101 Stunning Faux Locs Styles That Will Change Your Hair Game

Do you realize that your thick, long, natural hair needs a break? If yes, then come on! Let me tell you all about this glamorous and protective hairdo that has spiked its charm over the years. Oh yes, girls, it is the one and only standout- The Faux Locs.

Faux locs has been becoming pretty popular over the years as gives your hair a great story. Faux locs are made in imitation of the dread locs that you can wear for a head-turning transition. If we closely look at the faux locs trend, then we can find that it has been around either and tither this whole time. But the different designs, patterns, textures, and souls is what we are looking for here, isn’t it, girls?

Obviously, we have got to look into the celebrities who have tried this updo for some assurance. I get it! Now, let me tell you that some pretty famous personalities have rocked these artificial dreadlocks! From performing in front of millions of audiences to strolling down a red carpet to posing for Instagram followers, celebs have carried faux locs as a trend that is not going out of style anytime soon. Some of the celebrities like Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, Blac Chyna, Teyana Taylor, Eva Marcille, Meagan Good, etc. have surely captured our attention with their protective locs, once and for all!

So, if you are ready to turn heads, then let’s look into different faux locs styles, shall we?


Long Black

These long, black locks are super stunning and stylish for a change. These locs will surely suit everyone who attempts to try it out. These locs have a zig-zag side partition. It seems like a very protective cover-up, you girls.faux locs

High Tie

These faux locs have been styled into a high wrap which gives the overall up-do an amazing look, no doubt. You can notice that some of the strands have a slight touch of gold highlights. This wrap will be a great transformation to your natural, regular hair. 

Simple Locs

These long and simple locs have a straight effect to it which adds a very clean element to the hairdo! These faux locs seem light, and it has great hair coverage, making sure to expose the forehead and enhancing the look even more. Try these rounds to go!

Curled Goddess Faux Locs

I am loving the balance of style and faux locs in this look. This hairdo favors more of goddess locs with curled up edges. Assisted with a loop puff, this up-do makes itself absolutely singular. So, are you going for an epic runway-alike look or not?

Shaved Sides

This style is very chic and unique. If you are thinking of a unique style, then try these side swept locks with shaved sides. This look is great to try out for teenagers who have a breezy and tasteful vibe. Go on kids, make your dream come true.

Half Curled

This look is also a great change up for the regular goddess locs. Here, the fall starts from the top assisted by thick faux locs then transitioning into curly hair to until the end. It is cool, chic, and very gorgeous hairdo. You will not regret it. 

The High Curls

Can you believe how classy this look is? I am in awe of the half up curly faux locs hairstyle. For the same effect, take half of your hair into a high, head up wrap and leave the rest to fall down perfectly as it is. The curly effect adds a very saucy element to the overall look here.

The Sleek Version

These locs look so petite and tight as it is brushed backward. It gives a great exposure to your face and ears. This look is perfect for an everyday cover up if you are willing to carry faux locs for your next look. Slay the hair game with these black, sleek, and precise faux locs. You gotta love the look!

Double Braided Mesh

A marvelous change up for you will surely be these double faux locs braids. A beautiful pattern is drawn here, giving that mesh shape to the hairdo. It is a picture-perfect, Instagram hairstyle that everyone will surely fall for. Use colorful hair ties to give the up-do a lively effect. It is perfect for summer hairstyle, ladies.

Blonde Dread Locks

If you want to brighten up your look with blonde dread locs, then you will surely like these! The faux locs come in a variety of different hues including light blonde, golden blonde, and dark brown. It is a perfect idea for the ladies who are looking for a statement-making up-do.  

Icy Blue Hue

Be playful with the shades that are available for you to try out. This icy blue shade goes hand in hand with the long faux locs. It looks very refreshing and cool, surely. The tone matches with any kind of skin, so go for it even if you are a pale skinned to a dark-skinned beauty. You will surely pull this look off, any given day!

Side Swept Hairdo

These long and lustrous strands of faux locs are swept entirely on the right side making it look very stylish. The side sweep also gives a great geometry to her face. So, while you are installing faux locs, you might want to keep it entirely on one side of the face; whichever favors you the most.

Thick locs

Wow! These thick faux locs look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? It is an elegant and a very easy hairstyle if you are looking for a low-maintenance up-do. Faux locs come with a variety of different styles and tweaks added to it. She looks very hot and steamy with this hairstyle.

Short and Textured

These faux locs kept short with alternating shades of pink and sky-blue painted to every another rope. This design is for those who have the heart to carry a funky hairstyle for an everyday look. You can also mix and match various other hues instead of pink and sky-blue. Be creative with the shades to make your hair look fun!

