101 Amazing Feed-In Braids Styles To Try Out

A braid is a beautiful pattern made by intersecting three or more strands of hair. Braiding seems like an art form just by the look of it. They have been made for hundreds of years in many different cultures around the world. There are different approaches to a braid. One of them is the feed in braids, that is a pretty terrific style to give to your hair.

Feed in braids has been gaining its popularity over the years as it gives your hair a great background. These feed in braids can be worn by every woman who wants to try out some funky braids. If you want a great story for your hair, then you should definitely try feed in braids.

Also known as cornrows, these braids are quick and easy to design and to carry around any day! As celebrities can highly influence our styling pattern, shall we look into some celebrities or famous personalities who have rocked the feed in braids from a red carpet to magazine covers?! We have Lilly Singh, Ruth Negga, Mel B, Kat Graham, Ciara, Jordin Sparks, Keke Palmer, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and many, many more! To be honest, feed in braids automatically make the whole look so fiery and iconic. You can wear these protective style braids for almost eight weeks or so keeping an illusion of thicker and natural hair. So, if feed-in braids is your choice for now, here are some interesting takes on them!


Feed In Braids w Close Shaved Sides

First up, we have these beautiful feed in braids accompanied by closely shaved sides. This look makes a pretty chic impression, doesn’t it? You can easily master this look, with minimal effort.feed in braids

Neat And Stunning

These neat and natural-looking cornrows surely check all the boxes! It is straight and simple plus the bold lipstick choice really goes along well with the whole vibe of the feed in braids.

Highlighted Side

An absolutely stunning approach to feed in braids. This is a classic side swept braid that looks so modern. This will definitely be a great transformation to your natural, regular hair. 

Patterned Braids

We love the feed in braids with a little touch of patterns and sketch to it. This style looks very gorgeous on her hairdo.

Broad Plaits

A beautiful take on the feed in braids with the broad plaits make her hair look thicker and natural-looking. Nobody compares to you if you are walking down that road on this hairstyle.

 To The Side

Cornrows never looked so good! This hair look is precise and to the side; literally! You gotta love the exposure of the face and the enhanced look!

Gold Highlights

A little touch of gold surely goes a long way! You can give a unique style to your hair by mixing up a shiny golden hue with your cornrows.

Braid Cuffs

This is a lined cornrow braid that is accessorized with some golden metal braid cuffs. Braid cuffs are a great way to make your hair look great and discernible. 


Double Honey Cornrows

You should not miss out on these double, honey-colored cornrows! The braid looks full body with the use of colors. The front bangs are a great transition to your whole cornrow vibe.

Stylish Cornrow Bun

The braided bun sits low above the neck, and the sides of the hair are somewhat added with some braid cuffs. This style will suit anyone, and it is a great look for summer.


Intersected Braid

I really love the view of this cornrow hairdo. The braids are intersected to each other giving a definitive look to the head. It is a tasteful and a very sexy look for any girl out there.


Any girl would fall for this artistic look, once she lays her eyes on it. The braids are done in a pattern that follows a central braid which is the biggest one. Then, the hairdo is finished with pencil-thin braids and semi braids on the each side.

Blue Accents

These feed in braids have a touch of blue hues to it that is making this look seem so steamy. You can get some blue extensions to add to your braids.


Pony Plait

Here we have two parted braid that meets at the bottom the head to turn into a single ponytail like a plait. This look is very moderate and chic at the same time.

Half-Up, Half-Down

It is a great change up for a regular hairdo! The high braided bun is placed at the top of the head, and the half-down hair is braided sparsely. What a unique look!

Curls With Bantu Knots

This hairstyle is worn with such sophistication, I must say. The full body curly hair is styled with a few Bantu knots up on the front making it so natural looking.


This is the next idea for a feed in braid featuring thick braids tied as a high pony tail and some golden braid cuffs. This hairstyle will wow anyone who sees it!


Double Line Braids With Buns

Try out these trendy looking double line braids that are coiled up into a small bun. This could be a great idea for your everyday casual look.

Long Braids

Keep your cornrows sleek and long for a statement making look! You can go as long as you like with these extended ombre feed in braids.

Stylish One

We usually do not like gazing at the top of the head, right? But these stylish spiral-shaped braids are something to look into!

