105 Hottest Balayage Blonde That Is Going To Mesmerize Everyone

Blonde hairstyles are different and unique. People living all around the world are fond of blonde hairdo. Though there are different variations blonde, such as ash-blonde, caramel-blonde, platinum-blonde, one is very natural and coveted. That hairstyle is none other than the Balayage blonde. Balayage blonde has been around for not that much time, but it has rocked the fashion world. They are so much coveted and desired that every fashion magazine has at least a dozen gorgeous ladies dress up in blonde balayage. Variations of balayage blonde like ash blonde balayage, dark blonde balayage, strawberry blonde balayage, etc. are trendy among the lovers of this amazing hairstyle.

Now before we dive into some selected clicks of wonderful beauties with balayage blonde, we have to know certain things. Despite being so popular in America, the term ‘Balayage’ is of French origin. It means ‘sweeping off’ or ‘painting.’ In practical terms, that implies painting your hair so that it resembles very natural shade, just like the untampered hair of small children. They can be applied to every kind of hair. Textured, rough, soft, short, long and every other type of hair you can think of. But it better suits on soft and silky hair type.

So without further discussions, we head straight to these mesmerizing pictures of some breathtaking models, actress, and lovely country ladies. Follow with me on this great voyage.

Feathery style

We can see that this soft hair has adopted a downy and hairy style. Balayage blondes can give you this kind of furry look too.


Black roots + highlighted ends

As amazing is the greenery in the background, this model’s hair is stunning. It is a great example of balayage blonde hair.

Soft style + dark roots

We have talked much about these great variations of curly style. You can see that dark roots which generate soft honey balayage blonde.

Straight as a stem

Her textured hair is unique in one sense. They very much resemble straight stems of plants. Ladies are fond of such long and silky hairdo.

Shiny + textured blonde

It is an unusual, creative hairdo that resembles a bird’s feathers. Despite having some rough texture, this looks like rocks. We suggest you get this out-of-the-world hairdo for your next party.

Loose hypnotizing curls

As we have already said, curls are best friends of brown and blonde balayage. They are exquisite and exotic. Hollywood and Bollywood models are crazy about this hairdo that has ruled over a decade.

Platinum blonde balayage

We see an excellent example of platinum blonde balayage. Such red carpet models are glorious and can melt the heart of millions.

Flowing like a river stream

What comes to your smart mind when you take a glance at this dark blonde balayage? If you talk about me, I would say a stream of creamy chocolates. Don’t take my opinion, use your imagination.

Honey blonde balayage

Stop me if you can. That’s what this glossy model says after turning her hair in this exquisite style. We adore her confidence and fearlessness.

Sexy, lewd look

Her iPhone is what defines her. Today people are buying iPhones not for a great camera and smooth functioning but for showing off. I am glad that my readers are not that hypocrite and self-aggrandized. We love you.

Glass makes you classic

This kind of look is heavenly. Her pointed nose which is holding that textured glass reminds us of Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich. This look is an authentic idea for balayage blonde bob.

Windy season + innocent look

Regardless of your skin, honey balayage blondes work equally well. It’s seamless and softer. As a result, it is more popular in many states of the US.

Darkest hour look

Who would have thought that this chubby girl has so much creativity in her? She has colored her hair using a merged technique and made her look prettier than ever.

Soft as a tiger’s fur

People usually don’t get a chance to touch a tiger. Even though they can look at these wild creatures from a distance, moving them is a beautiful sensation. Tiger’s fur becomes fade when we look at this curly and cute hairdo.

Straight and medium-sized

The textured style is contagious. People do get dazzled at their perplexity. Well, we have made it much simpler for you. You need to copy this unusual hairdo and rest your head. Good luck with your next particular date. I guarantee you that your partner will put you on top of his head after seeing you in this form.

Cat’s envious

People agree on one thing that your cat’s going to envy you. How?- it won’t be able to look at this platinum blonde balayage which is even silkier and softer than its fur.

