93 Top Brunette Hair Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

As they say,”Brunettes do it better.” To all the women with brownish or dark hair, you are in luck, cause we are gonna look into quite a few different elegant ways to wear the lovely brunette hair! There are a hundred different ways to transform your regular hair into something more fun and appealing. Brunette hairstyles are very much inspired by a lot of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, and the list just goes on and on. Well, Google says 90 percent of the world population is brunette.

Brunette hair is considered to be more attractive, some studies show! We have heard all about how ‘blondes have all the fun’, but according to some studies they are more attractive, intelligent, approachable, competent and arrogant. Well well, this is some news! So if you are planning to bleach your dark locks all together just hold off and continue with this article to give a new shine to your gorgeous brunette hair.

Brunette hairs go with every style, tone, occasion, length, and what not! If the effortless and low-budget updo is what you are opting for, then you have come to the right place. Let’s learn together how we can enhance our dark locks by picking out some flattering shades and patterns to brighten up the look. Some of the great ideas are full or partial highlights, cool tones, gold and caramel blonde shades, etc. Let’s make brunette THE best!


Selena’s Wavy Fringes

Brunette hair looks gorgeous with a touch of little wave and straight fringes falling. We gotta love how Selena Gomez carries the look without any trouble. The color combination plays at the heart and we could not agree more on how well it goes.brunette hair

Ombre Highlights

As they say,”Ombre is here to stay!” You can choose some pretty cool ombre dyes for your brunette hair.

Stepped Cut Brunette Hair

This cut is very simple and chic at the same time. It is low maintenance and stays right at the place.

Tousled Feathers

This hairstyle has a subtle touch of tousled effect, and a feather cut to it. It is a beautiful shade of reddish brown.

Straight Dark Brown Hair

Sleek and precise hair style never seems to drop its scales. You can try dark brown hair dye and straighten the hair for the same element.

Brown Hair With Highlights

This shoulder-length bob with golden highlights is a great idea for your brunette hair to stand out.

Ash-Brown Ombre

Try the tones like ash brown that creates a cooler tone with our good old brunette hair color which is warmer. Ash-brown ombre hair looks best on people with cool skin undertones.

Caramel Brown Hair

This is a warm and a rich caramel shade that does justice to brunettes for sure! Explore some caramel brown hair colors and try a new hue!

Golden Layered Bob

A golden touch on the chin-length, layered bob is the way to go! You can also add some flirty waves for more volume. The golden shades really come out nicely for brunettes!

Dark Chocolate Brown Highlights

This is an extraordinary look to opt for. It is sleek and precise, and the hues work along well.

Messy Brownies

Surely in love with these voluminous and brown waves painted by golden highlights. It is an incredible style with a messy element to it.

Curly Twigs

Curly-haired beauties need not worry! Try out your curls with lovely gold highlights and look beach ready, any day!

Ariana’s High Pony

Ariana Grande is no doubt THE fashion icon. She has a very fun signature hairstyle that any of us can achieve! Wear your hair up in a high ponytail and, VOILA! You just need a mic on your hands to go.

Auburn Brunette Hair

You can wear your hair with a subtle touch of red for the classic celebrity look. Auburn hairs are making a great spin on the hair market these days. Aren’t you gonna try it once?

Wavy Hairdos

These low-maintenance waves tinted with highlights goes with every hair types and skin tones. The medium length hairs; neither too long nor too short, are ideal for this hairdo

Dusty Hue

These vibrant shades of highlights enhance the eye color and add more depth to the look as a whole! The shade seems great on the pale complexion.

Dark Classic

Try the regular & classic dark updos for a change! The use of soft curls have made the look very vibrant and lively. Can’t wait to try it out!

Stylish Brown

Gotta love the way Taylor Hill has pulled off this medium shade of brown. It is stylish and a go-to look for brunettes.

Layered Golds

This is a great shade for those with brown hair on the darker side. Golden colors bring out that dreamy color paired up with long layers.

The Ash Classic

This style is seemingly very bold for those who want a refreshing dark brunette shade. The ashy color stands out on your wavy hair making it more exquisite! Also, I couldn’t love the straight fringes tied with this hairstyle anymore.

Layers and Fringes

The classic straight fringes topped off with some layers surely compliments certain facial structures really well. Choose a refreshing shade of brown from the color charts, and you are ready to go!

