121 Enticing African Braids That Will Surely Blow Your Mind

African Braids have an African origin. African braids are among those protective hairstyles that you can go wearing for weeks and weeks. These braiding styles are as old as the human civilization. Briefly talking about the ones who came out with this fantastic hairstyling which are still followed by millions of people in today’s world, they were the African tribes. The ones who preserved and treasured their culture giving it the ultimate justice. Even today when it’s the 21st century, not only their successors but lot others are valuing this tradition and are in love following them.

african braids

African braids- as soon as one notices the title up on the top there, the very first thought leads to the thinking that these hairstyles are meant for black skinned chics out there. If you too were mistaken, no need to rush anywhere.  We have plenty of time to discuss those 121 enticing styles. Once you go through this whole article, I am pretty sure you’ll have the urge to try them right now. Not only will we learn about them but we shall seek them alongside looking at the pictures. So with this confidence and excitement on, let us start yet another adventure towards exploring these styles!

Side parted African braids

You won’t disagree with me about the beauty that black women hold. Those thick black hair, big eyes and of course their lips!

This side parted African braid is as simple as parting your regular hair strands, those braids are the only addition here. So this would be my first suggestion to you if you want to give a shot to African braids.

African braids with headgear

You might as well want to add flavors to your twists with this alluring yet straightforward headgear on. Part your scalp from midway and tie this piece around. If you have got black hair, make sure you pick either the golden colored or the silver colored accessory.

Here we have a set of African Braids for kids as well:

Micro ropes

Micro ropes are easy to make hairdos which include the following steps:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly and create a mid partition.
  2. Take thin strands of hair.
  3. Partition the strand into two halves and start twisting them around each other.
  4. Tie the end with a thin elastic band.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you are done braiding each strand.

Corn braids with rope braids

Corn braids are not a child’s play at all; it requires either a hairstylist or a pro person to do this ‘do. Even though it’s not a child’s play, but it does suit to the fullest on any child. Make thick rope braids using the mid portion hair from the skull and stretch until the end. Design corn braids using leftover hair giving them any pattern that pleases you. Here is the pattern of a heart that is really soothing to the eyes.

Corn braided knots

Braiding corn braids until the end is an excellent idea but how about tieing the braid in between? That too with the hair itself and not an elastic band! That would be a great idea too. Start braiding from the scalp till the midway and let the leftover portions flow. For the more clear view, take references from the picture below, and don’t forget to smile like she’s doing!

Patterns on the scalp

What is that that attracts you in this very picture? Her eyes of course! You can’t have beautiful eyes as her but yes you can for sure have beautiful African braids as hers! Braid your scalp and make patterns over it. To achieve the same hairdo as shown below, make sure you only braid the crown region, tie the braids with elastic bands and leave the hair to roll down the back! You might as well want to take out braids from either side and decorate them with colorful cuffs!

African braids with accessories

Since African braids take in all the hair strands, there are a lot of chances that your face will be focused more. The best tip I can suggest here is- put on good eye makeup and attract all the people out there! Coming back to the description of this ‘do, it’s all about making a high bun out of those braids and taking out the front braided strands and grace them with accessories like cuffs, beads, and rings!

Corn braids cum high pony plaids

This is a nice combo of corn braids and three plaided ponytails! Wear around lovely earpieces and do up your hairstyle!

Thin African braids cum pony

The thin African braids we are talking about here are the corn braids of course! Either leave them or tie them into ponytails, you are always outgoing with this hairstyle on! Cuffs, beads, rings, a beautiful pair of earrings and finally a good makeup- these are all that you will need to stand out in the crowd!

African braided high bun

Give your rope braids a slight twist, grab them all and tie them into a top bun!

Macro African braids

What really pulls me towards macro African braids is its thickness and less time to prepare it. The model below is flaunting this hairdo with her gorgeous eyes and of course the peacock feather tattoo!

Now it’s her own style of flaunting the style- with her beautiful smile!

Multi-colored African braids

No matter what colored hair you have, African braids go well with any color! Let it be blonde, maroon, blue, purple, black, or any other color, these braids are right as far as you have dense hair type!

Bluish silver braids

Outfit and the hair color match to a certain extent here. It’s a plus point for you if you can do it as well! And no matter what never forget to put on your natural makeup on, I am talking about your smile here!

Brown-black African braids

Blonde, golden, silver, brown and dark yellow colors are few of the colors that compliment black color a lot.  Shown below is a model with the mismatch of two colors brown and black that’s undoubtedly amazing. Play over your fingers and side part the braids. Bringing the hair front is a kind deed here!

Half-high bun

As already mentioned in the above section, silver is also a color that makes a good combination with the natural black hair, strokes of silver color on the braids make them more awesome. I love this hairdo already if you as well do, don’t think much, go on and pick this ‘do on.

