104 Popular Halo Braid Designs With Steps

To all the ladies who feel like a queen, this hairdo is perfect! The halo braid gives a beautiful vibe of a majestic crown that is sure to win any hearts. So, to all my Queens, you need to try this awesome hairdo of royalties. This hairstyle might look complex; nonetheless, it only consists of wrapping the french braid together around the head in a crown like a manner to give a perfect look of beauty. So, be it any party or just an outdoor gathering this hairdo is simply a good match!

Without any further ado, I would like to present all the fancy halo braid of elegance to all the beautiful ladies out there.

Twisted Halo Braid

halo braid

Isn’t this braid just adorable? The simple twist and joining the twist together does the beautiful magic of creating such a fantastic hair design.

Blondie Crown

Blond hair and the crown braids never go out of fashion! And with a hairdo like that, girl you are going to slay for sure.

Neat Halo Braid

Keeping your hair neat can be one of the best fashion tips ever. Trust me for any or every occasion; this will never go wrong.

Corn Row Crown Braid

Are you bored with your every day cornrow braid? Try this new design which you are sure to love.

Perry’s Halo Braid

Katy Perry is the best hair fashion icon, who is never going to disappoint you!

Steps For The Perfect Crown Braid

Believe me; crown braids are far easier to make than they appear to be. Here are four easy steps which are sure to give you a hairdo of perfection.

Ponytail Options

Making a ponytail when you already have a crown braid takes your hair game to a new level.

Thick Crown Braid

This braid type goes well with a bun. This jumbo crown braid is one of those hairstyles that is, undoubtedly, going to make you stand out.

Braided Crown With Floral Accessory

If you want a look with a touch of nature, this hairdo should be in your bucket list for sure.

Greek Design

Looking like a Greek goddess is such a compliment, and this hairdo is going to give you that bonus.

Pull Through Braid

Now even the crown braid can look dull and in this case, giving it a pull through design is the best decision for real.

Goddess Crown Braid

With freely floating side curtain bangs and well-arranged braid like a halo, you are destined to look like a Goddess!

Teal Highlight

Isn’t this hair coloring idea so innovative? Oh yes, it sure is! And with this hair color, the crown braid looks perfect.

Brunette Braid

Brunette hair is one of the most beautiful hair, and any styling types look good; moreover, with the crown braid like that, it is sure to make you look stunning.

Halo Braid For Models

This braid type has been taking the fashion industry by storms, and with the right dress, every day is going to look like a runway walk.

The Side Parted Crown Braid

Honestly, girls, this is one of the most creative hairdos, and for girls with a round face, this hair is sure to look stunning.

Side Bangs

With black hair and shine like that anyone can go gaga! Plus, beautiful hair design can transform anyone into a fashion icon.

The Vikings Vibe

Who said flat top braid and loose down hair doesn’t look right? Because this picture surely is definite proof for all the skeptics.

Halo Braids For Women Over 40

Be it a young country girl or black women in her 40s; this braid looks good on anyone.

The 1st Step

Ladies, this is the 1st step to get a crown braid. Look, how easily she is doing her hair. Trust me, with much practice you are going to achieve perfection.

Braids With Rubber Bands

This hairdo is so fancy that you are sure going to be a head turner no matter where you go.

The Cornrow Design

Easy to manage and pretty to wear- who doesn’t like a beautifully crafted cornrow hair?

The Queen Of Elegance In A medium Hair

Girls with short hair, you are in luck here. You can easily duplicate this hairdo in a bob or a long pixie.


This crown braid is easy to get than the single one, as in case of long hair, overlapping the two braided part might not look so amazing.

Iggy’s Braid

Let’s be real, Iggy’s hair fashion is one of the most iconic ones in the Hollywood world right now, and following her footstep is never going to deceive you.

The Floral Touch

Who needs a tiara, when you can transform your hair into a beautiful floral design with that princess vibe.

The Formal Braids

For ladies, who always have to look formal, this hairdo can do wonders!

Jumbo Braided Crown

This hairdo was a fashionable hair design among the African- American population in the past days; however, due to its elegance and beautiful design, it is still preferred.

The Ladder Pattern

Just take a moment to admire this beautiful hair design! Isn’t it so majestic?

Brown Coffee Hair

Any hairdo type looks good in brunette hair, and this crown braid is not an exception at all.

Braided Bands For Babies

Told you braids of this kind are right for any age group, and toddlers are no exception! This beautiful sky blue color braided hair band can make the whole aura of the baby so angelic!

Braided Crown Hair For Girls

For moms who love to design their hair cutely, this hairdo is just perfect! The crown braid keeps the hair in order and prevents a messy look and is such a smart idea to put on for the school picture day.

