104 Inspiring fishtail braid With Tutorial

Inspired by the concept of distinctive features of fishtail, this hairstyle was given its name. Fishes are beautiful aquatic creatures with streamlined, structured fins, and because this hairstyle looks so much like that of a fishtail, so it was named ‘Fishtail braid.’ This hairstyle is quite a fantastic thing to brag about when you are sitting with your friends. It is one of the most significant genres you can wear irrelevant of the time and place. This hairstyle, of course, like any other braided hairstyle goes well with any hair type; let it be long, short, silky or messy.

Making a fishtail isn’t a big deal for those who already know how to make it but for the ones who are entirely new to this hairstyle, it might take a bit longer time in the beginning. But once you are used to it, it’s finger-clicking fast. This article is all about the different varieties of fishtail hairstyles that you can go around with.  But before getting deeper into the topic, let us first learn how to do a fishtail braid!

Easy isn’t it? Let us move further to explore more!

Crowned fishtail braidsfishtail-braid

Every girl once in their lifetime must have had a flower crown on their head and so have I. And why wouldn’t anyone love it? I mean everybody does love flowers, and when it mainly comes to girls, there isn’t anything else in the world that can awe them as much as flowers can. Now, even if it’s not a real crown but only the feeling of having it above the head is beyond any joy in the world. The girls in the above picture have their hair crown which is fishtail braided, and if you ask my views on it, I would say it’s a perfect choice they have made!

Half heart Fishtail

What an incredible choice of hair color! Wow! When you braid fishtail from top of your scalp and bring it on the front, it gives much aura like that of a half heart shape. This hairstyle is for the people who are very photogenic and are always willing to create meanings out of their pictures. One doesn’t need to look twice at the above image to say what it has tried to depict. It’s a heart of course, and It’s an excellent pick up to soften your guy’s heart!

Regular Fishtail Braid

This is the actual form of fishtail hairstyle. Divide all your hair into two equal sections, take a thin strand from the right section, cross from up and add it to the left part, do the same with the remaining portion and repeat the steps alternatively till you reach the base. And there you’re with your braid. Easy right?

Layered Braid

Much like a French braid, it is also commenced from the top of your head. Twist in the strands loosely from both the sides,  pin beautiful accessories and there you have this elegant hairstyle.

Woven French Braid Hairstyle

Start neatly and end messily! This is what this hairstyle says. Start your braids cleanly and loosen the strands of the lower half.

Side Fishtail Hairstyle

Can you think of one word that can describe this hairstyle? I would say magnificent it is! This hairstyle is for long, silky and straight hair. Believe me; you can easily trap anyone under these knots, try yourself and know!

Inverted French braid with front bangs

When we were kids, we thought only Barbies can have pink hair but see, we too can have them, and they can match our personality to a great extent. Above shown is an upside-down French braid hairstyle with bangs giving it a pleasing look, it’s not so hard to administer this style, it is as comfortable as a regular French braid with the only exception being that it’s braided oppositely.

Side fishtail with bangs

Bring your hair front, side sweep your bangs, and there you stand picture perfect!

Thick Fishtail

This hairstyle now is not much different than a standard fishtail braid we may say. Despite taking thin strands from sides, take thick ones, and there you get it done right!

On the top of another braid

On the top of other hairstyle is the exclusive one among all the fishtail braids that we have seen by far. One can quickly tell how has this been made, make a thick fishtail base at first and above it make another tightly coupled braid then finally knot them both!

Twisted pulled back fishtail


The blend of twisted pull back and fishtail in the above picture gives much resemblance like that of beautiful mermaid coming out of the sea surface. This look is traditional yet eye catchy. Give it a shot today; you won’t be disappointed after using this style.

Rose bun with a fishtail touch up

The pink rose symbolizes love. Interpreting fishtail with a rose bun might not be understanding to us, but this hairstyle is. Best suited for romantic dates, pick out this hairstyle if you are to go out with someone special today.

Floral Fishtail Braid

The floral fishtail is a sound hair pick up for a vacation or picnic with friends. Add more flowers to it, and you have not only a spectacular look but an aromatic hair too!

Aster Side bun with fishtail

Asters much like daisy flowers in appearance, bloom in the late spring. With this hairstyle, you’ll not be requiring any season to bloom. Wear it to the parties and family gatherings; you’ll be showered with compliments for sure!

Spirals all around

Make multiple partitions, braid each section in a fishtail manner and you’ll get a look very familiar to that of a spiral thick rope. Fashionable and interesting isn’t it?

Fishtail Pony

Fishtail pony is a marvelous composition of fishtail braid and mid-ponytail you can always try!

Pulled back braid

A handy hairdo, divine enough!