Half-high bun with corn braids

We are now familiar with the conversion of these African braids into the higher half buns, let us now see what more we can do to make it even sexier. Make the corn braids in such a fashion that there are patterns visible on the scalp, also make micro braids to keep them in front!

Braided mid pony

Are you thinking of picking this hairstyle instead? Okay! Start weaving the strands in a curved fashion such that when you gather the strands up to make a pony, arc patterns are formed on the crown region.

Waves on the scalp

This style consists of alternate braiding of thick and thin corn braids! Do not these patterns resemble waves? Yes, they do!

Waves into the ponytail

This is the exact ‘do as above, but here the strands have been bunched up and tied around with a braid (and not with a hairband, even if you use one, make sure that you use the same color as that of hair) into a mid ponytail.

Thick African Braids

Braid it thick! Thick braids are protective and robust enough to wear on for days and days! As I am focusing on eye makeup and face makeup again and again, I am doing that for a reason! You’ll know it only when you follow my pieces of advice or better look down! She has put on two layers of eyeliner in a zig-zag manner, one is black, and the other is white. The unique way of placing eyeliner I have seen by far!

Maroon curls

I am seriously in love with this style. Just look at those curls and the color! Perfect hair length for this type of hair!

Shiny braids

Black and shiny braids are love! This is purely a party going or an event going look!

Black African braids with cuffs

Naturally, a black hair is a blessing anybody can have, so you must as well know how to flash them! Adore them as much as you can, do not take them for granted because they are the toppings on your beauty!

Pulled back ropes

African braids always do not include regular braids; they can be dreadlocks or merely the rolls! Here is a pulled back rope hairstyle which has golden strokes. The ‘do has got its significance due to the big earrings same as the color of the strokes! Another interesting fact to notice here is the roll ending in wavy strands giving this style more volume and reviving spirit!

Princess do

Pulling back some of the braids from both the sides and binding them into a knot is a very simple ‘do, and it gives princess looks each time you have it on!

Black African ropes with golden cuffs

You can either pull back your rope braids to the back as shown above or merely part them and bring them in front and let flow! Keeping the ends free is admirably a super hack here. Let the ends curl down! To add more style to this ‘do, get your ropes adorned by those golden cuffs!

Zig-zag rope rows

Like cornrows, these kinds of braids are also braided from the scalp. This zig-zag hairstyle below is a mixture of rope row braids and a lower ponytail.

Bouncy curls

Your hair shows how playful you are! This baby curled hairstyle is very lovely, it’s voluminous, and each strand of it is bouncy!

Black bob with golden cuffs

Shoulder lengthed hair are the most preferred ones. As they are neither long nor too short, these hair lengths are easy to maintain and dress on. Utilizing this charming length and turning them into African braids decorated with golden cuffs is a high pick you can make!

Rope bob

Keep the end loose!

Cornrows with dutch braids

As been said ‘a picture speaks a thousand words,’ one might easily tell how this hairstyle has been composed.

  1. Divide your scalp into two equal haves and comb it thoroughly.
  2. Make cornrow patterns on either side and tuck in those braids into a thick side dutch braid.
  3. Repeat the same on another side as well, and you get the things right!

Micro braided high pony

One can see a great use of rings here. Use a couple of those rings on the middle most braid of your pony, and you will have the perfect chic look!

Seashells on the head

Do not these massive twisted braids look like seashells? Yes, they do! And therefore the name!

cornrow buns

Cornrows give a pleasing appearance to the scalp; they look more like art pieces on the canvas. You can either let your corn braids fall down or assemble them into a beautiful bun!

Box braided ponytail

Searching around for a bold hairstyle to wear this evening? Box braided ponytail won’t be a bad option. Don’t waste your time thinking it twice or thrice, just pick it up and get going to whichever party event you want!

Side cornrow patterns

Side shaving is becoming a trend these days, its something that’s making the crowd go crazy! Well, if you see here, this updo also seems like a side-shaved hairstyle to some extent. Rather than shaving, create a section of down cornrows, a division of up cornrows and finally a mid cornrow and place over the remaining hair strands casually!

In the above picture, we have just braided a few sections of the hair and have let the remaining strands as it is. But here we have interwoven every hair strand very minutely till the end and have finally ended the ‘do by bringing the braids on the front all at one side.

Long African braids

Long African braids look even hotter when some sections of it are loosely braided and tied into a knot!

B3 ponytail

You must be wondering reading the title, well it represents the color of the strands here- blonde, brown and black! (3B’s). If you too love this fantastic splash of colors, do ‘yay’ and scream out loud!

Micro African braids

The longer the hair, the deeper the people will fall for you! The micro African braids are marvelous on the long hair type. I am sure you agree with me on this!

Dense high bun

Braid your braids thick, collect them all up and transform them into a top bun!

Golden micro braids

As already talked about in the intro section at the starting of this article, African braids no more are limited only to the black women. The culture of making the braids are now being practiced by other people too! Golden micro braids really do suit this white-skinned woman as much as it would have suited on any black woman!

