63 Stylish Crew Cut That Is Trending As Never Before

We love crew cut. They are symbols of awesomeness and clarity. They are equally eloquent and expressive. In today’s world where people are busy testing out complicated and perplexed hairstyles, crew cut shines due to their simple designs. A crew cut is that hairstyle which suits every occasion. You can wear them at parties, proms, official meetings, ceremonies, Shangrila and other various locations too. Men in such cuts look handsome and pure. They symbolize neatness and tidiness that this world is very much demanding nowadays.

If you are fond of simple and straightforward cuts, then one crew cut should be your first and foremost choice. You can also suggest them to your friends and family, especially kids and young ones. I guarantee you that none of them will lightly take your recommendation. We don’t want to be too wordy, so without any further nonsense, we head straight to our thing. We want you to walk along with us on a journey of these outstanding pictures of a crew cut. Let’s move on, without any delay, to this world of unusual and classic hairdos. Pick one of these pictures below and help us by posting them in the comment’s section. Let’s go.

Clean fade with a light beard

For your light beard, we have found this neat and tidy look that will make you talk of the upcoming night.


Eminem style

Who says that Eminem is just a rap god? He is followed heavily in several social media accounts primarily due to his passion for #1 haircut.

Fading style

We want a fading look. This hairstyle gives us what we want. It is a unique blend of ultra modern and classic hairdo.

Thick beard + black hair

His shiny top on right ear says it all. We would love to have this clean and uniform look on us.

Hypnotising blue eyes

People will fall for you when God had gifted you with ravishing blue eyes. And on top of that, the textured hair make you more charming.

Hulk Look

Even though this guy is not that bulky, we sense some trace of that mighty Hulk in him. You can always add some good gel to your hair to give you a nonchalant look.

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Curly nest of men’s crew cut

They very much resemble a bird’s nest. Even looking outrageous, they don’t fail to shine on special occasions. You can wear this crew fade anywhere you like.

Barber’s mercy

You are on Barber’s mercy. That is because what Barber does represents your personality and attitude. So talk with your barber or hair stylish as softly and graciously as possible. They are friendly and kind too.

Sly smile

People with textured hair are admirable. They represent some glamorous side of ordinary people. Such tapered crew cuts are a blessing of your hair salon manager.

Cockscomb variation

Blonde hair is my best. They suit to cockscomb style more than any of existing hairdo. Why not try these right now?

Pseud0 Bob-cut

Those crew cuts are lovely. Notably, they look glorious when molded in this flexible and tapering design. The tapered crew cut is glossy and messy. Nonetheless, they never lose their classic view.

Fearless attitude

When we talk of fearlessness, we think of the soldier cut. Not just ordinary non-specialists, soldiers, and military men are very fond of this blonde and fading forms of a crew cut.

Gentlemen’s choice

Not to mention, everybody reading this post has got their eye instantly locked in that clean line circling the ear. We admire them and praise them for their glossiness and genuine look.

Uniform Slickness

Crew-cut hair is your only choice regarding the clean and calm look they provide. Crew fade can’t have a good example than this picture below.

Tom Hanks expression

Don’t let anyone say that you can’t be like Tom Hanks. You surely can. You need to do one simple thing. Just copy this crew-cut haircut.

Egoistic Fade

Crewcuts kids and crew fade socks are simple haircuts you want to have under your sleeves. They provided you both innocent as well as guilty look. Everybody loves the magnificent effect of them.

Laziness exposed

Fading styles like this one below were always our favorites when we were kids. To be honest, we still love them very much. But the laziness on this man’s face doesn’t suit our feeling.

Let us hear you say

I don’t doubt that this guy with a crew fade is trying to say something. I know it for sure. Cut fade like this one down below are fantastic.

Smiling  J crew cutsl

J crew cuts are today’s most in-demand hairstyles. America alone imports thousand of experts on J crew cuts to fulfill their people’s demands. We covet them.

Brad Pitt’s Cap

I don’t mean to say ‘cap’ in a literal sense here. The comparatively long brunette hair in the top of his head gives a cap-like-view. The crew cuts are elegant.

Combed quiffs + Blue eyes

No 0ne can do anything when faced with those piercing glancing eyes. Cut lengths are debatable. Some like to make it long while others want to keep it short. But regardless of the period, this picture down below suggests to us how magnificent blonde quiffs can be.

Thick and dense fashion

More fur, more beauty. This statement applies to both cats and men. Just like cats, men want their coat to be silky and rising. But you can guess, men don’t lick their hairs as cats do.

Shiny and parted

This style is a classic hairstyle of crew socks. We fell in love with these cute pairs at first glance. The extended crew version is adorable and sensible. Who despises them anyway?

