110 Cool Grey Hair That Is Trending This Year Like Never Before

Ever doubted that grey hair is out of fashion? In contrast, they have been trending in the market like never before. While people are found questioning things like how to get rid of grey hair or why does hair turn grey, grey has been the new fashion. We love grey for its charisma, charm and silver effect. Firstly, they are shiny and warm, and secondly, they can make you look like a Rapunzel out of a Disney movie or Elsa, from ‘Frozen’ if you like. Vividness and clarity are what makes any hairstyle stand out among others. Grey hair can come in some styles like ash-grey hair, platinum grey hair, dark grey hair, blue-grey hair or even purple-grey hair.

If you have thought that grey is the one color that you would want to try this year, then go for it. We adore this brilliant and glittering style that has been around for more than a hundred hairs. None can despise and loathe such shimmering style that every celebrity has been hanging out. Let’s move forward to look at more than a hundred pictures that give you a bright look of grey hair. These clicks will inspire you to be in a neutral style. So, without any further ado, lets dive right into these new trending hairstyles that have been in a tip of the tongue of every girl.

Capped + side braids

Braids are lovely when pulled off by a professional. This can be a perfect answer to a question of ‘how to dye hair without bleach.’

Knotted bun + silvery shine

Gorgeous models have always been fond of soft dark grey hair. We want to suggest you try these breathtaking new look instantly.

Soft and shiny

Slick and sublime hair like these flowing down from head to back is quite brilliant. Nonetheless, they can be difficult to handle and maintain.

Pierced Asian look

Scenes such as these make your skin create goosebumps. Uniform cuts in the forehead, dashing blue eyes and a nose piercing just above that black lips is excellent.


Soft as fur

Don’t take your soft and slippery furry hair for granted. They can be great to show off and seduce an alpha male who can succumb to each of your needs. Your partner can make you very much satisfied when you are in this mood.

Pussy look

Cats are lovely to behold. Their selfish acts are cute and innocent. This young grey haired lady below is giving us a pussy look who is selfish and self-centered but still manages to capture our hearts.

Hats everywhere

Hats add a special and unique element to your personality. Three ladies in different colored hats are what we see in the picture below. Hair too, you can see the magic of ash grey hair in either side of the redhead.

Soft as cotton

We are not sure if this hair is real or artificial. Cotton is used to make synthetic hair wigs. Let’s not hope this dark-complexioned lady has a wig over her head.

Sexy, uniform cut

Red lips are out of this mundane world. Grey hair that is made into a bun is oh-so-classy and effective to seduce males. They make handsome fellows kneel down.

Iphones’s effervescence

iPhone is a class. And this thing is known to only those who own iPhones. Does over stress cause grey hair? – No. Joy and happiness motivate you to suit in grey and purple hair.

Messy dreadlocks

Apart from black and brown dreadlocks, now we get the privilege to see this divine scene. Go out and ask your hair-stylish to make you ready in those locks.

Steamy erotic woman

A steamy view can be very eloquent. Plus the grey blonde hair resembling platinum has a magical effect on her beauty.

Dining philosopher’s problem

Information technology students can very much relate to this problem. Thick eyelashes can make people think if you are real or imaginary.

Short bob cut

Bob cuts are widely admired all over the world. Let’s be damn honest, we all want to be groomed in this metallic style. But you don’t see blending grey hair with highlights and lowlights here. That’s for the next clicks.

Ash grey highlights

Reverse grey hair is hypnotizing. Premature grey hair can’t be described; they can just be seen and behold. Koreans, Japenese, and Chinese look magnificent in below style.

Chocolate braid

I am in love with this long chocolate braid. Although twists are high, a shade of grey helps them stand out even more.

Talking with yourself

Ash grey hair is what we all want to have. Even though they are but costly to achieve regarding both time and money, they still give a classic and genuine look.

Teenage Twists

Meanwhile, we are talking about grey hair. This teen has been grooming herself in cute side braids that are enough to cuddle with her boyfriend.

Imaginary Look

You are dumbfounded looking at this grand hairstyle, aren’t you? What we say is that you need to try this makeover as soon as possible.

Royal Necklace

It is not necessary that your grizzled hair stands out all the time. Royal and grand accessories like her necklace need to be shown off time and again.

Black and grey hair

Its a talk of the century that how can we combine black and grey hair. Take some inspiration from this scheme. Grey hair highlights are impressive and glorious.

Queen’s attitude

The regular queens are very high in mood and character, aren’t they? This royal beauty is charming us with her golden attitude. All the thanks go to her curls at some bottom of her tress.

Iconic creation

This style is creativity at its best. Celebrities and actresses are fond of these elements. Red glossy lips, weaved eyebrows and pure black eyelashes pull out heart form a young man’s chest.

