113 Stunning Asymmetrical Bob Trending In 2019

From Kylie Jenner to Victoria Beckham-all the Hollywood celebs have given the asymmetrical bob a shot! And the results have been stunning, maybe that’s why this bob has not the fashion trend till date. Originated in the early 20s, this bob has comparatively versatile and is what people like to call the business at the back and party at the sides.

Moreover, I have collected the most trending 113 asymmetrical bob that is sure to make a fashion statement.

Asymmetrical Bob For The Summer

asymmetrical bob

Hair care in the summer can drive anyone to the next level of craziness; however, with this asymmetrical bob, your hair is going to be easy to manage and elegant to look at, this summer.

Bob In Curled Hair

Who said bob doesn’t look good in curly hair? You can show off that beautiful hairdo to all the nay-Sayers and trust me with this bob; you will never go wrong!

Bob With Side Bangs

Bob looks great with or without bangs; however, when it comes to bob in asymmetrical style, you can add more playfulness by keeping a few strands of side bangs.

Victoria’s Style

Miss Beckham has taken over the fashion world with her clothing line, and even her hairdos have been iconic in the past years. So, ladies who are looking for hair cut motivation, need to look up to the famous designer.

Perfect Angled Bob

If you love the idea of making your jawline noticeable, you need to, undoubtedly, get this bob.


Long Lob

Lobs are suitable for any hair types; however, if you have long silky hair and want to style it right, getting a lob would be the decision ever.

Middle Partition Crop

Bob with a middle partition can never go wrong, and if you are opting for a formal look, this hairdo will never let you down.

Pixie And Bob Combo

Are you tired of the long tangled hair? Well, you might give this hairdo a shot!

Angled Bob

Who said haircut couldn’t fix your hair problems? Honestly, this hairdo is going to keep your hair in a perfect frame and make your face look sharp.

Lower Shaved Bob

The good thing about this shaved bob is that it decreases the hair volume drastically and makes you both Cool and stylish for the summer.

Side Swept Bob

Layering the hair in the front and keeping the hair in a side swept direction is the best way to the hair in order and vogue!

Black Layered Bob

Isn’t this hairdo iconic? This hairdo gives your hair that healthy-voluminous look.

The Red Bob

Side swept red bob is sure to win many hearts as the hair looks shiny and so appealing for sure.

Asymmetrical Bob With Red Shine

Now, this bob is sure to make a fashion statement where ever you go! With the hair highlight and the Bob, it is beautiful and such a head turner.

Bob For The Red Carpet

Are you looking for a beautiful but easy-to-do red carpet look? Well, this is what you have been looking for as the hair is side swept and the makeup is light, which is sure to make you look elegant.

Purple Asymmetrical Lob With Bangs

This soft purple color makes your hair look fluffy, and that hair cut is sure to make you look appealing.

Messy Thick Lob

If you are one of those ladies with blessed voluminous hair, you need to get this hairdo with no delay.

Short Asymmetrical Crop

Darling why doubt your hair when this bob can nourish it with so much of care!

Iconic Lob

If you are confused between getting a short bob and keeping your hair long, worry no more as this lob is sure to solve your hair problem, making you look like a fashion icon.

Fluffy Bob

Layering the inner hair and keeping the outer hair long can create this fluffy effect in your hair, which is beautiful to look at and fantastic to go along.

Cropped  And Messy Side

If you are a high school  chic looking for a proper hairdo that is both unique and stylish, this hairdo is all that you have been searching.

Bob With Blunt Bangs

The bob is, undoubtedly, trending; however, the blunt bangs are from the past era, and if you want a unique look, you can give this hairdo a shot!

Fancy Lob

All the blondie out there, this hairdo is going to suit you the best, and if you have straight hair, you are going to look pretty cute.

Bob For Curls

Bobs look good both in curled and straightened hair; moreover, if you have those bouncy curls, you can try this variety of Bob with no doubts.

The Outstanding Bob

I’m uncertain if this is what you have been looking for when it comes to an asymmetrical bob, but if you want something that stands out of the crowd, this bob will surely solve your problem.

Angelic Lob

Styling your long hair in the right order is best when you get this beautiful lob!

Asymmetrical Edges

If you are looking forward to creating a thick hair illusion, this hairdo is the best way to start.