A thousand word picture

You can learn many things from this picture. Form .0000 to #3, we can see some popular choices of hair lengths cut into a crew cut. Crew design is, therefore, easy to understand and to implement practically.

Thinner than a tin plate

A crew-cut can’t get smaller than this light out-of-the-fashion style. Despite looking excellent and sublime, they had gone obsolete a decade ago.

Varying Length Cut

There is no particular rule that your sideburns and the top hair should be of the same length. In a crew cut, these two parts can have varying length of hair.

Beach Wave Pattern

The first thing that occurred to my mind after looking at this picture is the beach waves. We want to go to that sea beach after glancing at this.

Blonde Beard

People with a blonde beard have a severe problem. You may curiously ask what that is. They can’t convince that they have a beard.

All numbers on the single head

You can see that this fellow has three different number of fades in his head. #0,#1 and #2. All of us should salute his hairstylist. J crew cut like these is mesmerizing to behold.

Depressed crew cut look

Don’t take the title too seriously. I wanted to focus on the gloomy glance this boy is giving. Anyway, despite all other minor things, extended crew cut looks great.

Messy hair strands ivy league

Glorious and hypnotizing view of a model like this is capable of captivating millions of young feminine hearts. Try this and never regret your choice.


Hardly distinguishable fades

One can scarcely know the boundary between the top hair and sideburns of this male. We praise the salon designer for this creative and dashing look.

Pure black gloss

Who knows you are destined to look this glossy and glamorous in your next summer vacation? Everybody likes these types of crew cut 2018.

Anxious Shade

Modern smartphones in today’s world are easily able to capture scenic click like this in black and white style. For a reason, everyone loves them. We still don’t know the mystery of the idea behind that thing.

Astonished Mood

No picture can describe and picture your surprised and amazed look better than this one. All the courtesy has to be given to those ravishing authentic and classic #3 crew cuts.

Uplifted Hair

What you clearly see in this picture is the magic effect of gel. A gel is best when used on such hair, not too short, nor too long. They deserve a handful of praise.

Dashing Look

Have a shot at this look. They are entirely successful in handing you a bold and calm view. They can even hide your naughty mood.

Rooster style Asian Finish

I love this uniformly designed look. This perfectly finished view of a gentle guy gives us new ideas about the power of tapered crew cut.

Backcombed black crew cut

We can never know when this backcombed crew cut goes obsolete. But let’s enjoy them when they are fashionable. Editors here at our site strongly suggest you try this hairdo once in your lifetime. Its one of the four goals of life according to a favorite Hollywood movie.

Iniesta’s Inspiration

I doubt if boys are reading this blog who have never heard of the name ‘Andres Iniesta.’ Its possible that this is not the case, but I can’t digest the idea how a soccer fan has never heard of the legendary Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta.

This guy has paid tribute to that Legend by copying his faded crew cut.

Pointed nose glory

Some of the readers might have heard of Nepal. Certainly, I do. I went climbing Everest there last year but wasn’t successful. As a fun fact, you need to know that pointed-nose people are regarded as higher-status in Nepal. What a joke it is!

Wrestler’s selection

It is very much possible that my readers are fans of WWE or RAW. If so, they can quickly point out this haircut is Randy Orton’s natural hairstyle. Give a shot at this when you get into wrestling mood.

The blonde beard and a goatee in his face have added even rawer and fresh look.

Ultra Modern Backcomb

Those effervescent and uniform beards are some desires of most men. To bring that desire of yours into reality, you have to do certain things strictly.

Bathing daily, indulging less in self-sexual activity, etc. are some tips that I can give you right now.


Messy and ivy league cut such as this one down below are the inspirations for today’s young generation. Even though the thick and standard hair in a middle of the head looks nice, they are nothing without the beautiful and serene fade on sideburns.

Zero to Three in a single style

This guy has managed to implement three different levels of trimming in a particular separate haircut. We can say that this should be a nominee for some best crew cut 2018 award without any hesitation. In not this year, it has got excellent chances of winning the award in at most a few years from now.

To the sky

Everybody loves mango, don’t they? Well, this is one of some reasons behind the universal love for this mango-inspired beard cut. Plus the fading crew cut is fantastic. These types of innovative ideas deserve a quick, loud and collective clap. Then why are we hesitating to stand up and clap? Let’s do that right now.

Casemiro’s motivation

Football is such a favorite outdoor sport that everybody in this world often plays football casually. Some people love to dribble, some love to score while some love to tackle.

The click below is inspiring to those who love to tackle and bring a player down to ground harshly. In short, this crew cut socks are for Casemiro’s followers. I don’t need to describe this legendary defender much. Watch his previous game versus FC Barcelona once, and you’ll know the real reasons behind my statements.

