101 Trendy Chestnut Hair Colors That Will Uplift Your Mood

Get ready to be inspired before you next hair appointment by the medium reddish shade of brown. Yes! We are talking chestnut hair here! With the variety of ranges like mocha, dark chocolate, auburn mix, caramel, golden brown, or warm red, chestnut colors can really, really make your hair game pop!

Also known as ‘badious’, this hair color compliments any skin texture with its warm brunette make-up. Chestnut is anything but boring! From a wife and a mother at home to stunning celebrities on the red carpet; this tint has surely spoken for all those who bid it. Even famous celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Beyonce Knowles have rocked the varying chestnut shade!

This DIY-friendly hair is attainable right at your finger tips once you have perfected the matching hue for your skin-tone! Now, without further a-do, let’s dive into some of the trendy chestnut hair right away!

Rich Chestnut Hair

This shade is right on the middle of the chestnut spectrum that is extremely flattering! This sleek hairdo goes hand in hand on pale skin tones. The chestnut hair has never unmatched the fashion taste.chestnut hair

Golden Brown

A little mix of gold to your chestnut tinge is what you have to try if you are looking forward to creating a creative hairstyle! This hair look looks absolutely stunning, and I dig the way it outdoes her facial expressions!

Warm Highlights

A little bit lighter and a bit more gold in this tone makes the outlook so refreshing at once! This shade of the hair brings out the spring vibes for sure! It reflects a warm temperature and a happy vibe on the hairdo. 

Red Tinge

We are loving these red-tinged hair locks, no doubt! The shoulder length hair fascinates the warm shade of chestnut brown. If you are wondering where to carry this updo, then let me tell you that it is applicable anywhere and everywhere!

Big Chestnut Curls

No, I have not forgotten all the curly-haired angels there! I am a huge fan of thick curls that perfectly shows off any style it is given. You can sport the chestnut shade just like your favorite celebrity and look flawless with the big flowy curls.


If you are in any doubt which shade to spread throughout your beautiful locks then here is an idea! Why not give tiger-prints a try? The light shade of gold paired up  with chestnut is surely a winning combo for your hair to look as ferocious as a tiger!

Wavy Browns

This light shade of brown makes the hair look very casual, chic, and easy-going. Even if you are in a hurry, you need no worry!


Thick Rolls

The fabulous work of chestnut color and auburn mix is what you need your head around with! This color looks great on the thick and long rolls that she has tailored here. You gotta love how the tints work strongly together.



Chestnut Puff

Are you ready to look like you just came right out of a Victoria Secret Fashion Show? If yes, then do with warm red chestnut hair and exhibit the hair with a high front puff for that sexy, smoldering look.

Honey Brown

Perfect for light golden skin tones, the honey brown hair color is what you will ace, too! It works perfectly with the light skin which requires a light shade of brown. So warm and sweet, right?

The Ombre Touch

The chocolate colored hair starts off dark from the roots, and the smattering of warm chestnut highlights gradually gets lighter towards the ends giving it an alluring ombre view! The arm-pit length hair has a subtle tousle and straight, thick fringe falling for uniqueness.

Glossy Chestnut Hue

As the name speaks for itself, this long and lustrous hair looks very glossy painted by chestnut red. This undertone is great for pale to dark skin tones which bring out the look with a glossy vibe.

Fierce Layers

The work of chestnut and gold shade stunningly show off in this one. Look at how fierce she looks with her grey-blue eyes topped off with piece-y gold brown layers. The middle partition aids the fierceness even more.

Auburn Tones

Let this delicious auburn shade bring your hair to life this season! The mix of chestnut and auburn hue inspires the warmer character and tends to appear more vibrant due to its density of red color pigments. Make your hair appear like a beautiful fall! 

Auburn Brown

This shade of Auburn is rich in sheeny red pigments that typically looks so vibrant and lively! The auburn tinge is more vibrant than any other flat brown shades and also a very flattening hue for almost every skin types!

Light Highlights

Your cool chestnut haired color can easily blend with some warm and sophisticated highlights for a rich flair. Make use of warm and light highlights for the poster girl look, any day!

Chestnut Hair With Blonde Balayage


Blonde highlights will inject a summer flair into your chestnut hair. The alluring layers of this sun-kissed style will add depth to your strands while maintaining the integrity of your chestnut shade. 

Cool Creme

Rich chestnut shade surely has a higher amount of red pigments that that of dark brown-ish shade. Thus, the color appears more like creamy and sleeky that brightens up the mood, without a second guess. 

Flat Chestnut Brown

The color work on this hair looks amazing as it enforces a very flat yet bold flair to the hair. This look is simply a very standard example of stylish chestnut hair. The middle partition owns the look as always.

Dark Brown

Another classic dark chestnut hair that serves the mocha looks! This hair will definitely frame your face. The dark brown shade has imposed the mysterious beauty put in with deep blue eyes!

