150 Gorgeous Goddess Braids Ideas To Go Crazy About In 2019

It may not necessarily be true that most of the goddesses used to wear these wonderful hairstyles. But its indeed a fact that having one of these can make you feel and look like a Goddess. Being very prominent in the 90s, this impressive hairstyle has made a huge comeback in the late 2010s, now even better and stylish. Many celebs like Rihanna, Cardi B, Kim K, Cristina Aguilera are rocking this style right now. Let’s talk about some of the insiders about the Goddess Braids.

What Is a Goddess Braid?

If you know about classic braids, then goddess braids might not be a very new thing to you. They are a more dense, bold and garnished version of the cornrows. While cornrows are more regular and uniform, goddess braids can be of a multitude of types. There are goddesses braids updo,  goddess braids in a bun, goddess braids in a ponytail and much more.

Just pick one that suits your sense of style, and you are on!

Since most braids come under the category of protective hairstyles, goddess braids come on top choice for any girl wanting to keep their hair damage free, looking hot and trendy at the same time.

How to make one?

You need to have these while making one of your choices.

Items list

  1. Comb(Wide-toothed and Rat tail)
  2. Hair extensions( for braiding)
  3. Sectioning clips
  4. Hair gel
  5. Hot water


  1. First, you need to wash your hair to get ready for braiding
  2. You then need to use a wide-toothed comb to remove some knots and tangles
  3. Plan each partition and part your hair accordingly using a rat tail comb
  4. Leave the particular section of your hair that you’re going to braid first while clipping up the rest sections using sectioning clips
  5. Pick one large section from your bunch which is as thick as desired.
  6. Partition your hair extensions into triple equal sides.
  7. Now you need to put hair extension just at the middle of the hair section that you’ve decided to braid first.
  8. After combining the hair extensions with your natural one, rub some hair gel on your fingers to sleek down the hair.
  9. Braids need to be two stitched.
  10. After you’ve left no hair to add, simply dunk the tip of your braid into hot water to seal it.
  11. Repeat this process for every section

And you have got your majestic goddess braid. Great Job!

Let’s have a look at some wonderful and inspiring styles.

1. Short and cute

If you love short designs, then this one is for you. We can see the main braid in the left of this women’s braid, which is actually quite trendy.

goddess braids

2. Goddess braids in one bun

Sometimes, rolling your braid into bun can be a lot easier to handle. Therefore, if you are out for some sports or athletics, this might be your perfect choice.

3. A mix of cornrows and goddess braids in an updo

Goddess braids updo also look fantastic. Especially with some crafted work on cornrows, you can get this style for yourself.

4. Spiral Goddess Braids

This style is a timeless one. As a result, its one perfect fit for the party and proms. We suggest you try it in such social occasions.

5. Confusing braided bun

It seems a little bit mystery where the bun’s beginning and the ending is. Therefore, special styles such as this can give a good first impression to anyone.

6. Coiled Bun

Sometimes it’s easy just to coil the goddess braids into one bun. Similarly, don’t worry about handling it every time it comes across your face.

7. Monster Ponytail

Ponytails are great in cases of goddess braids. They are usually thick and robust in this hairstyle.

8. Glamorous look

Goddess ponytails aren’t the top choices of high profile celebs for no reason. As a result, they are some charismatic and fashionable hairstyles ever. Just look at this lady shining in her fabulous hairstyle.

9. Large knots

It’s up to you to keep some smaller knot or one larger one in your style. This larger variation looks equally sumptuous and cute like its smaller counterpart.

10. Multiple lane goddess braids

If you knew that your hair could look such diverse and unique in each hairstyle, would you wait for even one second to get into it? Of course not!

11. An artist’s impression

What we see down below is one pure work of art. These four large braids look like dragons and those cornrows in the middle look like their tails.

It’s awe-inspiring when someone has daring and talent to pull off something like this.

12. Greyed style

Your flowing braids can be colored to make the goddess braids look even more vibrant and unique.

13. Permed addition

Here we can see 2 goddess braids surrounded by some permed brown hair. The two goddess braids system is one cute and neat idea to have.

14. Side parted style

This one is a clear and neat style under the goddess braids hairstyles. This excellent matchup between the braids and cornrows mesmerizes the viewers.

15. Edged variation

Sometimes, all you need to have in your goddess braid repertoire is just one simple idea like this one. This beautiful girl has made an edged style braid along with a regular style.

16. Royal goddess braid

A royal style lets you have a classy and a spectacular look wherever you go.

17. Sideway cornrows combo

These two goddess braids, added with a gorgeous sideway cornrows combo gives you a spectacular look.

18. Locked Bun

Goddess braids in a bun are always fantastic. Here we can see a locked style that perfectly suits those having thick hair.

19. Copper enigma

A divine combination of permed hair on the back and shiny goddess braids on the front is gorgeous. We love this girl and her fashion sense.