Titanic inspired Jack’s cut

While this may not look exactly like Jack Dawson’s long and thick tapered crew cut, it is a joy to behold. Blonde crew cut fade add as much as beauty as their counterparts long side bangs do.

For more details ask Dicaprio himself how much this type matches to his Jack avatar.

Burning Desire

Side swept crew cuts are so eloquent that they openly express your burning desire that you have reserved inside your heart.

Take your time and articulate your ideas clearly than anyone has ever before. We love these men’s crew cut.

Swiped-up view

People are serious about fashion in this modern world. We see them rolling facebook pages until that battery dies out, throwing loves out on Instagram photos until they are devoid of love and retweeting the same post infinite times until twitter itself blocks their account. Such maniac behaviors of ordinary non-specialists are a direct result of lack of fashion knowledge and experience.

Despite our million efforts, they are exposed to a low-quality article on haircuts on the internet, leading them to a cheap styling person. As a consequence, they are despised by people, labeled as cheap and sleazy and what not. But the good thing is ultra quality blogs like these are also in large quantities on our internet nowadays, thanks to such painstaking effort to these writers.

Maize growing area

From our childhood, we have been fans of cartoons and animated movies like ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Oggy and the cockroaches,’ ‘Perman,’ ‘Doraemon,’ etc. Thanks to them, we can easily compare this unique and unusual hairdo with that of ‘Sonio’ in ‘Doraemon.’

We were blessed that we got an opportunity of watching such breathtaking and imaginative cartoons in our childhood. Every bit of thanks goes to our parents, who worked hard to give us a quality life, even without caring for themselves. A big hats off from me to my parents.

Coming at a point, this out-of-the-box thing is very identical to maize growing are. If you have any persisting doubts, you can always google your confusion.

Cute tadpole

Who dares to challenge me when I label this short and spicy look as Tadpole? Rather than arguing with me, chances are, you would give a hand to me.

Tadpole, even sounds funny, can push us to bring out our wildest imaginations to reality through hairstyles. We are blessed enough to learn from such calm and composed hairdo.

Robert Downey Junior aka Iron Man

We can hate everyone, form Thor to Thanos. But not this legend. With his spellbinding and stunning look on the show, we are forced to lock our eyes on his appearance for some time.

That’s the power of a real celebrity. Such a holy look can hypnotize us to do anything these icons want to with just their personality and body language.

Irregular taperings + jungle’s road

By any chance, if the title matches your inner feelings that were just ready to come out, then please stand up and give our editors team the praise they deserve.

His different ears and nose add even more to the incredible beauty of this click.

Coolest Quiffs

Anyone can be gifted, but only some are gifted by God. This fellow is one of those few whom Jesus provided with this kind of eye-locking quiffs. Quiffs can never be outdated or lost in the fashion’s history book because of their evergreen eloquence.

Thick top hair + Full beard

For your intense hunger to have a thick and dense full beard, we have found out this excellent and fabulous haircut after searching among million of related google images. I would like to personally thank all of my team members who help me during such an extensive search.

Anyway, it is a proud moment to bring the most coveted haircut of 2018- the crew cut lengths. It is very similar to crew cut hairstyle.

Glowing look

Textured hair like these adds icing on the cake for blue-eyed gentlemen. We believe these kinds of trending hairstyles to be the most popular ones in the next year.

They equally fit in every occasion you can think of. So get out of your comfort zone and try this new unique crew cut 2019 that will blow other’s mind away. I would like to call this one as an ivy league crew cut. Please don’t mind my ideas, because they are my identities and my uniqueness.

Habibi style

I very much love this Habibi. He looks friendlier than most of those guys who are always bragging themselves on their car, pet lion, and helicopter. He is even warmer than both Trump and Putin.

His faded crewcuts kids and the crew cuts are brilliant among all other attributes. Let us stand up and take a bow at him.

Romantic Swing

Romantic mood is not a privilege of just girls and women. Boys and men are also the designers of some world class and elegant passionate looks.

Digital View

Photoshop is capable of doing everything. Making naughty and dirty to sleek and sublime, photoshop is a tool of great might and power. But unfortunately, we have acquired a habit of doubting every photo if they are photoshopped or not.

This has done a great injustice to this perfectly blended haircut by questioning on its ingenuity.

Fearless Man

As Susanne Jeffers says, “Fear won’t go away until you go in a battlefield and kill a few while hurting yourself,” we should never be afraid of trying to be groomed in such bold looks.

Aladdin look

The picture down below is a real Aladdin, who has his gene in his smartphone’s application.

Finally, not to exaggerate the strength and composure of crew cuts, we recommend every one of you to try to blend your hair into crew-look once in your lifetime. We don’t know if we take another birth after our death recognizing the significance of extended and tapered crew cut.

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