79 Awesome Chocolate Brown Hair Color For Your Hair

Also known as the food of Gods, chocolate is all time favorite food among people all around the world. Especially in those areas where particular kind of cocoa beans are grown, chocolate is loved to death. Today’s article is all about the chocolate hair. That brown, vibrant and appealing hairdo you have been dreaming since you were a child. Chocolate brown hair is some desire of various supermodels, celebrities, and actresses, We adore them, praise them wholeheartedly. Moreover, you may be very surprised upon hearing that over 80% of the American and European celebrities like to blend their hair in chocolate brown hair color. The simple reason behind this is that oh-so-classy effect that creamy milk chocolate style has on their hair.

Now, without any ceremonial welcome thing, we head direct, straightforward to our main topic. That is the chocolate brown hair. You may think that how can a same brown chocolate color can provide a multitude of options. But I guarantee you that that’s not the case. Chocolate brown hair has more variations and choices that several other iconic hairstyles out there. Its because, the only thing that’s constant is that brown chocolate hair, nothing else. So, let’s move on this beautiful journey of hundreds of breathtaking and mesmerizing clicks of gorgeous ladies in chocolate brown hair. I want all of you to choose at least one style and write down in the comment’s section.

Soft, Silky bangs

Side bangs are best friends of chocolate brown hair. Chocolate chip cookies look just like this lady’s hair. We are the fan of these styles.


Textured dark chocolate brown hair tresses

We are fond of long thick tress. They make your hair look like a flowing stream of water, in this case, chocolate. You may want to try this out for your next summer vacation.

Silky pure chocolate brown hair

Your hair can’t get more fudge than that of this girl. This scenery is a classic example of a perfect chocolate blend for your silky, smooth hair.

Bold light chocolate brown hair

Loose curls have been our long-time choices since we were small children. They express our attitude, playfulness, our vividness in thoughts. Just like that cutie has posed for a selfie upon looking vivid in this hairdo, you too can look like this. Go out and try that.

Moreover, her sexy cleavage is enough to seduce any alpha-male out there.

Spirals of curls

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies are excellent to eat. Similarly, that woman’s spiraling tresses is glorious to see. Why would anyone not like this out-of-the-world fashion?

Dashing style

More than her chocolate brown hair, we admire her flashy and iconic smile which has an element of a dimple on it. We always dream of waking up with a pair of beautiful dimples on our faces. Go out, smile,  try this silky and long hairstyle.

Scenic View

Curls are lovely. They give an effect of hypnotism on any woman that wears them. See those shiny black with some chocolate element sprayed on them? I can’t say any more on praise of that mesmerizing style. I don’t even suggest you get on these. You may already have thought of trying this.

Interlocked divine tresses

Red chocolate hair is equally glamorous as the chocolate brown hair. They make a perfect choice for your silky plus sublime hair.

Framed Face

This icon’s face is glowing like a moon. To be honest, we can’t distinguish if that’s her face or the moon. As the line in lyrics of ‘Afreen’ song sung by the legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, penned by great Javed Akhtar says, its glorious as the sun itself.

Light chocolate brown hair

Chocolate brown hair with highlights is excellent. They look stunning, breath-holding. We admire them. Not just us, everybody respects them. Hats off to the creators.

Dimple Queen

She is undoubtedly the queen of dimples. Her eyes are so alluring that even Alexander the Great would have sought for her. She is pure glory in its full might.

Slick hair

Dark chocolate brown hair color loreal is spellbinding to behold. If you have got such long, silky hair, we recommend you try these at least once in a lifetime.

Tapered Curls

The red lips including piercing eyes can take the soul out of any man in that world. Tapered cut covering that model’s forehead is something to admire. Not to mention her platinum outfit, which is out of this mundane world.

Cocoa glamour

Glamour can be a difficult thing to achieve. Just your good looks plus flowing tresses aren’t enough to get it. But when you cream your hair in cocoa color, then there’s no stopping you to get it.

