121 Fresh Comb Over Fade To Replace Your Old Look

Everyone gets bored out of their same, routine haircut that has been with them for decades. Well, you don’t have to worry excessively about this thing. Today’s fashion market has thousands of hair ideas to adopt which can give you a fresh and raw style instantly. They are not that much difficult and complicated to pull off. Despite your tons of worries about that one ‘special’ haircut, we have found one which is comfy, fresh and fashionable. That style is none other than Comb over fade. Comb above fade haircut is one of the most favorites and sported hairstyle which has its followers all over the world.

You may have seen celebrities like Eminem, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo Di Caprio frequently in this style. Today we are heading to show you a fantastic collection of a beautiful comb over fade style. We are starting with the question that what is a comb over fade? To your answer, this impressive style is a top-styled and side razored fashion where you look like a military person enrolled on a special mission. Although you might find it somewhat difficult to adapt to this modern hairdo, we are teaching from the basics.

Are you ready to travel with us on this beautiful voyage of a superb collection of these comb over fade? Let’s go!

Classic fade style

When you have this sexy style under your sleeves, you don’t need any other style. That is why we, here at styling.com, are strongly advising you try this faded look.



Thick hair on top + short comb over fade

Comb above fade style doesn’t restrict that above hair to be short or faded.

Rocky hair + gel effect

Comb over fade is best when mixed up with gel. We are fond of these hairstyles.


Afro-American style

With these natural micro perms, you can have a wonderful style that lasts forever.

Quiffs parted at one side

Although you may not like having a shaved line on the middle of your hair, they look stunning.

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Black comb over and fade

Smooth and uniform comb overhead fade is glorious to have. Everybody loves them.


Comb over fade with a beard

One of some deadliest combination, the combo of a comb above fade and beard is out of this world.

Hard gel effect

A premium hard gel is often required to give yourself a clean and military grade haircut.

Comb over a fade kid

Although made for bold men and military personnel, comb over a fade kid is also very popular among kids and teens.

Albino style

Albino men have all white, from their skin tone to their hair. That is why this classic comb above fade suits them.

Don look

Someday, if you get into an invincible mood, then you would want to try this strong and impeccable look.

Uniform fade

In contrast to the popular belief that your side fades and your top hair should have different lengths, this man has debunked it. You can have the same length hair around your head and still look handsome.


Brown look

A clean and tidy look is guaranteed if you make a comb aloft fade taper. Those things are mesmerizing.


Celebrity look

Zayn Malik is an international celebrity who has been sporting the comb above fade with a design from a very long time.


A gentleman’s choice

You need a good hair comb, and the premium gets to get this hypnotizing style. You should try this if you are getting engaged or married.


Zayn’s choice

Although most male celebs like to have long and streamy hair, Zayn’s choice is peculiar. This young diva prefers to have a clean face and comb above fade taper.


Flat on top design

Comb above fade style is growing its market day by day. This brunette has made his long nose shiny just like his high hair.

Comb above fade haircut with line

Despite not having a great history, shaved lines have grown immensely popular in recent decades.

Cute element

Handsome would be suitable for this picture, but cute is relevant. Those gel hair along with #1 fade on sideburns look exquisite.

Comb over a fade undercut

Crewcuts and undercut are friends of a comb overhead fade style. Moreover, even a toddler looks brilliant in this iconic style.


Normal view

Comb over fade haircut can’t be plain and simple than this. Short comb aloft fade looks equally stunning as do its counterparts.


Mirrored view

When you mirror the same view to another side, you can get this trick to view out of nowhere. Let’s try this one.

Asian design

Not only in Europe and America but comb overhead fade Asian hair also looks elegant. That is one of some reasons we adore them. You also can’t ignore this man’s boldness.

Round line around your head

Despite having ravishingly black hair, you can give yourself a styling over a comb over fade. People will notice you everywhere in this hairdo.

Soft, gleamy style

Some styles are so gleamy that they flow seamlessly. This makeover is one of such techniques.

Rectangular forehead cut

Comb above fade before and after are two contrasting things. You can find thousands of google images if you search that exact line. We will show you some soon.

Samurai style

Samurai is a symbol of quickness and sacrifice. That is why we love Japan and its history. This perfect low fade style has won over our hearts.

Face covering quiff

Everybody wants to become a model or an actor at some point in his life. That is why we have shown you this inspirational comb over mid-fade.


Comb over a fade army

Don’t be surprised if you see this kind of decent haircut in an army. Comb beyond fade army has been one of some trendy hairdo in recent times.


Ravishingly stylish

This hero’s dragon hair along with #2 cut sideburns is peculiar. That triangle beard cut is something to admire.

Quiffs everywhere

Those blonde quiffs parted sideways are astonishing. Maybe God had gifted this boy such lovely quiffs.

A classic view of a gentleman

A nobleman is found in some tremendous, inspiring hairdos. As we can see, in many movies and old cinema, some haircut stand out among others.

