98 Iconic Black Braided Hairstyles For You

So here we are talking about one of the coolest, ever-fresh and trendy hairstyle that is adorned to death by Black ladies. Yes, we are here with none other than the Black Braided Hairstyles. From high profile celebs like Rihanna and Kim K to smoky hot IG models, all have heaped praise upon praise to this fantastic hairdo. These Hairstyles are class of hairdo that is protective and at the same time, provide you with a glamorous look.

This hairdo lets you free from worrying even a bit about how you’re going to get your hair styled in upcoming occasions. It can deal with any environmental conditions, how harsh they may be. Thus, helping your hair to avoid getting deteriorated. Also a very versatile hairstyling technique, there are tons of variations you can choose from within this genre.

We’ve got these great looks to help you inspire to leap into this fashion world. Let’s get started.

Goddess Black Braided Hairstyles

Added with some golden rings, this goddess braid style is perfect for both casual outings as well as partying. Give this style a try when you don’t want to be bothered by the thinking of having to style your braids every time you go out.

Chunky Spiral

These spiral braids are specially made for occasions when the weather is not on your side. Be it a super hot sunny noon or a dusty day at the beach; you are guaranteed to get robust hair protection.


Firstly, anyone would praise this fancy looking artistic hairstyle without even knowing what categories they fall under. Spiraling braids can do wonders. Here, the three central cornrows contain tinier ones oozing creativity through the haircut.

Pouting Undercut Designs

Since the variation is endless, you can do whatever you like after getting a correct undercut version of braided hairstyles for black women. Make full use of your long, healthy hair as this lady has done since you’ve to make use of everything you’ve got at your disposal.

Amazing feed-in Varieties

As lovely as these feed-in braids can be, they occasionally create confusion about how to style each plait properly. So, it’s always a good idea to let your braids loose.

Side Swept Black Braided Hairstyle

This is an artistic way of keeping a side swept hairdo with cornrow. Every bit of effort you put into making such hairdressing later give a great result. We recommend you try this fantastic hairdo once.

Snake Version

As mentioned before, its a cool idea to use extensions like a ring to keep your braid more robust and attractive. Braided hairstyles for black girls won’t have a good example that this, in my opinion.


Octopus-Inspired Black Braided Hairstyles

As anyone can tell from looking, this whimsical style is purely inspired by the octal arms of an octopus. This version of feed-in braid can attract sincere glances and tons of admirations.

Diva’s Look

One should learn the fashion tips and tricks from celebrities and divas as they have dozen of top-notch fashion experts and stylists around them. That way, you can have the luxury of knowing what to wear without hiring a fashion expert.

Shiny Nuts

Children’s black braided hairstyles are easy to create even more comfortable to maintain. That’s the sole reason this cute girl with huge rings has opted for this extraordinary design.

Micro Braids with Perms

It’s sexy, and it’s unique and exotic. Some things are meant to be inspired. This lady and her fashion are one of those things. One should make use of their permed hair if they are naturally born with them.

Minaj Buns

Even though her explicit lyrics and erotic twerks in music videos create criticism in media, the whole world loves her for her fearlessness and bold attitude. Here too, she has shown a good version of pretty black braid hairstyles.

High Bun Black Braided Hairstyles for Black girls

Give some volume to your hair by making thick plaits. One can also experiment with her braids by choosing to have an unconventional top bun that can quickly raise a dozen eyebrows. But never hold back while trying new things.

Simple Romantic + Braided Micro Braids

How often do you see someone’s hair made of braids of braids? First of all, the phrase ‘ twist of braids’ sound somewhat elusive to our mind and secondly it takes a lot of courage and hard work to come up with this exact thing. We are proud of these best black braided hairstyles.

Scalpy Spiral

One can quickly notice the perms in this lady’s hair and how it has helped her to achieve such incredible hairdo. Creating scalpy cornrows can save your day if you are addicted to worrying about how to style your hair every time you need to go out.

Erotic Sensation

Having a plaits hairstyles black in your hairdo repertoire comes with a lot of benefits. Getting a glamorous, Hollywood look is one of its merits.

Extreme spiral designs

Even though these are children who are sporting these out-of-the-world hairdos, anyone of any age and race can opt for this go-to hairdo. Mainly inspired by the African culture, an excellent African saloon will get you this hair design within several minutes.


Glorious Look

Never forget to wear tribal necklaces and golden rings if you have those. These accessories work together to add beauty and serene effect to your attire. Moreover, they help to protect your hair from haphazardous conditions.


Box African Hair braiding 2018

Box braiding has always been popular among African cuties. They love the shape of the box. After making a box style, you are free to choose whether you want to make a high bun or let the rest of your hair loose at either side.

