145 Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles For A Wedding Day

Being a bridesmaid is a great prestige to any girl once in her lifetime. To become a bridesmaid is to be a great part of the bride’s day! Bridesmaids are chosen by the bride to attend her marriage ceremony, to assist her, to plan the wedding, and reception party. Usually, a bridesmaid is chosen from potential young women of marriageable age. There can be one or more bridesmaids on a typical wedding day. One among them is a principle bridesmaid, who is known as a maid of honor. You can checkout Beautiful 145 bridesmaid hairstyles below.

Whether there are two bridesmaids or twenty-five, we all want to dress up and get a bomb makeover and try all the fancy jewels and hairdos in the book! Simply, thinking about this special day makes all the girls so joyful, right? On this auspicious day, the bridesmaids are on a great highlight with all the matching dresses and jewelry. If you are looking for a hairstyle to stand out of the crowd, then these bridesmaid hairstyles will be perfect for you!

Whether long or short, brunette or blonde; all hair types can be given a beautiful design to be all dolled up with your best friends. The bridesmaid hairstyles are very stylish and pretty. What’s not to like about it? Even the pinned up buns to wavy rolls with a touch of accessories can level up the hair game. I have wrapped up some beautiful bridesmaids designs that you can bookmark and take to your hairstylist or DIY them by yourself. So, let’s jump right into bridesmaids hair-inspo!


Shiny Blonde Waves

Blonde hair always comes out when it is opted for a bridesmaids hairdo. This long, peachy blonde hair is subtly curled, and the front waves are snaked back and tied up with a diamond bridesmaid clip. This updo is simple yet very gorgeous.braidesmaid hairstyles

Loose Bun With Front Braid

Just by the look of it, you know it’s a bridesmaids hairstyle! This hairdo is very cheeky because of the low and loose bun wrapped up by a beautiful braid alongside. The strands falling upfront provides the face with a nice story. The work of caramel blonde shade looks marvelous on this design. 

Side Swept Waves and Flower Hair Comb

This chestnut hue is really coming out on the short, wavy bridesmaid hairdo. The hair is partitioned on the side and swept on the other way. The main highlight of this hairstyle is the pearly flower comb tucked on the side. It is a simple and totally do-able look.

Long Chestnut Hair With Flower Bands

When it comes to a bridesmaid hairstyle, flower ties, bands, and clips come around from any corner, that’s for sure. This long dark-chestnut hair is tucked on the behind with a peachy flower band. Simply stunning!

Messy Boho Updo

Love how this hairstyle is showing off her face. You can try this messy curled-up boho up-do with side partition to look on point, ladies. After all, it’s hair that will totally change your outlook on this day.

Decorated Braid

This is hands-down my favorite look so far. You can see the head-band braid is loosely tied by a beautiful rhinestone clip giving the extra decoration to the look. The long wavy hair is back combed to give it a volume and depth. You should definitely try this hair to turn heads.

Loose Boho Knot For Short Hair

If you are a girl with short hair, then worry not! For this look, you gotta evenly spray your hair from midshaft to the ends then take that section and coil it around the base to create a loose boho knot. Also, top it off with some hair accessories, and VOILA!

Accessorized Sides

Again, another marvelous bun with a mid-puff and front head-band braid leaving the bangs to fall perfectly. The red-flowery accessory is the main eye-catcher of this look. It is placed on the side to give the hair a great look.


Flower Crown

Where there is a beautiful wedding, there are flowers, too. The hair is kept simple and rolled through the midshaft to fall down and the greatest accessory is the popular flower crown. The flower crown totally accentuates the whole look.

Signature Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Over the past year, this hair look has really aced its number on the bridesmaid’s hairs. The loose boho bun is wrapped around by a french braid that starts from the top of the head. This hairdo looks very effortless. 

Midway Wrap

The long curls are given a new spin by the zig-zag wrap-like tie made with her hair itself. This hair has a different taste than the others, and it sets right on the place.

Clean Braided Bun

The dark hair is braided very cleanly from the front and made into a bun. The golden-leafy hair-comb adds a perfect element to this whole look of a hair! Try out this look to be the talk of the day! Well, after the bride herself, of course.

