71 Cool Burst Fade Haircuts to try out in 2019

Burst fade haircuts are one of the trendiest haircuts that have taken over the internet nowadays. It is a fresh and slick hairstyle that is recognized by the round taperings around the ear and neck, usually accompanied by a Mohawk design on the top. It has a ton of variations, along with Mohawk, including the comb-over style, quiff design, faux hawk, pompadour, and the flat top.

Below are some classical styles sported in this haircut, which you can also try as one of your methods for outdoors. You can even go it to occasions like parties or dates. Burst fades are so much popular due to the fact that they are suitable for almost any occasions; thanks to their outstanding flexibility.

So let’s get into it.

The Comb Over Fade

burst fade

Such design of parting your hair from one side over to the top gives a classy vibe. You would need a gel or hair enhancer for this style. It is a favorite design to get one for yourself.

Burst Fade With Mohawk

Burst fades with kinky hair is a beautiful style for men. Although it is mostly seen on black men, every other race, white or others can get themselves done in this haircut.


Curly Colored Burst Taper

The hair and beard are tapered to the skin at the temple where they seem to meet.

Gelled Burst Fades

We can see the circular taperings around the hair quite easily. It is a classic version of burst fade with low hair.


Celebrity Styles

Along with the public, celebrities are also in awe of this burst fade design. With a pair of fancy sunglasses, you can wear this haircut to any occasion, be it a grandeur party or a public outing.


Steps for perfect

If you understand and apply these four steps correctly, you are sure to get a proper fade. For this, you would need a good razor made for circular taperings.



It’s yet another fading where you can get a neat cut despite having a heavy mo-salah beard. Actually having a proper beard compliments to this hairdo. Here this curly mohawk along with an outlined beard, has given a fresh look to this guy.

Dragon Mohawk

Burst fade mohawk haircut with dragon element in it could be your next hairstyle. Owing to the dangerous aura they create, these kinds of styles are made to compliment your personality.

For Kinky Hair

Black men are fond of this hairstyle. The rough beard is paired with a low fade on the sides which edge up along and down along the temples through the side hairline.

Minimalistic Design

Some people like to be a minimalist and have a simple design for their hair. The above picture shows one of those men. This shows its not always a difficult task to go for a burst fades.

Technique Behind The Cut

As one can see from the picture, the idea is simple. There are six different layers for razoring between your #2 hair above(or Mohawk) and a full shave. They are namely open 1, closed 1, open 0.5, closed 0.5, open and close(from top to bottom). Plus you would need to give your beard a #1 razor, while entirely shaving every other hair on and around your head.

That’s it, for a perfect fade.


Perfect Taper Fade

Seeming pretty much like a geometric figure, a good barber can make this Egyptian-type haircut in around an hour. There are two convex beard outlines enclosing you face from either side. The mohawk is a low burst fades type.


Fizzy Mohawk Haircut

There are tons of types of Mohawk to choose from while making burst fades. If you have straight hair and want to create a somewhat fizzy style where every part of your hair is pointing in different directions, then this style is for you.

Proper Gelled Style

Sometimes you need to learn from kids on how to apply hair gel properly. This magnanimous style doesn’t have so much contrast between the razor number used. This makes one simplistic design with one powerful vibe.

Pasta-Powered Ideas

Men fond of pasta could really go for this design. You could look bold, creative, and sexy; all at once with this out-of-the-world hairdo. What’s your opinion, my friend?


Big Taper

There can be many areas to make some new variation while making one burst fades. This one is a significant circular fade, covering the whole sides of his head.


Rooted Styles

Change in textures can turn a straightforward hairdo into a completely new one. We can see the root-like-effect of the Mohawk along with some brilliantly textured beard.


Simple Low Fades

Despite us seeing extravagant and complicated hairstyles in the name of fades, one simple and straightforward style like this is also equally effective. Moreover, it is straightforward to maintain and sustain.

Angled Styles

Angled hairstyles at the corner of the cut are reminiscent of the anime characters. Nonetheless, these kinds of burst fades with faux hawks are lovely to behold.

Classic Fades Comb Over

While we are seeing this kid sporting one bold, gentleman hairdo, everyone can put on this hairstyle and go rampage. We strongly recommend this magnificent style while you go for one morning walk or head to your gym.

Above the borders

We can tell from our knowledge that this style is one of the popular burst fades taper styles in middle eastern and some Asian countries with a Muslim majority. Besides music and art, a haircut is one of the few things that can’t be bound by any religion, race, or ethnicity.

Signature Styles

Kinky twists are really one of the gorgeous styles to have in one Mohawk. Plus adding your own signature or signature of someone you adore over the taperings is some mind-blowing idea to impress your friends.