Princess style

Princesses have a particular kind of uniqueness that put them aside from ordinary people. Here too, we can see those gems locked in her honey blonde balayage which gives us a hypnotizing view. Plus, that chocolate-caramel braid running down her head is a scenic view to behold.

Bouncy bangs

People love this kind of bouncy bangs. They evolved around a decade ago but are still charming and alluring.

Soft and textured

Especially in the US, this kind of rough balayage blonde is very much coveted. That’s because it’s kind of natural. You can get a just-came-from-suntan-from-Hawaii look after grooming in this.

Enticing balayage blonde

Never mind my title, it’s more enticing than I suggested. By the way, its a must have hairdo in your hairstyle inventory. You’ve got to get this look before 40. It’s timeless and ageless too.

Innocent face

We are looking at some innocent and soft face that we have ever seen. Dark blonde balayage can’t get much better than this. We have to give this lady a loud clap.

Dark as night

The night isn’t this dark. This hottie’ hair reflects her charming and alluring attitude we’ve always dreamt of during our childhood.

Balayage blonde short hair

You guessed it right- its a perfect finishing of balayage blonde bob. Moreover, people will envy you after seeing you in this kind of chocolate colored hairdo. Don’t get angry at your friend if they get jealous of you, convince them to get in this hairstyle.

Rough, rugged but enticing

You don’t need to be a magazine star to be groomed in this brown and blond balayage. Moreover, any lovely everyday girl can have this sweet and shiny hairdo. We’re in love with this.

Perfect finish

You know, this lady is an excellent model for advertising balayage blonde. For your information, she has pointed out the difference between balayage and blonde that is going to clear your mind from now.

Sweet and sexy

People will label you ‘Julia Roberts’ after looking at this design. As a result, I guarantee you that thing.

Bleached style

Gabriela Carppeta is one of such platform where you can showcase your talent. So never mind other’s opinion. As a consequence, all positive people will admire you in this element.

Slickness reloaded

You can’t get shinier in this element that in any other look.

Burning desire

Go out and try this bizarre but desired style. In fact, you can hit hard at your haters with this look.

Flowing lava

Volcanoes emit lava. As you already know, lava is a hot liquid substance. Incidentally, we can compare lava to dark blonde balayage. These are some magnificent examples of balayage blonde highlights.

Thick strands + dark roots

Despite all efforts of your haters, they will be stunned at your after looking at this mesmeric style.

Shade of purple

Many people reading this personal blog post may have watched ‘Fifty shades of grey.’ Now we are giving you the privilege of attending a single shade of purple that has revolutionized the fashion world in an instant of magic.

Messy but great

Who said that messy hairstyle doesn’t do their work? I am against those fools. By the way, messy is the new class in today’s generation. They reflect on your relaxed and carefree attitude.

Slick braids

Time and again, we have emphasized on the deadly combination of blonde straight flows and braids. In addition to that, you can get some drops of motivation out of it.

Night in your head

Nobody can identify your hair at night, because they are dark. In addition to that, we praise this innovative hairstyle wholeheartedly.

Short, sweet dimensions

People might have heard some great scientists saying- ‘Time is the fourth dimension.’ But I make another great statement here – ‘Bob is the fifth dimension.’

Cute face in an elegant hairstyle

You can resist looking at her eloquence. She is desired by many alpha males. She is an excellent example for girls who want to be a talk of the next party.

Ravishing, Stunning

Pure some caramel in your hair strands ends, and you’ll get this one.

Sweet, cute face

We love that piercing in her teeth. That is unique, and the heart is throbbing. Balayage blonde hair has now got a great example.

Charming beauty

She has charmed us with those flowing ash blonde balayage.

Contrasting colors

Never mind my opinion. Despite looking old, everybody in this world fancies this no-nonsense hairdo in their dreams.