A garden of hair

I haven’t seen such thick, dense plus voluminous hair lately. With her outfit that has enough cloth to cover an airplane, she looks stunningly gorgeous. We admire her enchanting beauty and her breathtaking cholate brown hair color.

Tanned Brunette

Everyone loves to give them a suntan, don’t they? This charming girl has given herself an alluring glossy suntan that locks trespasser’s eyes. Just a single glance of men is enough to fall for her.

Pure soft KitKat chocolate

Time and again, we have said that creamy, chocolate chip cookie recipe without brown sugar is best of the best. Here too, this statement is exemplified. Not only that, she is an impressive and sumptuous heavenly angel.

Appealing looks

What can be more attractive than this hot brunette’s glaring look? Every single man in this world desires of having such an angelic lady as their girlfriend or wife, if possible. In addition to that, her inner side cleavage is what enchants the males.

Flowing rivulet

Ever thought how a brook of hair looks? If not, stop thinking furthermore driving yourself crazy. We have found this textured creamy Alton brown chocolate chip cookies for you. After countless hours of selection from google images, we have seen this masterpiece for you, so that you are safe.

Short brown sugar chocolate chip cookies

Not everybody has long, thick hair. They don’t need to have it. When you can style your silky and composed hair like that one below, you can mesmerize anyone. We have to give a quick standing ovation to this lady’s innovative idea of construction multitude of rolls from her hair.

Gleamy, steamy

Just opposite to gloomy and doomy, your plum-colored red chocolate hair does look glowing in this style. Gleamy and streamy is the new trend for hairstyles.

Nina’s sense

For those who don’t know Nina, we suggest you to watch ‘ Let’s be cops.’ Her steamy also sexy avatar in that movie gave us goosebumps and other kinds of bumps too. Anyway, her chocolate milk brown crows are something to give repeated claps. We always follow her, get updated on her lifestyle.

Multitude of Locks

Braids have gone obsolete. These inside-out locks are the new fashion of the year 2018. This model’s slick, sublime hair are demonic. Dark chocolate brown hair dye best one is breathtaking.

Magical eyes + dimple

Dimple looks heavenly. Plus her hazel-green eyes enchant us and spellbinds us. Not to mention her beauty, her chocolate brown hair color formula is impeccable. Why wouldn’t someone want a girlfriend like her? She can be fun moreover adventurous to play and spend time. Her shiny bubbly cleavage gives evidence to the previous statement.

A ton of crochets

Crochets are those elements which provide an extra layer of astonishing beauty. People all over the world love the crochets. They are mostly for Afro-American lovely ladies. Nonetheless, they make a perfect choice for American plus European ladies too.

Chocolate milk brown cows + dark red chocolate

What we are seeing is two different chocolate shades. And they are both lovely. Dark chocolate brown hair color looks more intense and enticing than its counterpart.

Megan Fox’s elegance

If anyone asks me the definition of grace, then I will show them this picture. Megan Fox is our secret crush since we have seen her in the Transformers. She is so cute, classy, chic and erotic that we run out of words to describe her. Hats off to you, girl!

Pure lock chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights

Simple locks are deceptive. They show us one thing while they mean another. Here too, that knot in the middle shows us how everyday this look is, while it is smart and classic among all. We want to know that chocolate brown hair color formula.

Hidden face hair

Tresses are what men want to caress. They are long, shiny and chocolate-colored. Men are also fond of chocolate like women. We can see that thing in several advertisements of Cadbury and KitKat. When you man caresses your hair and tries to make love with you starting with his sensual techniques, then you would know why that style is so significant.

Slippery light chocolate brown hair color

This unusual and mercuric hairstyle is my all time favorite. It is curly, dark, chocolate-colored and smooth. There are not more things that these you would wish your hair had.

Counterparts; straight and curly

There are great rivalries in that world. Some are in sports, some in politics, some in ideology and some in fashion. Just like the fan-fight between Messi and Ronaldo, Fereder and Nadal, the age-old long fight between straight and curly hair has a long, long, history. But let’s forget the rivalry and enjoy them both when we have time.

