of the 80s were so much in the fashion trend. From little teen girls to fashionable granny, many women wore this hairdo with style.

Glam Curls

Curls were the ‘Lob’ of the 80s! And obviously, they were so trending that most ladies preferred curls over the straight hairdo.

The Whale Sprout Up-do

This up-dos with the bangs and colorful bands were so trending that many teens were head-over-heels for this hairdo.

Princess Diana Look

The hairdo with elegance, glamour, and class, is so cumbersome to find but hairstyle of late Princess Diana has it all! With the tint of Royalness, this hairdo gives a feminine touch, which is bold and beautiful at the same time.

Rolled Bob

Bob is always so fun to play with, and this rolled bob is no different. With a honeycomb look, this bob is sure to make you look cute.

The Bold Mullet

Jon Bon Jovi, the lead singer of Bon Jovi, rocked the Mullet hairdo in the 80s and 90s. Later, ladies, with bold fashion taste took over, and the Mullet became more popular.

Large Hairdo Of 80s

Like a Lion’s mane, this hairdo stands out looking bold! Ladies who are opting for more daring look need to try this hairdo with no regrets as it will, undeniable, make you look like a Queen.

Loose Waves

Loose wavy hair was such a fashion statement back in the 80s. With well-combed loose wavy hair, ladies went anywhere, from the beach to parties and never failed to look beautiful.

Big Jeri Curls

Jeri curls were famous among the dark-skinned populations; however, later multi-colored skin population loved this hair.

Vampire Vibes

Not all hairdo in the 80s gave that Vampire vibes; however, this wavy blonde hair and the red make-up glammed up the look for sure.

Side Half Up-do

Like I mentioned earlier, messy hair was in the top trending list in the 80s and this updo was preferred and adored by many.


Layered Blond

This hairdo is the result of layering wavy hair. Well, people, these days might not prefer it; however, in the 80s, these were considered classy.

Crimped Hair

Tyra Banks can be a great inspiration if you are thinking of crimped hair like those in the 80s! Trust me; you can pull off this hairdo for sure.

The Braided Up-do

Isn’t this hairdo creative? The up-do ponytail with little braids adds cuteness to this hairdo . Additionally, this hairdo can also be worn in parties and prom.

Rock-star Look

Rock-stars in the 80s didn’t just have excellent music taste but also a fantastic hair fashion sense, and this is one of the best example.

Ribbon Bows

Want to look dolled up and glammed up? Why not try this super cute hairdo with a ribbon bow? You are sure to look stunning.

Crimped Up Hair

With the right hair extension, the crimped up hair can look dashing. You can also try some matching color combination to get this beautiful hairdo.

The Punk Rock Chic


The Scrunchies OF 80s

Among all the fashionable hairdo of this era, the scrunches were the top trending. With the high ponytail and the spiked up hair strands, this hairdo grabbed the attention of many for sure.

Upper Mullet With Bun

Mullet, when let free can look messy, but when put in a proper bun can look so classy. So, ladies if you are searching for a chic look with a touch of classiness, this is a hairdo made for you.

Ladder-Like Braid

This braid is a perfect idea when it comes to a unique hairdo design. Moreover, if you are looking forward to a proper hairdo with glam, this hairdo is sure to win your heart.

Veil Hairdo

Are you looking for a head-turning hairdo? Well, this hairstyle might be ‘the one’. Honestly, I would never recommend this hairdo, but if you are bold enough to try, you should listen to your heart and give it a shot!

The Glamour

The hairdo of glamour looks so sophisticated but is easy to obtain. With the dashing soft curls and a bit of wave, this hairdo looks incredible and is good to go for any occasion.

Puffed Up Hairdo

Puffed up hairdos are fascinating and they never fail to make you look elegant. With the loose strands, this hairdo gives the ‘punk-princess’ look for sure.

Layered Auburn

This hairdo is the result of layering amber hair. Well, people, these days might not prefer it; however, in the 80s, these were considered classy.

Crimped Hair Of Elegance

With bizarre hair trend of the 80s, it’s no wonder that people get a feeling that hair fashion, those days, were gaga! However, amid all the weirdness, some crimped up hair trends were elegant and pretty.

Punk Princess Look


Funky Mullet

Mullet has been transformed into Shaggy, and these days many prefer shaggy over mullet; however, if you love the classic, you can try mullet, with no regrets.

The Blue Band

If you are a fan of hairbands, like I am than you ought to try this hairdo, the simple puff in the front and wavy hair at the back will leave you looking dead-drop-gorgeous.

Side Partition

This hairdo gives such a ‘Fashion Nijja’ look! The side-parted curls and the hippie band goes on well .

Strip Hippie Hairband

For all the ladies with gorgeous straight hair, you can try this outstanding hairdo and flaunt your hair with perfection. The strip hairband complements not only your beautiful strands but also your pretty face!

Whitney Curls

Whitney Housten had natural curls which could make anyone jealous. This Whitney look is easy to obtain if you have curls and trust me when I say you are sure to look pretty with this hairstyle.

Soft Mullet

Not all Mullets of the 80s look bizarre, and this one is the perfect example! With a proper curled in a pattern, this hairdo makes you classy and playful at the same time.

80s Hairstyles With Curls

These dashing curls are such an inspiration even in today’s fashion world. Moreover, the 80s hairstyles never fail to leave a bold impression. So, ladies opting for a daring look need to try the 80s hairstyle with no regrets.