108 Exclusive Faux Hawk Styles For 2019 That Suits In Every Occasion

Some hairstyles are going overnight viral in 2018. Even though they most of them have a long history tracing back to over a century, they have their own style. Moreover, these hairdos have not become favorite in an instant, their slight variations in style and color are what make them unique and trendy. Today, in this article, we are talking about a bold and powerful haircut that has taken over millions of guys. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the mighty faux hawk. A Faux hawk is one of most desirable hairdo which provides you with some variations. Undercut fade, crew cut, fully shaved, short tapered style, etc. are some diversities found in a faux hawk. In addition to that, it is equally fitting for both the genders. You can also get your girlfriend a short faux hawk fade if she agrees to.

Now, without any deviation from our main topic, we head straight towards the matter. Faux hawk, sometimes also called a Fohawk, is one of some coolest hairstyles for men. Despite having somewhat aggressive and a punk look, they can be managed to be suited in every occasion. We are teaching you how to style a faux hawk with the help of these brilliant examples. You also have to remember that faux hawk is ageless and timeless. From your kids to your grandma, they are equally suitable for everyone. To learn from the very basics, you have to follow us throughout this incredible journey.

We are heading off to an exquisite collection of one fantastic hairstyle.

Simple faded faux hawk

This style is one of some most cooling variations that you can have. Short faux hawk is immensely popular among teens and kids.

faux hawk

Black, ravishing style

When you have got shiny black hair, you need to do nothing. Just ask your dear stylist to give you a faux hawk boy haircut.

Zayn’s inspiration

This style is, indeed, one coolest and attractive hairdo. Those tapered uprising hair strands on one top of your hair make you a classic star.

Glaring view

You may notice by now the difference between a hawk and a mohawk. In case of a mohawk, your sideburns are fully shaved and have no hair at all.

Rooster design

Having a cock-hair design is a natural idea to blend your hair into. Sometimes, when you think of having a new look, you can opt for cool look like these.

Thick fade

Despite having not-so-short fades or crewcuts on the sideburn, these looks are fabulous. Some looks still look honest, plain but ravishing to our amazement.

Blue hypnotizing eyes

Various types of haircuts are famous among various footballers. You may have seen Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best divers of the last 20 years in this amazing haircut.

Stylish blonde cut

Layered haircut still is a great option when you are about to rock a party. That glorious hawk where multiple strands of golden hair strands are lying is merely a relaxed cut to have.

Double layered style

A mohawk is very lovely when double layered of fades exist. Hawks and beards make an excellent combination.

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Tattooed style

You can always be motivated by that lion tattoo this man has on his neck. Lion is a symbol or pride and honor. We love them.

Asian cut

Your hair can’t get more black and dark that this guy’s middle strip of hair. Nevertheless, you can try to get a similar kind of look.

Beckham’s motivation

David Beckham, one of the most influential football stars, is amazing. We have seen him hundreds of times in this blonde, light caramel highlight. So next time you get moody, call me for help.

Simple, uplifting style

Doesn’t it look stylish? Of course yes. Your brown hair can never get more glamorous than these styles. To make such a style, you need to gel your hair up, pointing towards the sky.

Aggressive, sharp look

Even though your office mates might not take such a hairstyle lightly, you can rock any party with this. Those faded sideburns add a unique gloss to the middle stripe of hard hair.

Double layered blonde design

It has never been easy to make a perfect blend of color for your hair. A faux hawk boy haircut should be your only choice for parties and proms. That is because they never fail to impress girls.

Elegant model

Models and actors never let go of smoothness for their hair. This black hair is incredible when you apply slight premium gel to it.

Footballers’ choice

It wouldn’t be entirely wrong and stupid to say that along with some name brands, Mr. Beckham has been the brand ambassador of this great hairdo since 1998. He is our inspiration.

Ravishing hawk + burning desire

Sometimes, when you get bored out of your humdrum mullet style, you can give this design a shot. We will support you in any happenings.

Fiery middle stripe

Mostly, people don’t use gel to give their hair a completely different shape. This guy has done so and nailed it.

Uniform beard cutting

Do you want to make a faux hair with short hair? If yes, then imitate this superb style and never regretted once.

Messy strands + dashing sunglass

Some Faux hawk drop fade never ceases to impress us. Since their inception in an early 19th century, they have been going rampant.

Model’s power

Models like this fellow below are enticing in below hairdo. His piercing glare when he removes those sunglasses can kill any hot chick in an instant.

Great mustache + higher stripes

Mind you that a hawk is never monotonous. You can get hundreds of variants of this particular hairstyle. Just see that high textured cockscomb of this curious fellow.

Messed up hair

The title is not proper,  I agree. But you also have to admit that despite looking messy, this boy’s hair is exquisite and lovely. We love that chocolate color.

Clean Faux hawk crew cut + unique stripe

What came to your mind after glaring at this style? We don’t know for sure. But we can compare those shiny rolls of hair on the middle of this fellow’s head with black horns of a huge goat.

