84 Most Popular Blue Black Hair Trending On The Internet

Blue black hair is the latest trend on the internet. Blue signifies freedom. Look around, and you are bound to find plenty of blue objects. The sky is blue and blue are the vast oceans. Now, imagine your hairs drenched on those rich blue colors. Wouldn’t you look amazing? Yes, blue has been associated with masculinity, but that’s just some vague thinking. Everybody has the freedom to choose their favorite color, especially for their hair.

So why not flaunt some fantastic blue-black hair for an electrifying persona. I will lead your way to some of the most refreshing ways you can shade your hair in blues. Let’s begin this incredible journey of ours.

Wavy Blue Hair

Have you ever surfed on the ocean waves? At least you have seen them. Those waves give you a sense of freedom. This wavy blue hair does precisely that to your hair. Heavily highlighted in blue this hairstyle gives you the freedom to flaunt your hair anywhere.

Hints of Blue

Blue highlights scattered around gives this design a diverse view. Shiny straight hair ending in heavy curls accentuated with the color blue provides anyone wearing it an electrifying look. Might I add that those colored bracelets diversify this design even more?

Voluminous Blue Black Curls


You may have seen some bold hairstyles. But I assure you not even one of them is pretty close to this intriguing hairdo. The voluminous long hair beautifully drawn downwards is sure to turn every head towards you. You can increase the awesomeness in your look even more by adding blue polish to your nails.

Vibrant Blue

If you want to append personality to your hair, you can always try this fantastic design. Use of blue is carefully implemented in this design to give you a polished look. Be noted that you should dye your hair black in case it isn’t for achieving this look.

Straight Blue Black Hairdo

When your choice is to have a minimalistic looking hair this design can be your favorite. In this design, hair is straightened and dyed with dark blue. Amount of light falling on hair and the viewing angle will vary the shade of dark blue giving you a unique look. This hair really depicts the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Blue Undertones

There are lots of reason to have this hairdo. First, long hair is a blessing to have. Second, the blue undertones in this hair design is indeed a visual treat. If you ask me, personally, I love her eyes more than her gorgeous undertoned hair.

Pixie Cut 

Straight out from the fairytale this fantastic hairstyle is for people with short hairs. What makes this cute hairstyle, even more beautiful, is the addition of greenish-blue tone. If you ever opt for a short hair, you can always try this look.

Curly Hair with Purple Highlights

The world of fashion is constantly changing. New hairstyles come and go. But this hairstyle here has been with us for a long time. Straight hair falling on both sides of the head curl more as they go downward for a fresh look. Finally, the hair is highlighted with purple for a flawless look.

Blonde Blue Curls

When you get bored with your usual hair and thinking of adding color to it (literally), I advise you to try this fantastic hairdo. The upper half is partially dyed with blue while the lower half is tinted extensively with blue over blonde hair. This results in a perfect hairstyle for any of your needs.

Onyx-Blue Design

Be everyone’s favorite with this attractive hair design. The hairs increasingly curl as they go downwards giving a flowing like impression. Furthermore, onyx-blue dyed in this hair embellishes the look extensively.

Blue-black Curly Hairs

Try this hairdo if you are into(or have a) curly hair. Curly hair is often underrated even though they are astonishing. If not enough appealing on itself, the blue highlights in this design will surely convince you to give this look a try. Shine on every event wearing this fantastic hairdo.

Blue-black Bob Cut

We all might have heard “Cleanliness is close to Godliness.” maybe not in the sense we are going to speak of, but this hairstyle is such clean looking it might be close to Godliness. The bob cut accentuated with dark blue makes sure that you get every attention you deserve.

Blue Over Blonde

Featuring a straight hair curled extensively at the end this hairdo is a perfect blend of fashion and practicality. Moreover, if you have blonde hair, adding some shades of blue for a beautiful looking hair isn’t such a bad idea. This hairdo goes well with any light apparel that contrasts this alluring hairstyle.

White Chalked Hair

Let’s be honest, we all have come to a point in life where we wished our hair could be this elegant. Slightly curled hairdo accentuated with electric blue gives this design a flawless look. The use of hair chalks compliments this hair even more for an impressive look.

Light Blue Designs 

When you drop by your stylist, I suggest you, try this look. Wavy hair coupled with light blue hair-dye in this hairstyle enhances your beauty furthermore. I know you will love this design.

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Polished In Blue

Boy dig for this look and the reasons are apparent. First, this hairdo has a subtle and polished look. Second, and the most obvious, the dark blue shade in this design looks lovely. Not only boys but everybody loves this design because of its unique color profile.

Radiance of Blue

Let your hair advocate your beauty with this beautiful hairstyle. The wavy hair highlighted with vibrant blue color radiates your beauty without any hesitations. Furthermore, the carefully patterned shading scheme adds a luxurious look to this design.

Silky Blue Hair

‘Elegant’ and ‘alluring’ are the exact words that come to my mind when looking at this hairstyle. Straight hair accented with shades of blue in this hairstyle will make everyone also think those very words I said.