Loose French Braid Bridesmaid Hairstyles

I really like the loose french braid on the long silver-blonde ombre hair. Little white lilies scattered all over the braid makes the look more noticeable.

Thick French Braid

It seems like our good, old, classic braid has become the hot topic on the bridesmaid’s hairstyle diary. Again, another thick version of french braid decorated with little white flowers.

Braided Bun

A stunning honey-colored braided bun is undeniably wedding-worthy hairstyle.

Sleek And Stylish

Love how the black hair is accentuated with the sleek and thin braids along the medium puff. These tiny braids seem to be snaking its way all around the boho bun, too.

All-Up Tie

A beautiful bridesmaid musing to wear for you. If you like the all-up loose hairdo, then you will surely fall for this hairstyle.

Exotic Ballerina Bun

To get this look, gather up all your hair into a low ponytail, then coil your hair to make an exotic low ballerina bun. To make your hair appear fuller, add a high puff.

Beautiful Curls

This braided half-up, half-down hair is something to look into! The side is braided and the rest of the hair is curled up that shines in a blinding way. I love this look very much.

Front Rolled Braid

This is an interesting and a refreshing take on bridesmaid hairstyles. The rolled hair is tied into a beautiful long braid that is placed upfront.

Low Wavy Ponytail

A simple and beautiful spin on a low ponytail. This hairstyle can be achieved in no time and by anyone, too! Just tie up your wavy hair into a ponytail with a rope of hair, itself, and get the look!

Auburn High-up

Look as effortless as shown in the picture with a high-up auburn hair that shouts classy girl. Let your sideburns hang freely and don’t even worry about everything being in the right place.


Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Short Hair

To give your face that exposure, you can simply pin up your front bangs on a short, lacy layered hairdo. You will find this hair very low-maintenance-do!

Flat Flower Crown

The middle parted lacy hair is added with a greenish flat flower crown. The look is subtle and amazingly, it looks great from every angle.

Lifted Bridesmaids Hair

The back lift on this tousled hair gives a stunning round to the whole look.

A Flower

Just place a peachy flower on the favoring side of your hair to simply standout with this cute bridesmaids hairstyle.

Half-Up, Half-Down

I am digging this peachy blonde half-up, half-down hairdo. The half-up hair is also given a breezy braid for an extra element.

Medium Length Hair Bun

Sparkling bridesmaids hairstyle for a medium length hair bun for you to try out. The flowery side clip shows off the look very well, too.


Cleanly Brushed Braid

The braid on this bridesmaid hairstyle falls down in a precise pattern that gives the hair a sleek and sheeny view.

All Around Crown Braid

Crown braid is ideal for weddings, undoubtedly. Try out this all around, circle crown braid for an amazing look on bridesmaids hairstyle. 


Simple Beachy Hair

You can give your hair a beachy, rolled-up touch and it will almost be ready for a bridesmaids look. This is a simple and voluminous bridesmaids hair.

Knotted Pony

As the name refers, you can also try a low pony with an epic hair-knot for a stylish look to your thin, medium length hair.


Wavy Pony Tail

This long, wavy ponytail is an excellent standout, girls. Are you ready to carry this beautiful bridesmaids hairstyle?

Soft Braided Bob

Look how a short, edgy bob can be styled for a bridesmaid hairstyle. The front bangs are braided and swept backward for a face exposure.



Sleek Braid

Try out a sleek braid for your easy-going bridesmaid hairstyle. Add some makeup and you are ready to rock the day.

Pink Roses

You just need your everyday hair and a few pink roses clips to change the whole look and make it your bridesmaid hairstyle.

Curly Half-Up, Half-Down Hair

This curly half-up, half-down hair with a black platinum clip is something to opt for. 

A Front Crown

There are literally two crowns on this bridesmaids hairdo. One is the braided hair crown and the other is the diamond crown placed upfront!

Simple Side Ballerina

This is a suitable look for any face type, you guys! A simple side ballerina ball for a very lovely look.


Dramatic Heart-Shaped Braid

If you are looking for a dramatic hairstyle for a bridesmaid, then you should definitely go for this one! The ashy colored straight hair with a mid-braid on a heart-shaped topping is surely an eye charmer. Hashtag hair goals!