U-shaped Hairdo

Here, the braiding starts from the middle edge of the head following its way to the front and turning into a U-shape. This braid is then tied on a curly pony placed at the side.

 With Color

This is a very stylish and stunning cornrow style with added color to it. The mix of silver blonde hair undoubtedly accentuates the whole look. The blonde braids are bundled up into a bun making this whole hairdo view like a flower.

Dramatic Bun

The gold hue on the braided bun goes well with the two thick and long plaits falling down. This is a dramatic yet a picture perfect hairstyle change up.


Thick Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a must-have hairdo. Here we have a feed in braids idea. It is a stunning braided hairdo and looks fit for an angel. You can leave it braided or add in some stylish accessories like beads or cuffs.

Purple Accents

Adding in some colors is always extra and fun. So, if you are looking for a fun hairstyle then assist your braids with a fun shade like purple, blue, brown, or pink. 

Beautiful Side Braids

Side braids are always a beautiful one. Going with a short or a long braid is completely your choice. Anybody can look great with these side braids. I really like the way it has framed her face, too. The thin braids are simply exotic.

Colored Space Buns

Space buns are funky and very jolly. These big space buns are partnered with blue and pink colored extensions which makes the look more playful. It is a great summer look for children as well as teenage girls. 

Huge Up-dos

These black and shiny cornrow braid up-do is just the look for you to choose. This huge bun placed at the top of your hair will undeniably provide your look with a great figure and aura. It is simple yet sophisticated. You can try this any day you want to.

Thin Lines With Ash Extensions

The feed in braids will never let you down. Don’t take my words, just take a look at this look and believe it for yourself! The thin lines are used for a beautiful partition of the hair, and the ashy long extensions are also used for that stylish flair. This makes the look very hot and glamorous. Are you ready to sparkle the glam charm to the world?

Central Ponytail

Ponytail can never go wrong when it comes to pulling off the feed in braids. This look is central parted and fitted with a long ponytail high up. It is an ultimate causal look for rocking an everyday look. Choose this hairstyle if you are opting cornrows.

New Sleek Ponytail

Okay, let me tell you that this is a very passionate hairdo for your ultimate feed in braids. The ponytail is very sleek and braided in a precise way. It is THE Instagram worthy, picture perfect look for you.

Side Braids

This is the classic of classics of the feed in braids. The side braids have a tapering effect to it and then these two pointy braids are further coiled into a bun. It is a great look for parties and clubs. You can simply wear this hairdo to a day out, too.

Even Braids

This hair look looks so nice, doesn’t it? Try out some epic kind of braided hairstyles with even braids falling down your figure. This hairdo gives a great exposure to your entire face and is a great look for you to opt anytime soon.

Middle Parted With Beads

Next, we have a middle parted with beads idea. The braids are falling down the sides and look like a low ponytail! The hair is parted in the middle and the beautiful braids are accessorized with funky looking beads. Beads are perfect accessory for a summery, sunny hair. You can also ace this look on a beach day.

Jumbo Braids

I love it how beautifully this hair is completed! These jumbo braids are really stylish and they can be styled in hundred different ways. A hairstyle like this will suit anyone and everyone. Again, you can have long or short braids.

Snake Braids

If you want to go for a cool looking feed in braids style, then here you have it, girls. You gotta try out these snake braids. The braiding starts from the top, as usual, and they are tied up in a snake-like pattern. This is also a great hairdo for thin hairs to make them appear thick and sleek.

Square Split-Up

These shiny-looking braids are accentuated with the help of its square partition. I love how cute and fierce she looks at the same time. You can choose to have a middle-partition or a side-partition anytime with these square split-up ties of hair. Such an amazing trick.

High Up Muffin

As cute its name is, this hair is equally great for pulling off your any day style, ladies. Trust me, you are gonna look fiery in this hairdo! Take your regular feed in braid and half-up the hair into a spherical muffin-shaped bun.

Middle Partition Rings

I always seem to love the middle parted hairstyle very style-inspo look! Look how she has rocked her amazing feed in braid style with the placing of small rings right in the middle. You can also notice that she has some beads woven on the rear edge of braids for the boho vibe!

Side Swirl

I am digging the looks this up-do is serving! Side swirls are surely a head-turner. Take this style to your hair dresser and for more aid buckle up your hair on the back. It will look great!

