123 Outstanding Box Braids Everybody Would Fall In Love With

Box braids are characterized by the ‘box’ type divisions they have. Depending upon the width of a strand that one takes into consideration, box braids can be categorized into two categories viz Micro and Macro or jumbo. Jumbo box braids, as the name proposes itself, involves thick braids. On the other hand, micro box braids are the ones that are braided very thinly.

As box braiding involves braiding each section of the hair, this hairstyle indeed is very time taking but as it has been said ‘no pain no gain’, this very saying goes precisely correct for this genre of hairstyling. You will have to work harder to get the dopest look with this hairstyle on and trust me; your hard work will not go in vain. You can have this hairdo from your hairdresser or try it on your own. Make sure to keep your hair moisturized because braiding with dry strands is a tough job here!

Mastering over these braids isn’t that hard as it seems, it is as simple as braiding common three plaids. Try yourself a couple of times, and you are inevitably going to be a pro! Once you are done swamping over it, you might look everywhere possible for the variations you can add to your braids to make them more interesting. Well, we have made it easier for you, now on we are going to talk about 123 of the transitions you can perform on your knots! You are surely going to take a lot out of it:

High half bun box braids


How frequently do people make high half buns? Well, one would call it a usual hairstyle that everybody wears around. But what would you say if I ask you to try the same style with the box braids? Makes sense? A very good one indeed!

Bob box braids


box- braids

The perk of having short hairs is their easy maintenance, the same belief of having short hair goes well with these amazing braids too!

High twisted ponytail

Now, this is something one would pay for! This hair updo is differently twisted and is decorated with golden cuffs. Gather all the sections up and tie them into a slanted high ponytail! Dope enough!

Black jumbo box braid

The black color is, of course, the most admirable hair color someone could ask for. The shine, lustre, length and the width of braids are all that matters here.

Pulled aside braids

Another simple fluctuation you can do here is by simply pulling a section from one side of the head and tie it.

Black neck lengthed box braids

Choosing hair accessories matters to a greater extent. The cuffs are undoubtedly the ones that suit best on the box braids but picking up the color sometimes gets tricky. If you have a naturally black hair, don’t be in any confusion, silver cuffs and golden cuffs would play their roles the best!

Maroon thick braids

The dark version of the red color depicts more vibrant and boldness. The lady here has chosen her color and the updo as best as she could; she undoubtedly looks stunning with the matching lip color, earrings, neck piece and that sassy elliptical specks!

Half mid buns

Making a mid-half bun out of those braids is indeed very eye-pleasing and a smart move one can take when dressing with the box braids. Braided half mid buns look elegant when noticed from any angle.

Side parting box braids

The side parting is something that is very common in the context of parting the scalp. Side parting, in fact, looks decent but as we can see here, slightly side parting also doesn’t fail to impress an individual! With this shift on, the decency is still maintained!

Dual half high buns

Making two high half buns on either side is not very much wowing, we have seen such transitions before as well. What’s peculiar here that makes this ‘do differently from the rest is the way the scalp has been decorated. It’s not lesser than any piece of art hanging in a showcase!

High bun-cum-ponytail

Bored of regular braid buns or regular braid ponytails? Here we have a surprise for you! How would that be if we mix up both the updos? It will look something like the one depicted in the picture above.

Box braids with threads

One of the most fascinating addition one can add to these alluring braids is the colorful threads. Sometimes artificial strands as well are used in order to make the knots look bigger and more attractive!

V-parted high bun

We have already come across high half bun hairstyles. In that updo, we need to just gather up the knots and make a bun. But here, we have a variation; as front profile matters a lot, one can do V-parting to make the style more compelling.

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Mid parting braids

We have already talked about the scalp partition that we do to give alterations to our daily approach. Even though mid parting is the most common and the oldest of them all, it still is the boldest and it doesn’t create blunders with your appearance.

Multi parted high bun

You can accord your high half bun with multiple partitions of your scalp and trust me you won’t be disappointed with the final glance you get!

Micro box braids

Micro braids are the braids which are entangled using small or thin sections of the hair strands. Keeping the knots thin delivers appearance much natural to the strands that one has.

Front crown braids

Use your micro braids and make this fantastic hairstyle as shown in the picture above!