Pulled back fishtail with curls


Hatch this fantastic hairdressing with curled down ends.

Fishtail headgear

Headgears are the preferred hairdos by girls having a big head and an oval face. As headgears make looks presentable, fishtail braids infuse the hairstyle and make it worth praising. Well even if you don’t have a big head and an oval face you still can give this hairstyle a try.

Roll your braids

Seeking for a ravishing look? Dress yourself with this heavenly roll your braids updo; it’s empowering. Is it not?

Low fishtail bun

Fatigued of the old unchanged high buns? Gift your hair a bit relief; scalp must be flagging by now. Switch to low fishtail bun, it still will keep hair off your neck, and you won’t be bothered having it!

Keep it classy

How much do you think does it require to look chic? Not much if you witness! Instead of crossing your braids up, try crossing it down, and you’ll get an outgoing look same as shown in the above picture. Put on shades and give yourself a more classy look!

Dutch fishtail braid

You must have seen before a fishtail braid, a French braid, and a Dutch braid too but have you seen this fascinating blend of dutch braid and fishtail braid before? It is as comfortable as any other braid with just a couple of changes viz turning that braid inside out and it’s done!

Braid it to the end

Few people acknowledge braiding their hair up to 3/4th or half its length while few consider weaving it to the end. In the above photograph, we can see how the model has given full justice to the hair texture she has. Even you can pick this hairstyle today! Add more flavor to it, let the remaining strands flow like water!

Fishtail with side headband

This hairstyle is a real chic that never gets old. Side headbands are cleaner when they are tightly braided, but this hairstyle as well isn’t bad at all. I mean loosely braiding not only gives you a modern look but a great relief to your scalp too. You can wear it as long as you desire. Give it a break, and you’ll know!

Pulled back half buns

Pulled back hairstyles are so quick and easy. But have you ever thought of giving pulled back braids a bun look? If you haven’t yet then, you’ll feel about it pretty soon.
Look sassier picking any shades that go well with your look and there stands hot you.

Two plaits fishtail

We all have made three braided baby ponytails during our school days. Even now when we don’t go to school anymore, we still love trying them and doing something different from the usual days. How would it be if you give some twist this time? Instead of braiding three plaits, braid the fishtail updo this time, and you’ll have a look same as shown in the above image!

Silky brown Fishtail Braid

Owning a silky hair is a gift that God grants to only some. People who don’t have it naturally, use a lot of hair creams and conditioners and undergo various hair treatments to get one. So if you have it naturally, preserve it rather than showing it off!
Model in the above pic has her silky brown hair braided into a fishtail. The hairdo suits her so well that one might seriously fall in love just by looking at her from behind!

Thick stranded fishtail

Not much different than the previous one, this hairstyle associates thick strands from the corner of two divisions alternatively.

Half up Dutch Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is the combo of Fishtail and Dutch braid. It’s not so complicated as can be seen in step by step tutorial shown above. It’s elegant, outgoing and gorgeous; make it your next look!

Light Indigo Fluffy Two plaits

Hair coloring is a craze that everyone has in today’s date. People do it not because they don’t like their natural color but because they are adventurous and they love experimenting with their hair. The one possessing this Indigo color is assumed to be deep and rich. With the mix up of this color, you can make your braids look even prettier than usual.

Clip the fishtail updo

Rather than letting your fishtail hang, tie it up to the back. You’ll get look ditto to that of a side headband.

Ladder Fishtail braids 

This hairdo is fascinating. Have a glance at it!

Bowknot fishtail

As soon as you hear Bowknot, what does it remind you of? It reminds me of those cute and adorable ties people usually tie around their neck. But who must have thought of bringing the concept of bow ties into hairstyling? Whoever it had been, we are grateful on having such a delightful quirk!

Above shown is the mixture of fishtail braid and a bow knot with strands of the bow curling down the back.

Let the strands flow

Amazing color combo accompanied by an elegant pulled back updo and wavy hair strands!

Drifted thin Fishtail Braid


This hairstyle looks much familiar to water drifting in a river; full of patience and peace! How engrossing and hypnotizing this look is! Wow! Those thin braids are worth praising; they add the required tanginess to this hairstyle.

Loose Fishtail Braid

This is more like a typical yet a fantastic genre, braided till the end that is beautiful when tied by the colorful ribbons. Let them be loose and feel yourself light!

Disney Elsa Braids

We all know the Disney character Elsa from the movie ‘Frozen.’ Just like her character; sparkling and bold; this braid well defines and gives complete justice to models’ individuality.

Dutch cum Fishtail plaits

Dutch cum french plait is a combination of two different braids viz Dutch followed by Fishtail. To grab your control on this hairstyle, practice it a couple of times, and you’ll master over it!