Proper Faux hawk definition

Our boy, Zayn Malik, is trying to show you the real definition of faux hair designs. We adore his rough and ragged beards as well as mustaches.

Textured, multi-tinted style

Who knows this textured and hued hair with a curved line below will be your favorite hairdo? Be ready for the unexpected. We will always support your theology, no matter what.

Half face shot

Rough hair can give a mesmerizing impression on people. Faux hair douchebag isn’t found that easily because this hairstyle is a respectable one.

Serene and calm scene

It looks like this boy is gaining all the understanding of our world and our universe. Don’t be too surprised as it is one of the features of a great hairdo like one down below.

Round, elegant style

Some crew cut along with a round or curvy middle stripe is something to admire. We all admire such an innovative style which has taken birth in our world.

Wedding vibes

When your nearest and closest friends start getting married, then you should try this look. Who knows for sure if you are going to be the next bridegroom? We all hope so.

Gel hairstyle

This fading style is a remarkable example of a romantic faux mohawk. Nobody can despise or disdain this kind of fantastic hairdo.

Scarf’s attitude

People know one thing for sure; that scarf will only add more to your freshness. So why not get a beautiful scarf and pick up some hot chicks.

Malik’s choice

That prudent popstar has always been our #1 inspiration for making crew cuts and faux hair. You can also make a style like David Beckham if you don’t know who Zayn Malik is.

Arrogant style

The arrogant look is never a sad look. Being self-centered and arrogant can give you more self-confidence. You can take inspiration from the great scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Non-uniform fade

It’s not mandatory that your faded haircut needs to be uniform. We have always focused on that faux hair rooster. We love that style more than ever.

Game of Thrones look

If you have been following the favorite series Game of Thrones since its inception, then you can compare this look with one character.

Amazing design

A crew cut is always attractive. We can’t focus more on that famous hairdo. It’s an excellent definition for newbies, to be honest.

Happy look

When you are happy, the world is happy. And when you are sad, the world seems gloomy. We have to pay some homage to that rocking black hair.

Silky hair + gel effect

Never say never to that style. You can get hundreds of hot chicks following you after you have made that iconic hairdo.

Rough, messy style

Those twisted and sharp hair strands pointing towards the sky are incredible. We have always been a fan of that kind of hair.

Cockscomb style

You may be shocked to hear that Faux Hawk was initially inspired from cockscomb. A cockscomb is nothing but that high red thing on a rooster’s head.

Religious tattoo + glossy hair

You can’t deny the fact that that fellow has tremendous value for his religion and his God. If this world were like that boy, it would be heaven down on that earth.

Bearded face

Those natural but permed beards are nothing less than enchanting. Especially, girls are most enchanted and hypnotized by them.

Albino’s sense of fashion

Despite being so white in every part of their body, albinos are magnetic and talkative. You can take an example from Owen Cook aka Tyler Durden.

Model’s motivation

What keeps you motivated to maintain your faux hawk regularly? Yes, self-discipline. Everyone should practice self-control and self-discipline in their life to be a virtuous person.

Gorgeous style

Not just girls, boys can also look beautiful in this fantastic cut. We adore such creativity and fearlessness.

A Faux hawk David Beckham

When we heard the word ‘David Beckham,’ one world instantly comes to our mind, curled freekick. Yes, Mr. Beckham was one of the great freekick takers this footballing world has ever seen.

Another David Beckham look

You tell me how many times we have seen David Beckham in this ravishing faux hawk drop fade. I have concluded that it’s not David Beckham that made the faux hawk famous but its just the opposite.

Paulo Dybala lookalike

This kind of golden hair reminds of our rising star, Paulo Dybala. Also, the Argentinian wonder kid likes to dye his hair into pure platinum.

Permed boy hair

People who have limited thinking that permed hair is just for girls are foolish. Look how this boy has maintained his greyish hair into tons of curls.

A faux hawk haircut Zac Efron

To be honest, the man we see down below isn’t Zac Efron. We said that this style is inspired by Zac Efron.

Old age view

Even in your old age, you can have faux hawk fade with a line. That’s one of the coolest things we have heard, isn’t it?

Young dreams

This guy’s cut immersive and eloquent. You can look this kind of stunning hairdo all day and all night long.

Ravishing and rocketing short faux hair

Staffs at www.stylying.com are loving this mainstream hair. Many teens and kids are found in this expensive haircut.

Platinum blonde + parallel cut

This young man’s cut resembles a maize field. Anyway, girls are very much fond of this dashing hairdo. We also love this kind o g dragon faux hawk.

Tight braids + faux hawk girl medium hair

I guess everyone had a crush on Miley Cyrus. Her first hit, ‘Party in the USA,’ made me crazy about her.

Fully shaved fade + faux hawk hair piece

Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact procedures in some making of the faux hawk. We’ll teach you like a primary teacher teaches a 4-year old toddler.

A curly wave of middle strip

Did you know ‘faux’ is a French word and means ‘false’ in English? Facts aside this man’s sparsed beard is very alluring and enchanting.