  1. Take a hair band.
  2. Part your crown section equally into two halves.
  3. Cross one section under the another and add the first half part to the back braids.
  4. Take the above remaining half section, twirl it from the front and add it to the back braids.
  5. Tie both the sections and there you are!

Pulled back braids

Okay! So Placing over a section of twists on to the remaining braids is a good deed and gives box braiding hairstyle a yet another interesting variation!

Box braided High ponytail

High ponytails are always very chic and playful. When it comes to talking about making top ponies using braids, you won’t see much difference. Same playfulness and amusement one can witness here!

Creamy Box Braids

Who in the world doesn’t like extra cream? Everybody does! And when it’s talking about creamy hair colors, anybody would fall in love with!

Waterfall Braids

Do not these blue shaded braids look like a waterfall? Yes, they do! These fantastic braids look like knotted to flow down the stream effortlessly.

Turn it around high bun

Everybody makes high buns. What’s unique and worth an interest here is the way this model has wrapped her braids around the bun and has let remaining of the knots flaunt on her other side.

Knot it with a ribbon

Tying up the braids with rubber bands is too mainstream. Using hair bands or bow bands is a magical and a super natural twist you can offer to your braids!

Brown box braids

Brown is always the color every girl thinks about dying her hair with at least once in a lifetime! And twinning your lipstick with your hair color is undoubtedly an integral asset you can add to your get up! Try it and know it yourself!

Black half high bun

By far all we can say is, there are plenty of transitions we can do with just half high buns. Either keep it simple or part your scalp, every move of it results to be worth looking at! As seen in the frame above, the model undoubtedly has used her braids very smartly to give her all the boldness she is seeking for!

Long box braids 

If someone says you can’t be playful with your braids, girl, trust me they are wrong! Braids are indeed the most playful hairstyles you can wear around. It makes you look bubblier, cheerful and lively! Have a glance at the girl above and know it yourself!

Keep it aside

Keeping hair aside is quite a romantic and a shy gesture that a girl passes on to her partner. Pick this idea, and your guy won’t be left unimpressed by you!

Braid it till the down

This is something one can describe very quickly just with a glance. Starting thick and ending up being thin. A very beautiful changeover you can gift yourself!

Pull the braids back

Instead of pulling a bunch of braids back, choose only two or three of the jumbo braids and align them like in layers. It’s classy, comfortable and of course chic!

Micro Braids

Braiding the hair finely is very hard, but the ultimate result of it will revive your heart again! The hairstyle we are looking up is not lesser than a piece of art, carved so precisely with all the heart in it!

Twisted black braids

Do not these braids look more like ropes? Yes, they do! Mesmerising ones I must say!

Making them is more relaxed than making the regular braids; take a section, divide it into two halves, twist them around and there you have it!

Pulled back braids

Pulling back braids from both the sides and tying it up into a pony is the simplest deed here!

Golden in the crowd

It’s never wrong to be different from the crowd. Here just that one stroke of golden colored braid has stolen all the gaze! If you have got a prominent forehead, don’t worry! Pick this style up; you’ll be in love with this!

Silver box braids

Even though the silver color looks old and outdated, it is still a very classy color to dye your hair with.

Braided High ponytail

High ponytails are love. And when it’s all about box braided ponytails, what else can you expect for? It’s the perfect outgoing look and is sassy enough to make someone fall for you!

Black long box braids

Black hair and a long length is an ideal hair type any girl could ever ask for and therefore making box braids on that type of hair is something that’s very advantageous. It’s more of fun to spread your hair all over your shoulder or keep some parts in front.

Colorful braids

Braids are even more beautiful when they are colorful.

Cross parting

Following the trend at times makes you so common among the mass. How about flipping over the pattern and making new exotic changes to it? Sounds cool enough, isn’t it? Wear on this cross parting hairdo and shine in your group!

Thick high ponytail with cuffs

Cuffs have always been my favourites when it comes to doing box braiding. It is an accessory that highlights your hairdo and makes it even more interesting.

Zig-zag parting

After cross parting, another parting that you can do with your box braids is this ‘zig-zag parting’. Even after being universal, it is undoubtedly the priority for any girl because of its ease to make and handle it.

