143 Amazing Braided Ponytail Ideas That Will Fascinate Everyone

Having some new ideas is always helpful. People often get bored out of their same, old hairstyle that has been with them for years. That’s why we have brought you this post with tons of trendy and glam braided ponytail hairstyles. They are for any type of person from those who want glam styles or those who love chick designs or just simple looks. Moreover, braided ponytail styles have innumerable variations thanks to the freedom while choosing the thickness of braids, type of braid pattern, ponytail height and countless way of accessorizing.

So, let’s take a look at these featured ideas straight away.


Super Simple

Elegant yet straightforward styles like this featured one will never fade away anytime soon. The caramel colored thick braids have added some simpleness to this attire.

braided ponytail


Shiny design +  Thin divisions

Having shiny hair is what most women are proud of. This lets themselves shine through their hair. You can also use rubber bands if you want to recreate something similar to this.


Copper braids

Copper is one of the more vibrant colors that symbolizes peace and transfer of energy. The regular braided pony coming out of the top bun is mesmeric.


In love with nature

Nature loving persons like to travel mountains and gorge and lakes and what not. Here this cute girl with some great messy medium-thick ponytail is looking at the wonders of nature.


Blonde effect

Blonde parts in your braid give it a creamy and chocolaty look that everyone would like to taste. The thin ponytail is also cute.



One can make many patterns out of the braided ponytail fashion. This is a deep-looking pattern which looks even more incredible in retro.


Gorgeous triple locked braided ponytail

With those pretty eyelashes and a cute blonde pony, this lovely girl’s triple locked style is charming and elegant.


Ponytail braids with weave

Here we can see different variations of the same pattern of braid that runs all over this girl’s head. Then it is wrapped with a pony banded with hair.


The narrow stream

Braided ponytails are so popular because they have tons of variations to choose from. Some girls like to adopt this chic style that has some tight stream-like space running across the head.


Thick locs

Chocolate is all that we love. So there is no exception for the chocolate-colored hairstyle. One can let her pony simple down the neck.


Wonderful decoration

One braid itself looks terrific. But have you ever wondered how multiple braids of magical patterns would look like? Here’s your answer.


Relaxed at one side

Braided ponytail African styles are one most popular styles among their genre. This one featured shows how you can let those bundle of super thin locs relax at one side.


Platinum + Black

Platinum demands people’s attention while black locks the attention. So with this new found deadly color combo, any smart girl can instantly what she wants.


Messy one

Rumpled styles make you more energetic and naughty. Life is all about that, isn’t it? Some fun, some work, some goals, and some innocence, all combine to form the great experience.


Interlocked braided ponytail

Even though this girl’s pony may seem simple, her braids are still one mystery to us. We would like to meet her and know the secret behind this.


Gorgeous Chick

French braid ponytail is what has made this beauty a goddess. In French styles, you let your braid smooth and straightforward, almost resembling no pattern.


Fishtail braids inspiration

There’s nothing left in this nature apparently, from which humans have not taken some hints of inspiration. These featured dark twists are lovely.


Purple hint

Adding some vibrant colors to your beloved style will make it more joyful and expressive. Just use a usual ribbon to tie up your black hair into a pony.


Smooth rosebuds

Rosebud – most people don’t know what this means. But we think you have now after looking at this one down below. Adding to that is a tightly knit pony which further expands to a horsetail.


Cuteness exemplified

Being cute requires a multitude of things to be at their place. But you don’t do that consciously, it just happens. Those pretty eyelashes, flowing hair fiber, full twist and a golden chain down her chest have made this girl a cute being.


A sight to remember

If a guy or girl happens to walk just behind this girl, then it’s inevitable that this version of braided ponytail will be on their mind for years to come. That’s the power of an elegant and fresh hairdo.


Children’s choice

Dads may find it a bit of surprise and then overwhelmingly exciting when her daughter wants him to make a fairy party at home. Small girls learn similar things very quickly.


Permeating chunks

In this featured picture, it seems as if those thin blonde chunks have pervaded the dark twists and united at the end to become a ponytail. That’s wonderful.


Accessorized styles

We have already mentioned how proper accessory which also fits one’s personality can joyfully impact to a hairdo. This cutie has used multiple ‘x’es to pave a path through her cute braids.


Thick styles

More the thickness more is the impact. Some might argue that this lady’s remaining hair is kind of messy, but that’s actually the part of art that makes this design a masterpiece.


French variation

Braided ponytail’s French variation is quite popular due to multiple combinations one can experiment with. Here, with a colossal earring, this double shark style with a free-flowing pony looks impressive.


Blurred sense

It should not come as a surprise when top smartphones companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei or Google itself have a preinstalled feature in camera for blurring images. People usually like blurry photos and designs like in this case.


Iconic braided ponytail

Braided ponytail with natural hair is a kind of dream to newcomer girls. You should learn from this hottie if you want to turn your natural hair into something mystical and magical.