Extreme Side Swirl

Another version of a side swirl that you can try out to ace your hair game!

Plait Tails

Here, we have some thinly placed feed in braids that end up into two plait tails. I can guarantee that this style is great even for short and thin hairs. Although any hair type can pull off this hairstyle without a second doubt.

Dramatic Red Braids

As I always say, colors never go out of style! They never have, nor they ever will. So choose the funkiest and dramatic color in the book like red or pink and paint your hair by it. Sometimes, a change is essential to enhance your personality.


If you find a regular feed in braid too boring than you can add different accessories and decoration to it. One of the coolest things that you can add to your cornrows is the elastics and ties. Look at this dope hairstyle that is surely gonna brighten up your day!


Very High Up-do

This is a very common hairstyle that is also easy going and can be handled without a lot of care. You can stick with the high up-do for any outdoor occasions.

Space Buns

Space buns are always fun! I always find space buns really award-worthy and fit for any summer day! Plus when space buns are made of the sleek feed in braids, then they reach to the next level.

Cornrows Ponytail

This hairstyle literally reminds me of the song “Boom Clap!” Such a jolly hairdo with the ponytail cue.


Long and Swirled

Why don’t we give our regular hairstyle a break and try these long and swirled cornrow braids? This hairstyle is not like the rest so, hurry up get a swirled braid-do!

Honey Gold Hue

If you want a different appearance for your feed in braids, then you can choose to color your hair. Honey gold is a great hair color, and it suits almost every skin tones. You can add some braid cuffs and a ponytail to your gorgeous honey gold braids for a more stylish flair.

Back Cornrows

This hairdo is slightly different than the others as it has perfected the feed in braids on the rear side of the head. The high up bun and the braids are accessorized with several cuffs for a beautiful hair look!

4 Zig-Zag Styles

All these zig-zag braid styles look great and voguish. Just the right word to describe this hairdo! Turn all those along the way with this hairdo.

4 Pencil-Thin Zig-Zags

Another sophisticated hairstyle associated with feed in braids. In between pencil-thin lines seem to be pretty popular hairstyle these days so you can opt for it any minute. 

Elevated Pony

There are different flairs that you can give to a ponytail. For this sophisticated style, you can elevate your cornrow ponytail a little higher than the usual.

Accessories And Colors

To make your hairdo standout from the others, you should add some colors and obviously some beads and accessories to your feed in braids. 

Modern Look

The double plaits starting from the middle partition with four lined ties is undeniably a trendsetting hairstyle. Are you ready to set the trend, girls? Such an amazing look.

High Loops

This hairstyle is just so ready to crash the trend because of its beautiful spiraled fed in braids. If you are ever confused about which side to choose for a partition, go with spirals. Won’t let you down!

Spotlight Hair

This is the hairstyle of the era because it has been worn by the celebrities on the red carpet to the glamorous models we see online. This hairdo enhances your face and brings your hair look to the spotlight.

A Blondie

Whether it is summer or winter, day or night, the blonde will never fade out. Try out blonde hair colors for an up to date flair. It is simply effortless.

Entertaining Spirals

Next up we have the modish and entertaining spirals with braid cuffs placed on them. This look is so gorgeous to drool over. Try out this stylish hairstyle for a change.

Ultimate Side Sweep

Completely extra from your everyday side sweep. This hairstyle has all the volume and body that it needs. The side swept braids take the hairstyle to a whole new, different area!

Voluminous Half Up

In the Instagram era, this hairdo is surely an OMG deserving one! Love how the braids add an extra volume to the whole outlook! You can also try some cornrow extensions to get the exact elegance.

Long And Thin

Let me give you a heads up already! When you wear this hairdo, you are undoubtedly gonna turn heads all along. A long and thin braid is simply curled up into a high pony showing off the polished look.

Fish bone Hair

These long and lustrous cornrow braids are styled in stylish way. The hairdo is given a fish bone kind of pattern and is really a great look for a feed in braid! You can bookmark this look and take it to your hairstylist the next time.


So, I hope you found some inspiration to style your feed in braids. They are a very fun hairstyle to try out anytime you want to opt for a change. You can always choose different colors, decors, and styles for making your hair fun. Happy styling!