92 Crochet Braids Styles That Are Absolutely New In 2019

It’s not a guess but a fact, that not many people are familiar with the word ‘crochet.’ And certainly not with ‘crochet braids.’ Today, in this post, I am going to introduce to this cool and creative hairstyle that lets you free from having to worry about hair damage or high maintenance cost. You’ll know everything about this innovation from when, why and how to which and where. Pretty exciting right? Let’s move on.


The word ‘crochet’ is a simple term implying the needlework done to interlock yarn to make a patterned fabric. And that’s the same in case of crochet braids. In easy words, crochet braids aren’t natural; they are industry made. These fake hair extensions, which nonetheless are stylish and luring, are attached to your head.

Crochet braids are the most popular hairstyles when it comes to African American beauties. This necessarily doesn’t exclude celebrities. We have seen Rihanna, Cardi B, Kim K in these styles for more than a dozen times. In addition to that, this wonderful hairstyle has gained worldwide fame and is now everyone’s favorite.


To attach crochet braids to your hair, first, you need to make cornrows of all your hair and sleek it all the way back down. Then your crochet extensions are stitched to your natural hair using a crochet needle tool. Even though there’s a lot more about how to make a perfect crochet, this is the basics.


Crochet braids styles are appropriate for every time and every occasion. They shine when on parties and clubs.

Let’s look at some great examples of women in the fantastic crochet braids hair.

1. Purple enigma

The magic that purple delivers on everything it lies on is inexplicable. Whether it be crochet or lipstick or dress, it’s magnanimous.


2. Crochet Bun

If you have chosen a long crochet extension, then making a bun out of it would be a great idea. The problem of handling it when it falls down is now completely gone.

3.Permed style

Permed hairstyle reached their peak in the 90s. But after having a less popular spell after that, they have revived and have come back better than ever.

4.Caramel effect

Caramel is a really lovely color. It looks and tastes delicious. That’s why this gorgeous beauty has chosen her braids in that color.

5.Magical combination

There isn’t any point where this devilish fashion can be criticized. Form the dark flowing braids to rubbery green twists; everything is luring. The eyes can seduce every man in the world.

6. Curly shoulder length hair

Curly hair makes you look more cool and fresh. However, don’t make them messy by giving different curls on different sides.

7. Permed design

This lady with bright teeth has chosen her style to be stylish and carefree. We love that.

8.Simple yet effective

This cute girl has a look that resembles with Medusa. The twists also look like snakes. If only everything turned to stone with her mere sight.

9. Shiny pattern

The hair extensions can be chosen as per your choice. If you like shiner ones, then choose one of them. In addition to that, they look very much attractive

10. Chowmein extensions

Have you ever had a good chowmein in a Chinese restaurant? If yes, then you would be quick to name this style as a ‘Chowmein style.’

11.Monstrous ropes

We can clearly see the cornrows attached on the scalp. You need to make cornrows first and then add any hair extension you wish to.

12. Glamorous design

She possesses a bit of glamour in her hair and dressing. It’s because of the wonderful curly crochet braids she has worn on.

13.Deep-rooted dark hair

This style looks like heavy rain falling somewhere on Brazilian rainforest. They are mindblowing. However, you first need to choose the quality extension.

14. Seductive look

We have already talked about the enigma of purple color. Here, this gorgeous lady has brought the effect of purple to its extreme. For this reason, we can’t take our eyes off her.

15.Thick and tight

The crochet braids with human hair need to be tight and solid in order to look glorious. Thus, this lady has looked her best.

16.Tons of curls

This girl has tons of curls in her hair. We also can’t ignore these chumps of rolls on the front of her head. This makes this look glamorous.

17.Two buns style

Style with two buns has been extremely popular these days. We can clearly see a significant sexy effect the hairstyle has provided to this girl.

18. All round view

If you have wondered how a crochet braids twist would look like in a 360-degree view, then look at this. Now you know that viewing angles don’t matter if you have this amazing design.

19.Dense as amazon rainforest

Did you know that not a single ray of sun can enter Amazon rainforest? It’s same here for this hottie’s hair. But that doesn’t matter, does it?

20. Light shades

Light and cool shades are known to give a soothing effect to crochet braid pattern. That’s exactly what’s happening in this girl’s case.

21.  Eloquent design

Those pink lips, pink eyeshades, and that creamy hair, there isn’t any possibility of someone not being mesmerized by her beauty. However, you need to control your senses before surrendering.

22. Naughty look

If some boy has gone flat for you, then you need to think twice before giving this look. His heart might suffer leading to serious problems.

23.Kinky twists + permed innovation

How innovative can you get? If you say that you’ll surpass Thomas Alba Edison, I’ll still believe, but if you say you’ll get better than her, then I’ll go somewhere peaceful.

24.90’s inspiration

90’s trends still have a huge impact on us. From her way of talking, dancing, and way of dressing, we still are 90’s kids. Just look at this lady down below.

