150 Alluring Havana Twist that you must try out!

Havana Twist has become the new cool in the market. Recently, the African American hair trend is developing at a rapid pace. From Instagram models to Grammy-winning celebrities like Beyonce, the new trend has garnered a cult following by women of colour. Havana Twist is made from various twists and turns of the hair.  The name may seem hysterical to someone not familiar with the concept but a google search might explain it. The hairstyle is actually a very cool solution to thick hair. Havana Twist has a little similarity with Marley braids. However, it’s quality is a bit different. It has the inclusion of twists and is performed with natural hair and extensions.

Havana twists hairstyles is multipurpose i.e, it can be used for a variety of hair types. They can also be used with extensions like Havana Hair. It can be ordered via various hair extension websites. Curly hairs are usually used for twists because of it being flexible enough. The length really never matters due to the extension. Also, Looser twist implies a thicker look. Saloon charges around three hundred dollars for installing these twists. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you might want to consider youtube videos that teach the methods in a step by step method. Newcomers can learn the process in 3-5 hours. The process is simple but rather time-consuming.

Chunky Marley Twists

havana twist


The picture above is of a typical Havana twist, it shows how beautiful the hairstyle can be. As you can notice, the hair is pretty thick in this picture.


Thin Dark Braids

When applied to a thinner hair, the hairstyle resembles what’s shown in the above picture.



Braids with Blue Accent

Highlighting the hair is also a very good mixture to the core hairstyle to make it stand out.

Thick Marley Braids


Extensions can also be used along with the twist for better display of style.

Dreads With Curl


The twist can be used with other extra hair elements like hairbands or a crown like hair locket as shown above.

Dreads with a Sidelong

Using the twist will definitely compliment anything neck apparel you might want to wear.

Braids with Beads

Various colored beads can be used with the twist to display a unique sense of style.

Thin Braids


The hairstyle can be used in case of a thin long hair.

Medium Thick Braids


Hair with medium thickness also compliments the hair.

Regular Braids

Spectacles are also will make you look a bit nerdy but it will be a major style statement. Regular braids are down to earth yet fashionable.

Short Braids with beads

Golden Hair beads can be used along with a short hairstyle .

Thick Braids with Purple Accent

A thick braid works really well when you put a hint of a purple accent to it.

Lush Crochet twist braids



These are some gorgeous crochet with really lush features, they’re very demanding, unique and modern.

Thick Two way braids.

A thick two-way braid is a perfect way to showcase a dominating women trait.

Half up Bun Crochet Hair

Half Buns are a great style statement. These braids never fail to disappoint.

Medium Senegalese  Twist

Named after the country of Senegal, these braids show true African flair.

Long Lox Braid

A long box braid won’t box a woman’s trait. It rather expresses it.

Medium Lox Braid

A medium lox braid is very beautiful to look at. It’s a great style statement.

Crochet Twist Hair with Braid


Crochets are naturally very Beautiful.

Full Bun Crocheted Hair

A full bun crocheted hair would look sexy on anyone.

Two Way Braids with thin ends

Two-way braids show boldness whereas the thin ends are subtle.

Braid with Silverish Highlight

Silverish Highlights are aesthetic. These braids scream beauty.

Long Crocheted Braid

A long crocheted braid demands respect.

Short One side Braid with beads

These braids are pretty cute. It shows a feminine side of things.

Regular Thick Braid

A regular thick braid is both good looking as well as bold in it’s on way.

Cornrow Style Braid


A cornrow style braid might be a bit masculine. But it does show power in a good way.

Long Braid with Reddish Highlight

A long braid with reddish highlight has a strong tint of violence but it also has a cuteness factor attached to it.

Center Braid with Reddish Highlight

A center braid with reddish highlight are very good to just see. They are some pretty good eyecatchers.

Thin Senegalese Braid

Named after the country of Senegal, these braids show true African flair. Thin braids are always cute.

Bob Twist Braid


Bob Twists have made their comeback. These braids deserve some more recogntion.

One-sided Long Braid

A one sided braid makes a women look beautiful and honest.

Thin One-sided Braid


A thin one-sided braid is a very good braid to try out.