The Fashionista’s Bob

You can style your reddish-pink sleek straight hair in the right order by getting this bob, which is sure to make a bold fashion statement.

The Formal Bob

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No bob can give that formal vibe then this bob. With the correct amount of asymmetry, this bob is sure to make you look neat and stylish.

Side Swept Bob For Round Face

Ladies with a Mongolian face are going to slay with this hairdo, as it gives a perfect jaw-line look.

Curly Brunette Bob

If you have a typical British hair and don’t know how to get a perfect style for your curly strands- this hairdo is undoubtedly going to solve your hair problem.

Bob With Purple Streak

This bob is going to make you look younger than ever before, and the complementary streaks are going to give you a playful look.

Short Layered Hair

Getting a short cutesy hair can change the whole hair game and can make you look hotter than ever before.

Charming Mess

Who said messy hair couldn’t look charming? Seriously who said that?

Bob In Silver Strands

To all the ladies with silver blond- firstly, it’s a blessing to have that glowy soft hair, and secondly, this hairstyle looks elegant when you get a lob or an asymmetrical bob as it highlights your hair in the right manner.

Brunette And Bob

A combination of Brunette and Bob is undoubtedly going to give the urban-girl vibe that you will love.

Cutesy Asymmetry

With side bangs and asymmetrically trimmed bob, you are sure to look cute as a puppy!

The Ombre And Bob

Ombre is in such a trending fashion these days that anyone despite their age prefers to get an ombre. Moreover, getting the right bob with this ombre hair is going to make you look like a fashionista for sure.

Asymmetrical Bob For Working Moms

Now when it comes to working mom, the real challenge is avoiding your hair from looking like a complete mess, and the best way to do that is getting this cutesy bob.

Messy Bob

This hairdo looks messed up! However, by increasing the back-side volume of your hair, your hair is undoubtedly going to look thick.

Curly Hair With The Feathery  Look

This hairdo is one of the most creative and pretty hairs on this list. The curly bob and the colorful side bangs go along well for sure.

The Lob In Blond

Blondie with a lob, what more do you need to add to make that beautiful hair? Trust me, a lob in delightful long lob cannot harm.

The Rita Look

Rita Ora is such a fashion icon whose looks are iconic and eye-catching for sure. Even when it comes to hair styling, she knows how to shine on with that spotlight.

The Long Asymmetry

Ladies who want their hairdo to stand out of the crowd should undoubtedly give this haircut a shot!

The Indian Bob

If you have a dark complexion and thick hair with little curls, you can try this hairdo.

The Nerdy Look

Nerd is the new hot! And with those glasses on, damn girl you are going to look slaying hot.

Rihana’s Bob

One of the bobs that made a bold fashion statement in Hollywood is, obviously, Rihana’s bob. This asymmetrical bob goes well with a sharp-angled face.

The V-Shaved Bob

This hairdo is one of the “coolest” trending bobs. It keeps your hair in perfect order and trusts me; those highlights is undoubtedly going to make you dead drop gorgeous.

The Puffed Up Hair In Blue

Now isn’t that hair gorgeous? The deep blue shine makes it look classy, and the ivy hair looks perfect when trimmed in a bob.

Side Bang Bob

For round, square and a heart-shaped face -this hairdo is perfect. The side-parted bangs add more feature to the hair, and if you have a small face, this hair is going to look like perfection.

The Shiny Brunette

Darling, if you have a shiny, sleek, straight hair, you need to consider getting an asymmetrical bob.

Bob Of The 80s

Significant fashion transitions were seen back in the 80s, and one of the beautiful hairdos is the bob. With a characteristic rolled margins of the Bob- this hairdo is, undeniably, iconic and classy.

The Middle Partition Lob

Middle partition never goes wrong if you are opting for a hairdo to look classy.You can go with a beautiful dress or gown and still rock with this hairdo. Moreover, the thicker the hair, the better you are going to look in this hair design.

The Feathery Asymmetrical Bob

If you have a blond hair and if you are opting for a feathery look, you can never go wrong with the asymmetrical bob. So ladies with those rocking blond, you undoubtedly need to get this hairdo!

Additionally, the asymmetrical bob has been trending around the globe and with the latest trend of getting an ombre for your hair- this bob is the best match for colored hair like this. Therefore, ladies who want to look juvenile and beautiful need to try this hairdo with no regrets or doubts!

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