A perfect blend of black

What we can see here is that rubber band like parting hair and thin fades on another side. We love this kind of weird style.

Round cut above the forehead

Your forehead is that place where your intelligence is seen. Despite having not much of a proof, this kind of light brown hairdo is brilliant.


Shiny + sage’s foreheads

Indian sages are world renowned for their wrinkled foreheads. Moreover, they are signified as a sign of knowledge and wiseness in India. This man should come to India and become a sage.

Thrown away quiffs

Time and again, we have emphasized the importance of long quiffs. Everybody loves them.

Powerful look

Army of many countries is fond of this bold and alpha male look. Firstly, that rolled over a thread of hair covering one eye is enchanting. Secondly, the ginger beard is rough and sublime.

Kids’ idea

Kids are found to have a unique sense of humility. They don’t care if others praise or don’t praise their hairdo. The only thing they need is their approval.


Mountain style + long line

Long shaved line in some middle of your head adds more to your fashion sense. Also, a thin but full beard can give you an impromptu look.


Footballer’s inspiration

People get surprised when they get the knowledge of this fact that this kind of haircuts is certified by football players. We adore this short comb over fade.

Nostalgic scene + cigar in one hand

Despite knowing the various side effects of a cigar, this handsome man has chosen to live one day off this cruel world.

Back turned quiffs

When your black quiffs are rolled backwards, they radiate an instant aura. You can say that they emit a glow that other hairdos can’t.

Hypnotizing eyes

Even though those eyes are barely open, no one gets confused over his origin. Yes, he is not an Asian guy nor that short comb above fade Asian.


Black and white view

One should never underestimate the might of a common man. There is absolutely no word such as impossible in a common man’s dictionary.


The shutter in your background

Comb fade no line can’t have another brilliant example than this. We love how this boy has dared to put an old, rusty mall shutter as a background picture.


Cool DiCaprio

From ‘Titanic’ to ‘Wolf of the Wall Street,’ DiCaprio has proved himself on some occasions. It’s a real shame that Oscar jury has awarded that filthy award just once to this legendary actor.


Beckham’s powerful glare

Although he has some powerful and bold looks, he’s really soft inside. Most people would get dumbstruck after listening to his voice for the first time.


Comb above fade toddler

This world has gone so cruel and experimental that this toddler’s parents haven’t left his alone kid.


Styling a comb over fade

Learn some tricks and techniques form this boy who seems to have mastered the art of making cool and awesome haircuts.

Johnny Gentleman

Above the title is relevant because this actor, Johnny is a real gentleman in one of his movies. Pardon me for forgetting that name here.

Artistic style

The comb across fade is such a hairstyle that even art can enter into it with ease. Here we can see that heartbeat art in this young man’s left sideburn.

Mark Andre Ter Stegen’s look

Most of you here reading this blog are avid football fans. This picture looks very familiar to those who are regularly watching LaLiga. Don’t you think that this is the same hairstyle that Barcelona goalkeeper kept? Think about that.

Kid with attitude

Don’t get confused if that above title seems to head somewhere, on some site. For you clue, that term ‘kid’ was some other slang term. Anyway, this kid’s short, wavy hair is admirable.

Rough beard + brown eyes

A shaved line can protect your fashion sense in parties and clubs. This model’s mercuric eyes and low fade hair are impressive.


Highest top hair

Sometimes, to get out of your sluggish comfort zone, you need to try some crazy hairstyle like this one. Even though a signature style of Arsenal forward Oliver Giroud, anyone can have it.


Deep shaved line

If your only question is how to cut a comb over fade, then you need to ask your stylist.

Magnificent look with glasses

For those who are repeatedly asking how to cut a comb covering fade yourself, get inspired from this style.

Mercenary make up

Did you know that Mongolian mercenaries bought by Japan also had this kind of hairstyle? Nevertheless, we hate the idea of buying mercenaries.

Black Panther style

Marvel’s black pather was a significant success at Hollywood this year. We also adore those caterpillar crawling in this guy’s head.


Comb over a fade boy

Do you think comb above fade can have a more beautiful example than this? Some styles are stunning, hypnotizing and mercuric.


Rolled over forelock

Blonde long comb overhead fade is magnanimous. Despite looking messy, girls go crazy for boys in them.

Clean, white line along your trichion

Comb upper fade all angles can’t be shown at once. But this special angle is enough to show how you can look exemplary in such legendary design.

Your all-time answer

Boys are often heard asking how to grow a comb over fade. You need to ask your stylish on that. We just show you this iconic style, that’s all.

Comb covering fade with a curved line

Its never too late to try a unique and inspirational haircut. Disconnected fade comb over is today’s most in-demand haircut.

Tattoo + making in progress

This boy’s tiger tattoo tatted on a front side of his hand is genuine and reflective of his power. Everyone can be inspired by his combs which are parting that black hair.

