118 Stunning Braided Updo Styles For Everyone

Braided Updo styles are there for centuries now. They look neat, hot and stunning. Mostly worn by African women, they suit every girl who wears them. This mesmerizing come in different variations – cornrows, feed-ins, the half-up-half-down twist or the Senegalese twists – all equally charming.


Its a perfect place for those who have come to find an excellent hairdo to beat the heat, looking cool. You’ll find a ton of unique hairstyles to choose from so that this spring will be a memorable one.

Here are some great picks for best-braided updo styles in 2019.

Goddess Braids Updo

braided updo

It is always a cool idea to have a thick, black bun created from braids. They are durable, cute and sturdy. Great for this spring, isn’t it?


Braided Mohawk

An amazing hairstyle, wouldn’t you agree? A modern style like this is difficult to pull off by yourself. But professional help will be very much worth it.

Princess Style

You can be nonchalant with this style even though it looks somewhat ordinary but is very much able to pull a hot guy towards you in no time.


Balayage Shades

This chocolaty style is another remarkable style that you’ll see in every article about braided updo hairstyles. We love this one for its audacity.


Soft, Golden Styles

While it may seem somewhat messy, this brilliant idea is one of the most popular ideas among braided updo natural hair these days.


Softness Exemplified

Can it get further soft and silky than this? I very much doubt that. You may need a braided updo tutorial for this, but it would be worth your every second to help yourself wear this delicate style.


Ribbon Idea

Not many people are so innovative regarding their haircuts. What we see above is an excellent example of the blending of fashion with creativity. Braided updo bun can’t get much better than this.


Knotted Bun

With those huge rings and a neat haircut, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the haircut wasn’t so astounding. Just tightly pull your hair up, knot them professionally and ho! you are ready.


Delicate Styles

Warm platinum shades are adorable. Blondes are lucky in a sense that they can have a taste of what this fantastic hairdo would bring into their life.

Emma Watson’s Aura

Different people have a different aura, depending upon their energy level. We can see a warm and energetic aura that Emma radiates.


Pasta Influence

A braided updo, influenced by pasta like this one is magnificent. We love this style for the dare that she has put into designing it.


Golden Braided Updo

It may look easy and quick to pull off, but what is seen at a glance isn’t true in this case. Professional help and special care can be required to have this alluring evergreen style.


Child’s Choice

This gorgeous princess crown braid sure is stunning! While this cute little girl had her mom to help to bring this joyous style into life, you can do it all by yourself with some bit of help.

Braid your hair from front to the back around your head while continuously stitching to your mid-air. After you reach where you began with, you’ll get this cool style.


Tight Knit Cornrow Braided Updo

Those smiles say it all – how happy this African beauty is upon bringing this fantastic style into life. You need to tightly knit cornrows like those and roll over your hair and twirl them until it forms a bun.


Taylor Swift Style Braided Updo

Taylor Swift is an inspiration in almost every area that a girl is interested in. Sure she is a top pop singer and a performer, her way of hairstyling and wearing clothes has inspired all the young cuties like this one.


Choppy Styled Braided Updo

Let those silky hair fall down your ear. That way, it would look more romantic and fresh. Its no wonder people love this cool looking braided updo for its magnificence.

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Swinging Braided Updo

Auburn Style is best to use when you’re a gorgeous brunette. You’ll love this auburn-shaded style with the heavy braids swinging just back of your head. Pick this one, and you’ll never regret it.


Curly Shaded Braided Updo

Professionals always help you make the most of any style. And when the style is a damn popular one, then there’s no question how these magic workers can create a viral trend from it. We suggest you try this eloquent hairdo right now.


Ghee Blonde Styles

People unsure which version of braided updo will be better for them can choose this one. It’s cool, light and sexy, what just you needed.


Fishtail Braids

Mostly preferred by those who love social gatherings, we suggest anyone with blonde and black hair pick this style. It tries to reflect your personality. And it’s totally lovable.


Thin Style Braided Updo

Game of Thrones viewers should be quick to notice that this is the same hairstyle that Ygritte used to wear. We’re sure your Jon will love this style and pick you out on a historic date.


Soft Pony Braids

A wonderful style like this is loved by everyone. You need to have a soft hair back so that you can create a perfect pony, which is complemented by a gorgeous braid on the middle of your head.


Marriage Styles

It is pretty common to see these astoundingly romantic hairstyles in marriage and engagements. We suggest you try out this one right now. It’s constantly radiating a passionate and romantic vibe.


Engineered Braided Updo

A not-quite-easy-to-pull-off style. While it might seem this style is an engineered one, it isn’t. Just search for a good tutorial for this design on Google, and you’ll be all ready by yourself tomorrow. Good luck with that.


Princess of Wakanda

We all know who is the prince of Wakanda; now we see the princess too. The style she is wearing is a classic example of curly braided updo.


Platinum blonde mixed with dark

Sure this style is romantic and cheerful; it’s also easy to pull off. Braid your hair starting from the mid of your hair and then lock them such that they form a line through the middle. Let some curls of your hair fall through your face, and that’s it.