Lewd Looks

We have seen such sensual gesture many times suggesting something else while showing something. But anyway, what one can learn from that picture is that you can look overwhelmingly suggestive with the dark red chocolate brown hair on your top and sexy, trendy lingerie on your bottom. The latter part is optional.

One Magic of Short Fibers

Short fibers are astonishingly magical. They are cute, neat, tidy and what not. We advise you that try these immediately or you will lose your opportunity to get to the red carpet that winter. Di Caprio is waiting for you eagerly there.

Suggestivity at its best

This icon looks very much similar to Lucy. By Lucy, you know what I mean. I am saying that she is a look-alike of Scarlett Johanson. Anyway, if I could reply to her suggestion from that look, I definitely would have and enjoyed that opportunity. Let’s move on.

Red chocolate hair

Dark brown chocolate hair like this one is a gift from the God. He presents scarce people with that beautiful gift. If for some reasons, you are not gifted with this breathtaking look, you can always ask your second God, your hairstylist to give you that look.

Silky and shiny

Everyone reading this blog knows how much we have emphasized on long hair. Chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar are rare and look great when pulled off like this. All stand up and praise this woman.

Innocent cutie-pie face

Innocence and honesty are two best policy in anyone’s life. They make people prosperous and respectful. This lady is, therefore, courteous and enchanting. We can feel the feminine aura being radiated by this hot lewd chick.

Hot Angelina Jolie

We aren’t sure how Mr. Pitt handled her, but we are pretty sure how he enjoyed her. This blue-eyed beauty has ruled over Hollywood for more than two decades by now. Bradd Pitt, her ex-husband, was heard to treat her roughy and cruelly. But we can’t imagine doing such cruel and wicked things to an angelic babe like her.

Anyone can get aroused by her glowing face as well as by that golden spiraling necklace around her neck.

Ghostly eyes, silky tresses

Show me a person who wasn’t dumbstruck after looking at this out-of-the-world angel. She should be a nominee for ‘Best erotic model of the year’ in this year’s Oscar. Nobody needs to doubt her chances to win that thing. Period. And some shade of caramel looks fantabulous.

Milky beauty + light chocolate brown hair color

Don’t get irritated by our unnecessary use of the word ‘Chocolate.’ We are using this because it adds an unprecedented beauty to her glare. She is reported to be just landed to earth from heaven after being sent by Indra to disturb a great Sage’s penance in the Himalayas.

Dashing smile

There’s not much to say about her killer smile and those XXX size earrings dangling in her hair. Very short hairstyles also suit the chocolate brown hair color.

Bold view + tight accessory around the neck

Babes such as these are the reason why kids and teens are engaged in their laptops and smartphones secretly. They are luring and tempting. They can force anyone to repeat bloody acts countless times. Rarely people come out of this trap once and for all.

Uniform long hairdo

Brown sugar chocolate chip cookies are the sole reason our eyes have been locked on this tress from the beginning. We adore their cuteness and fancy them on our hair.

Scarecrow look

Alton brown chocolate chip cookies are great when blended in this style. You look 90% more sexy and serene on this style than on any hairstyle. Good luck on trying this textured chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights.

Azure optics

Honey Singh was right. These blue, hypnotizing eyes are the deadliest killer of male hearts. They don’t even need any sharp and heavy weapons to make a kill; a mere sight is enough.

Celebrity craze

Celebrity is even more crazy about the chocolate brown hair. They spend millions and billions of dollars to make their hair more brunette and silky. We adore such powerful looks of this diva.

Raining cats and dogs

I am nostalgic by looking at this picture. When in California, during stormy days we would see raining cats and dogs just like this cuties’ flowing hair. You can get on this trip for my sake if not yours. Good luck, thank you.

Slanting Style

Everybody is proud of this chocolate brown hair dye splashed on this hottie’s face. We are not sure of one thing, though. That thing is the guarantee of this unseen lady of being hot.