Winter is coming

For a cold and snowy time, you have one more option for your hair. You can camouflage yourself to the snowy environment and be a master in hiding and seek.

Bold look

Cleavages can take your breath for several seconds. They show the reproductive side of any women and her healthiness regarding regeneration. That is the sole reason why men love them, although they don’t know this scientific idea behind it.

Wanderer in a forest

Silver grey hair dye is used to make your any colored hair look epic. So why not give this element a try right now?

No head + artistic photography

You know what causes grey hair? Your desire to groom in that. Yes, not stress nor obesity. Although they are despised by a minority of society and global population, most admire and praise the neutral shade of hair.

Cute teenage dreams

During our teenage years, we can’t even mention how crazy ideas we used to have. This view is a reminder of those wild and fantasy dreams.

Kim’s fantasy

Even though mostly known for her booties and boobies, here she has mesmerized us with her shampooed grey hair. She is a real Kardashian. Furthermore, her breasts encased in that tight blackout suit is a joy to behold.

Long hair beauty

Not just red, your pink lips are glossy and authentic too. She is a brilliant example of a pink lip model.

Deep thoughts

You can get into the well of deep ideas when a ton of marriage proposals comes to you within a night. Nobody can lower the significance of this dashing view.

Smiley face

Since smile is a symbol of friendliness, you’ve got to get them. They only add to your repertoire of the friend list.


Halloween things

Halloween can get much more fun with these lavender grey hair. They are wonderful and fantabulous. I like them.

Cute desires

Seriously, I want her as my companion. Those sweet eyes and rocking face rocks us in no time. Plus that grey haired pussy.

Shine bright like a diamond

Yeah, Rihanna is our motivator. This hot lady has got the sun shining in her side bangs. Woolen jackets are a great choice for next winter. Go, get them.

Short pixie

Pixies don’t always have to be purple colored. Some shades of grey make them even more heavenly and angelic. Just look at that radiant smile on her face.

Ravishing lady

We can neither describe nor copy her smile. They are to see and get dumbstruck. So let’s enjoy them while you can.

Burning bun

Buns demand our support. They were very fashionable until the last decade. But due to modernization and globalization, they are fading. So we’ve got to help them maintain and regenerate their glory and history. Meanwhile, we are fantasizing about getting princes and kings.

Suggestive icon

All of us know what she is trying to suggest. She is recommending us to give her our company and meet her on her own or our place to do something fun and dangerous. What can that be?-I wonder?

Glamourous side

Everyone in this world has their internal teams. Some have a devils’ motive inside them, while some have an angel’s compassion in them. This matron has a glamorous side in her. We all have to agree on that.

Bear’s nails

Nail biting is time pass for some people, while nail growing is for some. We support the latter way of passing the time. Long nails are totem-pole of greatness and mother’s move.

Fascinating fantasy

Our fantasy becomes even wilder and out of the box after looking at her. Let’s find out who she is and where she lives.

Sexy straight tress

Poets don’t describe usual things. When they explain the tresses of women, they are referring to women like this lady who has her face hidden. Anyway, not to mention, she might be the icon of that fashion magazine.


Sublime and slick

What comes to your highly intelligent brain when you hear this term ‘Sublime’? This picture comes to my head for me. I have always fantasized about having a great hair like this. This is one perfect example of how a sweet look can be achieved out of nowhere.

Old woman’s look

The title is dubious. It is just for your attention. We can’t say for sure the lady inside this dazzling flowing hair is an old woman. She might very probably be the Stardust award recipient of 2018. Who knows?

From the glasses

Your world is entirely different when you make yourself behind black glasses. You can turn your eyes anywhere, to any part of the trespasser’s body while wearing this.

Romantic effect

While the causes of grey hair are unknown, we admire their eloquence and magnificence. With a pair of roses on either bun, your romantic soul evolves through this hairstyle.

Short pseudo-pixie

This ‘Rihanna’ with gray hair is our new motivator. She coveys the message that even with short cute hair and dark eyes with glossy lips, you can win the hearts of people.

Hiding from the camera

While you may be thinking of trying to get some attention from that old style, she has to hide from the camera. This is what we call ‘A spell of magic’ from grey hair highlights and grey hair trend.

Old but gold

Old things are valuable. They are like antique pieces that are sold for thousands of pounds. This old gentlewoman is a class example of an authentic and genuine look of neutral hairstyle.

Women in black

Sorry to Will Smith, ‘Women in black’ would be far better than ‘Men in Black’ if they were made. It’s because women look fantastically admirable in following things like black glasses, black nails and black bags, of course.

Bold, lewd look

She is in Hollywood industry. We all know that. But had she been in the adult industry, she would have the most extensive fan database to her name. That’s why some industries are getting more and more revolutionized than others.

Fizzy and fuzzy

Looks such as these are quite fantabulous. Piercing and dark lipstick on lips make them look oh-so-sexy. All of the credit goes to the grey-blue hair.