Pearls, Oh Pearls

This is a simple high up braided bun decorated with lots of pearly end clips. It looks very exotic!

Royal Rolls

Try out these ancient royal rolls to turn all the heads toward you. It is simple and totally doable by yourself. You will just need a hairspray to set these royal rolls.

Bedhead Bun

Just the right look for your bridesmaid’s hairstyle is the bedhead bun. It is classic forever!

Back-Combed Hair

This is an exemplary style for your black hair. Give your hair a tousled effect and back comb it for a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle!


Perky Coil

This look is very to-the-point! Coil up your hair to a perky roll and call it a day!

Gingery Shade

I really love the idea of gingery red shade for a bridesmaid hairdo!  


Blonde Ombre Hair

This simple blonde ombre hair gives a gleamy dimension to your bridesmaid look. Pair up a metal hairband for the look to come out with perfection. It is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!

Straight Fringes

Fringes never go out of style and are determined to make you look cute any day. Let your straight fringe fall along with the curly hair.

Horizontal Hair Tie

This is another great tweak to your bridesmaid hairstyle. Make sure you add a horizontal tie-like effect to your gorgeous hair.

Short Hair

Who said short hair couldn’t rock a bridesmaid hairdo? Just a hint of backward plaits and some accessories, then you go, girl. This is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!

Vintage Flower Knot

Want to refresh some classic vintage hairdos? Then, you have to try the flower hair knot with its stem hanging around.  Like A Queen

This is THE boldest and daunting hairdo for black women to drool over! The leafy side crown makes her look like a queen!

Braided Rose Knot

This hair will make you look like a television star. If you are a Game Of Thrones fan, then you will remember the Stark women hairdo. Just the same with a braided rose knot on it! Heart-eyes emojis. 

Dreamy Thick Plait

We have learned that plaits never let you down. These dreamy thick plaits are gonna accentuate your whole fit for the day, ladies.

Classic Ballet Bun

First and foremost, gather your hair into a ponytail at the very top of your head, then to give a finished look, pin all the fall outs to the back of your head with a bobby pin. You got this look!

Braided Up-do

This is applicable for thin hairs, especially short, too. This look will give an unbelievable glam to your hair.


Small Low Bun

To give your look a professional flair, opt for a small, low bun. Add some accessories and you will need nothing else. 

Flowered Thread

The braid is swirled with a flowery thread in this look. What could go wrong when there are flowers?

Large Ombre Bun

Love how casual this bridesmaid hairstyle looks! Just some turns to get that flared large bun. Simply gorgeous.



Knots on a Roll

An elegant take on your rolled hair with all those knots hanging around. 

Pearls And Flowers

A simple pony accessorized with pearls and flowers. 


Row Braid

You can try out a row braid on a sophisticated low bun for an elegant hair look. You will not regret this hairdo! It is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!

Shiny Curls

Curls are a great idea for any occasion you are attending to. The high, front puff is barred with a halfway crown giving this bridesmaid hair a glassy edge.

Vintage Curls

This is a drop-dead gorgeous look! If I saw this hairstyle on a bridesmaid, I’d just droll over her the whole time! Go with these swooping curls for a vintage aura for the bridesmaid hair.


Curled Shoulder Length Hair

This can also be known as ‘the bridesmaid signature hairstyle’! Curl your hair all the way down.


Four Versions

The first one is a simple wavy hair. The second is a side swept tied hair. The third is a half-up, half-down hair accompanied with a rose knot and the last is accompanied with a belt hair.

Flowery Knot

Another classic bridesmaid hair with a flowery knot looks so pretty on a caramel shade hair.

Dramatic Bandana

Even if you are in a rush, these dramatic bandanas are there to save your day. She looks like she’s right in the spotlight with this look. It is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!

Coiled Plait

Here the braids are coiled into a beautiful, edgy bun. This look is so effortless.


Twisted Braid

You gotta adore the mix up of a twisted braid and a bun. The chestnut brown color is really highlighted in this hairstyle.

Thin Creamy Plaits

The blend of thin and creamy plaits do good job to give the up-do a bouncy flair.


Pearly Thread

Another pearly thread on a long and lustrous braid just for you!