Black Dimensions

This hairdo is preferred by a majority of working women as it is basic, stylish, and the subtle curls in the middle of the hair look bold and beautiful. Don’t forget a clip or a band to tie the partition in the middle.

Brown and Gold Balayage

This hair look is impeccable for ladies who like a refreshing take on balayage tones. You should definitely give it a try!

Warm Golden Layers

This look is served by the number of layers that effortlessly reflect the golden tones. Try the golden hues on your pretty dark hair fore more uniqueness!

Golden Ombres

Another hair look to show off the perfect transformation of dark to golden shades. The lighter shade on the lower half of the hair completely contrasts with the dark undertone of the hair making it very sexy. 

Chestnut Brown Brunette

Look at how perfectly Emily Ratajkowski shows off her beautiful chestnut shade. You’ll definitely want chestnut brown hair after knowing that it flatters any skin tones.


Bronze Ash Brown

The bronzy ash brown is a great approach to a chunky makeover you are yearning for! It is an impartial shade which is suitable for any hair types. Ash-brunette has been the clothesline for a long time now! You gotta attempt it once, for sure.

Deep And Warm Shades

Time for some sophistication? Oh, yes!


Copper Gold

The subtle blend of copper, and gold gives your look a perfect outcome for sure! This is said to be the unbeatable combination of all time.

Chocolate Brown

Love the way Meghan Markle’s updo is falling. It is sleek and the chocolate brown tint is bringing out the color of her eyes! Get in for some celeb styles.

Subtle Red

A touch of neutral red on Dakota Johnson’s hair makes it look so stunning! She is wearing the hair with some layered bangs and front puff.


Blonde and Brown

A mixture of blonde and brown which frames your face should be on your ‘hair bucket list’ anytime soon. This is a lively mixture of tints.

Thick High Pony

Ah! Another Ari Classic!

Deep Honey Brown

The brown honey blends of shades are just made for you to compliment your skin. If you have a deep skin tone, it’s gonna be a worthy pick!

Light Highlights

Pair subtle highlights with ironed hair and be date ready!

Side Bangs

Highlighted brunette hair looks stunning when styled with layers and side bangs for a change!

Long Lacy Style

Don’t you just adore the way Kendall Jenner is showing off her long and lacy brunette hair? Trim your hair on lacy patterns and show it off just like the way she is!


Tousled Highlights

The tousled elements make the hair look thicker and gives you a fuller effect.

Long And Sleek

A brunette hairdo is already a flattering one. Topped off with sleek and shiny elements leaves you with gorgeous animation.

Golden Layered Bob

Give a rest to your boring hairdos and try a stacked bob with layers and paint it golden for an interesting outlook.

 Thick Layers

Try rolls and layers to get this fashionable runway alike look!

Top Knot

Another style for brunette hair is to tie a half portion of hair in a top knot. Very fancy and chic!

Even Length

Sometimes, you just gotta let growth and the even length of your hair to do the job for you!

Black Glam

This look serves the most glamorous look ever!

Flowy Bob

The use of deep golden highlights on the bob makes the hair very flowy and effortless.

Effortless Mattes

To achieve this look, you gotta choose any warm and matte shade and let your hair flow like the wind.

Brown Shag

I couldn’t argue more on the medium length brown bob.

Layered Chops

Funky and flowy! What do we need more?

Sun-kissed Hair

The slight hint of orange mixed with the brown shade is what you need for summer.

Long &Dark

This look is a sexy blowout for a long dark brown hair.

Foliage Highlights

The long layered hair is inspired by mocha locks, paired with the foliage highlights. It has become a very popular trend!

Foliage Highlights On a Bob

Surely the foliage highlights and bob make a great team together, don’t they?

 Long And Wavy

This version of long wavy brunette hair with soft highlights is the way to go ladies!



Pointed Style

This look is full of character and fierceness.

Ashy Ombre

Try ashy ombre hues for the perfect scenery of your hair.

Dark Winds

This is a great choppy and layered brunette style to hide up your chubby cheeks.

Elegant Styles

The long version of the brunette with soft highlights can be a great idea for you!

Shiny Rolls

A perfect hairstyle to enlighten your face line. You gotta try it for a change!

Beauty With Effort

This hairstyle looks practical for a wedding party or some special occasions. Just some tweaks and turns and voila!


Deep Braids

The flowy and funky shade of brown, when added up with a braid, looks camera ready!