Mixed Up Braids

Don’t undermine the power of mixed braids. You can’t play around with this brilliant style, though. But who need to play around with their hair if they can get a lot of guys with it? Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Emma Styled Braided Updo

Out of so many celebs, Emma certainly is in the top when it comes to wearing a braided updo. Apart from that, her strikingly red lip and a mesmerizing piercing in her hair have made all boys and girls go crazy over her.


Rose Designs

The rose braids aren’t the easiest braids to do compared to the common African braids. But this particular updo is striking for sure. We do want to know who she is and where did she found this astounding idea.


Multi-Hued Design

As you can see this is an advertisement of braided headband updo, you should have a good braided updo before you think of buying this product. That’s pretty obvious, but it’s the things that are obvious people miss out mostly. And we’re surely not going to let that happen to anyone, especially the beautiful American and Afro-American girls.


Sweet Copper Bun

Copper has always been regarded as a symbol of warm and conduction. Here too, we can feel the positive vibe we are getting from this hottie, who doesn’t want to look backward. Her braided updo is one of a kind.


Fishtail Braid + Messy Bun

It wouldn’t be right to declare that messy is always dirty. Most of the times, especially in the hairstyling industry, being messy signifies being easy, light and relaxed.


Cute Brunette’s Bun

To achieve this great hairdo, you need to braid your out-of-shower hair around your hair and then create a cute, short updo at the top. This way it will be visible and clearly admired.


Making  of Braided Updo

Of course, there are many videos on youtube which depicts making of various blockbuster movies named ‘Making of Avatar’ or ‘Making of Titanic,’ this one is of much more importance, and is named ‘Making of Braided Updo.’


Russian Styles

Russians are predominantly supposed to love this hairstyle as this resembles a flower, a rose maybe. And it isn’t talking for debate whether Russians girls love flower or not. Period.


Braided Updo Tutorial

If you have been searching for the exact tutorial that will guide you to this wonderful braided updo bun, then you are at the right place.

First, you need to part your hair into four sections. The next step is to make school-girl-type braids out of them. Thirdly, you need to use the outer braids to make a princess crown around your hair.

The final touch is making a cute, crispy bun out of those two inner braids.


Mega Brands

For those who are planning to escape the scorching heat and blowing dust, there won’t be a better friend that this elegant style. Sure they look heavy and bulky; they are worth every penny and seconds you would need to pull them off.


Princess Themed Braided Updo

It didn’t come out of anywhere that this particular hairstyle got its peculiar name. Centuries ago, this was the only hairstyle most princesses chose to wear.


Tons of Tight-Knit Braids

You can get one in the market; it’s everywhere. Artificial cornrows like the one above protect your hair from dust, rain and burning sun.

Spider Style

Despite looking dangerous with some ‘looming influence of spider,’ we suggest you choose this style as it’s relaxed and joyful.


Thick Caramel Braids

Thick and juicy caramel braided updo is surely on the top of the list of different varieties of this cool hairdo.


Vintage Style

These classic cult styles won’t fade away. The one that’s striking people the most is when you bring your braid forwards and use it as a garland. We adore here at http://www.stylying.com.


Killer Glances

A deadly glance like this has to give credit to that wonderful braid running over the circumference of this girl’s head. It’s an easy style where you have to let your hair fall down across your face.


Fishtail Braid

A quick but magnificent style for those who are in love with the fishtail idea. We know when you fall in love with a particular hairstyle and keep it till your eighties. We love that.


Interlocked Copper Styles

A perfect case where multiple braids have added extra beauty to your hairdo. It’s amazing how mesmerizing can a braided idea be.


Rough Patches

It’s perfectly normal for you to go through rough patches. Everybody has their days – yes even Buddha’s. But to get over them is what a strong woman should do. You can pick this easy but erotic style for your next tinder date.


Classic Ideas

We never run out of ideas, do we? It’s normal for you to think that what if we run out of hairstyling ideas or new music notes, but they’ll never happen Why? Because the human brain is more vast than the universe.

Fishtail Braids: More Advanced Tutorial

One can get tons of ideas through this simple yet detailed picture of the tutorial.


Butterfly Ribbon in Copper Braids

Tiny details matter. They reflect one’s personality. We are very sure that this girl is one with a kind heart and lots of fantasies in her head.


Lovely Braided Idea

Attire matter when you attend a social venue. But don’t miss out on hairstyle, without them the attire’s beauty is diminished.


Detailed Fishtail Innovation

Fishtail can also have many variations. This one has more twists that it would be on salmon’s tail. Anyway, its never a bad idea to try out different styles for the sake of getting to know about them all.


Thick, Deep Design

Updo lets you have thick hair and helps you to glorify it. Isn’t that cute?


Golden Vibe

There are funny vibes, romantic vibes and this one — the golden vibe. We have always admired this style, and we’ll continue to do so.


The Laced Updo

As the name suggests, this classic variation of the admired updo uses your hair as lace to braid and create a profound effect on the trespassers.


