112 Coolest Auburn Hair To Make This Fashion Season Awesome

Are you thinking of a switch up for your hair color? Well, its good for you. Rather than trying traditional and cultural shades of color like brown, blonde or black, you can try a new and spicy one. Yes, among all hair colors that are gaining large markets rapidly, auburn hair color comes at the top. Its one of some great and hottest shade of red you would want to try out. Reddish hair with highlights has become so popular and trendy nowadays that you rarely see none of your friends on it. I guarantee you that at least one of your pal has made her hair auburn. Auburn hair color is also known by various names such as hazel, tawny, reddish brown, chestnut and what not. Despite their varying names, they imply that same red-hot color that we are dying for.

Now having said this much, we want to head straight to our today’s topic. We are going to inspire and teach you how you can get your perfect auburn hair for this summer. Not just for vacations and holidays, tawny or golden-brown hair, i.e., auburn hair suit almost any kind of occasions. From party to prom and bar to club, you can wear them up in any venue. Therefore, modern girls are going insane about this hair. We, here, at stylying.com are strongly recommending you try at least one of these styles and never regret even once. So, without any further ado, we are taking you on this wonderful voyage of this superb photo gallery.

Julia Robert’s signature style

From ‘Pretty Woman’ to ‘Erin Brockovich’, we have loved every performance of Julia Roberts. Her fluent acting and inspiring attitude never cease to impress us. An impressive thing about her is that she is very often seen in this red-hot hair color. Therefore, we have concluded that chestnut hair color is her one of the favorites, if not just one.


Loose curls + voluminous hair

See how her reddish brown hair is striking her beauty alongside those mesmerizing blue eyes? We love such heavenly beauty and hope to see her again and again.

Pure redhead + burning auburn

As its name says, the auburn hairstyle seems like a burning paper in the sun. This cute lady’s glossy lips and serene attitude forces us to praise her personality.

Amused look + messy tawny style

If you ever think that your messy hair is not-so-popular, then you need to look at this one. Her bemused look along with that dark rooted hair with auburn base is killing us.

Emma Stone’s fashion sense

Despite people’s effort to resist the newcomer hairdos in our fashion industry, Emma has shown great resilience. How can we describe her elegant reddish hair and her fearless attitude?

Tons of hair + dark chocolate auburn

As we regularly see in hair dye sashes and shampoo packets, these ladies are rocking. This model with tawny hair color is absolutely stunning.

Cute caramel blonde + auburn highlights

More than Auburn, we are seeing highlights of caramel and cocoa in this hairstyle. You need to have a sense of daring to try these out. Ravishing hair with blonde highlights can’t have a better example than this. We salute her idea and innovation.

Innocent + appealing look

Reddish hair extensions are not quite necessary when you can make yourself heavenly like this. Copper hair and blue eyes are enough to melt an alpha male’s heart in an instant of magic.

One eye covered + A1 look

We can emphasize more on the beauty that a pair of blue eyes provides to a woman. Moreover, this lady’s dark eyelashes and perfectly weaved eyebrow enchant us like a mermaid enchants a sailor.

Glossy lips + wolfy tricks

Combination of a dark pink lip and alluring tricks are killers. In addition to that, we admire this gorgeous lady’s thick copper hair shaded with a slight tint of brown. We absolutely love them. It is needless to say that I am fond of that jeans’ jacket.

Tawny hair African American

Why worry about getting those rumored complex and complicated hairdos when you have this up your sleeve? We strongly and solidly recommend you try this on your next vacation. They will make you talk of many more nights to come.

Enjoying the nature

Who doesn’t appreciate this nature and its features? Blossoming flowers, dripping rain, shiny sun, etc. lure our heart away from day to day trivia. Let’s enjoy this wonderful nature as much as we can and see what happens in the meantime.

Highlighted copper hair + hidden braids

Auburn hair is extravagant in terms of eloquence. They can be used to express your inner and true feelings without any restriction and limitations. As a consequence, we love the brown hair and tawny eyes more and more.

The glamorous side of yours

You might not know, but every one of you has a bright side as well as a dark side. Similarly, you have both an ordinary side and a glamorous side too. Here, we are seeing the glamorous side of this amazing lady. Her blue eyes combined with those long pendants give her a fresh and raw look. We also admire her reddish hair extensions.

Chocolate impression

It’s time to praise our favorite food, the chocolate. Reddish hair very much resembles cocoa, caramel, and chocolate. Despite that, dark brown hair color and light red hair take your natural, usual hairstyle to an extreme. We praise the power of tawny hair.

Rihanna’s variations

Sometimes in auburn hair, sometimes in orange and sometimes in black. Rihanna has made it clear that along with a world-famous pop star, she is equally gifted with fashion sense. That is one of some reasons why we are loving brownish hair so crazily. If Rihanna herself looks stunning, why can’t we? That should be our inspiration.