Box braided lower bun

For those who don’t love to be bothered by their hair on the neck, this hairstyle is perfect for them. This lower bun is of course not as other lower buns; it is giving more volume to the front part making the face look perfect with the hairstyle. Moreover, this is a box braided bun, so yes, it has its perks!

Brown ropes

Does not looking at ropes ever fascinate you? Their texture, design, pattern and strength are the plus points, and this hairstyle like a rope has all the features in it.

Green braids

You might not disagree with me if I say the green color is very bold. Painting your hair green is hence not a bad idea, the type of tone you chose for coloring your hair reflects your personality to a great extent.

High half bun

High half buns are exotic and sassy at the same time. This style gives you a funky look and adding cuffs to it makes the hairstyle even catchier.

Front twist braids

How you maintain and keep your braids affect a lot to your styling. Above shown style is very sweet and is a princess type hairstyling. All you need to do is to part your hair into two halves and twist each half from the front precisely like as depicted in above picture.

Golden braids

Golden color resemblances of something that is precious and we keep as a treasure. Applying this color on merely reflects how important your hair is to you!

Black-purple combo

The combo of two or more colors is never dull. This hairstyle is playful and is even better when decored with cuffs on.

Side parted bob updo

When you have shoulder lengthed braids, you have even more advantage and more styles to pick up. The side parting is the most common and the easiest one. Moreover, this updo is very sassy and an outgoing girl hairstyle.

Micro box braids

Box braids are more beautiful when braided finely. This is a perfect hairdo for the girls who keep themselves updated with the trend and are stylish.

Wine red braids

Among the different shades of red color, wine red is my favourite one. I don’t need to give a reason why. As seen from the picture above, the red wine color is neither too contrasting nor too dull. Hence it is the perfect hair dye to pick up for your braids.

Blonde braids

Micro braids have their own speciality, the shiny blonde dye is just cherry on the cake. Step in for this hairstyle and this hair color this year, you will not be left disappointed!

Aqua blue braids

Twinning is being a very classy trend these days. People try matching their clothes and its color with each other but have you ever thought of twinning your dress with your hair? It might sound new to some, but trust me it’s a great idea to match your clothes’  color with that of your box braids. You can add more flavour to your braids using black and white cuffs making some pattern.

Baby pony braids

Baby pony braids- on hearing its name, one might assume it a baby girl hairstyle. It undoubtedly goes well with the small girl kids, but it’s fantastic for the girls of all ages. To make this hairstyle is no big deal, part your hair into some thick sections, tie them up, make thick braids out of them and it’s all ready.

Micro braids with a hairband

Make your braids more alluring using Bow shaped colorful ribbons.

Shaved head with braids

Side shaving is so sexy on girls. Look at the wave formed with the razor and the braids done on the opposite side, isn’t this a great blend?

Micro braided high puff

Puffs are classy no matter what. Step out with this hairstyle on! Add big round earrings to rock it even more.

Hued braids

Bluish hued braids look amazing at this model, so will it on you. Give it a try!

Shiny chocolate brown braids

Do you want to be that most talked about chocolaty girl in your group? Yes? Do not hesitate to play with your hair.

Purple micro braids

Rock your look with long micro braids on!

Side-placed micro braids

You either split your hair open or place it to the side. Putting on a side is cute at times, agree?

Front designed braids

Make your hairstyle more interesting by designing your front part. Your front appearance is what people look at first.

Micro braided half bun

Taking your braids back and molding it into a high half bun is a great deed. This hairdo gives justice to your sharp face features as you can also see in the portrait above.

Micro braided low pony

After watching all the box braid styles, all I can say is it fantastically compliments your face. This hairstyle that we can see above is simple yet very elegant. Low pony is something that we all make, put on good eye makeup and big earrings to enhance it even more. Wear your style with all the confidence and a bright smile on your face!

Micro braided High Bun

High buns are on trend. They are classy and go well with all types of outfit.

Long box braids

It’s a dream come true for a girl to have this long and beautiful hair. Braiding and leaving it to flow is an outgoing style one can adopt. Cover your head with a scarf or a cloth cap to give this hairstyle a unique twist!