Tiara Braid

Hail the Queen! This hairdo says it all, and the scarlet hair color adds more weight to the whole look.

Jumbo Braids For Formals

Who said jumbo braids are only for casual wear? If you thought so, darling, you were wrong.

Spiral Braid

Now, this hairdo is “okay!” and the expression of this particular lady is fantastic. LOL!

The Forward Look


OK, now for real, this hairdo looks pretty and look at those freely flowing curtain bangs! This hairdo is undoubtedly going to make you a princess.

French Halo Braid

Who wouldn’t fall for a hairdo like that! The beautifully crafted hair design with a few curtain strands is destined to give you a princess look.

Iggy’s Braid

Let’s be real, Iggy’s hair fashion is one of the most iconic ones in the Hollywood world right now, and following her footstep is never going to deceive you.

Classy Jumbo Braid

The Jumbo braid, a perfect red dress, with a beautiful earring is sure to blow anyone’s mind!

Braid With Side Bangs

This hairdo is the exact type of braid which is going to make you look youthful, playful and elegant at the same time.

Highlighted Blond In The Front

Waterfall braids look fantastic and are sure to look dashing in any lady for real.

Cornrow Braid With Side Swept

Now that’s something unique, and for ladies who are looking for hair styling inspiration to get an iconic look, this can be an ideal option.

Turban Braid

I am not sure that many girls will prefer this hairdo, but if you are looking for something new, this is a yes yes!

Crown Braid For Short Hair

I know the struggle of short hair: NO HAIRDO CAN BE DONE! But don’t worry my little munchkins, with this braid you are never going to go wrong.

Thick Braids

Everything thick is so good to wear or to look at, and this hairdo is no exception.

Milk Maid Braid

Despite your age, with a hairdo like this, you are surely going to looking dashing!

The Floral Band

Braids can get annoying at times, to take your hair game to the next level you need to start adding some accessory, and the best one so far is beautiful floral designs, that is sure it make anyone go “Aw!”

The Well-Crafted Braid

With black and dark hair, and a neatly arranged crown braid like that, you are going to look dead drop gorgeous.

Milk Maid Braids In Blond

This braid is so sparkly and is sure to catch anyone’s eye where ever you go! With the sizzling blond, and th perfectly crafted hairdo, you are getting that model look, honey.

Milk Maid Braid In Making

The milkmaid braid was made to keep your hair well organized, and these days nothing much have changed. However, more than a manageable hair, this braid is used to a classy look.

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Waterfall Braid

How can we ever forget the beautifully designed waterfall braids when it comes to braiding in style!

Waterfall Braid With Side Bangs

For girls with short hair, this can be the best hairdo that you will ever think of wearing.

Colorful Highlights And Pan Cake Braids

Hey girl, are you looking for a unique design that is going to blow everyone’s mind! Well, here you go, I’m pretty sure that not many are going to do.

Beyonce In Classic

Queen B never goes out of style, and even when she is going classic, she surely looks sexy!

4-Stranded Braids

Darling, any hair can look beautiful when you braid it correctly, and this hair is no different.

Braids In Rose Blond

Halo braids are perfect for rose blond hair; moreover, with a little fringe, you are sure to look angelic.

Scarlet And Braids

Didn’t this hair make you go “Aw!” The whole aura of this lady looks pretty amazing with a hairdo like that and light makeup, complimented with pink lips.

Thick Braid With Thin Side Bangs

This hairdo makes it clear that” less is more!” The simple and beautifully crafted hair design is good to go for any and every occasion.

Majestic Hair With Curls

Now that’s something that’s seriously royal! With the flowy hair in the back and crowned braid at top, you are going to get that Queen vibe for real.

Tidy Braid

This braid is simply perfect to be worn on a formal occasion, and is sure to glam you up -anywhere and everywhere!

The Iconic Look

A hairdo like that can make anyone go head over heels! Moreover, this hair is going to glam you up to look like a model.

Pull Through Milk Maid Braids

Here are simple steps that you can follow to get an iconic milkmaid braid in a few minutes. All you have to do is curl and let your hair loose a bit and then go with the flow of braiding. After a while, rotating the braid in your head and tucking it in and with each other can solve the whole hair problem. Your hair will start resulting in a model like a look, with much elegance!

Halo Braid With Flat Fringes

Be it fluffy bangs or choppy bangs; this hairdo never fails to impress anyone.

Braided And Tugged In

Now, this hairdo is pretty impressive! The tucked-in portion of the hair, makes it look neat and manageable.

The Perfect Middle Partition Braid

Getting a crown braid is not severe, and with braiding like this, the whole braiding game becomes more effortless.