Sharp-edged surface

When you don’t know what to wear on your hair, then you should head on towards this style.

Perfectly faded hair

Remember our pop star Zayn Malik, yeah, this picture is of him. We love his gel hair that entices millions of hot chicks from all over the world.

Hard gel, high and tight

Pierced and needle shape hair can give you an arrogant and mafia look. But don’t worry, people nowadays have become more sensible and wiser than ever before.

Simply faded haircut

Massive highlights can’t have a better example than this. Its a hard answer to those who search ‘Faux hawk how to style.’

Our chap, Mr. Malik

Like David Beckham, this boy has been repeatedly seen on various occasions with this cool haircut. He has guts for making this style his signature move.

Again, the curler

Despite Philipe Coutinho overtaking David Beckham’s legacy as a ‘curler,’ we still love this sex symbol of modern times.

Pure black

When you’ve got such shiny and robust black hair at your disposal, you are already one of the luckiest people in the world.

Shortest style and how to cut

You can ask this man’s barber to know about these ideas. You may also have heard this thing in the military.

Uniform. perfectly cut style

Nobody has been successful in exactly imitating this traditional hairstyle of this young chap. We have to give him a standing ovation.

Stylish sex symbol

Mr. Beckham, who is groomed in a mesmerizing suit here, is an ultra-modern sex symbol.

Gentleman’s sense of fashion

Gentlemen are supposed to have more fashion sense that than of gentlewomen. Therefore, we expect a lot from this cool guy.

A jumbo beard

Tell me where you have seen this massive beard. I doubt if you have seen such a thick and long beard somewhere else than here.

Backcombed shiny quiff

We can’t help ourselves but smile and get shocked after looking at this stunning hairdo. That black quiff going backward is a glorious scene to behold.

Chocolate style + gorgeous hair + enticing beard

We are stunned after looking at this sophisticated hairdo. We love every nuance this man has put into his facial hair and faux hawk.

Handsome Kris Bryant

Who says you have to be Kris Bryant himself to look remarkable? Well, I admire this kind of amazing hairstyle.

Daring view

We admire this daring and fearless view. Don’t we love those hypnotizing blue eyes?

Military Model

I don’t know what looks more stunning than this attractive hairdo. We are a fan of the kanekalon hair.

Face covering quiff

Don’t ever tell me that golden quiffs are ordinary. No hairdo can be mercuric and extraordinary than them.

Low Fade hairdos

Length of your popular hairdo has always been debatable. Nobody has been able to distinguish Kim k style from this one.

Rooster’s brother

It wouldn’t be harsh to say that this man is half human and half rooster. I like his bold attitude.

Faded crewcut

While you’ve been watching the episodes of newly released Sacred Games, I have been describing this eloquent and mercuric hairdo.

Happy look

Despite having financial and security issues unresolved, this guy looks happy and carefree. We love him for this kind of attitude.

Classic and genuine style

Every one fond of authentic and glossy design like this. We love this fellow’s cute face. We don’t know how much girls love them.

Mr. Beckham’s brand

Alongside a footballing career, David has some grave brand tags in his shirt. That’s why many favorite companies are searching for him endlessly. He is easily one of the wealthiest football stars of this modern generation.

Tensed look

Not just in your happy and serene state, those faux hawks help you in your tensed and anxious mood too.

Face tattoo

Very rare we see such marvelous and splendid face tattoo. This look makes us nostalgic about the hieroglyphs we have seen in Egypt and Morocco.

Thick yet low fade

You can give yourself a low fade for your new and fresh look. Everybody, including your enemies, will admire that.

Messy, stranded hair fibers pointing away from you

This title says everything. Therefore, there is nothing to say about this cool hairdo.

Sexy, bold scenery

Mixed boy element


Nobleman’s choice

A cultured nobleman with his rigid values doesn’t need to have ordinary, humdrum hair.

Ginger Beard

Ginger beards are glamorous and glorious. We are mesmerized and enchanted by them.

Look at these one-of-a-kind hairstyles that has captivated over hundreds of millions of girls.

Pointed quiffs

Your short quiffs are also quiffs. You can also apply this versatile hairstyle on your oval face.

Some bold pictures

Let’s have a look at related pictures once and for all.

Gentlemen’s selection

We feel proud to say that these pics are great when we see a gentleman on a suit.

These are some amazing pictures related to this one.

Evergreen Mr. Beckham

Till there are Sun and Moon on the sky, Mr. Beckham will rule the internet and surely that Pinterest.

Cool auburn hairdos

Auburn and Ombre make a tremendous and deadly combo in case of hairstyles. I don’t remember the last time I say this dominant hairstyle.

Let’s have a look at other honest pictures.

Black and White designs

When photos are turned B&W, they start emitting a powerful aura.


Classic turnover

Some faux hawks are so evoking that we lose our grip on reality after looking at them. This style is one of those.


Finally, it’s an obligation that you need to give yourself a shot of faux hawk at least once in your life. You can use that style on almost every occasion. Don’t hesitate to change your style.

Goodbye and have a great time ahead.

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