20. Spiral waves

3 goddess braids can be made into this form quite easily. One just needs to make them into spirals that meet at one end tip of her ponytail.

21. 3D styles

Ever wonder how your ‘3d’ hair would look like. This is how a perfect 4 goddess braids style would look like. If you are fond of 3d effect, go and get this style right now.

22. Mystical approach

Just make four goddess braids and make one rest section into uniform cornrows. Each result will be an ultra-modern, fashionable style to lure anyone under her radar.

23. Six goddess braids

Using hair extensions and gel, you can too make a lovely and protected style like this.

24. Tinted styles

Your braids don’t need to just be of one same color all the time. Instead, color it with some vibrant hues like gold or purple in this middle or sideways. What you’ll get is a one of a kind style that glows in unknown darkness.

25. Uniform dark braids

These three goddess braids are the easiest to achieve. As pictured below, you just need to sleek down some braids to your back. To keep them classic, seal your deal by dipping ends of these braids into hot water.

26.Animated styles

It’s so rare to see these brilliant goddess braids on somewhere else than on Disney. But after knowing that its possible to make it by yourself, I don’t think you’ll waste any time.

27. Rolled bun

This kind of style was amongst some most popular in some last 2 0r 3 years ( goddess braids 2017 and goddess braids styles 2016). And one fun fact is that it is now erupting in our fashion market in 2019.

28. Goddess braids to your side

Goddess braids are unique in a sense that they can be parted to any side. Here this woman has made her braids into a high bun and parted sideways.

29. Two hanging tail braids

This tiny middle cornrow in her head already gives a royal impression. Let’s praise her fashion sense.

30. Shiny dots

It seems as if this lady has tiny precious dots all over her head. These styles were amongst some popular goddess braids 2018.

31. Heavy lifting

Let your dark and strong hair do some heavy lifting of giving you a gorgeous look. You can just simply show them off.

32. Uniqueness personified

This is what we call unique by every test. It’s very easy to copy other’s style or to imitate what is trending on this market. But it requires a whole lot of courage and creativity to invent your own and apply it.

33. Simple and eloquent

People like to wear heavy and complex styles, in hair as well as costumes. However, they forget that life is all about simple living and high thinking.

34. Teen choices

Most teen favor what is their girlfriend’s choice. Instead, you can search and make a good one for yourself. It’s always the right choice for you and your self-esteem.

35. Narrow pathways

Even though you may have your hair unequal on their heights, this style is quite impressive.

36. Dark and shiny

Despite all the efforts people make to hue their hair into blonde or silver, dark hair always remains the best.

37. Brown and soft style

Ever thought of having a brown side of yourself. Instead of having a dark one, the proposed alternative will have you coveted by many.

38. Simple yet stylish

Ponytail finishes are always the great ones to have. Furthermore, a simple locked finish will add even more to the beauty.

39. A hot and cute view

Putting an Instagram up with high heels and short skirts is common. Instead, your look will be praised if you dare to show yourself like this.

40. The zig-zag line

The first thing that comes to our mind upon looking at this style is the shine. However, its zigzag course allures us the most.

41. Two-way point

Even though the picture of a road comes to our mind when we hear ‘two way,’ there can be more. Your hair can also take a two-way style if you are ready for it.

42. Lovely bun

A tattoo behind the ear and a lovely bun are all that you need on your dating. Moreover, remember to use a seductive fragrance on that day.

43. The hill system

You always look classy when you have a haircut with different heights. For this reason, celebs tend to choose this style more often than not.

44. A work of art

It’s not always you see a stunning work on art in someone’s hairstyle. Therefore, it’s very appropriate to praise this wonderful style.

45.Flowing braids

Besides the ponytails, buns, and updos, there’s always a possibility that you let your hair run down. Likewise, let your hair flow sideways is one of the most natural options.

46. Uprising bun

Although it may seem overly stylish and showy, having a shiny and cute high bun will add more fame to your name. As a result, you will be the talk of the town overnight.

47. As hot as it gets

Being sexy and seductive isn’t only about your body and costumes. Sometimes your hair can do all the trick.

48. Scalped profile

Finally, we have come to the most innovative hairstyle of the year. The visual treat that this style provides us is more than enough to love this. As a result, the whole world has gone crazy about this girl.

49. Cornrow mix

Have you ever thought about the impact that the absence of cornrow in your braids would cause? Its still time to dwell on that and be inspired by this idea.

50. Devils’s horn

Despite the color of the horn and its originating point, this tempting dark horn steals everybody’s heart within the range.

51. Mickey Mouse’s inspiration

Did you know that the current world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen is a die-hard fan of Donald Duck Comics. It’s no shame to show your love to your favorite cartoon character through your hair.

52. Charming style

For instance, how would you feel to have such fantastic hair if you get from bed tomorrow? Pretty special, right? Get to a stylist and live your dream now.