Thick side braided fishtail

This is a party look hairdo that initially begins being broad then ends up in a thin fishtail.

Messy  plaits merged into a bun

Can you imagine how joining two braids into a bun might look like? The result is just above! To give it a messier look, gently pull out the strands.

Fishtail halfbacks

Braid from both ends of your head till the mid-back head, tie it with a rubber band and leave the hair to flaunt!

Fishtail with metal clips

Welcome these hairstyles this year with your arms open! Not much effort is needed just glitter up your halfbacks with compelling metal clips.

Braid it thick and loose

Thick hairs are everyone’s dream. You are fortunate enough to have thick fibers but if you don’t have then don’t worry, pick the above-given styles and grandstand yourself.

Rainbow braids

Having a Rainbow hair means having a multi-colored hair that goes well with every look and every occasion. It’s a unique idea to paint your hair with not just one color but as many colors as you like because it provides a diverse range you can present yourself in.

Rolled fishtail braid

To get a Rolled fishtail braid, pull your hair back, roll it, hook it up and braid it to the end.


Braids of garland

Flowers when stuck into your twists enhance your whole appearance to a great extent. Make a regular fishtail and add flowers in between, now you have it right!

Dutch braid back do with fish tails

Present yourself this hairstyle today- a combo of Dutch braids and two fish tails.

Topknot Fishtail Pony

Transform your regular fishtails into high ponytails!

Two plaits

Own any hairstyle but make sure you have that million dollar smile on your face!

Ribbon Braid

Make ribbons a part of your threads and braid them alongside, they compliment your hair a lot!

Crown Waterfall Fishtail Braid

Let your fishtail float like a real fish! leave your waves back your shoulder and you have the look right!

Side braided wavy hair

Side braid your hair and let the waves drift alongside!

Two from left one from right updo

Take two fishtail braids from left, one from the right and then tuck it into a pony followed by a braid.

Elegant blonde fishtail

This is a summer beach look, admirable and angelic.

Half -up Fishtail do

Take hair from your crown section of the head, tie it with a rubber band, plait it like a fishtail, gently pull out the strands and your Half up fishtail do is ready to be worn.

Messy spun fishtail

A spurned fishtail for thin stranded hairs is a splendid stunt!

Dutch Baby hair

Dutch baby hair is a ravishing and a trending hairstyle. It is always comfortable as the hair threads are still away from the neck. Tot up around neck chokers to add more class to your look!

Stars and Glitters braid

Hang in your braids stars, moons and glitters and give them captivating gaze!

Warrier updo

This hairstyle is much like that of a ferocious warrior ready to face any circumstance that comes along her way. This genre of hairstyle is bold, exotic and fierce.

Loop Fishtail braids

The loops in a hairstyle maximize its impact. This hairdo can be obtained either by tying up sections using rubber bands or merely tucking them into the braids. You can magnify its beauty using pearl beads or other hair accessories.

Entangled Fishtail Braids

Entangled fishtail braids when braided into three plaits look precisely like this hairstyle. The purple color is adding more grace to it via its glamor.

Messy Braid

Have you ever seen something that’s so messy still mind-blowing? Oh yes, just in the picture above!

Messy Dutch Braid 

Here’s another messy yet classic hair updo. Bring the side bangs front and let them curl on your face.

Puffed Dutch Braid

Puffs never fail to impress you when it comes to blending it with some other hairstyles.  Puffs combined with Dutch Braids look stunning too!

Multi Braided Fishtail

Plait multiple fishtails and merge them into one. You’ll get accurately the same hairstyle as up.

Thin Fishtail Braid

Making these braids require you to brush your hair thoroughly such that no obstacles are encountered. Braid it thin and tight, and there you get it up to the mark!

The double Twisted waterfall braid

Two pulled back twisted braids when merged appear the same as above. Knotting the hair threads afterward is a fanciful sight!

Mermaid Fishtail Braids

Mermaids are considered to be the legendary creatures from the ocean. There’s nothing wrong in stating these braids as mermaid braids because they too are fabulous as the mermaid themselves.

Waterfall Braids

This hairstyle very much like any waterfall is silent from a distance but beautiful and roaring when reached near. You can add variations to it by weaving it or multi braiding the strands as shown in the above pictures.

High fishtail bun

Hair Bun these days have become classier than ever before, let it be a half bun or a full bun, every pickup is appealing. High fishtail bun is very funky and is best suitable when hanging out with mates.

Mold into FLower bun

This hairstyle started initially as a fishtail braid has been molded into a flower bun giving it a new essence of life.

Hanging Fishtail

A hanging redfish! Marvelous design one can place in on short hairs!