Short and Wavy 

If you want your hair to look exquisite and straightforward at the same time, this look is for you. The short hair with brushed ends adorns you with a cute appearance. Subtle use of blue in this hairstyle makes you even more appealing.

Blonde Appearance

If you have never tried this hairdo yet, honestly, you are missing something out. And by something, I mean to say an awesome looking hairstyle curled near the end dyed with a stunning blondish-blue hue. This hairstyle can indeed transform you into something straight out from a fairytale.

Midnight Blue-black Hair

Let me show you an unusual hairstyle that will freshen up your look. Enriched in midnight blue coupled with a wavy hair makes sure that you look picture-perfect.

Checkered In Blue

Transform yourself into a package of beauty with this fantastic hairdo. The long wavy hair will surely attract some attention. And if that is not enough the uniquely dyed hair adds more elegance to this sublime design.

Blue Waves

This look combines free waves with a dark blue color to grace you with perfect beauty. You can rock this hair if you have a long hair that needs some change in looks.

Twisted Ends

Accentuated with a perfect shade of blue, copper blue to be exact, this hairdo will complete your elegant look. Straight hair twisted in the ends inherently supports this design while the copper blue gives it life. Be ready to be garner some attention once you wear this electrifying hairstyle.

I have never seen anybody hate this design. And what is there to hate? Not too flashy neither boring. This hairstyle bridges the gap between perfection and practicality.

Diva Duos

We all have a dearest friend with whom we like to share our fun moment. You can rock either one the hairstyle, the braids or the buns, and both look equally stunning! With these hairstyles soaked in blue-black, you and your partner can be ready to get the gossips going on.

Navy Blue-black hair

Even though I like the pink color the most, this hairstyle has made me change my mind. I mean, just look how gorgeous she looks with those navy blue hair spiraling downwards. A lovely tattoo will surely complement the bold theme of this hairdo for you.

Dark Blue Curly Hair

There are a lot of hairstyles to choose from. But let me explain why you might want to try this design out. The curly hairs, on its own, is enough to make anyone go wow. Moreover, the dark-blue drenched in the hair will make it sure that you won’t remain unnoticed. You can even try the deep-black blue lipstick to compliment this hairstyle furthermore.

Blue Blunt Cut

Be ready for rains of complements that will make you wet from sheer blushing you will get! This blunt cut hairdo shaded with metallic blue-black is so magnificent that everyone will approve of your look.

Shiny Metallic Blue Black Hair

Wow, just wow!. This hair design gives you such an exquisite look that everyone who’s looking at you will say the very words I just gasped. And why not to, this hairdo has blended long wavy hair and amazing blue color scheme into such a perfection that it makes everyone stare you at awe.

Ocean Teal Highlights

A fantastic side-swept short hair, check. Vibrant colorwork, check. This hairstyle ticks every checkbox on the list of awesomeness which explains the tremendous amount of attention this hairstyle is currently getting on the internet. If you have a rebellious attitude, you have to get this hairstyle done.

Cobalt Blue Highlights

A low maintenance hairstyle that looks gorgeous, where do I sign for this? If you’re thinking the same, I can assure you that you can achieve this hairdo simply by randomly highlighting your hair with cobalt blue. Or, you can just drop by your hairstylist!

Bob Cuts

Bob cuts are cat equivalents of hairstyle. They are cute and make you feel supreme at the same time. And just like cats these hairstyles come in whisper-quiet and pounces on anyone looking at you with dazzling beauty. Here are some of the prettiest bob cuts mingled in blue-black tone just for you:

Navy Blue Bob Cut

Simple bob cut highlighted with navy blue-black for you to be perfect.

Royal Blue Bob

Show others the queen you are with this dashing bob cut embellished in royal blue.

Drenched In Pearl Blue

Pearl blue is to hair as gold is to your neck. If you can, do treasure your hair with this fantastic hair design.

Young and Free

Show others how carefree you are rocking these rebellious looking blue-black hairstyle.

Bangs in Blue-black

We have all dreamt of having a banging look. If you have ever had a problem giving your hair a sexy look, then well my friend, I assure that you’re in the right place. Bangs hairdos are synonymous with sexy hair. Bangs is a way of shaping front part of your hair in such a way that it hangs over your overhead. Have a look at some fantastic bangs.

Hints of Indigo

‘Exquisite’ is the exact word that popped up in my head when I first saw this hairstyle. This simple bangs hairdo having light highlights of indigo will give you a subtle and pretty look.

Dark Blue Bangs

Simply incredible! If the bangs are not enough to melt hearts on their own, the dark blue shade will surely rain chaos on every guys’ heart. If you have blue eyes, you lucky! Try this hairstyle now for a heart-melting look.

Bangs with Metallic Blue

We have some pretty serious business going on here! Bangs and metallic blue blended into perfection, what more does this world need? I have to say her pretty looks make me incredibly jealous. You ought to give this hairdo a try if you ever wanted to have a similar impression on others.

