101 Modern Bowl cut For Women

Perfect for children, men, and women, bowl cut or the bowl haircut made its way though the 80s. This haircut is very simple, straight, plain and short. This hairstyle is comprised of short, even, and straight fringe all around your head; the front and the back alike. The bowl cut is literally named after the impression of its hairdo. It looks like a bowl was placed over your head upside down and trimmed evenly to give you that look.

Some might say it is an ugly and not-so-practical haircut but we have wrapped up 101 stylish bowl cut design for you to rock and make your way through looking like a 90s pop star. Some of the celebrities like Ruby Rose, Estelle, Rihanna, Selma Blair, Irina Lazareanu, Karen O, Kelly Osbourne, Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian, The Lawrence Brothers, etc have aced the bowl haircut, giving it different and amazing flavors to try out. If these celebrities can rock the look, so can you!

I know what you are thinking! People place far too fewer regards on the bowl cut saying that it is dumb and stingy, but hold off! You are about to be blown by the changed and classic versions of the bowl cut. It has become a serious and hot trend for both men and women. Don’t you notice the world wide popular K-pop singers? Yes, we all do! Most of them have the fancy versions of the bowl hair cut. I wouldn’t argue more saying that it does not go well for the Korean outlook. Don’t you refer the bowl cut memes and back out! If you want to trigger your fun childhood memories, then go get a fancy bowl cut hair done ASAP! So, come on, let’s make bowl cut modern.


Black Chili Bowl Haircut

bowl cut

The hairstyle shown above looks very strong due to the black hair dye. Afar from the geek genre, this bowl haircut looks more punk ish and subtle, too. This haircut, it seems to me more gothic and powerful. Are you up to try it?

Punky Razors

Not the old and boring mullet. This form of bowl cut looks fancier, doesn’t it? The choppy and pointed ends of the fringe make the look strong, and it gives a punky design to it. The shaved hair on the back shows how stylish it can get.

Icy Bowl Cut

The picture above is already my favorite. You ask why? Because the work of frosty and icy colors perfectly matches with the aura of modern style of a bowl cut. This looks very sharp because of the ash blue hue that is used in the picture.

Like A Cap

This updo looks like a shiny and lustrous fabric worn as a winter cap. The short fringes on the front are followed by long cuts around the sides and the back. It gives the bowl cut an extra dimension and tweak. You have got to try this modern cut.

Fuzzy Ball

The picture above looks like a fuzzy and warm ball of wool. Here comes an extra professional look to go. This design is surely an attainable and practical hairdo for those fans of the bowl cut.

Auburn Shade



Have you ever thought of playing with a number of different colors? If yes, then give your bowl cut a different flair by making the switch of colors to auburn hue. Auburn hairs always look so classy, don’t-you-mess-with-me kinda scene. Try out different auburn shades referring to the color charts. Oh, are you gonna love it or what?!

The Heart Shape

I love it how tasteful this look looks! Instead of a straight fringe on the front, the hair is cut somewhat like the curve of the heart-shaped emoji. Plus the combination of a dark red lip and some hoop earrings take the look to the next level! Take a break from having a boring hairstyle and try this look for a change.

Bleached Bowl Cut

Without a second thought, I would switch my hairdo into this piece-y and stylish hair. The hair is bleached blonde which tops off the hair game for sure, right? You can cut your bowl into some nice piece of tapering fringes along the sides and front. Then dye your hair golden brown to get this exact look.

Ruby Rose

Let me tell you this; Ruby Rose is the chicest and stylish actress in the town. She has the most unique and attractive personality, that’s for sure! She rocks the dark-colored bowl cut with a seductive smile, maintaining her rock star ethic! God, I love this woman!

Layered Bowl Haircut

This hair look looks exactly what a bowl cut is meant to look like! The layers work together with the dark chestnut color, making it more marvelous! It makes her blue eyes pop as well. So simple yet stylish.

Color Pop

OKAY, Ladies! Let’s take a moment to talk about colors here! This bowl cut is done in a very sleek way, keeping its ends very precise! The use of vibrant colors and the slight green highlight on the left edge of the hair wins the game, for sure. If you are into some crazy, model-like transformation of your hair, then this is it!

Frosty Hue

Ash colors are THE talk of the town these days! If you are willing to go for a refreshing vibe to your hair, then dye your bowl cut into a frosty and cool ash hue. Shave the back of your head to get this same view.

Gothic Look

Into the gothic looks? If yes, then this updo is just made for you. The hair is painted caramel and slightly chestnut to lift it up. The use of different Gothic accessories makes the bowl haircut absolutely singular.

Sparse Hair Top

If you have a sparse hair atop, then this might be the winning look for you. The fall of the hair starts at the back drop making its way to the sides and the front and back. The contrasting colored outfit makes the look stunning.