Soft and silky

You can’t get richer when you have this exemplary hairdo at your hands.

Sexy girl with sexy hair

Tell me if you see a more stunning hairdo that this. We see blonde balayage long hair that has won millions of hearts.

Cute earring

Her short bun and that dangling earring is something to admire. We love her and will love her until our last breath.

Dark coffee inspiration

You can get motivated by just having a glance at this hairdo. Her dark chocolate blend is really out of this world.

Large bob cut

Pixies are fantastic, aren’t they? At least I find them fabulous. But I know some girls are reading this post are crazy about them and think they are fantabulous. Balayage blonde bob can’t get better than this.

Elegance personified

We have to praise her elegance and fearlessness. Hats are off for you, lady!

Magazine model

If you want to be on the cover of Vogue or Cosmopolitan, you need to have this on your list. Platinum blonde balayage is a modern necessity. Dark blonde balayage is a scenic beauty to behold.

Burning sensation

We adore her look. Accidentally, her innocent face says it all.

Windy look

When the wind blows, you’ll be looked upon by all men. For your information, I can guarantee you that thing.

Let’s have a look at some great, fantastic styles.

Kiss that glass

She is kissing that champagne class. We doubt if she stops here. Additionally, people like her can go on and kiss some serious things out there. Anyway, let’s hope for the best.

Silky, soothing

This hair is so soothing that you don’t need to get a nice massage on your back. As a matter of fact, brown to blonde balayage is astonishing styles that give you an enticing look.

Go through these sexy, lewd look that no one has ever tried to think of.

Golden Hue

Her hair is golden. Golden eagles are envious of her hair. Gold was one of such ornaments that people coveted more than any other. Incidentally, in Asia, Europe and Austraila, gold was so much desired that they were traded for platinum.

Go through these styles and pick your most favorite one.

Fun with Bun

Buns are so much fun to have that you don’t need to have a cat to mess around with. By the way, this is a classic example of balayage blonde highlights.

Witchy look

Hollywood directors will instantly hire her in this look. Not for romantic or action movies, but for scary and horror movies. Furthermore, this is a great example of balayage blonde straight hair.

Take a deeper look at this iconic styles.

Loose curls + balayage blondes

I am proud to present you this ravishing and eloquent view. Moreover, see how these fantastic gorgeous ladies are fooling around with boys and making them flat.

Old look + 50 over favorite

Natural dark blonde balayage

Rolls unlimited

Never mind these beautiful rolls.

Rough and hard

The title sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But that’s your dirty mind in action.

Iconic status

More than her dark blonde balayage, we are stunned by that sexy cleavage.

Offical view

Balayage blonde long hair is great in this mood.

Don’t make your hair

Despite having honey blonde balayage, she is making her hair. That is completely unnecessary.

Redhead brunette’s choice

Softness redefined

Adventurous look + honey blonde balayage

Ravishing + exquisite

This style is nostalgic for the legend, Madonna.

Rough and ragged

Smiling beauty

Don’t forget to try this insane cut for your next date. A classic light blonde balayage is creating rampage in the US.

Shinier than ever

Romantic and passionate mood

Who knows if you can get such romantic and sexy look with brown and blonde balayage? Be ready for your honeymoon night. We love those blossoming roses.

Rough, textured

See that dark blonde balayage; they are exquisite.

Soft as dog’s tail

The title sounds a bit ambiguous. But still, they are glamorous. We are crazy about them.

Curly and powerful design

Take a more in-depth look at these mesmerizing and hot looks. Let’s go through each of them.

Sweet ombre look

This iconic element never gets old. We are absolutely loving them. It’s your answer to a question of what is balayage blonde.

Doggystyle – smoother than dog’s fur

Those who are misinterpreting the title are negative minded. What I am honestly trying to imply is that this style is more than gold, more than silver.

Pure platinum blonde balayage

When we think of pure platinum blonde balayage, we expect this.

