102 Outstanding Crimped Hair That You Will Love

The first thing that any person notices is your face and the second thing is your hairdo. If you want to leave an alluring impression on someone, you should get a hairstyle that suits you best, and when it comes to beautiful and artistic hair designs, crimped hair always grabs the top spot for sure.

As Dr.Seuss said, “Why to fit in when you are born to stand out!”-Crimped hair is true to that quotation and will, undeniably, help you stand out. So, ladies, this hairstyle is back from the 80s and 90s, and will for sure give you a classic look with a pinch of playfulness.

Crimped Hairstyle For Short Hair
crimped hair

Styling a short hair can be tricky at times and unevenly designed hair might give you a very bizarre look. If you have got a bob haircut and want to make it look playful, you can crimp the outer hair-strands. Trust me, you will look gorgeous, and your hair will look joyful!

Braided Crimp Strand

Leaving crimped hair loose can sometimes give a messy look, to avoid this hair mess try braiding it fresh! The braid looks elegant when we use crimped hair strands, and a cute ribbon at the bottom look will make the hair look breath-taking beautiful.

Crimp Strand And Rough Sassy Bun

Crimping few of the front hair-strands and tying the rest into a bun will make you look so classy that you are sure to turn much head around.

 Crimp Strand With ‘Brave’ Vibes

I am rather sure that you are familiar with the incredible animated movie “Brave.”If you are, then the cute protagonist of the movie has definitely melted your heart, and her hair has certainly added such a unique print in your mind. Additionally, if you are looking for “Merida ” vibe, this hairdo is for you.

Pink Crimped With Puff Styling

Leaving your crimped hair free can be so difficult to manage, and it might get irritating when the crimped strands start tickling your face from all direction. In this case, a simple puff can work miracles and make your face irritation free.


This weaving pattern of crimp adds such an alluring charm to your hair, that you will look more of a fashionista than a next-door-girl.

Beyonce Crimps

The hairdo of Queen B never goes wrong, and if you are searching all over, for the hairstyles to give you those Diva looks, you should follow Beyonce’s lead. This crimped strands is suitable not only for a formal occasion but can also do wonders in casual looks.

Middle Partition And Crimp Strand

Middle partition always gives you a classy-lady look, and if you have crimped your hair, you will add much boldness to your look.


If you are a Blondie and are opting for a crimped hair, you will for sure get a Barbie look. The crimps will perfectly match your blonds, and this hairdo looks pretty in any facial structure.

Tied Up Crimped Strand

Doesn’t the tied up crimps look classy? This sophisticated look is easy to obtain with a hair crimping rod, and the ponytail will do your hair right, by not letting it dangle in the wrong direction.

Bangs And Lob

I, myself, find this hairdo fascinating! The fact that it is so unique makes it more exclusive, so if you want to experiment with your hair-styling, then this hairdo is made certainly for you.

Royal Down Tied Ponytail

Hairdo Of The 80s

‘Old is gold’ is a cliche because it is very true. Similarly, this hairdo of the 80s with a bob and crimped strands are so beautiful that they are indeed an eye-catcher.

Fashionista And Her Hair

If you want to look like a fashion icon, you must be bold enough to take a risk. And if you are bold enough to take the risk, you surely have to try this hairdo because it’s so unique and artistic.

Braid And Crimped Bob

If you have got silver blond and if you are deciding to crimp it, you are, undoubtedly, in the right track. Besides, a simple braid in the front will make you look gorgeous.

Brown Bundled Crimped Strands

The crimped strands look perfect when you bundle it correctly; therefore, if you have simple brown hair, you can add so much life to it by merely crimping it.

Butterfly Clips And Partition

Isn’t it wonderful to see people coming up with so many hair designs just by changing a few bits? Well, this hairdo is one of the best examples of creative hair design which will not only look fabulous but also will make you stand out from the crowd.

Simple Crimped and Free Hair

Raw is the new sexy! So, you can try keeping your crimped strands free; it will undoubtedly add so much of hotness in your typical look.

Bangs, Highlight And Crimped

Bangs make you look cute, the highlight adds a certain playfulness and crimped strands give you uniqueness. This hairdo gives three bonus in one design, so ladies why don’t you try it yourself?

Stylish Crimped Weaved Hair

Do you want to look like a fashion icon but are scared to take a risk? Don’t worry because this hairdo will not go wrong and is very safe to pull it off.

Crimping Your Long.. Long Hair

This hairdo is a Bollywood classic. The heroines of the 60s and 70s had this hairstyle and if you want to tune in, then do try design.

Colored Combo

If you look playing with colors, you should give this hairdo a shot!


Leaving a few of the hair strands in its natural state and crimping few will give you such a playful look. Moreover, if you down tie your ponytail, you will get such a classy look.