Silver Spray On Black Hair

Now, this is what we call as unique and beautiful. Every part of this man’s style is refreshing. Nobody can ignore that pointy, neat beard, and that compass tattoo.

Spraying a shimmering color on top of the mohawk is never a bad idea when you want to stand out of the crowd.

Easy Designs

With a parallelogram beard joining a line-thin-mustache, this hairdo will be remembered as ‘Mystic Hairdo’ for ages to come. One can always add a pair of twinkling tops on ears.


Clean and Clear For Afro Guys

Afro guys are absolutely fond of this cool hairdo. Its a low burst fade with no mohawk. But it still gives that same awesome vibe when sported by cool people.


Chinese Version

This version of fade seems Chinese. It’s easy to make and even easier to maintain. It’s one of those fresh, comfortable burst fades styles.


Beckham Inspiration

David Beckham was always an inspiration, on and off the field. His correctly bending freekicks were inspiring to footballers while at the same time, his burst taper fade was winning the hearts of haircut lovers.

Shiny At The Top

Mohawk can make your look completely different. If you choose one shiny one, you will look bright and shinier while if you want one normal one, you will look calm and composed.

Long Flowing Mohawk

Keep one long, Korean-type hair over the top to get a classy Asian vibe. There’s no doubt you will be proud of it. People love it because of handsome Korean actors absolutely rocking it.

Frizzy Designs

The burst fades come in one variety of designs. This particular style is made of one nice goatee along with a highlighted frizzy hair. Nice Style.

Platinum Mohawks

Platinum style burst fades are quite good. They compliment your bright side.  To build some uniqueness, you can opt for this style. It’s just like girls dying their hair platinum.


Texture-filled Style

Textures always help burst fades look their best. You can opt for this style if you are fond of classy looks and well-trimmed facial hair.


Fuzzy burst fades added with the mohawk

Mostly preferred by Afro Footballers, this style is one fresh and unique look. People choose this commonly since it matches their friendly and fun personality.


Perfect Arabian Cut

This burst fade is precise and controlled. Moreover, its mohawk is an eloquent one, consisting of curly hairs. Bold man in regions like Arabia and surrounding areas love it.

Military Ideas

Military people love this bold and clean haircut. Actually, all version of burst fades haircuts are prevalent in the military since it gives the armymen or army women more freedom to move quickly while looking their best; all at the same time.


Pointy-end Haired Mohawk

Use some gel and hair enhancer to get such amazing and excellent design. Afro men are crazy about this hairstyle. White people are also loving it owing to this design’s simplicity and uniqueness.


Rectangle Corners

Since every aspect of our life has little to more influence on science, we can see scientific ideas in this hairdo too. Those perfect edges, shaped in rectangle reflect one’s focus and tidiness.


Golden Hued Idea

Such ultra-cool hairstyle is proof that anyone can use burst fade to make perfect use of their kinky twist. Both short and long dudes can wear that design.


Snaky Varieties

Everyone prefers easy and quick styles. Just like him, you can have one mesmerizing hairstyle in one matter of minutes. Every barber knows how to make some sexy burst fade with curls at the top.


Custom Made Fades

Just like any other styles, burst fades can be suited to your methods. It includes adding some side hair, giving your trimmed beard some geometric shapes or whatever. It’s amazing how many varieties are there for one astounding hairstyle.


Easy to Create Designs

Everyone loves easy, don’t they? But everyone adores specifically those who are both accessible and enjoyable. That relaxed style is one of those, awesome and edgy. We can’t think of anybody who would despise such hairdo in his right mind.


Glossy Look

Ever stumbled upon one glossy and glamorous look like that? If this is your first time, then I strongly suggest you go for such elite style with long, spiky styles with brilliant hue. For an even more edgy look, ask your barber for some clean lines around the trims.


Rough Buns

The above picture looks like more of an art rather than one haircut. Those nappy curls are something to admire. We admire these kids’ daring for trying such one bold and sharp hairstyle. Hats off!

Shiny Comb Over

Also known as Gentleman’s haircut, an average person will look like Leonardo Di Caprio flirting with Kate Winslet as Jack. And that’s a guarantee.


Easy Peasy Cut

Specific burst fades are smooth and only do around, clean finish around the ear. But still, it has the same vibe and aura as of a mohawk style. It shows your gentle nature hiding the fierceness behind.

Twisted Braids

Burst Fade never ceases to amaze. These knotted twisted braids are well known to a simplified variant of the burst fade.


Designing the Fades

Swift linings that resemble a lion’s claw is the specialty of the royal hairstyle. Spiky ends everywhere make these hairdos even classier.