Parallel braided African Hair Styles

It’s enthralling, it’s fantastic, and it’s exquisite. While these words may have been used to describe the magical goals of a particular celebrity sportsperson, it fares well to be used here as well.

Rolled On Top Designs

You are sure to get attention from all around the world with such style. It may sound a bit exaggerated, but that’s the truth. And speaking actual words are what make us calm and composed.

Thick Chunky Fulani Braids

You can check a separate article in this page regarding Fulani braids. Anyway, always be bold and try to experiment your hair with perms and new braids variation.

Tons of Variations

People who say that Black Braided Hairstyles lack variations are sure to get a tight slap on their face after seeing this college. You can keep a neat feed-in cornrow system, a fully permed 90’s look or Bob Marley look, all within this broad hair design style.

Seducing View + Spiral Twists

It’s difficult to agree to someone who says that this picture isn’t that erotic and tries to tempt you. How can someone not be lured into trying to get in contact with such a wonderful person by look as well as by heart? It’s truly a miracle.

Extra Thick Little Black Girl Braided Hairstyles

Cute kids are always trying to come up with something new, something eccentric. And that’s what has happened in this case. That sweet girl chose to wear a sleek, unconventional, but powerful and bold haircut. We should all praise her for having come up to the world to show something new and out-of-the-world.

Zigzag ideas

Add some of your own flair to any hairdo you try. It helps to keep your own identity while choosing for the same standard style. The shiny effect in this lady’s hair can be obtained from special oils and beauty products found in the market.

Tightly Knit Feed-Ins

This style is preferred mostly by those who want a clean look, those who don’t want to give a humungous time to style their hair only. Black eyeliner and shades in her eyes make this girl’s look very charismatic.

Classic Fulani Styles

Fulani braids are always excellent. They are neat, tidy, and gorgeous. You would be amazed at the grace it provides you if you try it once. We guarantee you won’t look back after going for Fulani once.

Matted Locks + Twinkling Extensions

Matted Dreadlocks are fantastic to wear as a protective style. You can experiment with their length and volume, but they all work the same, provide you with a great modern look. As a fun fact, we would like to tell you that they were originated in Africa and were made famous by African tribes.

High Twisted Black Bun + Cornrows

One of the many reasons cornrows are so popular and widely-loved among African ladies is that they are easy to maintain and are very protective. One can see the visual treat this lovely hairstyle has provided us. Let us take some time and admire this gorgeous hairdo.


Black Beauty + African Tresses

We hear a lot about what beauty is and what it isn’t. Well, the first thing is beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And secondly, this cute girl is nonetheless one of the beautiful women in the world. Thanks to her fantastic crochet braids with tribal accessories with it.

Child’s Choice

Children are believed to choose what they want by heart rather than what other people are having or what the trend is in the market. See the aura this kid is radiating in a classy Fulani braid. Fulani braids are classic examples of African Tresses.



Pony is always a women’s best friend. Whether it means a real four-legged pony or a ponytail haircut, both have surreal importance. Since a good pony can give you a breathtaking look in an instant, why would people not love it?

Military Inspiration +  Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

One can easily guess from this lady’s bold look and fearless attitude that she is an army girl. And in the army too, the African hair braiding 2018 is very popular and fricking trendy.

Cute Spiraling Scalped Braids

Braids are so buggy and difficult to maintain, and nobody likes them like other hairstyles – said no one. Yes, twists come under the list of hairdo that is loved by women of every race, every ethnicity, every location, and every culture. That’s why this lady’s smiling is wearing a shiny spiraling braid.


Uniqueness Exemplified

Those purple highlighting along with a single strand hovering over her face makes this artistic style one of the forms of the year. We love these African hair braiding 2018.

Pop Culture Improvisation

It’s not just a guess but the fact that everything, literally everything has been heavily influenced by pop culture, from fashion to fiction. Those who have seen the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ need no more explanation about this. Here too, we can see a smooth improvisation of those Braid Hairstyles 2018 pictures.

Gorgeous Diva

There are really, more than a few examples that show how beautiful and mind-blowing you can look with black braided hairstyles. And this is one of those examples. Her smile has multiplied the beauty of this photo.

Cat’s Killer Look + Black Braided Hairstyles

As humans, we can make accurate analogies between humans and other things in nature. Here too, comparing this girl with long, healthy African tresses with that of a naughty cat with black fur wouldn’t be so wrong? What’s your take on it?

simplistic Spirit

Being simple is also a work of art since from the very moment we are born, our family and society teach us to adopt some stupid and unnecessary complex assumptions. Well, meet her and get inspired by her free and lively style. To say the least about her fashion, we are totally in awe of her large rings.

Free Buns cornrows braided hairstyles.