Golden Crown Braids

Doesn’t she look pretty? With a shimmering golden hair like this blondie, you are sure to look gorgeous in your crown braid.

Spiral Up Braids

This hairdo is one of the cutest braids in the list. The spiral Braid keeps your hair in order and gives you a well-defined beauty that is going to make you stand out.

Pinned Up Halo Braids

Here are a few steps that demonstrate how you can get beautiful braids with some bobby pins; trust me, you are going to love it!

Cleopatra Braids With Highlights

I am unsure of the highlights because I believe in flaunting natural hair; however, if you like hair coloring, you should be proud because colors always define your personality.

Classy Thick Braids

Who knew that even thick braids could look classy? Oh, it sure does, and this photograph is solid proof.

Double Braids

Double braids are also the latest trend that is sure to make anyone go head over heels for a hairdo like that!

The Pancake Style

Girl, if you love pancake, you must love to flaunt your hair in this style because it is so unique on its own.

Low Pull Through Braids

How can you ever ignore the low pull through braids? This halo braid is one of the bold fashion statement that you will ever make!

Braids In Auburn Hair

Sincerely, a braid like this is going to melt any guys heart! So, ladies getting ready for a date, you can give this hairdo a shot, with zero regrets.

Medusa Braid

In Greek Mythology, Medusa happened to be a woman with snakes in her head; you can create a similar illusion by braiding your hair in a halo style.

Halo Braid For Any Age

This halo braid is a perfect braiding design that most women, despite their age group, prefer a lot.

Hairbands And Hairbands

Moms who are having a tough time maintaining their kid’s hair need to give this hairdo a shot as this keeps your girl’s hair neat and stylish at the same time.

Halo Braids For Women Over 40

This hairdo is one of that hair which can drive any women crazy! If you are above the 30s, then you are surely going to love this design.

Iggy’s Tiara

Beside Iggy’s rap, her hair is flawless as well, and if you are drowning amid confusion on what braid, you need to get for your hair, following Iggy’s lead will do no harm.

Twisted Hair With Bun

This hairdo is one of those ideal design that anyone can put on for a wedding. And if it’s your special day, you are going to look dashing in this hairdo.

Halo Braids For Kids

Are you getting your kid ready for the picture day? If yes then, this hairdo will suit her the best for sure.

Arrayed Braids

Now, this hairdo looks confusing, but anyone with a genuine interest in hairstyle can give this hairdo a shot!

The White Flora

This braid is one of the most elegant hairdos in this list. Moreover, for a wedding, this hairdo is going to look stunning on the bride.

Shining Braid

This version of milkmaid braid is perfect for a wedding and is sure to give even more wedding hair design ideas.

Braids With Bands

That hairdo is the cutest of all the braids for kids and is sure to make any kid look gorgeous.

Halo Braid For Wedding

I wouldn’t say that this is a perfect braid for a wedding, but as a bride, you are going to stand out with the hairdo like this one.

Halo Braids With Bow

Not trying to be rude but the girl seriously looks like she is putting on a tampon on her braids; therefore, don’t overdo when it comes to hair styling.

Stylish Milkmaid Braid

This stylish hair design should be seriously in “hair goals!” The dark rose blond, and the braid goes pretty well.

The Halo Braid With Cornrow

No one can get enough of cornrow because it does make your hairstyle stand out.

Braid Of Elegance

Nude lips, light makeup, prominent eyebrows, thick lashes, and a beautiful halo braid- what more do you need to look gorgeous?

Pink And Flush Colors

Well if you are good at color combination, you are surely going to pull this style quite well. Trust me; you are sure to look angelic.

Braid In Blond

For girls with short hair, this can be the best hairdo that you will ever think of wearing.

Chocolate And Caramel Hair color

Just look at that hair design and the color. Additionally, even the texture of the hair looks so good that it is going to make you look gorgeous for sure.

Halo Braid With Flora

Aw! who doesn’t think this hairdo is cute? The beautiful floral decorations change the whole hair design.

Tiara And Cornrow

This hairdo is one of the best combos that no one is ever going to get fed up! And this hairdo looks good even in school going kids.

Zigzag Cornrow And Crown Braids

The pretty cute cornrows are tough to create; however, looking at the final touch up, it’s worth the effort.

Dutch Halo Braid

This hairdo gives a complete illusion that a person is wearing a fancy hat!

Goddesses Of Cornrow

Look at the beautiful design and look at those dashing braids, aren’t they gorgeous!

Messy Braided Updo

The hair design of this pretty lady is quite extraordinary and is sure to win anyone’s heart. Even if it’s messy, it’s unique on its own and is sure to be a head turner where ever you go.

Halo Braid With Side Partition