25. Short styles

Crochet braid styles are great when you have short but cute hair. These triangle earrings add even more to her beauty.

26. Multi-toned ideas

Those pink lips and pink flowing hair are just wonderful. However, you have to be prepared before confronting these beauties. This advice is for the boys, of course.

27. Messy but classy

Messy hairstyles give a soothing effect on any hair. Due to this reason, everyone is now daring to be messy.

28.Morning Clicks

If you just wake up and post this photo on Instagram. Then its pretty much guaranteed that you will surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s followers count by one year.

29. Cuteness exemplified

The AliLeader is easily one of the best when it comes to producing world-class crochet braids. And this one is the industry standard.

30. Mythical figure

This gorgeous looks like out of somebody’s imagination or a mythical figure. She is a nymph in one real sense.

31.Dazzling beauty in crochet braids twist

We can’t ignore special innovativeness and classiness she has brought into her style. To sum up, in one word, this look is marvelous.

32. A ton of micro ropes

Micro crochet braids are always impressive. Despite having a radical look, they make a girl look a dozen times more beautiful.

33. Golden ideas

I love gold, most people do. But golden hair? I adore them. If you wake up someday with golden hair, then be prepared to confront a ton of proposals before you step outside.

34. Hottest girl in your town

It’s usually difficult to term some specific girl as ‘the hottest.’ But it would be a clear injustice to beauty if we don’t call her ‘the hottest.’

35. Short crochet braids

Short styles are suitable when you have a round and cute face. Despite having a round face, the real reason for this cutie looking hot is her beauty mark.

36. Mesmeric design

She is a nymph. Those dreadlocks add an inexplicable charm to her glory. However, perms at the end of those locs are the real heroes.

37.Great sense of style

If you see the effort she has put up to stitch those heavy dreadlock crochets into her cornrows; you will respect her from your heart.

38. The shiny knots

Shiny knots can be a great addition on your list if you want to shine above everybody else at the upcoming party.

39. Lovely figure

Some models are hot, some are gorgeous, and some are seductive. But this one is lovely; her soft smile is a gift from the god.

40. Fuzzy hair

Fuzzy hair is glorious, especially when worn by an Afro-American beauty. Despite being so much lovely, you don’t need to maintain them very often.

41.Soft and soothing

Soothing hair is able to have a fair share of attention when you are in a group talking in a bar. It’s very probable that an alpha male will want to talk to you above all your girlfriends.

42.Dashing smile

Who says that just a smile isn’t able to capture the heart? This girl has proved everybody wrong, in an instant.

43. Black cherry inspiration

Cherry is the symbol of romance. You might have seen a ton of movies where a cherry pair is somehow already placed on a table before a couple makes love.

The pair also has a dual meaning associated with it. Anyway, when you have a crochet braids style in this wonderful color, you’re ready to rock any party any prom.

43.Cuteness Overloaded

Don’t say that this girl isn’t so cute. I believe that she is in the top 10 of my list of cuties. Cuteness isn’t an attribute that’s just based on facial attributes or skin color. It lies in your ability to handle the situations and make people special.

44. Thickest bonds

These types of crochet braids are the result of century-long revolution on how to make proper types of strong twists.

45. Curly hair for crochet braids

Even though you don’t need to have your own curly hair, choosing a curly extension is always difficult. We suggest you take some inspiration from her.

46. Gorgeous girlfriend

If you have a couple of gorgeous girlfriends like her, then you don’t need any stylist to ask for some fashion suggestion.

47. Sparse styles

If you are insanely looking best crochet box braids hair, then she is here to teach you. However, you need to be patient and creative to learn all the tips and tricks.

48. Child’s choice

Children are said to be the incarnation of God. They tell true, act true and are true. See how this lovely girl is decorated in the mesmeric thick short crochet braids.

49. Flowing river

A flowing river is really a philosophical symbol of time. It never comes back. Thus, if you have time now, turn yourself into a beauty like this lady down below. Who knows this time may come again in the future or not?

50. Sexiness reloaded

The short and curly crochet braids, worn by this petite lady is out of this world. You have to be somewhat messy to look messy and sexy.

51. Raw look

Raw and fresh, that’s how everybody wants everything in the world now.  Due to this reason, she is the no. 1 demand in every industry of the world.

52. Ravishing and erotic sense

You really need to be erotic sometimes, on occasions like the first night or the honeymoon days. This curly styles will come handy in those times. Make a note now.

53. Smooth and eloquent

Curly crochet braids can’t get more eloquent and fluent than this. The mix of some caramel hue in the hair adds a supreme tone to this style.

54. Unique look

The colorful locks and the shiny eyes make this style one of a kind, a unique piece.

55.Super thick and double layered

Despite not being so known and popular to the people, making double layered crochet braids is always a good choice for looking neat.

