101 Glorious Brown Hair Styles For You

Don’t let someone fool you with ‘Blondes are having all the fun.’ Brunettes are rocking the party lately with these sultry and sensuous hairdos, from Hollywood to The Regular Public. Brown hair is your greatest asset in this age since there are tons of impressive varieties that you can choose from as a brunette; from lush hot toffee shade, to warm light auburn. Also, brunettes need to keep in mind that going to extremes to look different is not such a good idea.

Instead, try to opt for worked out or enhanced shade of your chosen shade of brown. For example, if you are an Expresso fan and are in a mood in giving your color a boost, then try for the French Roast, which is a similar one, just a little shinier. In addition to that, Brunettes Babes in Hollywood and High-Profile fashion industries very well know that one should stay loyal to the shades that match their skin tone.

So without any unnecessary delay, let see these amazing inspiration from smoky Brunettes.

Sexy Designs

brown hair

Natalie Portman, Kim K, and Kendal Jenner have been just ‘working out’ to enhance their shades for all these years rather than trying something completely outbursting.


Sparkling Amber: Romantic Vibed Hair

A classic choice for brunettes, this cool hairdo lets you freely express your emotions with a bit of curl added as your hair gets down. You can have a beautiful watch and an exclusive ring like this white girl.

Light Cool Brown: Perfectly Highlighted Hair

What you are seeing is a typical style with freely flowing curled hair with a shade of balayage blonde in it.

Hot Toffee: Shoulder Length Style with Rough Texture

A regular style with some honey highlights, this kind of style is popular among teens who love to hang out daily with friends and go on dates.

The Light Cool Brown: A smooth brown fiber texture

Romantic Mood with Light Brown Tresses

These shades are a symbol of romance and passion. So next time you go for a romantic outing, think if you want to make it a memorable one by opting for this style.

Boho Chic Light Auburn Style

We have seen many pretty and sultry boho-chic ideas. But this one is out of the book, her thick lips, and sexy brown tress is one of a kind.

Easy Long Styles Brown Hair Color Ideas

There are tons of ideas for your particular shades, but only if your search like your life depends on it. We can’t admire less this lovely teen for her creativity.

Hottie’s Caramel brown hair color with highlights

We have to say these hairstyles a combination of brown and blonde hair. See that dark balayage shade giving a warm tone to her style? It’s a masterpiece.

Neat Designs with Dark Golden

Time and Again, we have been saying that choose that shade which complements your skin tone. That’s exactly what this gorgeous lady has done.

Warm Beeline Honey Trend

A preferred choice for red-toned women, this mesmeric style gives off a summery vibe. That is why it is widespread in parties and pubs.

Cute and Shiny Light Cool Hair

One should be careful while asking her colorist to hue their hair in a particular shade. Its because you need first to test if it is fit for your skin tone or not.

Light Auburn with Copper Shade

There are a couple more things to admire in this lady’s style other than a bob cut brown hair. Her golden chain, along with those juicy lips are inspirational.

Textured Brown Tress with highlights

We can’t deny that not only this style shows us how to pull a perfect weaved hair but also how to add a hint of light blonde on edges.

Glamorous Designs: Ash Brown Tress to Sexy Auburn

Minimalistic Ideas + Medium Brown Tress

One high school hairdo; these kinds of styles give you an innocent, pure, and serene look you wouldn’t find in other luxurious forms.

A blending of Light Ash Blonde and Hot Toffee

In what seems to be one right highlighted style, one hottie has managed to pull out one of the sexiest looks ever seen.

Red Erotic Lips With Medium Champagne

For those who want to look lewd and erotic to advance things further in date, there won’t be a better idea than this. So, why wait for ladies?

Divine Eyes + Ironed Expresso Style

Volume does matter; just like we say size does matter. One can show off their full volume of chocolate hair if they know how to hue their hair in proper expresso.

Suggestive Idea + French Roast

It’s one perfect pick for parties and ceremonies. But be sure you’ve not forgotten to some shiny element to your tresses as it multiplies its magic.

Hot Copper Blonde View

It’s a savory style; thanks to the elements exposed in it. While they may be great for nightclubs and a late-night party, it’s not a professional style that your co-workers except your boss would love to see.

Ombre Shades in Brown Color with Highlights

An easy hairdo, with one hint of Ombre, will do wonder as it did in the picture above. Don’t forget to add curls all over; that’s one secret.

Sparkling Amber Ideas

While it very much seems like one covered nude, its an example of how artistic you can be with your hair and how your hair can help you cover your assets.

Frizzy Light Hazel Hair

Blue eyes are hypnotizing. And added with one fleshy, ripe, pink lips, this girl has looked no less majestic than one Hollywood Diva.

Cute Attractive Look with Straight Light Cool Umber Hair

We are not sure if this lady was on the list of ‘Most Desirables’ or not, but one thing is sure. She looks damn hot with those big dark eyes and one gorgeous, flowing hair.