Rainbow Crown Braid

Innovative hair designing is not a piece of cake, but if you are looking for inspiration to make you creative, I’m sure that this hairdo some motivation.

Green Crimped Weaved Hair

The bluish-green color always looks charming when you crimp it right. As pinching the green strand with a rough bun is one of the best ways to show the artistic side of you.

With Rope Twisted Braid

Being Classy is easy if you know how to play your cards right. However, if you are confused about the type of hairdo that will give you a classy look, stop pondering and try this hairstyle without any fear.

Crimped And Dutch Braided

Cumbersome crimped strands can easily be managed with braids. Moreover, if you are opting for a Dutch Braid, trust me, you will not go wrong!

Pink Crowed Braid

Crown Braid in itself looks perfect, but if you want to give it some extra texture, you might as well crimp your hair and braid it.

With Side Partition

Carefully crimped hair will never deceive you! And if you do not like the raw look of leaving your hair strands free, you can use some bobby pins to keep it in place with a side partition.

Crimped And Middle thick Braid

Want a unique frisky look? Well, ladies with Red and Pink obsession with artistic taste might as well give this hairstyle a shot.

Pull-Through Braid

Pull through braids are one of the most popular hairstyles trends of 2019, and if you want to add an extra texture to your hair, you can crimp it for sure.

4- Stranded Braid

3- stranded braid can be boring at times so that you can try something new like this hairdo.

Loose Crimped Diva Hair

One of my, personal, favorites on this long list of hairstyle! This hairdo will give you such a Diva like a vibe. Similarly, if you are bold enough to pull it off you will look so sexy and alluring that spectators will, undeniably, turn their head to have a glimpse.

Side Braid

Crimped strand and braiding hair is perfection! So, if you are bored with your hairdo, you should try this hairstyle as it adds a beautiful texture to your hair.

Spiked Up Crimped Hairstyle

Spiked hair can be amusing to play with. If you are thinking of adding fun to your crimped strands then you can, undoubtedly, try this hairdo.

Highlights And Pull-Through Braid

3- strand braid has become very common these days, and if you are thinking of trying something new and fresh you should give this hairstyle a try! The pulled through braid can add such charm to your crimped hair and can add unique design for sure.

Crimped Colored Hair With Black Dominance

 Highlights and crimping hair is so the top trending hairstyle of 2019, so for all the fashion-freaks, this hairdo might be the best suit.

The Queen

Are you looking for a classy hairstyle that will give a bold look? If so, this hairdo will not disappoint you. The puff with a rough braid in crimped strand adds fun, and you will surely look charming than ever.

Zigzag Partition With Tied Braid

If you are looking for a style to experiment with, this design should be in your bucket list!

Victorian Era Vibe

The Victorian era, as we all know, was full of sophisticated hairstyle, make-up ,and dresses. For an aspiring hairstyles, this era is full of inspiration. Additionally, if you want the vibe of that stylish era, you should, without any doubts, try this hairdo.

Pixie And Crimped With Lower Design

You can try so many hairdos with pixie, firstly, because your hair becomes easy to manage and secondly because pixie, itself, gives you an iconic look. So, do try crimping your strand as it might be just the one thing that you are lacking.

Thick Dutch Braid

You are sure to look elegant in the Dutch braid, and if you have crimped your hair strands, Dutch Braid appears helpful in managing your hair.

Twisted Front Hair With Crimped Bun

This hairstyle is one of the most beautiful designs in this list. You can put it on for casuals and formal. Most importantly, it fits well for any and every occasion.


If you are as soft as cotton in the insides and as bold as a lion on the outside, this hairdo will suit best to your personality.

Crimped Hair Black

You can rock your black hair with curls, straight or crimped strand. Honestly, anything looks pretty in black. So, all the black hair lady it’s your show time!

The 90’s Chic

The 90s was full of fashion that has inspired many till date and if you are one of those ladies seeking motivation from the Fashion tend of 90s, this hairdo, undeniably, for you.

Blondie And Her Mane


Blondie And Her Mane

Crimped strands always give a bold aura, and when it comes to showing your strong nature, this hairdo will never deceive you. Therefore, if you are pondering on which hairstyle suits you right, crimping your strands is the best decision that you will ever make.

Simple Partition With Braid

Simple partition of the crimped strand looks classy for sure! It is easy for anyone to pull off and trust me you can get that sexy and flirty look with this hairdo by following pretty easy steps.

Waterfall Braid Inspiration

Waterfall braids can be modified into so many iconic looks and for those ladies who want to come up with new ideas of styling, this braid can be a game changer. Therefore, yours curled up hair strands can look as pretty as you with a beautiful twist.

French Braided And Crimped

French braid is never a disappointment! Be it a crimped, straightened or curly hair french braid rocks it all. So, if you are confused about the hair designing that might suit you; you probably need to go with the French Braid.