Ombre Hairdo

The color work of burgundy red and peachy blonde is surely a winning combo!

Playful Look

The clumsy braids are tied up with one other giving this hairstyle an alluring show.

Tied Up Curls

Here, a brunette hair is curled up beautifully and to give it a stylish flair;  these curls are tied up like a shoelace. It is straightforward and very attractive!

Matching Accessories

Look how glamorous she looks with her messy puff and the matching accessories on the hair and ears. To give your bridesmaid hair an alluring look, go with plain flowery accessories.

Ombre Ties Bridesmaid Hairstyles

If you are looking forward to rocking your look at the party, then you are probably thinking of dyeing your hair. If so, you can go with a honey blonde hue and tie up the half section of your hair.

Plain Braid

A simple way to doll up your short hair is with a plain braid making its way from the sides and tied up with a clip in the middle.

Weaving Braids

This is a gorgeous mix of soft and romantic. The weaving braids are going to be your big glam factor for the day.


Swept Back

These curls give some kind of drama and glamour with its swept-back volume and a stunning hair accessory. It looks effortless, yet so chic at the same time. It is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!


Voluminous Chignon

Aw! We all want to carry this volume packed hair every day, but a wedding might just suffice. The fallouts make this hairdo more breezy.

Red Fishtail Braid

If you want to take the regular french braid into the next level, then fishtail braid is perfect for you. Dye your hair auburn red and wound the braid up into a bun.

Diamond Pin Bridesmaid Hairstyles Up

We cannot think of wearing a diamond pin every day for our casual look. So, why not slay the wedding hairdo with a beautiful and flattering pin, right?


Jennifer’s Up-do

I really like the delicate accents that Jennifer’s hairdo is speaking. You can finish this bridesmaid hairstyle look with a simple patch of flowers.

Half Pony

It is truly an astonishing bridesmaid hair with a half plaited pony hair. It is the ultimate easygoing hairstyle for a wedding.

Folded Braids

These pretty plaits make a statement and mold together with the swept-back volume down bun with the folded curls on the bottom so elegantly. It is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!

Natural Greenery

This simple updo looks dramatically pretty with loose waves put in a high bun and a natural=looking greenery accent to go with any color theme. 

Pearl Pinned Knot

This looks like a very modish touch to a simple knot with a pearl pin/comb-esk. It is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!

Natural Flower

For an outdoor, boho themed wedding, you can simply place one or two natural flowers behind your ears for a very romantic vibe.


What else does a bridesmaid need? Just a happy face and some threads of hair to frame it perfectly. It is a great bridesmaid hairstyle!

Ashy Pink

These swooping, discerning ashy pink ombre rolls falling perfectly down make the hair very irresistible. 

Sleek And Low

Get downright sleek and playful with the low ponytail look. You don’t even have to have a high-maintenance for this, and yet it would look fabulous as ever.

Simple Chignon For Black Hair

This simple chignon look is subtle and romantic in a way that can go with any dress, theme, or time when it comes to the wedding. A perfect match for you, any day!

Box Bun

I must say that this is the most dreamy hairdo ever! A simple crown braid with a box bun is the way to go!

The Wrap In

Call it a hair=day with these wrap in plaits and a subtle-looking hair crown.

Cascading Braid

This elegant cascading braid up-do is a real eye-catcher. It is arranged perfectly with a gold leafy comb making this look perfect for a formal wedding.



These beautiful bridesmaids have gone with different dressed and hairstyles, which I should say: All breathtakingly perfect!


Bow-Tie Knot

An interesting approach to a hair-knot, isn’t it? Let your curls fall out and add a bow-tie knot on the top for this look.

Waterfall Curls

This loose style, waterfall curls fall out and hang artistically to create an effortless, boho feels with a thin braid alongside.

Braided Top Knot

Yet another tasteful top knot with braids wrapped around it. The overall look gives extra volume and body to the hairdo.


Hope you have found the look to opt for! Bridesmaid hair is always gorgeous for a wedding, and there are stunning accents to level up an updo, like the sparkling jewel pins, them blooming flowers and intricate braids. Choose a flashy hairdo and get ready to rock it until dawn. Happy styling!