Dutch cum box braid

It’s an amazing blend of two hairstyles- box braiding and dutch braiding. Keep your dutch braids loose and flaunt your style!

Magenta plaids

This far what we can notice is how these models have experimented with their braids considering them as natural hair strands. Above shown is a magenta colored box braids that have been woven into plaids- a very common and a regular hairdo but with box braids!

Golden micro braided high bun

Side shaving has become a very popular style these days. This hairstyle is a blend of a high bun and a side shave that is of course very cool to see!

Flaunt it

Flaunting your style is loving yourself. Box braiding as I have mentioned earlier is a very classy hairstyle on its own. To make it a form, you can step out with, make sure you have that glam on your face!

High bun with golden strokes

Sometimes a little stroke of uniqueness is what makes you shine in the crowd, same is the case here. Let your hair be of any color, but if you have little strokes of complimenting shades on then, you have all the advantage in the world.

Bob braids with wires

So far we have seen cuffs and threads being used as the only accessories that go well with box braids but it’s not the limit. Look here, even wires can be used as great accessories and they really come out to be amazing.

Ash blue braids

Ash blue color is so delighting and peaceful. Isn’t it?

Golden braids with golden cuffs

Golden braids with golden cuffs- nice selection there! This model flashes her style with a nose ring and big earrings on; they are just adding more valuation to her appearance!

Blonde braids with rings

Some people are so obsessed with rings and I think so is this model. Rings around the braids, ring on fingers and finally a nose ring, it’s, in fact, swaggy and bold and suffices her a lot.

Woven micro braids

This is so mesmerising, you’ll surely agree with me on that. This hairstyle looks like as if braids have been weaved on the head scalp. Hats off to the designer for putting on so many efforts in making this masterpiece!

Side plaid

Put on a classy shade and flaunt your side plaids!

Blonde braids

Blonde is love!

Black braids with golden cuffs

Nobody would deny on how brilliant black braids are with the golden cuffs. It’s a perfect match one could have!

Braids with a hat on

Now, this kind of hat reminds me of the beach party. It’s undoubtedly sassy and is a beach party hairdo! Grey hat, black braids and then the black dress- absolutely amazing outgoing look!

Silver braids

Pick your hair color wisely and make sure your satisfaction reflects on your face!

Mid-parted brown braids

Brown micro braids are amazing!

Turban braids

Pull your braids back making sure that they appear like a turban! It’s a great way out to your box braids!

Twisted ponytails

Twist your box braids and see how amazing they look!

Blue head gear

The blue-black combo as we can also see in the picture above is wondrous. Design a front head gear using the blue-black braids and add more spice to your looks!

Long brown braids

Who wouldn’t be happy with such a long lengthed and healthy hair? Everybody would and so is she, her smile says it all.

Headband parted braids

Want a super easy hack to look cute? Part your crown region like a headband, and there you go!

Multi-colored micro braids

The above-shown braids are inevitably going to be in your bucket list if you are very fond of colors. And isn’t it amazing when you can put on different colored hair and slay your looks?

Thick high bun

Looking at a hairstyle as this always tempts people because of its thickness. Not only the thickness but its shiny appearance is also one of the reasons why this hairstyle can grab one’s attention easily.

Half-high ponytail

Half-high pony tail with the braids isn’t a bad idea either!

Multiple braided ponies

As also seen earlier, multiple braided ponies are very cute. Earlier we saw this same hairstyle on a baby and here we can see a young girl wearing it on! Purple color makes it more alluring!

Twirled half pony

Twirl it!

One over the other braids

One over the other braid has a simple idea of layering one layer of the braids above the other!

Golden high half bun

Half buns are cool. Chokers around the neck can give you a bolder and more cooling presence!

Wire twisted braid

Twist your braids with wire. As wires are malleable they can be easily moulded into any shape we want, the model has wisely drawn the wires into two hearts at the end and so can you! You can make small stars and moon and decorate your strands!

Radiant braids

Pout is the new fashion! Love this hairstyle and wanna try the same on yourself? Try it and make sure you don’t forget posing with a pout!

Hairband braids

As seen from the side, the front part appears like a puffed hairband. It’s an adorable hairstyle, and you can step out without any uncertainty.