Tyra Style

Being a supermodel Tyra can, literally, pull off any and every hairstyle. With a beautiful fashion taste, Tyra always gives the paparazzi some exciting stuff to look at, and this hairdo of Tyra is no different. The middle partition in the crimped strands adds a touch of perfection which no one can deny.

Crimped and Crown Braided Hair

When you feel like a queen, it’s necessary that you look like a queen, so, darling if you have been searching all over the internet for the best bold hairdo search no more because this hairdo will fit you better than any other for sure.

Moana Vibes

If you are a fan of Disney Princesses, you surely know what I am talking about. Moana is a beautiful protagonist of animated Disney movie who has a bold character and a beautiful hair. Now she does not have a range of hairstyles, but just one and that single hairstyle makes the Disney princess charming than ever. So for all the ladies who want that look, you should give this hairdo a chance.

Cool Nerdy Look

Nerd is the new cool! Similarly, with a nerdy look, if you can add a bit of hippie vibe, you will, definitely, look FAB. This hairdo will surely do it all.

Floral Hairband Crimped Bun

The most inspiring hairdo in this list is finally here. This floral bun based hairstyle makes a very bold fashion statement and gives you such an alluring charm that is very difficult to forget.

Crimped Auburn Hair

Auburn hair always gives a chic look, and if you have your hair crimped then honey, I am sure you will look just perfect!

Stitched Up Partition

The middle partition is very artistically joined by the stitched up design, and the lower hair is left in a kinky manner resembling the mane of a lion. For those ladies who are seeking for a bold look with a touch of feminine softness, this hairdo will suit them best.

Ombre Crimped Strands

From Kyle Jenner to Queen B, everyone is going for ombre of a different color, and this hairdo is the topmost trending hairstyles of these days. For your crimped strand also you can go with the ombre, I’m sure it will suit you right.

Frizzy And Hipper Hairdo

Frizzy hair is considered lousy quality hair but if you are confident enough to pull this look, trust me you will look not only refreshing but also look sassy with a sexy aura.

Crimped Bun With Japanese Touch

Different culture can have different hair inspiration, and if you are looking for an excellent cultural mix, this hairdo is all you need for sure.

Curled Hair

If crimping your hair fails to satisfy you then you can always go with the curls. Additionally, if you do not have a crimping machine but still want to crimp your hair then you can separate your curled hair, believe me, you will get beautiful crimps for sure.

Waterfall Braid With Weaved Crimped Strands

This hairdo reminds me of anime, and for all the anime fan, this hairdo will surely make you happy. The ponytail and the waterfall braid makes the hair look even better.

Wedding Vibe

Crimped strands of hair were considered best for the wedding in many cultures in the late era; moreover, if you want to look bold and beautiful in your marriage, you can opt this hairdo as it is sure to look gorgeous with your wedding gown.

Model-like Hairdo

Tyra’s hairstyle is an inspiration to many and can be your best motivation if you are willing to take the risk. So, bold ladies out there, this hairdo is for you!

Crimped Ponytail

Easy to manage and beautiful to look at- if this is the hairstyle that you are wearing what more do you need? Additionally, this is the exact quality that this hairdo possesses.

Britney’s Hair Fashion

The pop princess has inspired many hairstylists all over the world due to her hair choices. Moreover, if you want some new hairstyle, you should follow Britney’s lead as she will not disappoint you.

Gothic Look

If you loved the Gothic look and crimped short hair, you might fall in love with this hairdo.

Rock Chic

You can reflect a lot about yourself with your hairstyle preferences. Similarly, if you are into rock, you will be pleased to have this hairdo because it is the exact hairdo that many rock lovers ever wanted.

Waterfall Braid In Crimped And Highlighted Hair

Waterfall braids can be modified into so many iconic looks ,and for those ladies who want to come up with new ideas of styling, this braid can be a gamechanger. Therefore, yours curled up hair strands can look as pretty as you with a beautiful twist.

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Iconic Mane

If being bold and ferocious is what you prefer than why not get a hairstyle that connects with your attitude?

Bangs, Crimped and Floral Bun

This hairstyle might sound too much of work, but in reality, it’s not. It is straightforward to pull off and in the end gives a sweet chic look.

Black Hair Pulled Back Style

The pulled back style is so elegant that it fits well for any hair types. Additionally, this hairdo prevents the hair strand to irritate your face as well.

A Hot Diva Hairdo


Heavy Crimped With Mane Look

You can look bold with this mane-like hair. Trust me; this hairdo fits perfectly well for both formals and casual occasion if you know how to play it right.

Beyonce’s Hair

From any genre of songs to any variety of hairstyle, Queen B can rock all of them. The recent Lemonade album of Beyonce shows different look with correctly crimped hair. So, ladies if you are a die-hard fan of Queen B or if you want to try something innovative with your hair strand you can follow the singers lead without any doubts.