Smart Style

The curls around her face help accentuate her face shape. It goes perfectly together.

Short Bob

Just another layered, two-tired elegant and smart bob to go!

Refreshing Rolls

It is suitable for long hairs. Curl irons play an important role in this look.


Contrasting Golds

The contrast of gold and brown base looks very cool and funky. This is not just another, basic hairdo.

Runway Queen

Flatter your brunette hair with sleek highlights for a runway look.

Jennifer’s Updo

The chin-length updo that Jennifer Lawrence is showing off is a perfect hairstyle for a regular adaptation. This look is classy, sassy, and totally doable.

Kristen’s Side Sweep

It seems like all the celebrities are also into brunette hair looks. This is a very doable look with side partition, and the hair swept entirely on one side. Kristen Stewart looks so bold and fierce with this updo. 

Brown Razor-cut

The medium length hair looks great with razor cut and some piecey layers. This hairstyle looks great even on the thin hairs. So, worry not girls!

Everyday Honey

The honey brown color is neither too flashy not too boring! This look shows off the details on your face excellently! We are loving it this season.

Hot Fire Flames

The use of lighter shade on the edge of the hair seems to look ripe, don’t you think? This look is very out of the ordinary and it will be suitable for Asian people with warm skin tones.

Baby Curls

Model Taylor Hill beautifully projecting her curls along her face. The hairstyle helps you optimally contour the face.

It looks cute and intense at the same time.


Hot Side Bangs

This is a very stirring hot look that Bella Hadid has framed. Get the look with some long side bangs. Some jewelry, some make-up, a shiny bold dress, and voila! Get ready to be the hot topic of the party!

Gorgeous Style

This is THE brunette perfection!

Office Brunette Look

Complete the look with some subtle accessories and your office hair is ready. This brunette hair look compliments the confidence, without any question. 

Sleek And Polished

Another Taylor Hill’s brunette updo! This look is very polished and looks great with a hint of eye makeup.

Blondie JLo

Jennifer Lopez has inspired a lot of hair looks for sure! She is the fashion icon of the era as her outlooks rouses the ability of very many youngsters.  This looks splendid due to the work of blonde colors.

Bob Or Curls

Brunette hair has no limits! Looks good on any styles, shapes, and lengths. As you can see, the brunette shade goes with a bob utterly and all the same with the curls, too!


School Hair

Try this look for your school. It might just be the ideal look for the schools with strict hair codes. It is a very smart and polished look.

Beach Waves

Love these loose beachy waves! Just by looking at these hairdos, you get the summery, sunny vibes. The red lips accentuate the look even more.

Long Beach Waves

These wavy curls look great on light undertones, and it perfectly shows off the eye color. This has to be my favorite tinge by far because it looks runway-ready, doesn’t it?

Natural Brown

Once more brunette accompanied by blue eyes and soft, gold touch. Such a rich aura! Color your hair with a lavish brown and make fine hair appear full and voluminous.

Vacation Waves

If you are going on a vacation to a sunny place, then this is the suitable look for you. You won’t even have to try to fix it, and be self-conscious all the time, trust me. Just be present and camera-ready all the time!

Messy Hair

A very cool way to project your messy haircut. A little touch of shag makes the look playful and kinda sporty, too!

Sun-kissed Highlights

The highlighted part of your hair gives you an extra look that you need; effortlessly.

Dark Chocolate

Experiment with this popular and attractive shade of dark chocolate. This shade is rich, creamy, melting and very vibrant. I would not find one woman in this world who does not like the placement of this color. You are gonna love it once you try it.

Bronze and Brown Brunette Hair

You can dye your hair bronzy brown to achieve this flowy and amazing look! Her undertone goes very well with the hair which makes the look so bright and happy as a whole!

As you can see, there are a number of different pop you can give to your brunette hairstyle. Don’t ever forget to style and experiment with harmless products and ideas. The look that you are trying to get might be attainable right at your home; all by yourself! If the above ideas do not speak for you or if they do not reflect you then one of the easiest ideas is to draw out your own style from popular celebrities. You never know where your creativity lies! Let your imaginations flow like waves in the ocean and just wait and watch how stylish you can turn into. I hope you will set your regular hairstyle chain free and wander through all the hundreds of possibilities. Be creative and let it show on your hair! Brunette hair never goes out of style; neither summer nor winter. Happy styling!

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