Silky and soothing

This bold and fearless girl’s hair is silky and sublime. Those dark roots along with red-brown hair at the end, which are an effect of reddish hair with highlights are cool. We adore them wholeheartedly.

Flowing bouncy curl

Imagine if you were allowed to caress and play with this exquisite hair. This style is an exemplary style of iconic style along with a red-hot view of auburn hair.

Asian eyes

I am sure that you are aware why that above title is relevant. We have always been love with a glowing face which is framed with a classic and elegant bang of hair.

Attitude + ego in just one picture

Ego is not a bad thing. It is also not a very good thing either. Nonetheless what we are seeing down below is a self-aggrandized lady with a heart full of ego and self-praise. That’s my opinion; you may differ from me, no problem.

If you are an optimistic person, you can title this picture as ‘ A lady with full feminine energy.’ I would also prefer to tell her as a confident lady that an egoistic girl.

Amazing smile

A smile is contagious. That is the sole reason we unknowingly smile when we see a smiling baby. So next time you talk to someone on a serious matter, don’t forget to have a smile on your pretty face. This model is a great example in this case.

Permed hair + auburn shade

Never mind that artificial perm. They look as natural and soothing as it can be. As a result, we suggest all beautiful girls reading this blog to try this out.

Shoulder length + shiny auburn shade

You don’t need a coca-cola figure along with perfect breasts and large hips in order to be sexy. Get into this style, have a smile on and voila, everyone is following you.

Auburn hair and freckles

Despite not looking that much ombre, this stylist is rocking her society with that ravishing hair. We can take some inspiration on how to color your hair neatly and cleanly.

Silky, textured + chestnut hair with freckles

Having freckles on your face is not a bad thing. They add more to your cuteness and a feeling of youth. That is why we admire this generous and compassionate girl with freckles on her cheeks. That is stunning, to say the least.

Glossier than ever

What is the definition of glossy? Pure, serene, calm, honest? No, none of them. A real definition of glossiness is glamour. Glamourous ladies are already bright and vice-versa. Not to mention, we praise her copper hair and tawny eyes.

Layered style

Layered style is hypnotizing. Just like you feel somewhat hypnotized when you peel off an onion layer by layer, you are guaranteed to get perplexed after taking a glance at this.

It is glowing more than a moon.

People love those loose curls. We love her reflecting eyes and bright set of teeth. They are quite stunning and enticing.

Sexy + appealing scene

No one has looked so lewd and appealing than this gorgeous model. Her inner cleavage is so clear and cool that she deserves to be on the top ten list of the world’s hottest women.

Doubtable picture

We are quite unsure of what is happening in the half part of this picture. That is to say, back of her body, and why is she giving us so pain-cum-enjoying look. We have to solve this deadly mystery as soon as possible.

Cute as  a cat

I have never seen someone cute than a cat. To be honest, she is far cuter than that pussycat. Her reddish-brown hair and green eyes are mercuric. Her facial development is something to admire.

Thick, voluminous hair

Everybody supports a girl with large and dense hair, don’t they? If they don’t, then I do. Her look is extravagant and incredible.

Flowing like a stream

There is no doubt that this miss’s hair with a shade of light brown hair resembles a flowing stream of water. Chestnut hair salon in your nearby places is a great place to start your journey of a multitude of hairdos.

Plum perm + brown hair African American

African American hairstyles are the best. Here, in this case, we have to give a standing ovation to her large, tire-sized earrings dangling in this cutie’s ear.

Natural perm + shade of blonde

Your afro hair is already so iconic and beautiful that you don’t need to style it further. That is why we emphasize on natural and pure view rather than a dramatic and artificial scene. Hats are off in respect of this teen. Not everybody has to dare to remain in that same hairdo as the God gifted you.

Darkest shade of pink

When you think of one darkest shade of pink, you imagine a lipstick somewhat as this model has applied.

Glorious Indian Smile

Reddish hair Asian can’t have a more cute example that this. This smiling lady with a cute nose and glowing set of teeth lures us and takes our heart away from its original place. Her eyes are what say the most.

Nostalgic picture

Sometimes, brown hair can give you a heck of nostalgia. As a result, we have brought you this highly regarded look form the 90’s.

A look-alike of Aishwarya Rai

If you don’t know who Aishwarya Rai is, then my darling you are far behind in fashion time. She is one of some most beautiful and attractive lady that ever existed in this world. You still have a chance to see her beauty and get dumbstruck.

Emma stone’s motivation

We love her shiny and eloquent auburn hair. Auburn har salon can make you something like this style in an instant.

Permed hair + dark auburn hair

What we are seeing is one of some best reddish hair color ideas. We really suggest you make your hair a hybrid blend of hundreds of features like blonde, red tones and shades, and brunettes.