Wavy Curls

This hair color has more of a reddish auburn appearance. The rich pigments of this color will add incredible luminosity to your hair while also brightening up the appearance of your skin. The wavy curls and the shades go hand in hand, isn’t it?

Copper And Golden Highlights

This hair look is funky and far from our everyday style. The blend of copper and golden highlights has partitioned the hair strands in a very unique way. This look adds very complex layers to your hair all the while making it sassy and classy.

Ginger Touch

This hair has a vivid ginger touch of shade with a light brown undertone. The rich pigments of this color will also add incredible shine to your hair while contouring the look of your face. This shade is a perfect match for warmer skin tones!

Copper Tint

Chestnut hair with slight copper hue is a dashing shade that suits pale and warm complexions! This look is flowy and it has perfectly brought out the eyes in the spotlight. You gotta love how Cheryl has carried the shine!

Emma’s Hair Glow

If you are not a fan of Emma Stone’s pigmented, sexy chestnut hair, then I bet you do not have a good eye for colors! Just kidding! But you gotta love how Emma Stone relentlessly showcases her sleek chestnut hair. Try it out for the red carpet look!

Side Sweep Bob

Chestnut hair colors can be anything but unfitting! It goes very well with the chin length stacked bob with side partition swept on the side. This is the modern day example of fashionable hair trend!

Kimmy’s Hot Updo

If we are talking about the hottest updos, then we cant miss out our very own classy Kim Kardashian! Kimberly is known for her stunning figure and the trendy hairdos she frames out. Dark chestnut hair looks great on her bouncy curls here.

Black Auburn Rollers

Black hair with warmer red highlight rolls goes hand in hand with suiting the pale to dark complexions exceptionally well. You can use brighter highlights to contour your chop to your liking. 

Long And Gleam

This shade is on right on the right on the end of the chestnut spectrum that looks exceptionally flattering on the long and lustrous hair. Color your hair chestnut red to make the heads turn and eyes gaze!

Short Chestnut Hair

If you are not one for the long chestnut waves, then you can definitely go with a fresh and short chop, highlighted with lighter roots! Give a new cheek to your look with this gold brown accent!

Burgundy Vibe

Let’s give chestnut shade a little twist, shall we? The blend of reddish brown and slight purple is what you need to go with for a charming story to your hair. Add some beach waves to your hairdo for it to speak out itself!

Layered Accents

Maybe some garnished cool and uplifting highlights is what you should be trying to change your hair game! This look stunningly comes out with the blue eyes and warm skin tones! Definitely an extra change up, no?

Caramel Pop

For giving your hair an additional dimension, you need to try out the caramel shades! The caramel shades just go perfectly hand in hand with the pale skin tones. The hair has a visible voluminous element to it.

Chocolate Feels

Keep it dark, strong, and chocolaty! The low-maintenance, extra chic, and flowy hairdo in the town just for you to try it out. 

Accessories Match

Try to mix things up with the use of projecting accessories! Sometimes all you need to do is pair some sunglasses, a little hint of makeup, and funky fittings, leaving your sleek hair just the way it is! Mix and match suitable accessories to go!

Power in Lengths

Who does not like long and lustrous, wavy hair? I think it is very hard to find even a single woman who votes no! For an extra glam pop, you can paint long below-the-shoulder curls by dark and vibrant chestnut tint. This look is simply gorgeous and eye-catchy.


Flaky Mix

Somewhat a flaky blend to the light colored chestnut hair. It looks like a whole lot of fall is happening on her hair. I really like how glowy this color is as the hair gives a lot of areas for the color to melt. The color looks emulsified into the strands! Are you ready for a new show of your hair?



We often hear people saying, ‘What a smile can’t do!” Wear a beautiful smile along with your highlighted chestnut hair for a more stylish flair. Try the different variations of chestnut hair. The hair colors can be made more fun and creative with some highlights. You can go for a dark chestnut color and small strands of lighter highlights falling on the spectrum.

Foxy Dye

If you do not want to go with heavy highlights then this minimal and striking look is the one for you! Here, the hair color is kept dark or a natural color. Then, some darker chestnut shade is used for highlighting the edges and the funky waves. I can’t wait to try out this foxy look!


Short Hair

Chestnut colors work amazingly with her medium length hair. The hair is washed entirely with a reddish brown tone to the chestnut hair. The work of subtle rolls seems to be great on the hair in terms of depth and creativity.


The hair looks spotlight ready with the use of low-light cherry colors! The tousled effect of the hair makes it look so enduring, and it adds a frame to her face. You should opt for this look if you are thinking of getting your hair changed any time soon because the colors work marvelously to your interest.

Bouncy Curls

For this hair look, you can see that chestnut shade is used as highlights. If you have dark hair color and don’t want to do a lot of work on it, but add effects to your curls, go for this one. The curls have a dimension to it due to the chestnut colors used here. It makes even the short curls so bouncy and gives it a full-body effect.