Princess inspiration

Highlighting is really a work of art. Despite bringing a tremendous amount of attention to your hair, a not-so-proper one can also ruin your hair. Anyway, opting for one which is somewhat similar to this may be a more than a good choice.


A charmer’s secret

A naked body doesn’t always storm erotic desires within you. But when made artistic and god-ly like this one, then be ready to face a thousand eruption of emotions before you have a glance at this picture.


Beautiful narrowing braids + high ponytails

Softness is a well-revered attribute of any girl’s hair in anyone’s eyes by being human. This model’s pony is so soft and furry that it propels you to run your hands down through it.


Greyscale motivation

As we have said it numerous times already, being on the blonde spectrum of hair is a thing of good luck. Because it couldn’t be easier to turn your hair grey or platinum or pure black if the scenario was otherwise.


Narrowing french braid ponytail

Ever wondered why French girls look so serene and innocent? Well, all the secret lies in their hairdo, which most people fail to notice in the flow of the moment. These hairdos are seductive and appealing.


Interlocked curled chunks

Curled chunks of smooth hair add more fragrance to your pony, thus making you a ‘beautiful one’ in a real sense.


Jumbo are the classics

What you see down below has been admired all over the world. So much so that everyone is now searching like crazy for jumbo braid ponytail tutorial. You should be careful while searching for such guides as they might not lead you to perfection like the featured one below.


Narrowing braided ponytail natural hair

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got natural, oily hair. That makes your chance of getting such magnificent hairdo very high.


On a date

Huge jumbo braid ponytail is equally effective on romantic dates and situations. They magnify your beauty multiple times and make you the real princess in your man’s eyes, which you really are.


Cute parallel braids

When people think about the golden pony, the only the first thing that comes to their mind is Mrs. Margot Robbie in ‘The Suicide Squad.’ Well, that’s what the hairdo down below is inspired from.


Ponytail braids with weave

Super thin locs, turned to bun, then to pony is the identity of Afro womens. Braided ponytail African style like this one is what Rihanna prefers the most.


Katie’s sense

We all had a deep crush on Katie when we’re young and bold. Now that we’re adult and more mature our crush’s dimension has gone even broader and more profound.


Flowering in your hair

‘One who’s a gardener is also a knower of life.’ We still don’t know whose wise words were these. But we know one thing for sure: that is whoever said this was also an expert at hairstyling.


Mega Twists

What happens when you combine multiple patterned braids, which are again, of varying length and style? This happens. And when these kinds of things happen the observer might jump up and down with joy and excitement.


Caramel and creamy pony

The cream is adored worldwide. It is delicious and easy to pick a taste of. However, in the hair industry, having a creamy hair is the most dreamt thing of all time.


Rising pony + tough twists

Chocolate caramel was never out of the scene, to be honest. Here too, we can clearly see the admiration of that combo by this cutie.


Round your head

Just like the magisterial ring attached around our Saturn gives it another dimensional glory, a cute braid in similar fashion also gives you a phenomenal beauty.


Beyonce’s tactics

Alongside being one of the great hip-hop and pop music artists, Beyonce is also well known as a businessperson and a market. Thanks to all her witty tactics and strategies. Her golden hair is out of this world, by the way.


Jumbo ponytail

Even though men want everything small about women, such as a zero-figure body or a zero fat percentage, things such as braids and IQ and others are always revered when they are huge.


Magnetic Effect

Everyone here has probably heard of the Magnus Effect, I guess. That’s what happens to a ball when it rolls in the air after being thrown from a great height. But a magnetic effect that is exuberating out of this lady’s hair is inexplicable.


Love is everywhere

Love is obviously everywhere. In your heart, in my heart, in people’s heart, and on this cute child’s hair. We are so privileged to be looking to such fabulous hair tricks.


Cornow ponytail

There’s really nothing to be said about this magnificent cornrow ponytail. Even the combination of colors is fantastic.


Free-flowing pony

Despite not being a river, this lady’s blooming hair resembles a mighty river that is flowing in all its rage. We absolutely adore that.


A brilliant guess

Now, most of you might accuse me of putting heap upon heap of praise over myself, but I guarantee you that this girl turning behind is Sophie Turner aka Lady Sansa aka Sansa Stark.

Natural location

Naturally one likes to click her photo on green spot, in the midst of animals, birds, and insects. But not everyone gets fortunate enough like her actually to do so.


A majestic idea

We might argue this cutie being Da Vinci’s student as she has made a great invention out of this seemingly regular hairdo.


Innocent face + cute red lips

Your red color isn’t just for blood or warning; it is also a symbol of lust and erotica. You may know this without me any further saying by looking at the featured image.



Flowers, Sweet Flowers

Flowers never cease to impress me. They are of so many kinds, so many emotions and so many fragrances like sometimes they take us away from this greedy political world, where everybody is just of one type, voracious and greedy.


Why need accessories?

At one hand you may need a ton of ‘cute’ accessories to magnify your beauty, but those who are master of their arts don’t need anything special to make everything look splendid.


