83 Gorgeous Fulani Braids You Should Try This Year

Are you looking for a unique yet beautiful hairstyle? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Is being awesome the goal of your life? Then fear not, the Fulani braids are there for you. These beautiful braids might be the hottest thing on the internet right now. Why shouldn’t they be? They are unique, flashy and mark all the boxes in the checklist of awesomeness!

Fulani braids are seeing a boost in their popularity in recent times. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys sporting this looks are living proof of how popular these braids are. Originating from Fula people of West Africa these braids have a distinctive look and follow a proper pattern.

Let’s take a look at stunning 83 Fulani braids now, shall we!

Brilliant Decorations

fulani braids

Heavily decorated with beads and golden clips these Fulani braids will give you a picture-perfect look. A complementing necklace and ring will complete your looks even more.

Tribal Looks

If you are looking to sport a traditional look, this hairdo is for you. Moreover, add an extra glow to your looks with the face-paint and make yourself even more fascinating.

Curled Up-front

These Fulani braids are curled up-front and embellished using simple ornaments. Use of colorful and divergent size bracelets will undeniably make this design more vivid.

Minimalist Spirit

When simplicity is your choice, you can get help from these Fulani braids. The minimum number of jewels used gives this hairdo a minimalist look.

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Celeb Fulani 

If you thought Fulani braids for us, commoners, only Oh! Boy were you wrong? These styles are so glamorous that even celebs are trying these out.

Simple Look

Complexity is not always the right answer. These simple Fulani braids with minimal decoratives will give you a refreshing look.

Braided Half-Up Bun

Rule a chocolaty look with these chocolate colored braided half up bun. The silver ornament matches well with the ongoing color scheme.

Pigtail or Ponytail

This perplexing hairdo looks like a mix of pigtail and ponytail. And in fact, it is. Use of some golden clips and ribbon all in all enhances Fulani look.

Electric Blue Long Braids

A Fulani braid with a blue accent for giving yourself an electrifying look. Transparent blue beads complement this look exceptionally well.

Zig-zag Scalp Work

A straightforward hairdo with zigzag scalp work, wear this hairdo to rock a simple look. Less use of jewels truly reveals the straightforward theme of this design.

Beaded Ponytail  

This braided ponytail is adorned heavily with wooden beads. We have to say that the beaded ponytail goes well with any apparel of your choice especially the red ones.

Yellow Beads Thin Braids

Give yourself an updated look with this Fulani hairdo. These thin braids embellished by yellow beads rewards you with a fantastic look. Necklace and silver hairclips used here also goes along with the principle of this aesthetic.

Side Swept Braids

Next hairstyle on this list fulfills your subtle needs. These side swept braids give you a clean and elegant look. Simple ear tops and hairclips used here and there enhances the minimalistic look of this design.

Waves and braids

Fulani hairdo does not necessarily mean it has to be full of braids. This exceptional Fulani braid combines more waves and fewer braids to give you an exquisite look. Also, yellow beads escalate the beauty of this hairdo really well.

Elegant long braids

Not all Fulani braids need to be crammed with ornaments. In particular, this hairdo is adorned only by a single ribbon. And it still looks impressive.

Golden Ponytail 

Embellishing your braids with gold is indeed a fascinating way of saying, “Yes, I do care about my hair.” Well, frankly speaking, who doesn’t love their braided ponytail to be full of gold.

Braided Pigtail

As you already may know how beautiful the Fulani braids are, I won’t say much about it. Except that this hairdo goes really well with the ornaments used.

Walnutty Braids

A hairdo that any girl would want to be cuter. This hairstyle looks very cute with those awesome beads. Also, the walnut highlights give amazing effects to this hairdo.

Braided Bun

When it comes to styling your bun, this might be the best option for you. Braids twisted into a bun gives an exciting look to this design even without any jewels.

Typical Fulani Braid

This is what a Fulani braid should look like. It follows all the norms of Fulani braids: sectioned cornrows, arranged jewels, and a beautiful design.

Happy Holidays

I am sure everyone staunchly wishes to have a refreshing holiday. I bet that there is no more fabulous way to enjoy your holiday than by flaunting this beautiful hairstyle.

Heavy Accessories 

So, a heavily beaded braid is not enough for you? Then you might want to try wearing some large earrings and neck plate. There are no reasons not to give this hairdo a try except when you already have one.

Short Braids

These short braids are the reason why I want to chop my hairs off. The brown, golden and transparent beads on the edge of each braid relates to the history of the Fula tribe.

Long Fulani Pigtails

When you want a less intimidating look, the long Fulani braids will surely fulfill your desires. Furthermore, the use of golden clips here and there enhances the look significantly.

Black and White

It is a visual treat to see such a gorgeous hairstyle. The white beads couple with the dark braids is so engaging!

Blonde Highlights

Of course, dark hair is gorgeous, but it also dulls our look over time. But it is never let to add some blonde highlights for the purpose of changing your monotonous look.

Dark Magenta

Why not have an intimidating look with this wonderful magenta braids. It is good to see some copper ornaments garnishing the hair.