Highlighted Balayage Blondes

One can clearly see if she focuses on the end of that hair that it is one balayage blonde.

A regular Medium Syrup Hair

Dakota’s Choice:  Pure Expresso

It’s not like she always loves long, black, and significant styles. She is also known to be fond of short and sharp ideas like the one here. Don’t overthink what we have written here.

Side Swept Designs: Chocolate Brown

An exciting style, with one dark red outfit and a sultry look, this diva seems to have created magic out of nothing with her chocolate brown fiber.

Priyanka’s Inspiration: Clear Black Tresses

While it’s not much of one secret that 90 percent of Asians enjoy pure black fiber, Priyanka is not one of them. Though she’s naturally one black, she enjoys highlighting them a lot.

Underkept Chocolate Brown Hair

Maybe the most loved food item of all time, chocolate is also equally, if not more famous, when it comes to fiber coloring. We love one diva’s idea to surprise everyone.

Light Blonde Tricks + Purple Eye undertone

One fantastic dress, complemented by great short brown thread is more than what one girl would need. We express our heartily respect for this lady who has inspired us so much.

Answer Seeking Eyes With Light Brown Hair

We love her little and cute dark golden shade thread color. Plus her opulent lips are mesmeric and pumped up. We want more of her, obviously.

Excellent Shades of Ombre in Light Brown Hair

There is everything the right style needs to have in this design. Those curly, rolled hair with shades of honey over regular brown is something to admire.

Tornado Elements: Wood Hair with Braids

People who think braids don’t complement brown color, take one look at this. We have to admit that this shade is best for those with dark skin.

Lovely Lips + Hypnotic Eyes

Yes, there are so many seductive ladies in the world. But when you see someone like her, all others fade away. Such is her beauty.

Simple Looks in Red Plumped Lips

One relaxed style that is neither too simplistic nor extra modern. You’ve to learn something from this design if you want to boost your fashion sense.

Disney Eyes + Light Mocha Hair

One can only find such damn eyes with one sexy eyeliner in Disney movies. But if you see those same attributes on one real person, you need to give yourself one pinch to verify you aren’t in one dream.

Katrina Ideas: Highlighted Edges

We can’t confirm right now whether this perky lady is Katrina Kaif or not. But her sense of adding cute accessories and wearing tempting dress is incomparable.

Shot Ombre Ideas

Who says that only long hair brings you admiration? Well, here you have a perfect example of how a wonderfully styled short hair can draw thousand of eyes towards you.

Pure Beeline Honey Element

For those who want to rock a party hard and want to be the center of attention, we have brought something special for you girls. Wear a shiny, ravishing vest like this lady and dye your hair total honey and you are done.

Light Expresso Shades

Even though the style above isn’t dark as an expresso would be, its fluffy curls down the neck give an extraordinary effect.

Flowing Expresso Designs with Ombre Highlights

A charming design made extra sleeker by adding some fantastic Ombre highlights is what we see above.

Chowmein Hair + Amazing Blue Eyes

Who doesn’t love perms? And when it is in sunflower blonde with caramel shade, it is just wow. We have to admire her fashion sense.

Diva’s Boldness + Extra Advice

We can teach you a dozen of things to learn from this style. Firstly, turning your cinnamon hair into copper shimmer never lets you down. And secondly, purple lipstick is the emblem of erotica.

Freestyle for Hickory Hair

A crushed carnet shade of blue is used in this picture. With such a positive attitude, you could achieve anything you want in life with ease.

Silky Tresses with Chocolate Penny Hair

A diva style like this will never go out of fashion. We suggest you try this style on professional occasions and meetings to draw attention.

Permed Ideas + Amazing facial Structure

Not everyone is born with perfect teeth, seducing blue eyes, and a naturally permed hair that can blow everybody’s mind. But look at her, she is really a blessing of God to her parents and her boyfriend(s).

Thick Eyebrow with Tawny hair color

We can clearly see that massive curly hair at the ends after being highlighted with sunflower blonde. Her plump lips seem fresh and juicy in addition to that.

Child-face Designs

Not everybody has seen the movie ‘Scarface’ for which Al Pacino got his late Oscar. In the same manner, not everyone has seen such a child-face yet so pretty and serene due to her styling choices.

Balayage blonde Bob

A cute style that encompasses pink lips, a curious eye, and hot-toffee brown hair color ideas.

RIbbon Outfit with Frizzy Midnight Ruby Chocolate Hair

How often do you see an outfit inspired by a ribbon? It’s a much-preferred choice for Afro fashionistas.

Smooth View + French Roast Brown Hair

A simple idea for medium walnut hair where you let your curly hair flow down to the top of the chest and wear a sports outfit.

Model’s Choices For Light Cool Brown

A retro example that shows us the ash brown hair being highlighted. Such hairstyles can win you over in just a glance.

Snake-like curls + Havana Brown

That is a fantastic example of caramel hair color with highlights. The tresses seem flowing like snakes down this girl’s back.