Modern Day Blonde

Th mix of ashy and blonde hue is lively, and it looks really modern. The haircut assisted by the shades brings the eyes right in the spotlight. I am pretty sure you cannot ignore this look.

Blonde Highlights

The above look falls on the most exciting end of the spectrum. The layered blonde highlights are the game changer to the bowl haircut. Your runway-ready, extra-saucy hairdo is right at your fingertips.

Curled Twigs

You can get this effortless looking bowl haircut by adding some curled waves to it. Again, if you have a sparse hair up, then achieving this look is not a problem for you. Just a hair-roller and voila!

Sky Blue Star

Let me tell you this hair is not everyone’s cup of tea! The hair is dyed sky blue along with the eyebrows. This look can completely transform your personality as well.

Neatly Tapered

As the name suggests, this updo is very neatly tapered. The back is closely shaved which makes this style very neat. The match of colors is great too.

The Monk Updo

This look reminds me of the monks from the popular series, Vikings. For a cool change try this look with very short fringes. It will frame your face in a nice, subtle way.

Close Slits

The 80s famous look is peaking on the hair industry again. Choose this hairdo for a voluminous and thick effect. You will not regret it.

A Circle

Ruby Rose’s edgy and circular bowl is what you need to try for a bowl cut. You are on your way to look like a diva like she is.

Cool Bowl Haircut

A slight touch of rosemary ash will not hurt anybody. Pull some cool pink-ish hue to give to your short and simple bowl cut.

Bold And Beautiful Bull Cut

This look speaks for itself. The dark, black hair never goes out of style. The scenery of this hairdo is very bold and beautiful. Try this for an alarming focus.

Caramel Foyalage

The partitioned caramel highlights have made the outlook very very sheeny. You can use some hot caramel highlights on your brown-ish undertone for more allure.


I feel like chopping my hair right away and highlighting it with the beautiful shade of honey gold when I look at our fashion queen, Rihanna. She has mastered the bowl haircut with perfection.

To Look Like A China Doll

This short and spiked bowl cut frames the Asian face in a beautiful way. Her tiny eyes make her look like a beautiful doll. Pair this hairstyle with some casual fit, and you are ready.

Riri’S Feathers

The slight side-sweep of the feathers makes this look classic just like the way Riri is. You can highlight the cap with some steering shades for a gorgeous look.

Red Mullet

The good old mullet hairdo when accompanied by a fierce red shade of auburn hair is surely a hit. If you want to go with an intimidating look, then dye your bowl cut to look like this.

Long Cap

This look has a hint of gold highlight on the front-side, and it can go perfectly with your rise and shine, everyday style! Don’t you miss it.

Vibrant Colors

The use of vibrant and lively crimson red with a horizontal dark-ish highlight on the fringes makes the updo stand out in the crowd.

 Rolled Edges

Notice that this hairstyle also kind of a looks like a bob with somewhat flat yet rolled edges. Reminisce your childhood look with this classic bowl cut, ladies.

Boyish Undercut

This side swept boy-ish hairstyle is a top bowl haircut for you. Assist it with some undercuts for a more confident and brushed look. You will love its charm!

Blonde Foyalage

Don’t the bright blonde foyalage highlights with those thick black strands go well with each other? I think it is a very daunting and chic look for a bowl haircut.

Light Waves

The light waves on this look give such a vacay-vibe! You are so gonna pull this hairstyle off, girl! A very lovely touch to the updo.

Chocolate Feels

Again, for a very intimidating style, you can opt for this breezy touch of chocolaty hue to your modern bowl hair. You will look no less than a ramp model, I bet!

Saucy Highlights

Do you notice the color work in this look? The precise and tapered cut goes hand and hand with the blonde hair undertone. Not for a regular style, but surely a great transformation.


I am digging this look as it looks so creamy and shiny for a sleek hair. This style perfectly gives a great outline to your face. Suitable for the parties to offices; it’s an all-rounder!


This hairdo is perfected by various K-Pop stars! Opt for the look of your favorite Korean pop stars and paint your hair somewhat ashy and blondey.

Medium Sized Bowl

You will look ready to rock any event you are attending with these medium shaped top bowl falling over the side undercuts. The appearance seems to form a flat and smooth vibe.

Curly Bowl

Curly-haired cuties will definitely fall for this look to bring out more cuteness. Love how natural and induced flow this bowl haircut serves. It is another stunning look.

Round Undercuts

The bowl top is trimmed to a medium size and dyed with a cool ash, falling over the side undercut is another amazing style that makes bowl haircut more modern.

Lengthy Sweeps

The long dark locks with piece-y ends make this hairstyle so stirring, right? You will find this look more enticing when you know that it gives any shapes of face a charming silhouette.

Cute Zone

The caramel washed bowl hairdo looks so raw and cute. Isn’t it irresistible? Go, get a modern-day haircut, ladies.