Kim K

Obviously, the Kardashians are a world-wide famous topic today! The outfits and hairstyles that they project become trendy in no time. Here is another Kimberly classic hairdo. You can see that it has a flowy vibe and a lighter shade of chestnut color is used to wash the hair entirely, giving it a more polished and dashing scene.

Long Tresses

This look is mixed up with long tresses and chestnut dye. A slight effect of ombre or its combination takes the hair to the next level without any doubt. Add some light chestnut hair shades on the egdes. For some light waves, your hair color will add depth to your fabulous hair.

Dark Dye With Fringes

I love it how fringes go with any hair type! Your hair could be curly, sleek, wavy, or glassy, the touch of fringe will always compliment the hair type. Here, a wavy hair is paired up with dark chestnut hair. It is a very refreshing hairstyle.

Medium Auburn Highlights

The chestnut color is aided with a touch of medium auburn shade here. The curls help add boldness and depth even to a shoulder-length hair. Simple and sophisticated!

Celebrity Charm

Celebrities can inspire you to mold and try a lot of different looks. Kim is showing off her glossy and dark shade of chestnut brown with a little hint of reddish foyalage along the edges. You can try this easily as it is not too much work at all.

Vintage Auburn

This straight version of hair looks amazing due to the work of vintage auburn color. It is rich in color pigments, and it has successfully made it more vibrant and flattering.

Red For The Show

This looks simply stunning! Curl up your chestnut colored hair with a side partition and wear a red lip for a fierce and outdoing look. Aided with red lips, your hair is party ready!

A Look For The Lioness

Heads up for the drop-dead gorgeous style. The short fringe cut and shiny caramel colors just speak for boldness. Get ready to blow everyone’s mind away.

Short And Fun

Try some fun highlights along your curly hair strands. This look is great on African-American women; bringing out the thick curled locks.



Gold Shades

A mixture of chestnut color and golden ombre highlights partially is the most captivating look ever! Choose different shades to highlight ranging from lighter to darker ones.

Light Auburn


This look appears to be more vibrant due to its density of red color pigments and the sexy fringe. It shows a very warmer character. We are digging this look to go.



Scarlett Johansson goes a long way in the hair game. This look is formal and can be pulled off by any women out there!


Warm Mix

Its warm, berry hue is what makes this hair color so appealing. Red chestnut colors can vary dramatically depending on your natural hair color and skin tone, but will undoubtedly look fantastic.


The intense tinge of dark brown will level your hair game up. It is not very flashy yet intense and minimal.

Sleek And Dark

This shade on a dark skin tone looks very delicious. The sleek and straight hairdo has surely brought out a new look.


For A Brown Tinge

If you have warm brown hair, opt for a golden blonde and gingery auburn mix. This hair look is very beautiful and charming. 

Rich Auburn Bob

Auburn hair colors can look fantastic on short-haired bob for ladies. For a flattering look on darker skin tones, just select a rich and deep shade of the color for your bob.

Bright And Beautiful

Just another chestnut hair perfection!

Bouncy Strands

The use of light highlights on the curly strands will level up the hair scenery. It looks very great and glossy.

Polished Hair

Hands down to the most fitting and stylish look ever. The entire hair has the same paint throughout, and this look seems to be very brushed and polished. Perfect for any occasion, the brownish shade creates a magical depth to your hair. You can also go with a slightly lighter hue or stick to dark chestnut hue. Whichever you choose, it’s going to be perfect!


Miley Cyrus can pull off any hairstyle. I love the way she lets her hair compliment her persona. As great is her personality, as is her hair. The long strands of hair with an added golden touch to it makes the chestnut hair very glamorous. This would be my ever-ready-everyday hairstyle.

Elegant Glow

This look creates an impeccable touch to your overall look. Exemplary chestnut shade with a dark undertone always stands out on pale skin tones! Add some beach curls to your hair for the exact aura.

Crazy Highlights

Notice that these long waves of chestnut shade are layered with lighter foyalage highlights! It automatically makes your hair look so dreamy, eye-catchy, and sunny. This is a summer-perfection updo.


Thinking of an effortless look? Try to mix and match the darker shade of caramel and chestnut colors to your dark hair for the same effect. It will obviously give you an extra, elementary-ish look. 

Ashy Highlights

The cool tones of ashy colors are the hot topic in the hair industry. If you want to experiment your hair with completely different style then you can switch it with some refreshing ash highlights. The color work in the picture is mind blowing due to a blend of soft chestnut shade from the roots transitioning into cold ash hue. 

So, these were some delightful ideas to opt for your chestnut colored hair. Mix and match different highlights and haircuts for a more stunning, celebrity-alike look. You can search for matching shades referring to the color charts and choose it if you want a bracing style. I hope you found what you were looking for and that you are ready for that pending hair appointment now. Get the look you have always wanted with playful and embracing chestnut shades. Happy styling!