Wine red puff

Wine red is a very bold color that’s an excellent choice for anyone. Till now we have seen pulled back hairdo, buns, and ponytails but this hairdo is something different. Take the upper half section of the crown region, tilt it aside and make a high puff with it! You have this style on in a fraction of minutes!

Moss colored braids

The color is amazing and twins with the combat jacket she has put on!

Dark green braids

These thick green braids look like natural vines.

Afro-dutch braid

Afro-dutch braid is the combination of African braids and Dutch braids. The foremost region of the head is braided like a hairband and the later part as dutch braids. African braids are undoubtedly ravishing on dense hair, but as depicted below, these look amazing even on the thin strands.

Caps and hats always on!

It’s always damn cool putting on caps and hats! I am serious!

Braided high ponytail

Gather your corn braids up and knot them into a high ponytail!

Half pony

Pull your upper half braids back and loosely knot them with an elastic band! Easy isn’t it?

Mid-parted braids

The perk of highlighting your strands is that it gives an outstanding look when you braid your them. Alternate colors look fabulous!

Grace the ends

Like this style? Every hairstyle we are talking about here are different from each other and so is it. Grace your ends with elongated beads and hook up extra hair accessories if you wish!

Shoulder lengthed braids

Easy to maintain braids they are!

Fulani pony

Slicked to perfection this Fulani cum high ponytail is!

Roll on the back

All these braids are like designs knitted on clothes. Roll on the back ‘do let you be carefree and live in the moment!

Wear with pride

When you dress yourself up with braids, make sure you have the satisfaction of having them in your eyes!


Transform your beautiful braids into a hairband by simply braiding them and tucking them into a lower pony!

Two plaids

Let’s go back to the school days with this hairstyle on! A hairdo that freshens a lot of childhood memories!

Twists and turns

Bunch up your upper half cornrows, give them a good twist and tie it up into a pony!

Buns and braids

Buns and braids! Wow! It gives us all the fantastic vibes in the world!

Loosen up

Cornrows and loose ends! Fantastic combination of two styles!

Unicorn pony

Like that of a unicorn, this pony is tilted to one side which is very gorgeously accompanied by micropatterns on the scalp.

Micro Braids

Braiding the strands this finely requires skills!

Streamlined lower pony

On the way of designing the crown region, encountering this streamlined fashion is not very surprising!

Hanging Ropes

Plait the Rope braids into star partitions, divide them and let them hang freely!

Golden swirls

Part your hair into four equal halves and braid them like ropes!

Lower pulled back

Pull back your braids and tie them into a lower half pony.

Tricolored braids

Prepare yourself for the obsession with tricolored braids.

Short lengthed braids

Short lengthed knots are of course easy to maintain and decorating them with cuffs is a great deal!


Style your cornrows in such a way that not only you but all the people around you fall in love with your braids!

Also See:

Brown buns

Keep your braids up to avoid yourself from being bothered! This is the perfect hairdo while traveling around!

Cornrow bun

Keep it neat and clean by transforming the braids into a bun!

Baby curls

Make a high pony or a small high bun and flaunt your baby curls with swag!

Beads for a day

Beads are love when it’s about wearing out the African braids!

Pattern splash

Spread pattern scalp into a lower ponytail is another pickup here!

Sassy braids

Sassy and sexy at the same time! Pose with coke in your hand and chill out!

Cornrow Hairband

Braid just the crown region with cornrows and let the remaining hair be as it is!

Turban Urban

Bunch it up like you are wearing a turban! Gorgeous power of flower turban we can witness here in the picture given below.

Strokes of Purple

Spreading the braids of the high ponytail’s giving looks much similar to that of a waterfall. Purple strokes are adding more spirit in this style.

High ponytail

Show it off!

Braided Bangs

Who in the world must have thought of braiding the bangs? It’s quite a peculiar fashion to see. We certainly don’t know who had thoughts of doing so, but yes, it indeed is unique and worth an appreciation! Beads at the end are adding more flavors to this ‘do.

Crisscross braids

These criss-cross braids are great when accompanied by golden cuffs! Bringing out the baby strands is a great way out to make your look more glamorous!

Black is heart

When it comes to talking about natural hair colors, Black’s always the first love!

Curly ends

Knitted scalp with curly ends is awesome! Those curls look bouncy so be ready to play with them!

Keep them aside

Starting braiding from the scalp finely and deeply and letting them rest at one side is a bossy flip here!

Carpe diem

‘Carpe diem’- seize the day it means! As bold as her shoulder tattoo is, so is she! The tattoo and her appearance say it all, she indeed is seizing all the glance!

Entangled braids

These interweaved braids are really amazing. Complicated yet protective and worth paying for!

So in the end, I am very much sure that you’ve found yourself an ideal African braid! African braids are very much stunning, bold and protective. Dress it once, and you can go weeks without having to worry for the next hairstyle!