Hipster Design

A very coveted hair design that girls will fall for the moment they set eyes on it! The bowl initiated at the topmost part of the hair and combed down straight for a cool, hipster look.

Side Sweep

I will give this look hands down for its cool effect. The curled side sweep of bangs makes this look a better improvement on classic bowl haircut.

Funky Colors

For an alarming outdo change up, mix and match some funky and bright shades to highlight your hair with.

Leopard Skin

The animal prints never go out of style. The color combination in this one creates a leopard skin-type print. It will surely make tables turn!

Chestnut and Bangs

A beautiful touch of chestnut color overall and some spikey bangs will talk on your favor, girls! Get ready to shine.

Pink and Orange

Am I the only one who is a fan of colors? Well, I hope not. Blend of an undercut bowl, and pinky-orangey shades is a winning combo for me.

Subtle Pairs

A majestic work of haircut and colors! What else!

Neat Spikes

It surely takes a lot of hair products and effort to get this flashy look. But modern fashion is living for this look, trust me!

Uneven Edges

The uneven edges on the fringes make this look so stunning. You can surely ace this hairstyle.

Rihanna’s Bowl

Rihanna always slays any look she picks up. Ah! So irresistible.

Poster Girl

If you are looking for that automatic turn on, poster-girl element, then all you need to do is dye up your hair with a flaming hot red shade. Go for it, ladies!

Baby Bowl

A cute and chubby kiddo perfecting the bowl haircut.

Purple Hue

Isn’t this a masterpiece? The purple color is for those to admire your new hair. This hair will enhance your personality by making you the new you!

Fiery Silk

The hair is colored with a fiery red hue, and every strand is combed finely that definitely makes your hair a beauty to admire.

Mushroom Head

Should I even mention that this look is perfect for your serious look? The fall of hair starts in the top that forms a thick girdle. This hairstyle will surely put you up there.

Missed Curls


The curled fall starts at the top which is trimmed to leave the face and ears completely visible. It will be effective if you want a time desisting hairstyle.

Red Flames

Love how this look has stood out! The use of flame-y hot, red color with an undercut bowl cut speaks for itself. This look is a bold and alarming one!

Sassy Mess

The beauty of this look lies on the sassy and messy aura of it. It is a perfect look for your morning look, ladies. Try this one for the Instagram model looks!

Dyed And Textured

A medium sized bowl will be perfect if it is textured with cold dyes. There is a varying hue of green and blue. It is an extremely flattering look.

Charming Kristen

Kristen Wiig’s hair is as charming as always with these blonde locks.

Bowl With A Tail


The round, good, old bowl cut is rocking the long hair on the sides which kind of look like a classy tail. See? A modern touch to the bowl!


Choose the raspberry highlights for your flowy kinda bowl cut. These colors are gonna make your hair stand out, cent percent, ladies!

Monochrome Beauty

This hairstyle floods back so many vintage dreams all at once! The monochrome vibe beats the look even more.

Straight Hair


Simple and straight, this hair does not seem to need any help! This looks flat and full of glam anytime!

Miley Cyrus

This style that Miley Cyrus is perfecting is so stylish! The hair is partitioned on the side which gives the undercut more depth. Simply gorgeous.

Playful Hair

This is an exemplary hairstyle with all that funky thing going on. It will surely make you look very alive and happy. Switch your hair into this more practical and stylish look any day!

Happy Cut

This looks so happy and lively again with the wash of reddish chestnut hair color. An ideal hairdo for the everyday look!

Miley’s Bowl


This Miley’s look was very famous not a long time ago. The medium shaped bowl is dyed blonde, and the back undercut has a dark undertone. Matching this look with red lips is absolute heaven!

Uneven Sides

This look has the two different levels of sides. For a little change of look, you can try out this uneven sides. You are gonna love it.

Green-ish Flair

Look how change in the shades takes the whole hairstyle into a whole other dimension. Try grass green hues for your bowl cut and get ready to be the hot topic!

Sporty Look

She makes this look so alarming and sporty. Can you imagine yourself in one of these hairstyles? Mark a barber’s appointment already!

Blonde And Beautiful

This classic bowl hairdo looks very lively and gives a happy flair to the overall outlook. The funky accessories fall perfectly with the aura.

The Rectangle Vibe

This bowl haircut gives a slight hint of the rectangle shape. This might be the look to opt for if you have a haircut appointment anytime soon. It’s glossy!

Honey Brown

I really love how this color is coming out! The bowl cut favors her skin tone and the facial structure. Opt this look for a thick, scattered updo with a hint of vibrant lip and get the look!


So, here were some interesting matches to give to your classic bowl cut. Whoever says that bowl haircut is boring and old will surely change their minds after going through these interesting approaches to the bowl cut. Do not forget to be playful with different hues and patterns you decide to give to your hair. Be stylish, be creative! Experiment with different haircuts to stand out in this modern and fashionable world. I hope you will opt for the bowl cut now. Happy styling!