Light Decors

Life is full of burden. I feel for you and am giving you this lightly adorned hairdo to try. Stay strong regardless of what life throws at you with these loose braids.

The Dark Horse

Is that hair natural? Yes, of course. Fulani braids are protective hairdos, and this is the proof of how this hairdo is.


Look at these stunning braids. These braids are side swept for the purpose of revealing the stunning scalp work. Besides fantastic scalp work, the intimidating V-shape will inevitably turn heads.

Perplexing Purple 

I am in loss of words here! This perplexing hairdo with purple highlights coupled with turquoise beads speaks for itself. I mean, look at how magnificent these braids look.

Angelic Look

I am surprised as to how well this hairstyle resembles the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. Moreover, the golden clips decorating the braids significantly add to the angelic look.

Plaited Cornrows

This doesn’t look like Fulani braid, where are all the jewels? You may ask, but I can assure you characteristic Fula jewels heavily adorn the back section of this hair.

Long Braids Short Bun

What better way to flaunt your long hair than by rocking these long braids. I mean not all people are blessed with this long hair!

Beaded Pigtails

Albeit hairdos are essential, the decorations that go with it are equally important. This beaded pigtail design gives equal emphasis to both unlike other styles on our list.

Braids and Pink Lips

Pink lips and nails equal to excellent look. Well, at least in this case. This design shines together with the dazzling transparent beads. Furthermore, blue jeans give the perfect contrast to this aesthetic.

Wooden Beads and Braids

Wood generally symbolize strength. And in this case, it obviously does signify strength. That hair must be pretty robust to carry all those weights. The overall composition of this hairdo is truly ravishing.

Amazing Scalp Design

Swinging your hair will never be this flashy as with this scalp design. You can reveal the fantastic scalp work on your will. Studying this hair design in detail will explain why this hairdo is so attractive. Rings and ribbons adorned to the braids are what that makes this hairdo look sumptuous.

Magenta Buns

We all need a change in our monotonous life. And what better way to do this than by giving your hair a magenta tone. Plaits twisted into bun gives life to this hairdo. Golden clips and large earrings explicitly add some flair to your fashion. But what truly is exceptional is the intimidating eye color of the holder of this fantastic hairdo.

Simple Plaits

Sometimes simple is better. I don’t mean to say complexity is terrible by all means. This simple hairdo highlights the beauty of the person wearing it so well that we can conclude simple is better. Also, the minimalistic jewels and beads particularly add to the subtleness of this hair design.

Subtle Braids

It is on your hand whether to look subtle or to look bold. And when being subtle is your choice, these simple plaits will fulfil your necessity. Because this beads and rings used here are modest, you can rock this hairdo anywhere you want.

Braided Large Buns

Also looking humble is this sizeable braided bun.  With a very easy design, this hair work gives you a picture perfect look. Two thin braids adorned with beads enhance the effect of this design significantly. Few golden clips and ribbon give finishing touch to this masterpiece.

Colorful Beads

Add some colors to your charm with the help of these beaded braids. Suitable for short hair length this hairdo is significantly easy to maintain. Those colored beads also enhance your mood and give you a vibrant look.

Heavily Beaded Fulani Braids

Haven’t we seen this hairstyle already in this list? The answer is yes, but we wanted to show how stunning this design looks from the front as well. As a matter of fact, this hairdo seems exceptionally well from any angle.

White Pearl Black Braids

There is numerous choice of uncomplicated hairdos. And this one is one of them. These braided cornrows are nowhere to be seen with any flashy jewels. Only jewels used here are the pearl ring, plain ear tops rings and similar necklace.

Pairs of Six

Well, many designs are consisting of braids styled into a large bun. This is also one of many such designs. But large beads used in pairs of six here makes this hairdo a genuinely unique Fulani braid.


Fulani braid has a vague definition. Place where jewels are placed can vary according to the taste of people. Here we see a different approach taken on these braids which is marvelous looking.  The plastron necklace and huge earrings heighten the beauty of the wearer.

Cute Brownish Fulani Hairdo

Everyone loves to be adored. When you are a girl, you want to be adored even more. If that is what you want, these cute Fulani braids will meet your needs. The understated beads increase the overall essence of this hairdo.

Large Spring Buns

If you have a habit of thinking out of the box, you must have indeed considered of this design. Simple plaits molded into significantly large buns adds a dashing shade to this look. But what makes this hairdo stand out is the beautiful use of decorative flowers.

Curl or Braid

Confused whether to try a curly or a braid? I suggest you try both. This mix of braids and curls in this hairdo coupled with beads is undoubtedly head turning. You might want to include a choker in your hairstyle to get a finessed look.

Crown Plaits 

Finally, a hairstyle that makes you feel like a queen! Crown here is the large plait braid sitting atop of your head, and those small braids serve you with an accomplishing look. Antique ring wrapping the plait and huge earrings sure give this wearer a Royal look.

Jewels Not Necessary

You might have a misconception about Fulani braids. Not all Fulani braids need to be adorned with jewels.  This particular example is to clear that misconception. Also, I feel the need to comment that she looks gorgeous alongside this hairdo.