56. Fluffy dreams

Fluffy doesn’t always mean messy and messy doesn’t always mean dirty. Due to this, being messy has been a trending choice among hairstyle enthusiasts.

57. Gorgeous eyes

Your eyes are able to tell things that your mouth can’t say. Here too, the dashing eyes of this lady tell her inner desires and dreams which we are able to communicate with.

58. Sweet face + crochet micro braids

Having a sweet face lets you do many things other would just dream of. Take Emilia Clarke for example. But we don’t disregard the fact that she is one of the most talented actors of Hollywood right now.

59. Piercing’s value

Tattoos and piercing have their own value. They make you more unique, more stylish and certainly hotter. Just look at the swag this lady with purple hair has produced within an instant.

60. Black Beauty

This is what is called a perfect example. Yes, of course, we are talking about the black beauties. They look pure and serene, which they are.

61.Fine crochet micro braids

If you ask me what to compare her to, then I will give you just one answer. The might Lord Shiva. Despite being a male god, he had an unprecedented form called ‘Ardhanareshwor,’ which translated to half women and half man.

He symbolizes the power that a male and female can generate, combined.

62. Purple dreams

It’s no surprise if you see purple dreams if you have such a cute face and a gorgeous purple crochet braid.

63. Flowing stream

Having a flowing stream in your own head gives you a cooler and pure moment as opposed to raged one.

64. Curves all over

Who doesn’t love curve? We do. The curve is one most important attribute people look for, especially men, from a girl’s body to car’s chassis.

65. Heavy twists

Twisting is a real art. Those who master it can get a majestic hairstyle such as this down below. The seductive smile adds even more value to it.

66. Dense jungle

People want to hide by entering into a jungle. But there’s really no need for all of that when you know how to make jungle in your own head.

67. Rock and roll

These rolling chunks of hair in front of this smooth lady allures every man to her territory. Therefore, we would like to call her ‘Rock and Roll’ lady.

68. Deadly lips

Those red lips are not less than bullets when it comes to piercing something. What will guy do if they get their heart pierced by a mere look of this cutie? It’s dangerous, really dangerous.

69. Soft and furry

Furry hair is great, especially when you are in a relationship. Your boyfriend will even leave his work to sleek down his hands through your furry and soft hair.

70. A hot and iconic look

Crochet braids with human hair have always been a part of the lifestyle of Afro-American ladies. That’s why you are automatically provided with a hot and iconic look in this hairstyle.

71. A ‘wow’ look

I would be surprised if ‘wow’ isn’t the word that comes from your mouth upon looking at this charming lady. If you said what I was saying, then it’s great. Cheers!

72. Dazzling haircut

Some haircuts are cute; some are fancy while this one is dazzling. Who would not love to have this cut for herself? Boys will get flat by just a mere look of this beauty.

73. Glamour everywhere

She is one definition of glamour. Her eyes, hair, her dress, everything contains the smell of glamour. That is why she has sported the glamorous crochet braid.

74. Unique and fascinating

Fascination starts when reality ends. This quote is provided by the great Albert Einstein. And that applies perfectly in this case. She’s not a part of reality; she’s just a fascination.

75. Your household look

Even mothers and granny who are controlling their household can look extra like this lady in crochet braids. That’s what hair experts say.

76. Chubby but sexy + dark crochet braids twist

Being chubby is a gift from God. You don’t need to wear makeup on if you are chubby. That’s why most of the boys nowadays are crazy about chubby girls.

77. Perfect for parties

This short crochet braids style is more than perfect for parties and bars. No macho man would be able to take his eyes off you if you go there like this. It’s a guarantee.

78.  Pasta inspiration

Everything is able to provide us with some inspiration. Whether it be a book, a movie, a person or even a portion of food. We are clearly able to see the huge inspiration taken from pasta while making this hairstyle.

79. Industry Standards

Silky Strands Hair has been providing girls with some outstanding crochet braids over the last 5 decades. That’s the sole reason you should try this amazing hairstyle right now. Why are you still here? Go and get it.

80. Swimming with Crochet Braids

As the title suggests, you don’t need to worry about swimming while on a crochet braid. They are damage free and water-resistant. That’s why everybody in the world is crazy about them.

81.Hottie’s look

Hotties aren’t just due to their facial features or kinky expressions. Their hair design and clothing play a major role in maintaining their evergreen sex appeal.

82. Elegant lady

You wouldn’t argue with me on calling her the most elegant lady in this post, would you? Actually, how can you, when she has made a life-long impression on you too regarding her incredible fashion sense.

83. Happy days

When you are really not caring about what others say about you, your dressing and your hairstyle, then you are really happy. That’s half the enlightenment Lord Buddha achieved when he sat to meditate for years.

At last, we really suggest you try one of these glamorous hairstyles for your upcoming important occasion. You can even take a picture from here and ask your stylist to work on that for you.

Crochet braids have been the longtime favorite of many people including some high profile celebs. So get out from your bed and make your day.

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