Flat Top

Flat top fade means that you get a flat surface of your hair over the top which can be used to hold individual weights too. ( Just Kidding). This style is a unique one which people rarely see in grandeur parties.


Kid’s Cut

Footballers mostly prefer these styles. The natural curly hair helps one to move quickly without any hustle. Sportsperson chooses such simple yet effective hairstyle, primarily due to one reason.

Cat’s Claw Burst Tape Fade

A super cool style like this needs no explanation; it speaks on its own. Despite looking somewhat complex to pull off, you barber needs just a few minutes to give you this one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Go on, boy!


Curly Mohawk Haircut

Never miss out on this blast-of-a-hairdo. People are in awe of this style where there is a fizz of curly hair over the top, which gives you a cheesy look, perfect for party and proms.


Shiny Jungle Low Fades

This style seems more like fantasies. Why shouldn’t they? Special techniques like these, which are very glamorous and flexible, can be pulled off only by hair specialists. That’s the sole reason you see these glossy styles on high-profile rappers and sportsperson.


Massive Hair For White Guy

Ever feel like being a unique guy? If so, then you shouldn’t choose any other style than this. Those thick, black hair on top of a tapered layout on either side gives an authentic vibe. It’s an excellent example of low burst fade with dense fur.


Afro Styles

Afro styles have a uniqueness of their own. They seem to be eloquent and full of designs. Here is a classic example of how you can look mesmeric with three clean stripes at the end. Pay attention to those details.

Curly Highlighted Ideas

People never run out of new ideas. Maybe that’s why we are limitless. This can be very well seen in this fantastic hairdo too. Although we’ve seen hundreds of burst fade taper haircut, this one stands out because of its pointy end at the back.

Captain America Style

There’s no doubt this kid’s hairdo is inspired by Captain America, i.e., Chris Evans. We wonder if this kiddo has some shield hidden in his house’s basement. Anyway, his hairstyle is cool. Flexible and sexy; all at once.



Even though we mightn’t see much of fades or undercut down the thick hair, this still is recognized as burst fade. That is because of that tapering down the back of this fellow’s neck.


Black Panther

These raging hairstyles have no answers. They are simply undeniable. Those two black stripes just above the temples create a powerful sensation to everyone paying a glance to this lovely boy.


Easy Blonde Makeovers

We see such styles on young Dutch boys. But in this age of globalization, you’ll probably find this same hairdo on top of a young Indian boy’s head. That’s what we call ‘Beauty of Globalization.’


Dreadlocks Attached

Attach a clean dreadlock to any style; you’ll get a ravishing look out of nowhere. That’s one might of dreadlock. And when we add it to already incredible burst fade, then it’s an out-of-this-world scene.


Curly Pasta Inspiration

Who doesn’t love pasta? We love it to death. Maybe this person also does the same, who knows? Anyway, those very natural tapers around this boy’s head.

Sharp-Line Down The Middle

That line signifies that this boy can do whatever to maintain his fashion. And we love it. We never cease to be amazed by this fresh, fascinating hairdo.


Burst Fade mohawk haircut like this one is a classic example of high burst fade. Who doesn’t love this beautiful style? Next time you go to a barber’s saloon/shop, tell him to make your haircut precisely like this, else run away from that shop.

Indian Boy Haircut

Although it is named as Indian, people from every nook and corner of this world can have a taste at this cozy style. Let us celebrate the fact that we can make whatever we choose to.

Ousmane Dembele Haircut

I guess everyone reading this knows about that brilliant little kid from France, Ousmane Dembele. Well, now he’s not a kid anymore. This hairstyle, which is a low burst fade is that boy’s favorite.

Heart Rate Symbol

You can draw whatever you like on your head. That’s the liberty this free world provides you. Then why not bringing precisely what is going on your head? Sounds like a good idea.

Silky Styles

Its a playful and cocky style. We suggest young teens who are romantically active try out this style to get the most out of their energetic youth.


Celebrity Vibes

Celebrities like this hunk is a classic example of how anyone from beggar to VIP can try out on burst fade. Next time you meet a beggar, suggest him to try a burst fade comb over like this.


Rapper’s Style

Geometric Designs are always brilliant. They’re adorable. The rapper’s like Jay Z, Tupac are mostly seen in this style.

Crazy Styles

That firecracker-esque design at the end of this man’s neck gives him a great look. Nobody can dare to mess with him. We are fond of it.


Clean Finishing

If you want a neat and fresh hairdo, then this is a perfect match for you. You can have a full beard like this fellow if you’re going to, but it’s not compulsory. Apply some high-quality hair gels and hair enhancer to get the most out of this look.

So that’s all, feel free to choose one from this collection of high-profile as well as simple designs. So see you until next time. Bye.