125 Extraordinary Emo Hair That Will Surprise The World

Today, we all are deprived of expressing our real emotions. Some hide them within their smiley faces; some conceal them in so-called traditional fashion while some screen them within their hearts. Rather than hiding and covering your lovely emotions regarding your life and its purpose, you need to show them to this world. You need to show this world what is your real identity and real personality. Nobody can hide their actual desire and emotions forever. Therefore, for your sake, we have brought you these stunning emo hair collection, from which you can choose anyone to have a punky style. These are only selected pictures that will invoke that free and liberal person inside you.

Emo hair or emocore haircut is not a new thing. People who were bored with the society’s odd rules and customs from the first century used to have emocore hair. These mind-blowing emo hairstyles will be your pure inspiration and motivation for days to come. So without any further discussions and praise for this emocore haircut girl as well as emo hairstyles for boys, we move on. You can choose any of these brilliant examples of carefree emocore hair. Although they can be difficult to imitate, you can always add your own signature to them. Plus, they can be your friend in almost every occasion. From parties to proms, emocore hair is best and one of some most coveted style we have seen in recent times.

Let’s move on.

Pink Fantasy

If you have dark blue eyes and still love pink tress, we suggest you try this cute style. Her V-shaped finger position says that she is thrilled and naughty.


Platinum vibe

We love to show our real vibes, don’t we? That’s why this style is trendy among girls in the name of emo haircut girl.

Messy silver ice + dark red lipstick

We adore her untidy and shaggy hair. She can win over millions of hearts with this emocore hair short.

Blue desire

This look seems to have arrived in real life from a world of fantasy. We love this girl’s innocent look and pure eyes.

Soft rabbit mask

You can use masks and costumes of cute animals to represent your inner vibe. That is what this lady has done with her hair. She has given her tress an emocore hair dye. Plus, we love her lingerie-type net on thighs.


Two punks meet

We love the punk style, don’t we? Look at how these lovely ladies with contrasting emocore hair colors have made a perfect combination.

Chess scarf + red jacket

These two ladies have shown the real meaning of emotion. Friendship and happiness are what we can see in this picture.

Rainbow hair, black eyelashes + love tattoos

Even though those three love tattoos look simple and understandable, they represent this lady’s prowess. Her red lips and stunning rainbow tress is exquisite.

Fiery red + messy updo

Emocore hairstyles are fantastic. They contain a new kind of jibe and vibe. You can give yourself this kind of look to rock the next party.

Softness simplified + pirates look

She looks like a lady pirate. I guess she is one of that hardcore fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Textured fiber + multi-toned style

who doesn’t love that multi-toned hair? Well, I do, at least. We all have been a great fan of emocore hair of Anthony Padilla. His comedy videos are treats to watch.

Soft blonde impression

Emocore hair and body shop go side by side. They look ravishing and stunning at the same time.

Black, charcoal style

Black is the new trend of 2018. Emo hair 2018 has a lot of black loving beauties that add icing to the cake to emocore hair. Emocore hair has also been heavily inspired by anime.

Cool, straight tresses

Caramel color is our favorite, isn’t it? Therefore this cute punk lady has pierced her nose and has given herself a perfect emo hair. Emocore hair doesn’t necessarily need makeup. Meanwhile, emocore hair and makeup are great combinations in general.

Short and sweet

Those hazel eyes along with ravishing brunette tress are exemplary. I don’t know what to say about it.

Silky, smooth bangs

Not just ordinary bangs, these icy bangs are emo bangs. That is one of some reasons we love emocore hair png.

Queen’s desire

If your sudden desire is to become a queen who doesn’t care about cultural style, then you should try this. The emocore hair tutorial is spread out on youtube in hundreds of numbers.

Naughty punk style

Who doesn’t love emocore hair anime? Anime are sources of information for every type of problems.

Blue iPhone + aurora hair

Emocore hair is excellent in this wonderful sense. If you are asking how to do emocore hair without cutting it, then you’ve come to the right place.

Black, stunning design

Emocore hair short can’t have a better example than this. We love her nose piercing and ear piercing. These things are just enjoyable.

Cute, chubby cheek

I am in love with cute, soothing and chubby cheeks. They give emocore hair a new definition. Therefore, we love them wholeheartedly. As a result, millions of newcomers to emotion world are following this hairstyle.

Romantic emotion

Emotions don’t always have to be the same old naughty and sexy. Sometimes, emo whisker needs to get a romantic look too. They can really surprise your partner in crime.

Amine look

Time and again, we have stated the importance of tinted hair. Here, you can see those long fiber blended into a color mixture of purple, dark blue and light green. This combination looks fantabulous.

Eye hiding look + across the face style

When you have innovative ideas like these, you can do anything. I am not talking figuratively but literally.

Layered style + emocore hair short

If you have been searching google how to do an emo wig for beginners, I suggest you this style. Nobody has been able to beat this cool and impressive style. I don’t think anyone in the future will be able to do so.

Fiery red + dark shade

Emo hair flip gif is spread out on google. If you search for emocore hair gif, chances are you’ll get the results in thousands.