53. Smooth and silky

Despite not sounding silky and smooth by the name, the goddess braids have been one symbol of smoothness and silkiness from centuries.

54. Riveting visuals

It would be quite astonishing if someone would not pay some great deal of attention to this style. In the first place, art is always worthy of attention while attention is always worthy of a masterpiece.

Tell me down if you understand what has been said.

55. Sexy redhead desires

It’s not some secret anymore that everyone has fantasies and fetishes.

In addition to that, there might not be one girl in this world who at some stage of her life had not wished to be a redhead.

56. A golden anaconda

It’s pretty common that you might be seeing some golden or copper anaconda on someone’s head. Its well took care of.

57. Bushy styles

Bushy doesn’t always mean messy and messy doesn’t always mean fishy. You need to try out this style to know its secrets and its capability to allure people.

58. Venom snakes

A multitude of such cornrows, especially the golden ones on a girl’s head leads of tons of erupting desires. We love this style and recommend you to try it now.

59. A mountain of chocolates

Even though a simile, there’s no falsity in comparing this gorgeous lady’s bun to a mountain of chocolates. For this reason, black-haired beauty is loved all over the world as are chocolates.

60. Shiva’s aspiration

Even though we are talking about the Goddess braids, the eternal lord Shiva has this hairstyle as his favorite. For those who don’t know him, he is regarded as the destroyer in the oldest religion, Hinduism, and also an innocent god at the same time.

61. Outworldly ponytail

Goddess braids in a ponytail are one of the things that are common to both a commoner and a celeb’s wishlist. As a result, they occupy so much of the google search’s traffic every day.

62. Hued variations

Let’s have a look at some fantastic and upbeat variations of this hairstyle.

Having a bit of tint of hue spray on your braid gives more detail to your hairstyle. Here we can see some great ways to shade your thing in vibrant colors like copper, gold, platinum, and brown.

They are the lovely bit of spices that we can add to this trendy hairstyle.

63. Uniform sense

People with uniform sense are well known for their consistency. In the same way, people wearing nonuniform styles are known for their creativity.

64. Pink lip’s strength

It’s mostly a good idea to have a simple braid along with bright pink lips. Your date can never turn down any offers in such cases.

65. Pointed idea

The six needles pointed towards your right temple is a beautiful scene to behold. However, you don’t need to worry if they are dangerous. That’s pretty obvious, right?

66. Gorgeousness exemplified

It’s time to face the definition of gorgeous. Most people say it as a facial quality. However, having a clear hear, an honest sense of expression and a love towards every form of life is the true definition of being gorgeous.

67. Monster creations

We love petite as well as gigantic forms of braids. They are pretty awesome, right?

68. Revolving bun

It seems like the bun is revolving, isn’t it? Anyway, we love this creative and innovative idea.

69. Powerful bun

Since the goddess ideas are there for you to protect your hair in any scenario, having an overpowering bun helps itself from falling.

70. Extensive 3d designs

Not just in the fashion industry, this kind of luring styles are extensively used in the gaming industry too. Lara Croft is a great example of it.

71. Copper design

Copper is an enticing color, isn’t it?

72. Short and simple

Just like a memo, keeping your style short and simple helps you live a perfect life, with no pretension and drama.

73. Shine bright like a diamond

Even though Rihana said it for the heart, it applied perfectly well for your hair too. These sort of styles can make you the only talk of the parties.

74. Spiraling inspiration

You should make it spiral to get a new flavor to your old style. In contrast, you should coil it when you have some exercise or athletics. That’s what experts say.

75. Rich kid’s dream

A rich kid’s dream is to make new friends and make new hairstyles. Unlike their parents, very little of them care about the money. That’s a fun fact for you.

76. Clear and concise

77. Classic idea

78. Purity exemplified

79. Appealing style

80. Snake’s nest

Its a pure inspiration from nature.

81. Underways and highways

82. Sleek and soothing

83. Rooftop bun

84. Messy but sexy

85. Cutie’s choice

86.Thick and strong

87. Copper knots

Copper is a sacred element. Therefore, making your hair a sacred part of your body.

88. Flowing down the head, coiling above the neck

89. A mass of quality

If it’s large, it must of-of low quality. This type of bias is harmful to even oneself. Here, we can see how despite being large, she kept it beautiful and sumptuous.

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91. Large cornrow variations

Let’s look at some large variations of goddess braids. These are the classic styles in this category.

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93. Cookie chip’s inspiration

94. Sweet instances

Some sweet types in this category are down below.

95. Thick and mighty

96. Dark as the darkness itself

97. Enigmatic types

98. Cute ponytails

99.Short and cute ideas

100. Lovely excerpts

101. Visual treats

102. Teen’s favorites

103. Three goddess braids


To conclude, goddess braids are always handy when you start caring about your hair. They need less maintenance, and at the same time, are classy and seductive style. We hope you get inspired from one of these.