Uplifted top hair

No need to show what you can do with your hair when you have this elegant style up your sleeves. I adore them wholeheartedly.

Footballer’s family

Footballers are those warriors, who sacrifice their family for the sake of this beautiful game. You can lend this example as living proof.

80’s look

Very much popular in the 70’s and 80’s, this innovative and creative style has revived again in this 21st century. We love their shine and glamour.

Comb over a fade backside

Even though we are unable to show the back side of this fellow’s fade, we guarantee you that they are stunning. Never believe my words completely, see them for yourself. I will show those mind-blowing views in the next pictures.


Soldier’s motivation

Along with Major’s command and high energy biscuits, this haircut is what motivates our soldiers. We feel proud that we are protected by such valiant and gallant military officers.

Comb covering fade balding

As you see here, that fade is going bald more and more. Moreover, comb overhead fades both sides are quite fantabulous.

Clean, nice and perfect

If you ask me for the definition of perfect, I will show you this comb covering fade cut instantly. That way I will get rid of any further question.

Riyad Mahrez in action

As we all know how Manchester City bought Mahrez just before the football season started, we admire his professional haircut. No need to describe further about this comb overhead fade edge up style.

Silky, soothing + shiny

Skin fade e comb over is a fancy style to groom up into. You shouldn’t mind what criticisers say. People are called critics because their work is found fault and bring it into media.

Ear piercing

Classic comb over fade is also known as Conor McGregor comb over fade. You might be astonished and surprised that this is the exact style that our legendary boxer had when he knocked out his opponent, Floyd Mayweather.


Thick style on top

Low fade comb over curly hair is insane to behold. Don’t just stare at it. Go out and ask your salon manager to make you into this model.


Double fade

Rooster style is not a new style in the world of fashion. Comb over fade with line design such as this one is capable of enticing every girl in a proper range.


Sage’s beard

We would like to call this man ‘American Sage’. This statement exists because those long beards were a trademark of Sages and Rishis in ancient India.


Cool and relaxed style

Everything happens smoothly and by the law when you are in a relaxed look. Nobody can distract you with any material.


Comb’s effect

What we see down below is a fine comb over fade front view. But you need to have a professional comb to achieve this kind of glory.

The thick line in the center

Dapper comb over fade is a new trendy look in our market. Even Drake and DiCaprio are found to roam in this look.


Eminem cut

Above title seems relevant, doesn’t it? We are sure you would love this style forever when you try it once.



Amazing comb over fade

Now that I have taught you how to pull off a perfect fade of the hat, you might want to make these for yourself.

Zayn’s selection

Zayn Malik is our hero. His high ranged notes and soothing voice is an example for every aspiring singer. But you should never be a traitor like him, for he cheated that glorious one-direction band.

High fade comb over curly hair

Never underestimate your hair, you need to praise them instead. That is why I have presented you with this one-of-a-kind style that everyone loves very much.


Chinese fashion

As with everything, the Chinese fashion has risen like never before. Therefore, American and European hairstyle are going extinct.

Innocent face boy

Ever thought what would be the real definition of innocence? I will explain to you with this picture. Let’s practice this shiny style with our heart and soul.


Kid’s apparel

Not just adults, kids are equally popular for using comb over the fade gel. We salute their ingenuity and boldness. Gq comb over fade is also a favorite style among kids.

Artistic point of view

If you are lucky enough to have got an artistic stylist, you can get this unique style. Look how that other kid is staring at this brilliant hairdo.

Marriage mood

This comb over fade with no line is a classic haircut to have on your marriage. We absolutely support this style with no repercussions.

Comb over your hair

You just need a comb and some gel to achieve such a great hairdo. We are a fan of these styles for a long time.

No-Nerd with glasses

If someone dares to call you a ‘Nerd,’ you can always hit them with a fist. We were always against bullying and will be in the future.


Great mustache

A mustache is a beauty. Don’t ruin them by not threading them. Your sunglasses add uniqueness to your hairdo.

Japanese look

Japanese men were always fond of taper fade comb over Instagram. So we put that style for your motivation.

Thick, ginger beard

You can try this bald fade comb over Kochi anytime, anywhere. They are one of some best 30 comb over fade haircut ideas.

Long, straight line

No need to make zig-zag or curly lines, having a long, smooth line is enough. Those lines can add more scent to your silky black hair.

Sunglass effect

Sunglasses are believed to provide a magical effect on your attitude. That seems true regarding that one-of-a-kind hairdo. Never miss out on that one.



Rooster styles

They are natural and elegant, aren’t they? We love them very much.

Piercing fashion

When you make gorgeous piercing like these, you look out of our world.


Clean, soft looks



Ultimately, I would like to end the aforementioned blog by strongly recommending all of my readers to be suited in that style. Who knows if you might fall for them after trying once?

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