Soft, loose curls

Get ready to blend your hair in this mercuric style. We advise you to try this look instantly.

Celebrity model

Celebrity model has a crush on auburn hair. Moreover, you need to look at this old-ages mam who is stunning in her own sense.

A1 look + chestnut hair with highlights

I adore this type of hair. I guess you also do the same.

Positive aura

Positive radiation flows from your veins if you are in a happy and romantic mood.

Short bob cut hair in an auburn shade

There is not much to say the world about the powerful side effects of auburn hair. She has provided herself a glorious view with that naughty tone of red.

Fresh, out-of-a-fridge view

Her black hair and large pendants say it all. She is fresh and raw as uncooked meat is.

Princess layers + forehead braids

Forehead braids are still popular and elegant. They make you look like a newly made bride of a prince. In other words, we say such lady a princess.

Side bangs on sweet lady

Sweet and cute ladies like this model always lure us and make us stray away from our mission. These lines are what alpha males say.

Just like a celebrity

Red carpet looks are still stunning. Despite their limited openness, chestnut hair extensions are a great view to behold.

Black + plum shade

I would really like to try this style. The dark color is surely most girl’s one and only choice when it comes to social gatherings.

Innocent face + hazel eyes

An innocent glow of face is a killer. I like them to an extreme.

Soft face + red lips

Red lips are alluring, aren’t they? Plus they are enigmatic and contagious as a smile.

Our choice

This one is our common choice. You all have to agree on this thing.

Want a sip of beer?

She is asking us if we want a sip of her beer. If I were there, I would have surely said yes. Her reddish hair with highlights really has no answer.

Windy effect

That wind has a drastic effect on our lives. That is one of some reasons why celebrity doesn’t prefer to go to windy areas.

Russian look

Blonde looks are extravagant. As a result, they are exquisite.

Queen’s royal look

This pseudo royal look is never old. She is an angel, in literal terms.

Mrs. Roberts

Julia Roberts has never been so glorious that in this still picture. We praise her attitude.

Scalpy look + copper hair quiff

Not just men, women are also fond of auburn quiff. Copper hair African American look fantastic in this style.

Examples of raining down looks

You can get as much inspired as you want after seeing this look. Let’s enjoy this wonderful ride of some exquisite pictures of raining down looks.


Teeny vibe

This white colored teen is not that cute, but her hair is motivating. As a result, we want them more than ever.

Textured + blending multitude of colors

Never mind my title. It can be whatever I want. But put this in your mind that this style is out-of-this-world style is greater than every other style.

Just gorgeous

There is no word to describe this lady’s beauty. She is elegant, bold, sexy and feminine at the same time.

Red-auburn shade

People love her glossy eyes and auburn hair with highlights. We also love them wholeheartedly.

Ribbon + unconventional look

She just killed us with that scenic background and hot attitude.

Moon’s synonym

She is a synonym of a moon. We can’t describe her sweet dimples and those green eyes which are giving a striking look.

Messy perm + Layered style

Layered hairstyle is famous all over the world. I am also a great fan of layered style with auburn hair with blonde highlights.

Innocent, pure look

You may never see such an innocent look on a pretty face.

Emma Stone, our one, and only crush

When people, especially young ones, hear of the term ‘crush,’ they visualize this picture. I am also not an exception.

Permed hair + ready to get in bed view

This title says it all. Therefore, I don’t need to say anymore.

Red ravishing design

I am fond of this kind of once-in-a-lifetime design that can make men flat.

An iconic view of divas

We are going to give a glare at some iconic styles of celebrities and divas. I am sure this collection is going to blow your mind away.

Mighty dimples

Dimple are pure gold; you have to agree with me on this.


Intensive hidden view

She has surprised us with this intensive, rocking style.


Cool and unique style’s collection

We are with you on this journey of some attractive collection of auburn hair color and auburn hair.

Auburn hair with freckles

Despite what others say, we love this striking beauty.

Cutie’s attitude

Dimples + sunglasses

We can’t describe the mysterious effect of dimples. They are just brilliant.

Excellent styles + long nails

Look at these striking pictures and get amazed.


Beautiful, perfect

Now we know that whom was Ed Sheeran saying ‘You are perfect.’


Red carpet looks

These are all admirable red carpet scenery.

Glasses make you sexier

That power glass along with those red lips are enticing and enchanting. A great example of auburn hair color.

Look at some similar clicks down below.

Extensive appeal

They exude such enigma and aura that we are helpless not to praise. Ravishing hair such as these is excellent.


Ultimately, I would like to say that no hair color is perfect. But quite surprisingly, auburn hair is that one which is nearest to perfection. This fact leads us to a conclusion that you need to give a good shot at this style if you want to survive in this fashion world.