V-for vendetta

For those who have watched the above movie, I don’t really need to say much. How can I if this lady has such an extremely pious fluff along with those cute eyes?

Woolen beret + textured hair

We adore her emocore haircut. Emo hairstyles like this one have been an overnight success in recent years.

Pure pink + fluffy style

Never miss out on this breathtaking style. We adore this style as we cherish our pet cat. Not to mentions those spread out piercing which adds more pinkness to this girl’s style.

Let’s drink beer

Beer is our source of courage, isn’t it? As a result, this cute lady has held a beer can in her right hand to taste it and enjoy it.

Gorgeous beauty

Not all stunning beauty head off to Hollywood to become models or wives of actors. This green-eyed angel is enchanting and charismatic.

Plus, emotional hair guys are equally popular among emotion-filled girls.

My small teddy

Nobody dares to say rough words about her teddy. Emotion-filled girls are great. We see a great example of emo tress accessories. Emotional hair app can lead you to hundreds of these styles.

Tongue out

Tongues are ravishing and elegant. They are the symbol of cuteness in a human body. We love them insanely.

Cool mood + DSLR camera

No one can stop you from buying a DSLR camera if you have enough money. I like her white-framed sunglasses and a naughty attitude.

Piercing up and down

When you are a big fan of piercing, you can’t resist those spread over a piercing. I love them wholeheartedly.

Blue ribbon + crimson hair

Among hundreds of shades of red, this one is most powerful and incredible. I was an early fan of this style. We all love her, don’t we?

Celebrity status

Celebrity is often found roaming in sentimental hair. That’s why they are celebrities.

Soft and pure ginger style

We love these ginger fiber strains. They give a new look to your green, hazel eyes.

Diva’s sense

Although you may be flattered to hear that you can also make this style, we suggest you try this one. This diva has shown her real fashion sense here.

Black roses + covered mouth

Despite being a Catholic Christian, this lady’s style has led us to believe that she is a Muslim woman. You might have seen this kind of tradition in Muslim culture.

Orange in effect

Orange is the color of sweetness and prickles. Most of the pickles we eat come in orange zest. Therefore, we love her attitude.

Ravishing tapered hairstyle

Emocore hair is known for its emotional and sensual sense. We don’t know how much we like them.

Ghostly look + revolving dutch braids

Emo style has endless variations. This glowing lady has impressed us with her cool bun and pure heart.

Natural look + faded orange

Once you try this incredible style, you don’t need to try any other styles. We suggest you try this stylish hairdo and rock your next prom.

Emocore hair flip gif

In this ultra-modern world, you can always take help from technology to capture your emotion-filled style. We suggest this style for every girl reading this post.

Dark clouds

This cutie’s pink, soft whisker exactly matches the picture’s background. Moreover, her fancy pink one-piece dress has caught our attention.

Facile eyes + textured blue upside bangs

Emotional hairstyle has never reached this height before. We are proud that this girl has made her thin wool so stunning.

Naughty look + extreme designs

An emotional haircut is never easy to pull off. If you are asking me about getting an emotional haircut, I will suggest you this facile look.

Soft as it can get

Softness is the totem-pole of romanticism and passion. That is why we are teaching you how to do an emotional hairstyle.

Cute, appealing view

Her textured blonde mane is nothing less than mighty. Therefore, we are advising you try this glamorous yet straightforward style.

Innocent and juvenile as it can get

This girl’s plum cilium has provided a substantial effect on her cute element. She looks naive and naif that we want to be in her company right now.

Dark fantasy

Although the term ‘dark’ refers to evil and wrong things, here, this term refers to bold and sexy.

Parrot’s motivation

We have seen many times that talking parrot in similar colored feathers. That’s one of some reasons we are admiring this look which tell you whether this is emo a hair or not.

Layered hairdo

The multi-layered hairdo is insanely fantastic. They express and articulate your liberal ideas and sense of living your life in your own way.

Messy, textured design

Despite being rare, this kind of emotional hair brown has got trendy in today’s fashion market. You may want to try this incredible hairstyle right now.

White background + auburn highlight

There is no need to create redundancy by praising auburn highlight multiple times. Therefore we are just recommending you this emotional hair band.

Red and joyous

We all know that red color is a symbol of joy and happiness. Moreover, red also symbolizes anger and revenge. But let us forget that latter significance and rejoice in this emotional haircut girl’s beauty.

Cartoonist’s sense

If you are a cartoonist and want to articulate your ideas through hair, then emocore hair is one best option. Emo hair before and after are completely different considering their statures in this fashion market.

Brown cocoa style

Your brown cocoa style never gets old. Emocore hair colors are countless if you are bored of one single color.

Definition of emocore hair

Do you know what the real definition of emotional hair is? We do. Emocore hair is an emotion-packed thread that can clearly and fluently articulate you complex but joyous ideas about the world and life.

Getting an emo haircut

Having an emocore haircut isn’t that difficult. But asking your thread stylist to make this ravishing hair along with loose curls can be a troublesome task.

Naughty design + mirrored piercing

Who says piercing doesn’t suit you? Next time someone says this kind of ridiculous things, you need to slap them with you emocore hair clipart.