Random Highlights

When I had a similar hairstyle to this, and all I can remember is people showering compliments at me. Now it’s your turn for being adored!

Shiny and Blue

Shine your way and dazzle everyone with this stunning sleek hair.  If you ever had an enemy, this hairstyle is enough to get them stunned!

Loose Bun

This mesmerizing hairstyle with a loose bun will undoubtedly win any heart you desire.

Braided and Polished

If you are wondering and confused whether to choose a silky smooth hair or a braid, why not have them both. I assure you, this will be an eye-candy. Don’t trust me? This picture says it all!

Look at me!

If you are the sort of gal that wants attention, of course, because you deserve it! Then look no further than this awesome sapphirine hairdo. This hairdo with simple curls but a great appearance beams your beauty to every eye.


Having a busy social life can be tiring. Let your followers ponder about your gorgeous appearance with this astonishing coiffure. Also, you may take a brief break since everyone’s busy talking about you! Might I add that this perplexing hair design has a pretty hue of violet?

Killer Smile

A smile is indeed a requisite for a sexy lady. But what really is more important is that you flaunt gorgeous tresses. If so,  here’s a beautiful hairdo adorned in dark indigo explicitly for you to try.

Wonderful Curls

Having a curly hair is a boon. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this girl with these marvelous curls. Doesn’t she look stunning? What makes this look stunning even more is the beautiful navy blue covering her locks.

Flaunting Long Locks

As you might have noticed, I adore long hair. Long hairs are hard to maintain, but in return, they pay you with equally impressive looks too. This hairstyle here has long hair coupled with queen blue for you to stand out from the crowd.

Pout Face

Accompany your pout with this stunning bob cut hairstyle for an Insta-ready look. This hairstyle has everything you need for your followers to gaze at. A cute look, a perfect tint of indigo, brushed finished hair, you name it.

Waves and Curls

Where there is freedom, there are waves and curls! These hairstyles are currently increasing in trend. And the reasons are apparent. First, wavy hair means long hair; every ladies envy hair longer than theirs. Second, any gentleman loves to play and fiddle with long wavy hair. This list can continue on and on forever, but what I am trying to say is that you have to give these hairstyles a shot. I promise you will look incredible. And along with gorgeous blue coloring on those beautiful curls, you are sure to subdue any heart you wish for. Below are some excellent examples of these hair designs. Have a look at them.

Long and Polished

“Hiding in plain sight” is what this hairdo gives to you. With the combination of dazzling long hair and vibrant blue, this haircut ensures your picture-perfect look wherever you go.

Sleek Styles

If you have heard the saying  “Silence before the storm.” these hairstyles are what it meant. Just kidding, but keeping such jokes asides, these hairstyles are low-profile beauties. If you have been lucky enough to sport one of these looks, then you must have noticed how elegant you looked at that time. Moreover, the various shade of blue makes these sleek hairstyle even more elegant.

Straight Hair with Wavy Ends

A polished straight hair looks beautiful, and so does a curly hair. So which one should we try? You may ask, I tell you, try them both at once. This combination of sleek and curly hair does wonders for your beauty. And, it ensures you have the best of all stylish appearance. The exciting part is that when you dye these hairstyles in blue-black color scheme, you get over the top and exquisite look.

Short Locks

These short locks are the true masters of cuteness. They make their wearers look hot and cute at the same time. It bothers me that I have never thought of this adorable design. Blue-black hair-dye blended with short locks looks so amazing in hairdos mentioned above, it will inevitably turn heads wherever you go.


Have a look at these head turning, mind twisting, fantastic spiral hairdos you can try. These hairstyles are merely done by straightening your hair and curling them slightly. This results in a long flowing hair that looks sumptuous. And when you highlight these gorgeous hairstyles with various shades of blue-black you are sure to be the star of any event. There are multiple ways you can accomplish these hairstyles, be sure to check them out.

Say Cheese!

Get an unblemished appearance with this simple hairstyle. The long locks colored with a beautiful tint of indigo surely give anyone wearing it a perfect look.

Diva Waves

These hairstyles merge wavy pattern with ideal shades of blue to give you a chic look. A lot of curved hair designs tend to be exaggerating, but these hairdos right here are what most people prefer for subtlety. You can sport the designs mentioned above to rock any events you go to.

Blue-black and Gold

When you have an elegant hairstyle fused with sleek gold, you get this magnificent and neat look. The simple curls are swept aside to display a stunning view of your earrings.

Shiny Locks

If you love to have short hair, you will definitely enjoy this hairstyle immersed in lustrous blue as well.

Royal Blue

What is more astounding than slightly curled hair? Slightly curled hair with royal blue shade indeed. These hairstyle immersed in royal blue are there to enhance your look whenever you need.

Now that you know these stunning blue-black hairstyles, be sure to give them a shot. These hairstyles will make you a beloved queen of any social media. I assure you will look even more gorgeous than you are now once you sport preceding hair designs.