Dark grey hair with highlights for greying brown hair

Don’t google anymore for how to dye hair grey. Just copy this model. You will be astonished at the chain reaction of surprises that will follow you after you’ve got yourself ready in this style.

White is pure

White is the symbol of purity in all countries and maybe worlds that exist out there in the universe. You need to get this style once in a lifetime if you want to be famous. You are guaranteed to become an internet sensation and overnight celebrity in this style.

Nudeness exemplified

Being nude is not a bad thing, its natural. Who was born with clothes? Certainly not me. Your long dark grey hair can compensate for your clothes and cover your back.

Plum + dark style

Plum is the second name of hair dye. Every diva wants to give herself a plum shade. They are aware of the fact that purple color is color of fame and love. They are purely passionate.

Sexiness exposed

All models and actresses want one thing in common. Tha is their need to look sexy and suggestive in front of masses. This thing is a significant thing in a celebrity’s life.

Soft scene

A softer look can give you softer smiler and harder laughs. Not only hard laughs, but you can also get that hardness in other aspects of your life too. Who knows maybe you are damn lucky enough to get a partner with the latter quality somewhere inside him?

Shinier than the sun

I agree to your disapproval of the above statement. It was an intentional exaggeration. But this diva’s hair is so shiny that even sun would have to admire them. Let’s go for it.

Sensuous cleavage

Men are a fan of white and clear-cut divisions. Grey dyed hair is capable of adding icing to the cake by adding more suggestion to that cleavage.

Crossover with curls

Curls, when combined with little pseudo-braids, give a momentous loo to you. We suggest you opt for these stunning designs.

Short, dirty hair

Even though they are dirty and unmanaged, they are flirty. You don’t need a verbal method of flirting if you get these black grey ombre hair. Get going.

Old side bangs

You will get a somewhat similar picture if you search for hairstyles for a grey hair over 60. They are also included in results for hairstyles for a grey hair over 50. It’s your viewpoint.


Gloominess revealed

Despite the magic of grey hair, gloominess is still prevalent in our society. We need to eradicate them as soon as possible.

Face-framing bob cut

Bob cut are uniquely designed here to give you a hiding closet. So that you need not worry about hiding when you make an embarrassing mistake anymore.

Majestic Maharani

A ‘Maharani’ is an Indian term for a great or grand queen. She personifies that queen. Her red hat captures our sight and gets us unconscious.

Ending curls

You may not find kinks on her silver-gray hair dye anywhere on top. It is only found in the ending section. Well, we have to give hats off to her attitude, fearlessness and daring.

Asian belief

Asians, on the other hand, believe that grey hair is a symbol of aging. But not this cutie, she is trying to modernize the Asian understanding of hairstyle.

Twinkling Bangs

Side bangs rarely twinkle. But when they do so, they come in their full glory. Nobody disdains this style in front of me. Its a threatening in softest of forms. Take it lightly.

Punk’s vision

It is a fact that I wanted to be a Punk when I was a kid. We love her raining and drizzling set of straight hair strands that are brilliant to watch.

Twin Sisters

It would not be totally screwed up and wrong to say that these twin sisters are unique and are once in a century kind of thing. Who can make such braids and grey hair magic like those two darlings?

Scary cut

The haircut has evolved with the evolution of the Hollywood industry. This white model has given herself a frightening style, after being inspired by Hollywood horror movies.


Short warm pixies

They very much resemble the grey pubic hair we are used to seeing in products of the adult film industry. Anyway, they are magnificent and beautiful to copy.

Rolled bun + clear arched cut

Your face needs to be framed by such reductions if walking in red carpet is your desire. Let’s be honest you can have such opportunity is you make your hair like this ladies. Not to mention, this model looks like the south Indian sensation Trisha Krishnan.

Sleek and smooth

Smoothness is redefined when we look at this visionary haircut. We are fond of these reverse grey hair and premature grey hair.

Bluish dark grey hair

Nobody except this model has tried this style before. Therefore, it’s an excellent technique that has been hitting the fashion market.

Wife of the Joker

The title above is relevant to those who have seen the recent movies of Will Smith. Write that movie down below in comment’s box. We’ll appreciate your efforts.

Extreme cuteness

Beware of extreme cuteness. They can make everyone fall in love with you.

Ravishing, raw scene

With those light round cleavages coming out of her tight red suit, she deserves to be a one-of-a-kind model. Therefore, we admire such eloquence.

Royal braids

Royal braids are best when provided to girls who have royalty in their blood.

Round glasses

Round glasses can give you a truthfulness like Mahatma Gandhi. We all are a fan of these great, humble grey hair that has been topping the charts lately.

To conclude, I would like to focus on the popularity that these grey hair have nowadays. These molds should be respected and proudly passed on to the next generation as a royal style.