Cornrows were there for more than a millennium and are still equally prevalent among African Beauties. We love how this gorgeous girl has swept her curls to the back of her head and put a warm smile on her face.


Diva’s Look

What we are seeing is a combination of multiple styles and tricks to get one high-profile look. These classy glasses, a sparkling necklace, and spider braids in the middle of her hair look so sumptuous that you are eager to meet her and learn the fashion sense.

Cool African Ideas

African tribes were full of unique, fabulous ideas, like wearing a funny hat for wedding ceremonies, wearing a shiny golden dress in festivals. They all signify the diversity of African culture, and the above picture is one example of it. That golden-hued necklace is a brilliant example of it.

Rough Circling Cornrows

Cornrows are meant to be rough and tough, so the question of why it is so raw is by no means valid. Well, they have to be rough because they are meant to give you a bold, sturdy look and protect your hair from hazardous weather conditions.

Unusual Pattern + Black Braided Hairstyles

Firstly let’s talk about those extra-large rings. We suspect that a circus tiger would be able to jump through it. Anyway, being able to give a creative pattern to your feed-in braid like this girl is a matter of great pride and success.

Artificial Ideas + Perfect Designs

What can we say more about this classic hairdo? A bit of perm at the end of your hair can give a great view just by the look of it. And buying a perfect crochet braid like it is a brilliant idea to protect your inner hair and be free from hair related worries.

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Thick Braided Tresses

As said before, those beads and accessories are essential to have a complete look of braided hairstyles for black women. A serene look is generated when one creates such eloquent hair ideas, and we love them.

Scalpy Cornrows + Feed-In Braids

It’s easy, and it’s powerful. That is precisely what you would need your braids to be. Get inspired by this beautiful idea and never regret later, ever. Now you also know how much important it is to have thick and healthy hair.

Classic Serene Box Braids

Box braids are even more protective, thanks to their way of designing. Added to that, a cute ring would do an unprecedented miracle. On our right, we see a glowing girl, thanks to her beautiful black braided hairstyles.

Marijuana Inspiration

While she may not have done so intentionally to make it look like Marijuana, we suspect she has a secret love for it. But we strongly disapprove this addiction. Just trying once for fun and taste wouldn’t be such an issue.

Long, Thick Designs

Learn from this beautiful lady how to show your voluminous hair around and get tons of praise for it every day. We can learn from anything that’s around us and indeed from this beautiful hairdo.


High Upper Bun

As we have seen time and again, a top bun is magical. It provides a sense of strength and protection to your hair. Never quit when trying for such a great hairdo. We, here at stylyin.com, love this fresh, trendy hairdo.

Spiraling Bun

Is there any necessity for describing the beauty of this out-of-world hairdo? Try this design for both casual outings and ultra-professional ventures. We give our hundred percent guarantee that once you try it, you become one with its beauty. That’s a guarantee.

Back Tresses

Side swept bangs, and pixie bobs are fantastic, but ever wondered how fabulous it would have long and silky back tress? See for yourself.


Smiling Goddess

Smile is one powerful weapon that can melt almost everybody, even a stone. Well. Why wouldn’t this beauty would smile so heartily when she has got an elegant black braided hairstyle.

Extravagant Romantic Feed-In Curls

We doubt if you have seen this mercuric hairdo anywhere else. It’s incredible that this lady has managed to pull off something this world has never seen before. A romantic but protective hairstyle.

Glamorous View

Choosing this hairdo would mean that you’re now absolutely ready for gracing that funky red carpet. Never miss out on this magisterial hairdo as it has tons of other benefits apart from glamor along with protection.

Fizzy Scenes

Keep it fun; keep it fizzy. That is our motto for best black braided hairstyles. So why wait, go inside the saloon and order our stylist so that you can get this super sexy hairstyle.

Really Gorgeous Girl

A gorgeous lady is looking even more eloquent after wearing a great crochet braid. What more can we say?

Totally Scalped hairdo

A fun hairdo, one needs as a fresh choice. It’s a great idea, trying everything out there.

Lovely Icon

These styles encompass the microbraids, fishtail braids, french braids, blocky and triangular braids, twisted braids, and much more. That means you can choose from any one of them for the next party.

Sleek Cornrow Hairstyle

An Easy hairdo, bold, attractive at the same time. We wonder how can someone resist not to have such fantastic styles when everything is available at just a click in today’s world.

Narrowing Double Braids

black braided hairstyles


You are free to experiment with the black braided hairstyles in different ways; highlighting with vibrant colors, texturing with curls and perms, clipping, making patterns and shapes, etc. This way, this beautifully classic style, which originated in Africa and is the African pride, can be reinvented to suit in modern times.

So have a good day, pick the one you love out of this impressive gallery. God Bless You.