Wavy Ropes

These faux locs look very wavy and beachy. Who knew faux locs could be so fun, right? Give your hair this incredible twist to get the chic look you have been opting for all this time now.

Caramel Highlights

Notice how the alternating pair of locs is highlighted with the caramel colored cream. Makes the up-do more vibrant and fun just due to the use of these lovely highlights. 

Longest Length

If you wanna break the record, then you might wanna buy these longest version of locs. It looks very extra, that’s for sure. Will you be able to pull off these lengths?

Half Blonde, Half Brunette

If you wanna walk an extra mile, this is THE look for you. The locs start with a blonde texture making its way through dark brunette shade followed until the edges. You will rock this goofy hairdo.

Highest Locs Wrap

For the ladies who have been searching for an easy-going hairdo, this is it. This high locs wrap looks so comfy and stylish at the same time. A hint of accessories is given to the ropes for an extra look. Will you recommend this to those who are in search of it?

High Up Wrap

Here is another high up wrap for an alluring hair look, ladies. Simple and totally doable!

Ombre Effect

This version of faux locs look very breezy with a taste of ombre highlights on the edge of the hair. You can color the half section of your hair with bright golden colors for a richer vibe. This look is also accessorized with small little rings.

Half Curls

Another chic half curled up goddess faux locs is shown here in the picture. The hair is lifted high up to give it a deep kind of impression and the medium length locs are curled up right until the end. Such an interesting look for you!

Side Cut

If you are looking for an intimidating view of your hair, then make sure you shave the sides or at least one side of your head to get that look. This look speaks for itself, and you are going to turn heads all along the way, ladies!


Cool styles

By the look of it, you can just tell how cool these ropes are! They resemble a kind of thin and tapered impression. These locs are very effortless so opt this look for a casual, everyday scene. You will not regret it, girls. 

Stylish Half Hair Up

She looks so chic with these stylish version of half hair up rolls of locs. To me, it looks like a red carpet hairdo. Everyone can pull off the locs if they are given this style, for sure. Is this your vibe?

Celebrity Hairdo

Oh my god! Hands down to this gorgeous goddess locs. This is a very precise look for that glam charm you are opting for. The frontal fall is tucked behind the head to give that frame to her face. Be ready to rock this celebrity updo.

Accessorized Hair Up

Another hair up version of faux locs with some subtle accessories like rings, accessorized on it. Leave one or two rolls on the sides to get the same effect. Her scalp looks like a snake-print pattern, to me. Do you think the same?

Patterned Green Locs

These ropes are braided in flower like pattern and tied up altogether like a low pony; only that it is flat. The hint of green ropes has taken this hairstyle to a next level! It kind of also looks like a green hair tie is used to tie up the pony, but those are some high-level falsies right there!

Back Combed Crochet Faux Locs

This hairstyle is simply gorgeous. The hair is back combed and tied up leaving the rest of the locs to fall on the right place. I really like how that crooked and colorful hoops make the look more noticeable. This look makes a great crochet statement, too.

Colorful Braids

In this look, colorful braids are used to accentuate the look even more! These faux locs are braided with amazing red and blue colored strands. A funky and happy look for all them teenagers!

Short Locs

These short sort of locks are accessorized with a ring or two, and the edges are curled up for more style. You can also notice that one of the ropes is highlighted with golden brown shade.

Vibrant Colors Mix Up

You can attach various funky and vibrant colors like orange, green, and purple to stack up the hair look, ladies. Play with different colors whichever suits you the most to get a summery and vibrant view.


Dead Ends

These faux locs with dead ends seem like a great ides, too!

Sheeny Gold

Choose this shiny touch of gold to your locs, ladies. It gives that beautiful tempo to your look.

Funny Curls

These side swept faux ropes are curled up which makes it look so cute and funny at the same time.

Purple High Up

Colors can never go wrong! And purple? Well, it is the king of colors so why don’t we try it, huh?

Blonde Locs

Seems like these long and glamorous blonde locs tied up to a hair with dark undertone is not gonna go out of fashion!


Hot Red

The mix of red and burgundy shade is surely a winning combo for a hot and fierce look.

Go Green

When color green is matched up with the sleek faux locs; it becomes an automatic standout


We are digging these looks with clean side cuts. A very alluring and amazing trend to follow up.

Ash Brown

Try out cool and refreshing ash hues to get this look!

Dark High Up

This dark high up faux locs make a great statement when paired up with a sunny overhead band.

Fierce Blue

Another statement-making hairdo! I can’t take my eyes off of these midnight blue strands.


Green Bands

Again, a touch of green ropes makes this look outstanding!

Long And Classic

Anyone can pull off these long and classy long locs ant given time and day!