Blue, hypnotizing eyes

Blue eyed beauty are one of a kind. They are stunning, desirable and powerful. You can be inspired by them for you next hairdo. Parties and proms are the best places to showcase your hairstyle. Never mind other’s opinion.

Rabbit hair

Who said that emo haircuts short are not unique and stylish? We are against those cowardly people. This lady is rocking with her white-cum-blue colored tapered hair.

Shy emotion

Being shy and introverted isn’t a bad thing at all. Shyness, in contrast, is considered to be a cultural value and can earn you respect for yourself. You don’t need to fake being social when you are introverted by birth. We all know that introverts can fluently express their desires when required.

Multi-hued ideas

Emo hair colors are infinite. People can master their proper blend by learning from this lady who has a fantastic eye cap color.

Platinum emo hair blonde

We love blondes and brunettes. That is why we are seeing this romantic and sexy look of this lady with queen-like eyelashes.

Red-hot copper style

Colour of copper is insanely magnificent. We love this emo hair drawing which can captivate anyone’s heart in an instant.

Devilish design

Those two black piercings on either side of this blonde’s lips make her look like a devil. That is why she has ruled over a million hearts worldwide.

Greenish hue

Having a slight of green shade in your hair can get you an elegant style. In addition to that, proper tattoos on your chest and arm make your view exquisite.

Ravishing and rocking

Punk is alluring. They are carefree and relaxed. Therefore, this brunette looks terrific. Her outfit is kinky too.

Emo hair boy short

Despite this model not being a boy, her hair is ideally suited for boys and men. We adore this kind of raggy style.

Unique, splendid designs

No matter who you really are and where you live, this bluish hair with the black base is going to make you an overnight sensation.

Long, eloquent tresses

If you are an avid player of this favorite computer game ‘Sims 4’, then we have something for you. This picture is your answer for emo hair cc sims 4.

Sleek, Halloween style

For your Halloween inspiration, we have found this expressive and scary style. You can copy this style to scare your friends off the cliffs. Don’t try too much because sudden shocks can result in serious injuries.

Ragged, messy

Despite looking shaggy, this unique hairdo is superb. Emo hair dye brands such as L’ Oreal and Head and Shoulders are some excellent choices for your mood.

Princess’s desire

Its known to all that you have that Princess DNA in you all the time. As a consequence, this lady has shown off her native style with several black roses sewed on her platinum, creamy hair.

Rough, messy

Messy doesn’t necessarily mean uncool. Untidy emo hairdo provides a beautiful effect. Emo hair dye ideas are evergreen.

Mirrored upside view

A mirror is capable of showing your actual color. Therefore, we have brought this mirrored view for your inspiration.

Cute eyes with a nose piercing

Nose is attractive parts of the human body along with lips. So, never forget to groom your nose along with your eyes when you are heading to a party.

Woolen chapeau

What we are seeing is a woolen chapeau over a great emo hair. We absolutely love this style.

Shaggy hair

Despite not looking so great, you can still try this look to compensate for your emotions.

Nose piercing + aurora effect

Aurora can be seen in certain places on earth during the morning as well as evening times. This sexy girl’s hair resembles those auroras.

Upper bone piercing

While nose bone piercing can be risky, they can add more to your attitude.

Thorns on top

This design is actually hand-made for those who have many enemies. You can crush those enemies using that emo hairband made from spines.

Sweet bangs

Emo hair emoji has been so favorite nowadays that Android phones have started putting emoji on their keyboard app. You can get emo hair girl tutorial on the internet.

Emo hair from scratch

This example is for the beginners.

Zebra inspired emo hair

You can’t say this style as emo hair gone wrong. You can certainly say this style as emo hair without hairspray.

Cute, soothing glare

Emo hair generator can’t give you this kind of soothing effect.

Emo hair went wrong

Despite looking easy, amateurs can make their hairstyle damaged due to lack of experience.

Cuteness reloaded

Hot, sexy view


Teenage desire

Teens desire to be naughty and cool at the same time.

Emo hair covering one eye

Innocence personified

Big eyes with multiple face piercing

Extravagant style

Juicy mood

This look is reserved for those who are naughty and crispy.

Collection of curls

Emo hair without hairspray

Messy, wind-blown design

Emo hair gel + emo hair easy

Emo hair can’t get secure than this short style design.

Dangerous glare

Romantic punk

For those who want to look romantic and classic, we have brought this generous look.

Parrot’s sister

Side swept bangs

Emo hair how I see my family

For family purposes, we have got this brilliant style for your convenience.

Bob cut everywhere

Bluish joy

When your joy reaches its extreme, it turns bluish. That’s what the legends say.

Cute, hanky-panky element

emo hair band

A band can be used to hold your reddish brown hair.

Don’t tell others

The title is saying it all.


Windy curls

We are in love with those windy curls, aren’t we?

Plum design

Plum color can add a new life to your emo hair. Try it once.

Photographer’s choice

Her camera seems quite expensive, doesn’t it? But in reality, her hair is the most costly of all.

To conclude, we love the emo hair and the emotions that they articulate without saying one word. We suggest you try at least one of these for your special occasions or any venues.