A Barbie Doll Haircut

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While you may ask how can someone of African descent be a Barbie doll, first know about all the Disney Princess. That lady’s balayage shading is the out-of-this-world.

Pure Diamond + Caramel Mix

You have to be smart while picking a shade of brown for your hair. The reasons are that you could outwash your hair trying to go to extremes. So, it’s better to choose a color that matches your skin tone.

Dark hair with Amber Highlight

Sparkling Amber Designs

There are many curls as we move from top to bottom, looking at one girl’s hair. It’s not a coincidence that most people with such hair get high chances to become models.

Cute Kid’s Choice

We are fond of those cute, neat knots at the end of this kid’s braid. Also, her expresso color is exactly matching her skin tone.

Pout Designs with Luscious Lips

For those who have really long and voluminous hair, this style is a hand-picked one. You can choose tawny hair color ideas like Pure-Diamond, Caramel, and Sparkling Amber too.

Cute Bob

A celeb style, which sports the chocolate brown hair, is meant for every girl of every age and every race, who are trying to revamp their old, boring hairdo.

Lovely Kid’s Choices

Kids are known to believe what they see and hear. So it an excellent idea to only let them see positive things or positive side of things.


Lovely Kid’s Peanut Hair

Adopt this frizzy, warm hair if your intention is to rock parties and attract all the eyes towards youself.

Total Frizzy Frenzy

We don’t know even a bit about you, but we here at ‘stylying.com’ have never seen such a fantastic hairdo for a long time.

Red Carpet Designs for Hickory Hair

This reddish-gingerbread hair with Golden Ombre highlights at the end is seducing everyone to leave their house and run at the salon to make exact same style.

Ash brown hair

A sexy, desirable lady with amazing caramel hair with highlights like that one is out-of-this-world. It’s very lush and serene.

Straight Bobs

These kind of styles are prevalent in France and areas near to France. You should have also seen one similar fashion in the movie ‘Amelie’ which released in 2001.

Super Long Ideas For Brown Hair

It’s an excellent hairstyle that features super long copper shimmer hair that everyone wants to have once in her lifetime.

Asian Influence In Brunette Hair

Lovely designs like these never fail to impress people. More than influencing others, it should fulfill your criteria, and all other things will come to their place.

Freely Flowing Highlighted Brown Hair

Pick this style if you are heading for a casual outdoor adventure. We will support you everywhere you go.

Messy, Frizzy Carob Hair Color Ideas

Not everything that is messy should mean it is dirty and not desirable. Look for yourself in the above case.

Pure Copper shimmer

The copper shimmer gives off one warm, positive vibe that propels the observer to do something big, more significant than their life.

Ultra-Powerful Curls

Creating these ultra-powerful, extreme curls would need you a standard iron roller. Search Amazon and Flipkart to check out the best deals.

2-Year Olds in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry doesn’t care if you are one 2- year old or even an infant. The thing is you’ve to look inspirational like one girl above.

Super Permed Pasta Rolls

Here one great example of ash tortilla hair obtained by a smart highlighting. We love such styles to death.

Things you see in a hair color sash.

These styles are so perfect that we see most of them in a hair color product on a Model’s head.

Super Outfit + standard hairdo

A seductive style overall that can win over any man’s heart. Try finding your own one that would bring the man of your dreams with you.

Kid’s Brown Hair

Kid love chocolate brown hair. Chocolate is loved to death all over the world. And that’s a fact.

Long Light Brown Hair

One can see that powerful beeline honey highlight at one end of this hair design. It’s one charming and fresh design.

Big Laughs

Laugh, and you’ll look beautiful than ever. That’s precisely the case here. One gorgeous woman laughing can win over the whole world in no time.

Havana Brown Ideas For Brown Hair

Havanna Unna Na… Seems like we have heard this fantabulous song before. Isn’t it sung by the same singer whose ‘Senorita’ is on everyone’s lips now? Maybe. There’s a very high possibility.

Shimmer Copper, Chocolate Brown and Ligh Ash Blonde

One woman, three variations. We are showing you these three beautiful ideas to pick one from so that your summer becomes an unforgettable one full of attention and date proposals.

Asian Ideas

Golden Frizzy Ideas

Hot Pop Star

Sweet Designs

Bold Impressions

Singer’s Choices

Unique Vibes

Sure can you have naturally brown hair, but experimenting with different shades makes it one completely new style.

Super Shiny Styles

While there are unique elements to every style like braids and rolls and curls, they all are equally magnificent. And we love every bit of them.

Early Teen Desires

Ultra Dark Senses

Ideas that are simple and sweet can be desirable too, at least that’s what we can see here. So next time someone throws how elaborate hairdos are impressive, lash at them with these brown hair ideas.

Copper Shimmer


There’s always a reason for something. You may have noticed that Brunette babes like Emilia Clarke, Kim K have stayed loyal to their trademark brown hair color for ages, the reason being that they know what color matches their skin color. So these are some impressive ideas that could help you choose your desired one to rock every occasion this summer.

Goodbye, and have a great day.