Rainfall of flowers

It’s still a surprise why people don’t like to get themselves wet in rainfall but love to spend hours in showers. But anyway, putting a flower as the only accessory in this elegant hairstyle make it fresh and raw.


Club emotions

You get to know so many people in the club, who come from different backgrounds and different places. If your hair would like to say the same statement, then it would probably look like this.


Snow white

A snowy hair with cutest of braided ponytail and twists, a transparent outfit. These are all you need to make you a real snow queen.


Gigantic chocolate braids

Jumbo braid ponytail tutorial might not tell how to achieve this. But hey, don’t worry, you’ll know everything when the right time comes.


Thick French braid ponytail

Don’t ever look at a girl’s hair who is speaking French; you may just blackout. Since everyone is now trying this style, our world has really become a dangerous place.


Mongolian Queen

Do you know who Genghis Khan was? If you know, then you have an excellent IQ. For those who didn’t know and just wanted to enjoy the show, Genghis Khan was a great conqueror. He ruled all over the present day China, Mongolia and even parts of Russia. She seems like one of his breeds, that’s what her eyes say.


Dog’s copycat

Even though dogs can’t file a copyright complaint against humans, she has undoubtedly stolen that pretty pony from either an Afghan Hound or a Yorkshire Terrier or even from a Komondor.

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Silky and smooth choice

Men prefer rough and tough while women want everything silky and smooth. Then how do men and women like just each other? Because it’s not similarities that connects us, but the other way around.


Super smooth pick

Pick one this braided ponytail, and you don’t need any silly braided ponytail extension. That’s not my say but what hairstyle experts emphasize on.


Heavy locs

While some may not prefer this style due to the constant weight one’s head has to bear all the times, those who really understand the value of thick hair might respect this style.


Spidey’s nature

Did you know that spider’s intelligence has been copied by humans many times? Well, I guess most of you might have known, from the Spiderman series. But that’s just fiction; we’re talking about ancient wall carvings resembling spider’s web in Egypt.


Naughty pose

Even though your boyfriend might absolutely love this pose, your parent can find it a bit embarrassing if they happen to see it as your profile picture on Instagram. Or should I say ‘dp’ more trendily?


Wowing twists

It’s very accurate that children are the ones who can genuinely wow adults. This fact is proved cent percent by this picture.


Bunny mistress

Using no braided ponytail extension helps when you have an innate art of creating magic with your hair.


Heavy white locs

More than anything in this hair attire, those tight-knitted, compressed twists at the end of this lady’s hair seem mesmerizing.


Model’s choice

Nowadays, models have returned to this chocolate braided ponytail from side swept bangs and huge buns.


Silky smoothie

It wouldn’t be so silly of me to compare this style with a coffee-flavored smoothie.


Neat pony + cute mid-braid

Golden pony and shiny, a black braid is literally unstoppable.


Love Sign + Illuminati

Since she hasn’t shown us her face and has somewhat mystical symbols including a heart one on the back of her head, we can’t free her from the doubt of being an Illuminati. Her sweet hair cuffs are even more of a mystery.


Amazing view

These pics are stunning thanks to the clever technique behind them.


Soft-hearted braided ponytail

A girl’s heart can be known from her hair. As this unknown proverb suggests, this lady might be one of the kindest creatures that have ever lived.


Relaxed patterns


Thickest ideas


Glamorous designs


Neat pattern + vibrant purple color


A perfect model


Bonjour!  A great french braid ponytail


Russian heartthrobs


How to tutorials

Just follow these hottest guide and get a beautiful style instantly.


Vibrant dark red desires


Mystical pattern + cornrow ponytail


Out of the world eyes + desirable twists


Intertwined locks


Elementary element


Cute child’s tricks

We all know that children are capable of pulling an elephant out of a hat. That’s what has happened hair, to say the least.


Messy but classy

What could be classier than this where this hottie has brought all the groundbreaking hair ideas into a single plate.


Platinum dreams


Vampire Diaries


Russian enigma


Cuteness overloaded


On the beach


Weaved styles


Naughty elements


Cute fishtail braids + hot pony


Army’s wife


Thick black pony


Hot honey inspiration


Natural Notion


Michael Jackson Influence


Honey dripped hair


Thick black balls


Childish Influence


In the morning


Loose curls


Around the pool


Glamorous and glorious


Cuteness amplified


Your high school choice


Humongous fashion for braided ponytail African


Magnanimous trends


Giga braids


Side Bangs


Flowers in my head


Shiny vision


Goddess Reborn



A leftist leader


Wonderful revelation

braided ponytail


Straight down the middle


Cute afro design


Hot weaved element


Lovely child’s fashion


Copper knots everywhere

That’s all we’ve got for this time. We’re sure that you’ll pick one amazing braided ponytail for your upcoming social occasions. There are tons of theses so chose one you really like from the heart. Goodbye and have a nice day!