Cute blonde balayage bob

An enticing style and warming view, this model are great to be motivated from.

People get confused about how to describe this wonderful light blonde balayage. You can also see some dark blond balayage on pictures down below.

Strawberry blonde balayage

Everybody loves strawberry and cherry. These two fruits are a symbol of romance and sex. So why not give a hard shot at this strawberry blonde balayage? I would certainly give it a big shot if I could.

Angry look

Her angry look is gold, TBH, more than gold. Despite her efforts to look angry, she still looks cute and sexy. We would love to have fun with her.

Take a thorough look at some similar hairdos.

Precious cut

Honey blonde balayage are precious, aren’t they? Along with strawberry blonde balayage, which we saw in recent pictures, honey blonde balayage is very admirable.

Permed style + chocolate caramel colored

Don’t doubt the enticing effect of this burning and glowing hair which has just been permed. Despite those contrasting hair colors, the combined view is absolutely gorgeous.

Group photo of co-workers in light blonde balayage

Incidentally, most of the co-workers seen in this positive group click have got a balayage blonde. Some have dark balayage blonde; some have strawberry balayage blonde while some have brown to blonde balayage blonde.


Soothing gloss

Nothing is more soothing than this angelic style.

Take a wider look at some astonishing balayage blondes.

Chocolate candy inspiration

We are amazed to see this thick, dense hair in watermelon color. It possible that we may never see such an amazing and glorious hairstyle with strawberry blonde balayage.

Japanese cultural look

We are very sure this is a Japanese girl. Blurring is the signature digital signature of Japan.

Fantastic loose curls

Amazing dark blonde balayage

Glass in a Camp Nou grass

Gorgeous blonde

Take a more in-depth look at these dirty blondes.

Serene, calm and composed

Exquisite curls

Asian choice

Cutie pie view

Ravishing hotties

Old age looks

Even though they are old aged, they are mesmerizing.

Snaky curls

Serpentine lines

Stunning figure

For men

Punk style

With a stick of cigar in your mouth, this cutie has got a dark blonde balayage.

Weeping Angel

No matter how hard we try to convince her, she keeps weeping.

Over 60 choice

Madams over 60 have said that balayage blonde is their only choice.

Dark root + highlighted end

She has caught our eyes and hypnotized us. We would like to meet this elegant lady and have a romantic date, regardless of our gender.


Dashing hot look + glossy red lips

Her dark undercut is something to admire along with that perfectly weaved eyebrow.

Popstar’ choice

Despite our efforts to resist her, she has been able to shine to the glory.

Green T-shirt lady + beautiful beauties

Balayage blonde angels

Permed hair + glossy makeup

Shine bright like a pearl

Amazing strawberry blonde balayage +clean view

Weeping inside

Despite our significant efforts to stop her, she has been crying continuously. Her hair is glowing, by the way.

Mushroom motivation

This look is undoubtedly motivated form mushrooms.

Gorgeous face

White angel + divine mission

Balayage blonde bob

Chowmein lady

Brunette’s style

Brunette is inspirational. They teach us how to give their hair the best treatment and care. Although they are unique, they are glamorous.

Amazing pixie bob

Red bag beauty

Mushroom rainfall

Tapered thick hair strands

Elegant and eloquent

These are two words that come out of my mouth for her.

Stunning ladies

Out of rocking bed

Her pixie says it all. She has great light blonde balayage.

Striking ideas

Pussy cut + black hair

Tensed look

Just elegant hair

Egyptian queen

Soft and soothing + jeans jacket

It’s a wonderful look to behold. We are fond of these heart piercing style.


At last, I would like to emphasize the glory that a balayage blonde provides you. Moreover, glorious styles of balayage blondes such as strawberry blonde balayage, light blonde balayage are enticing and alluring, to say the least. Just give one of this wonderful hairdo a try.

Good luck with your future’s incredible journey.