Heavy Accessories

Notice that every locs are accessorized with some chunky and bright accessories. A picture-perfect look!


Caramel hue will never let you down, ladies. Try it out!

Blonde Up-do

This blonde up-do is so convenient and remarkable for anyone who wants to try it. You can carry this look without even a second thought.


This simple, everyday hair-up faux locs is accessorized with colorful beads which accentuates the hair-look, for sure!

Shallow Ropes

Don’t you say that you don’t like these perfect locs! So sleek and smart for a change, isn’t it? What do you need more?

Flashy Up-do

Green and blue are always so rock-and-roll! It will be a great hair transformation. 

Sun-kissed Hair

Girl, are you gonna ace this look or what!

Dense Locs

As the name refers, these locs are very dense which makes the look very dashing, for sure!

Messy Locs

These messy locs places the hair into the next level. Are you up for it?

Stylish Puff

These high puffs with a stylish tie look so amazing. The red highlight is just striking!

Honey Brown

This look is very edgy and breath-taking! Casual and stylish fit at the same time.

Colors, Oh Colors

Raise your hands if you are a fan of colors, too! I am sure you can’t ignore this look, girls. Take a shot to this animated faux locs series.

Chestnut Hue

Chestnut hue? Yes, please!

Rihanna’s Hairdo

The queen of fashion is here! I love Riri’s high faux locs pony. A perfect match for a red carpet to school look, all the same!

Ruffled And Blonde

These long, ruffled, and blonde locs is really something to look after, there girlies.

Dark Auburn

Try your faux locs painted by dark auburn shades and let it show you incredible things.

Golden Stars

Look how this look is shining! Gold is gold, after all! THE PERFECTION, any day!

Posey Hair

If you are looking for a cruelty-free, spirited, and fiery hairdo; you call for this one, girl!

Soft Rolls

I love how this look has come out. The faux locs given a touch of soft and wavy rolls all the way to the edge giving a contoured definition to her face. 

Wavy Hairdo

This hairstyle is an undefeated combo of waves and faux locs that is absolutely elementary.

Pencil-Thin Strands

A cool, beachy, pencil-thin strands are what you need for summer. You will love this look.

Stacked Bob Style

The faux locs given a stacked bob hairdo that is side parted and swept. It is an absolutely singular hairstyle you can opt with your locs.

Ashy Locs

This look has decided to give your look a refreshing and re-established aura. Hold on to it already!

Sizzling Locs

She looks very sizzling and hot even without trying for a second. All hail to this hair perfection!

White Close Ups

This is a dazzling blonde faux locs look that is determined to enforce your personality! 

Bushy Hairstyle

I hear that this look is winning style awards! Pair those locs with a bushy hair atop for a gorgeous style.

Half Highlights

You are just one step away from getting the rock star look. Paint the hair gold!

Dramatic Green

To be the hot topic of the month, you gotta try these grass-green ropes!

Golden Beauty

Rock the faux hair-do with this golden colored locs!


Literally looks like a bowl of hot and steaming noodles falling from atop. Love this hairdo!

Like A Doll

This hairstyle makes the look like that of a doll. Don’t you miss out this sheeny makeover.

Fierceness With a Fringe

Quote “OMG!” A very winning faux locs look combined with an uneven fringe falling down. What else do we need now?!

The Make-Up Glow

I am for sure digging the eye shades and these long locs going hand in hand.

Front Ball

This front ball definitely changes the whole faux locs hair-up vibe. Try it out!

Volume Hair Up

Your automatic fun and interesting hairdo to rock even on all the boring places! Gotta love it, ya ladies.

Casual Wear

This hairdo looks so casual and fit for a regular look. Won’t you try it out?

Auburn Color

Try out the vibrant auburn shades for adding more of a fiery feature to your outlook.

Bold And Black

This looks very daunting because of the bold and black strands!

Cute Kid

Love how it even suits cute kids. This look seems to be practical even for school!

Short Bob

When faux locs are kept short and bob-sized; it surely gives you a distinguished look.

Long And Blonde

A perfect example to all the blondies out there! Be ready to rock the long faux locs.

Thick Hair Up

This thick hair-up will surely blow your mind the moment you put it on.

Stylish Up-do

The vari-colored hairstyle is the talk of the town, right?

Tied Up

This hairstyle gives a heavy density to your overall look. Go for it, girl!

Fiery Red Locs

These fiery red locs will not let you down if you opt it. 

Well, there you have the trendy and stylish faux locs designs to opt for. I hope you have found one or two updos for your faux locs. Keeping the locs short or long is absolutely your choice. Choose the most flattering shade, length, and style for your hair. Have fun to style your goddess faux locs, girls. Happy styling!