Swept to Sides

Side swept hairs are very beautiful. If you have a dispute with this opinion, take a look at this stunning design. Haha! Changed your mind. I assure that every girl will feel accomplished with this fantastic hairdo.

Two in Ones

Who wouldn’t like things to be easy? Especially when you are a girl, you have to be sure that you are free from every blemish to get rid of judging eyes. How do I know? I am a female and have been there. These two in one hairdo will give you that blemish-free look you want.  Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

Twin Buns

Whether you need to dangle your hairs or to tuck them, this fascinating Fulani hairdo will execute your wishes. Red chokers and light brown highlights used here equally blend to the look.

Buns of Freedom

Functioning as a timesaver in our list is this amazing hairdo. You can bun up the dreads to have a dashing look or simply let your hair free for a straightforward look. In both cases, this hairdo looks really fantastic. Also, the scalp design adds to the wow factor of the wearer.

Minimalists’ Crown

Everyone desires to save their time. Well, I will give you a tip to do that very thing. Try this hairdo for seamlessly switching between crown plaits or freely dangling braids to save your time. If you do not want to be garish why not try this simple look.

Hair of Freedom

Hairstyles can explicitly tell your mood and status. A tucked up hairdo can signify you are about to get some work done. And a free falling hair can imply you are relaxed and have no worry. Well, these things can vary but the fact that these hairstyles will make you feel accomplish will not. Here are some Hair(dos) of Freedom for you!


The front section of this hairdo is modified as a headband making it a hairband! Large hoops and opposing minimal antique looking Bindi surely exemplifies the liberal theme of this hairstyle.

Red Plaits

Discover your childish self with this vibrant Fulani braids. The colorful hair beads and ribbon compliments the aesthetic of this design.

Golden Ponytail

What more fabulous way to manifest your freedom than by adorning this golden ponytail. Subtle hints of gold here and there in this ponytail design enhances the look of the wearer. Four braids looped on your forehead makes you stand out from the crowd.

Keys To Freedom

Get it! Alicia Keys is also a fan of these fantastic Fulani braids. She definitely has the freedom to sport those gorgeous plaits. You can also feel like a celebrity wearing this awesome hairstyle.

Derek Locks

The popularity of Fulani braids is increasing exponentially. Count of celebrities wearing these hairstyle has raised to 3 on our list already. Here, we see a popular figure, Bo Derek, sporting these awesome hairdos.

Honey Blonde Fulani Braids

Honey blonde is an exciting color for Fulani braids due to the reason that most original Fula people have dark hair textures. Nonetheless, the Honey blonde braids still make an head-turning effect.

Derek Braids

Named after the famous celeb Bo Derek, this Fulani hairdo gives you an exquisite look. If you ever desire to be treated prominently, you can always try this exciting hairstyle.

Fulani Braids on Celebs

Kim Kardashian displays how free she is by owning these glorious Fulani braids. Also, can’t we just agree on how cute North West looks on the single cornrow ending in a free ponytail.

Ingenious Braids

We all can agree that this girl looks cute. What makes her, even more, cuter, I must say are those long braids embellished by large beads and hair rings.


Remember how I told that these hairdos represent freedom, this might be the reason why. The hair works on the side looks similar to the English alphabet ‘F’ signifying F is for freedom.

Large Bun

The braids on this hairdo are mixed in what seems to be a giant bun. On the back of your head. Joining this perplexing design are a single hair ring, a couple of golden clips and some hair beads.

Simple Designs

Hairstyles can sometimes be complicated. Despite looking lovely complicated hairstyles can be cumbersome to make. So, try these simple designs if you want to be carefree.

Plain Braids

With no accessories to be seen in sight, these plain braids will reward you with a natural look. The only thing that makes this hairstyle stand out is the colorful earrings.

Gold Clipped Braids

Not everyone likes their hair full of jewelry. If you are one of such people, try this hairdo instead. You can find some hints of gold clips here and there, albeit there is no exaggeration.

Root Braids

Scalp work on this hairstyle clearly shows the root of each braid. As a result, you get a straightforward hair. You can always use the choker as shown above for a dynamic look.

Kiss Me!

Wouldn’t we all love to see our hair expressing feelings in us? This hairstyle explicitly does that.

Spring Rolls

Fantastic cornrows are merely twisted into a bun to reveal an equally exotic hairdo. Silver spring rolls definitely add to the Fulani look of this hairdo.

Sparse Braids

Lighten up your head with these sparse braids. The scattered braids reveal a fantastic pattern and protect your long hair. A simple necklace will undoubtedly enhance your personality.

A Beautiful Shade

The golden brown braids are set free to display a fantastic hair work. A little touch of makeup on your face enhances the wearer’s beauty furthermore. Also, to be noted is the fact that this hairstyle is similar to one earlier.

What are you waiting for? Try these 86 Fulani braids immediately. Be sure to comment what you think about these beautiful hairdos. I know you will be more than happy with these awesome Fulani braids.