The RopeBraid Updo

Every girl who dreams of looking hot and spicy wants this look. But achieving this look isn’t that easy, professional help may be required. But if you’re a bold, independent and feminine woman, you can perfectly pull this off after going through some tutorials.


Cute Reddish Idea

We love reddish shades. And a heavy golden chain too, by the way.


Double Fishtail Braid

Everything that is double isn’t bound to be glorious, but this one certainly is. We miss this style from the ’80s.


Thick Updo Underneath

A thick and lushly updo can be quite luring. We are open to admit that girls love when they have thick and strong hair, whatever the fashion trend may be.


Coffee-Shaded Ideas

Who doesn’t love coffee and its smell? Guess what, surveys say that more than the taste and smell, people are mesmerized by the look of coffee. That’s right.


Wonderful Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair 2018

Of course, 2018 is gone. It was very memorable for most of us, but this updo style was what 2018’s girls loved the most.


Elegant Designs

Elegance doesn’t come by chance. Yes, nature gives some more than what it provides to others. But it’s your job to find the style that opens and brings out the elegance in you.


Erotic Expressions + Copper Updo

Being erotic and being playful is quite the same. Life is about being playful, funny and nasty. Why waste every day thinking about gloom and doom. Learn from people and teach others.


Serene Scene

Can you imagine a more serene and crystal clear style than this? No wonder this lady has increased the respect we have for a cute updo.


High-School Styles

Remember those high-school days, we used to crave for these trendy and popular hairdos. Maybe you were too busy in other things back then, but there wouldn’t be anytime better than now to try them out.

Gorgeous Beauty

Along with hairstyle, you have to be blessed with immense beauty to achieve this kind of grace. I’m not talking about just the external or superficial beauty here, I am passing the internal beauty of this girl too, which is clearly reflected in her eyes.


Dark Mode

It’s a matter of time; this fluent style will take over the whole hairstyling market. That cute little ribbon tattoo on the girl’s neck symbolizes her liveliness.


Cute and short Styles

Cute and neat braids are enough to look mesmerizing when it comes to having a lovely updo. Plus, cool accessories like rings or earrings add more to your grace.


Flowing Braids In Contrast

Contrast can do wonder sometimes. A shiny white vest above pure dark jeans can be a breathtaking view to behold when celebs like Angelina Jolie pull it off. Here too, those seemingly burnt braids can roast anyone’s heart in an instant.



Guess what happens when you press a box of Nutella under a 100-ton compressor, you’ll get an updo as this lady has on the top of her head.


Gorgeous Princesses

Age and figure don’t matter when your soul is of a princess. It is clearly visible from these clicks.


Heavenly Scenes

Finding heaven in the earth isn’t a myth; it has truth in it; more than you would believe. If you got to learn from this girl the art of hairstyling, then you can make heaven for girls in this very earth through tutorials.


Pretty fishtail

Multiple fishtails can multiply grace when they are created correctly. Isn’t it wonderful?


Braided Updo All Over

Can you help me find the braids? Yes, they’re all over her head. It’s a new idea to design such a cool idea.


At the Gym

You don’t have to turn your long hair into a pixie if you’re planning a gym schedule. Apply this technique, and you’ll be ready to roll over at the gym.


Bulging Designs

If they were bulging towards the front, it would be difficult to handle. But since this girl has made a whole lot of her updo hair bulge backward, it would only bring more spotlight to her at the next party she’s going to attend.


Interlocked Styles

Locking can sometimes be a difficult task, but not when you know that they are going to stick to each other and form a strong bond.

Braided Updo White Girl

Everybody can wear the updo; it doesn’t look matte they’re White or Black or Asian or Aborigines. We love the updo for its versatility.


Artistry At Its Best

Those rings and rolls all over the head make people go crazy. She one hell of an artist who can inspire millions all over the world who are interested in hairstyling. We can compare her artistry to that of Messi’s in Football.


Tight, Rough Buns

Are the thick sections of the braids rough, yes they are. But remind you, they are sexy and hell and erotic as the Angelina herself. Those flowing curly hair give her a lovely vibe.


Cuteness Overloaded

Cuteness has no limits; we know that. But that’s not the case here. This girl has a limited cuteness, from zero to infinity. Who the hell doesn’t want to learn from her?


Strong, Textured Hair

While it may lack the bun, this box braids updo is really one of its kind.


Pretty hair Rolls

Rolling your hair requires a lot of experience and patience. She has a ton of those virtues.


Smiling Assassin

Killer smiles make those who do such deadly assassins, smiling ones.



Childish Innovations

Sure Miley Cirus isn’t a child, but she has a very young child jumping in her heart.


Octopus Braids

An octopus would be proud that they are not just eaten by humans but admired too.


Celeb Looks

Redhead Fantasies


Whoever said that braids are tedious and not trendy missed these hairstyles. Take your time and choose the one you resonate with.

This spring will surely be one to remember for a long time with a lovely braided updo.