51 Awesome Dorothy Hamill Haircut For 2019

‘The Dorothy Hamill Haircut,’ I am sure, many of you have heard it, and many of you adore it. Well, the wedge cut and the hair texture is beautifully trimmed giving your hair a fluffy design, no wonder why so many people are into this hairdo! Moreover, this haircut got its name after the famous skater, Dorothy Stuart Hamil, who had not only, mind-blowing skills but also elegant fashion taste.
For all the ladies who are searching all over the internet to get that perfect hair look, you ought to, without any regrets, try this hairdo of perfection.

Dorthy Hamill Haircut 70s

dorothy hamill haircut

Ladies, I understand ‘the feels’ of getting confused between short hair and long hair- Well here is the solution, the Dorothy Hamill haircut puts your long strand in a specific length which is neither too short nor too long, yet easy to manage elegantly.

Hamill Cut For Middle-Aged

The hair problems get real in our 40s, and in this era of repeated bad hair day, you, undeniably, need to try this haircut. As this hairdo makes your hair look healthy and makes you look smart!

The Bob

Bob is such chic hairdo, and no one can deny the fact that it’s undoubtedly age-appropriate.

Bob With Side Bangs

The Edgy Bob

Dorothy knows how to play her hair game looking both descent and chic.

Layered Bob

Now, ladies, this is where Dorthy’s bob diverges from the usual Bob. If you analyze carefully, the Bob has been layered so perfectly to give it a fluffy look.

The Autumn Vibe

The haircut, the color, and the environment, aha! Doesn’t this remind you of the autumn? So, ladies who love to change hairdo with the seasons are, undoubtedly, going to love this.

The Formals

Can you look both hot chic and a classy formal babe with Dorthy Hamill haircut? Oh yes, you can, and an example is right here.

The Shine

Let me be honest with you ladies, if your hair is healthy, there is going to be an inevitable shine, and this hairdo surely proves it right!

The Sport Chic

Just look at the vibrant aura this hairdo is radiating! With the wet- hair image, this Hamill cut is undoubtedly one of the hot haircuts in this list.

Dorthy Hamill Haircut Back View

The back view is mind-blowing as the short strands are trimmed in a light manner giving it a soft cottony appearance.

The Pixie

Tell me honestly, isn’t pixie is so easy to manage? The best part about this haircut is, it makes you look effortlessly classy for sure.

Dorthy Hamill Haircut In Curls

Those bouncy curls need trimming and you have no idea what exactly suits it’s best! Well, why not give this hairdo a shot?

The Professional Look

it’s not enough to be a professional as most of the times, you need to look professional as well, and it is in these times, this hairdo can work wonders.

Simple Pixie

You can age, undoubtedly, well looking like a hot chic. All you need is a perfect haircut that suits you, and in this case, this wedge cut will serve you right.

Bob Of Elegance

The finely trimmed margins in this hairdo can make anyone look younger!

Dorothy Hamill Side Bob

Despite your age, you still can look cute, and Dorothy has proved it! The side-parted bob is an excellent example of how you can put your hair for the formals.

The Cool Pixie

Dorothy, the skater, is undoubtedly Cool and so is her pixie ! With the thin bangs, this hairdo adds a great complement to your personality as well.

Edge Pixie

Cute and edgy might sound like a weird combination, but Dorothy has proved it otherwise!

Classy Bob

In this picture, both Dorothy and the women beside her, look amazing. But Dorothy looks prettier; Thanks to her haircut! Her face is seen clearly, and her hair looks chic.

Blunt Bangs

Back in the 60s and 70s, blunt bangs were so trending. With a simple oval bob, this hairdo is sure to win heart as it looks cute literally on anyone.

Cottony Pixie

If you carefully analyze this haircut, you will find that the trimmed strands are perfectly placed in an order.No wonder, this hairdo looks so amazing!

Hamill Lob

Ladies, are you bored with the same dull hairdo? Try something refreshing and new! This Hamill lob is layered and different from the regular lob and is, undeniably, going to make a good 1st impression.

Back View Of Dorothy Hamill Haircut

Dorthy never had straight hair, but what she had, was a good haircut and a perfect skating ability. So, this can certainly be an inspiration to many ladies out there.

Puffed Up Pixie

Pixies never go out of style, and this cut never disappoints anyone for sure.

The Side Parted Pixie

Pale skin and dark hair are the best! Similarly, The side-parted bangs add more fun to this hairdo.

Mushroom Pixie

Girls, trust me, you don’t need healthy hair to look charming, get this cut and enjoy your hair delight!

Fringes And Pixie

This hairdo is fab! The good part is this hairdo can do wonders for any age.

Pixie With Blunt End

Pixie can sometimes look so typical as everyone is trying it. Therefore, if you want to bring out the artist in you, you need to work this hairdo for sure.

Layered Lob

Hot Lobs, descent lobs, sexy lobs or just Lobs! No wonder, they are still trending. The asymmetrical look in the front makes this hairdo more unique and dashing.

Straw-Brown Pixie

Pixie, honestly, looks good in hair color but if you have a brown hair, girl you own the hair game for sure!

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Dorothy Hamill Haircut Trend

Miss Hamill has tried a variety of haircuts to date, and one of the most fascinating is the pixie. Even with a not- so-wow hair, she has rocked the hair fashion with her haircuts.

Lower Shaved Pixie

When it comes to showing off your beautiful strand and keeping the hair cumbersome hair in out, a pixie will never disappoint you.

Pixie In Curls

People have researched in various aspect of fashion and have found some refreshing hairdo that will help you stand out of the crowd, and this pixie is one of the best examples.

Asymmetrical Lob

Dorthy Hamill Haircut involves a variety of cut which is suitable for both parties and formals; moreover, ladies, this hairdo that you are watching here is a multipurpose hairstyle ideal for literally any occasion.

Messy Lob

Silver blonde looks beautiful in any hairdo, and this Dorthy Hamill haircut is so gorgeous that it is sure to be a head turner.

Back View Of Layered Bob

Layered bob never goes out of style and is entirely accessible to put on. So, girls, if you are confused about which type of hairdo suits you best, trust me, and give this hairdo a shot!

Chic Dorothy Hamill Haircut

Ladies with heart or oval shaped face are going to look dashing in this hairdo! The beautifully trimmed up hair looks gorgeous and is worth admiring.

The Sport Chic


Just look at the vibrant aura this hairdo is radiating! With the wet- hair image, this Hamill cut is undoubtedly one of the hot haircuts in this list.

Dorothy Hamill Haircut For Formals

Now, this hairdo is tricky, and the best thing about this hairdo is that you can put it on for both formals and casuals. Trust me; if you wear this hairdo with no regrets, you are going to slay that look!

Casual Long Pixie

Well, you can call this a long bob, but a pixie will suit this better. The smoothly trimmed edges of the hair make this Dorthy Hamill haircut even charming and, undeniably, impressive.

Dorothy Hamill Haircut For Above 40

Many hairdos in this list were focused on younger age; however, this does not mean that Dorothy Hamill haircut is only for the new folks, as every age group has it says when it comes to this cut. Moreover, this cute bob of Dorothy is admirable as it gives a gorgeous look with a hint of a classic.

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