Kristen Stewart’s inspiration

Kristen Stewart’s has always been our source of inspiration. She has inspired her with some clips like ‘On the Road’, ‘Twilight Saga,’ etc. Now its time to get motivated by her thick red dark chocolate brown hair dye best one.

High Bosoms

People always fall for these large breasts. And we love them too. Not to mention, you don’t need to have such large hearts to enchant someone. Your chocolate brown hair and one killer smile are enough to melt away someone’s heart.

Glossy, classy scenery

Never say never. We shouldn’t say never to those silky, bright hairstyle.

Romantic Mood

This hairstyle can be a lifesaver when you get into the romantic mood. A hairdo like this can be a perfect option for making your love night more pure and satisfying.

Shine bright like a diamond

We wouldn’t be wrong if we say ‘Diamonds are similar to these tresses.’ A shiny effect such as this one is courtesy of oil and silky natural chocolate brown hair.

Reach your hips

You would need several years and perseverance to get this hip-long tress. We found this for your revelation and impulse to mesmerize everyone in your reach.

Lustrous gleam

Anyone who looks like this stunner will want to make her their own. But in reality, you need to have millions of dollars and a large fan base to get her and her company in private places.

Chocolate brown hair color with caramel highlight + silk hair

New ideas are creative and innovative. They are lusty and busty. All people want this hair. We are no exception.

Diva’s selection

If you are unsure which one hairstyle to look in the chocolate brown hair genre, the get this one right away without any thinking. Thinking brings you misery and worry. Be fearless and daring. Know that you can handle the uncertainties.

Doll look-alike

She is a look-alike of Rapunzel and Barbie doll. We want her hair.

Glossiness at its zenith

Nobody can look this much glossy in such a short amount of time. That’s one of the reasons why this darling has countless fans.

Loose curls + creative ideas

One can only say hello to these ladies because the ladies are timid, will walk right away.

Depressing, gloomy scene

Nobody needs to be depressed in this fantastic world. You should be cheerful and happy most of the times and be disposed to such emotions. You deserve as much as any other person in this world deserves.

But the chocolate brown hair shakes of some gloominess.

Asian Look

She will always be remembered for her daring moreover perseverance. The tints on her face are nothing compared to her bravery,  thick-skin attitude.

Light Smile

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies are glorious when blended into this style. All the courtesy to that innovative and crazy idea.

Serence, composed

I can assume her to be a traditional Indian considering the purity, a right attitude she has in her veins.  Also, her with teeth set allures us.

Tempting Glance

No one can’t be tempted by her demonic look; not even Gods are an exception.

Thick, creamy chocolate milk brown cows braids

Everyone is fond of twists. This divine girl has given us a legendary example.

Silky, smooth + curly

Curls are very alluring; they can create lust even with the Kings.

Sexiness at its peak

You can only stare including praising her boldness. The red lips and luring cleavage are two things that stand out among hundreds.

Snake’s inspiration

Snakes are sources of inspiration for anyone. Here too, we can see the huge motivation that this lady has taken from snake while making these soft tresses.

A touch of an artist

Artists are enchanting. They can create a masterpiece out of nothing. Plus this beautiful model very much looks like Aishwarya Rai.

Magnetic Aura

She can attract alpha males with her half glance. Twists, turns are very alluring.

Short suede-pixie

Dark chocolate brown hair dye best one. We adore them. They are brilliant.

Heavenly curls

What more can we say about this iPhone-crazy lady? You should be Pablo Picasso’s student to pull this out of the rabbit hat.

Bob cut+long silky tresses

Her Egyptian hair, Hollywood splitting breasts are stunning. They are what most teens dream at night. They are very powerful in dreams too, as they can make one do very embarrassing things.

Royal scene

While you may wonder at her artistic brilliance, we look at that textured hair.


To conclude, we suggest you get one of these eye-catching chocolate brown hair right now, at any cost. Brunette colors add more beauty to your youth and help you find a perfect partner, who doesn’t love you for your hair and body, but also for your personality.