Lush Crocheted Twist Braid with Beads

Lush Crocheted braids display a style statement that very few can provide.

Center thick Braids

Center braids are always bold.

Center Braids with Purple accent


Center braids are always bold. Purple adds a different flair.

Cool Brown Curls

Curls are the cutest thing ever, brown is a great colour choice.



Cornrows might be a bit masculine yet, it displays empowerment.

One-sided Cornrows with brown Highlight

Brown is a great colour choice. One sided highlights are always welcomed.

Thick Braids with a purplish accent

The colour purple is very intense in a good way.

River Style Cornrow Braids

A river style cut of braids is a style statement. No one can argue that.

Short Braids

Short Braids are very cute. They display a female’s heart.

One-sided thin braids

One-sided braids are subtle. The thinness compliments it.

Cool Dark Curls

As the name suggests, Cool Dark Curls are pretty Cool. These are very subtle.

Senegalese Twist


Senegalese Twists are one of the best braids ever. They’re compatible with anyone.

Thick Highlighted Linear Style

A thick higlighted braid is always bold, Add the linear style and it becomes subtle, perfect combination.

Curl Ended Braids

Curl Ended braids are the perfect metaphor for life. Much like this, our life too ends in a curvy way.

Senegalese Braids with Beads

Senegalese braiding is very very very cool, add beads to it and you get a new bar for being cool.

Taint Bluish Braids

A taint of a bluish highlight is all you need for that good aesthetics.

Cornrows with Highlighted ends

A cornrow with highlighted ends are very nice to work with. Similarly, they are also very bold.

Short Cornrows

Short Cornrows are cute and they make you look nerdy.

Highlighted Zig Zag Braids

Highlighted Zig Zag braids have a nice feel to it. They are pretty nice.

Regular Braids with beads

Classic braids are always good. Classic Regular Braids with beads? Even Better.

Layered Long Braids

A layered braid due to a pretty hefty length is a treat to the eyes.

Short Thick Braids

As good as thin braids are, a thick braid always showcases power. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Short Thin Braids

A short thin braid is a nice addition to your look. It’s a clasic cute girl look. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Long Medium Braids with beads

A long medium thickness braid with beads is also very good. They have that  classic touch to them. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Short Braids with Bun

A bun has a different level of boldness attached to it. Havana Twists with buns are always very feasible. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Thick Braids with golden Highlighted End

Since, golden highlights are always on the front page, this style is exquisite. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Thin End Center Braid

Starting from the centre, the braid might seem like a bad idea, however, this braid is one of the nicest looking braids ever.

Full Up Bun for Braid

A bun could seem a bit old-fashioned. In addition, people might not be gravitated towards it, however, it has started to make it’s comeback.

Jumbo Havana Thick braids

Jumbo Havana is a special class of Havana Twists that are really just great to watch. They display a very good aesthetics.

Half Bun Small Crochet Hair with beads

Well, let’s just say that Half Buns Crochets are debatable because, some find them good while some despise them.

Messy braid  One-Sided

Contrary to popular belief, messy braids are actually pretty neat. These braids contradict themselves.

Full Up Curly Ended Crochet Braid

The curly ends are pretty nice, however, the crochet is kind of a bummer. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Curly Greyish Braid

A curly greyish braid is a really nice sight. Since, it looks really good, it kind of is attractive on any one. In addition, the curls are pretty cute here.

Big Curled Hair with Highlight

A big curl highlighted hair doesn’t really need a braid, since, the highlight is enough to slay things. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.


Senegalese Centred Long Braid

Senegalese hairstyles are almost always pretty good, however, this kind of disappoints. It’s not as good as the others.

One-Sided Regular Braid

We have already concluded just how nice one sided braids really are, in addition, a regular braid is classic as hell. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Layered Macro Braid with Half Bun

A layered bun is a two-way sword, since, some people have their own preferences. I for one find this okay. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Center Medium Braid with Highlight

First of all, a centre braid is always nice to work with. It is because of this fact, the hairstyle is so much appreciated. Finally, the highlight adds another dimension to it.

Short Beaded Braid with Reddish Accent

A short braid with beaded hairstyle is nice because it has that red acent.

Straight Ended Medium Braid

Medium braids are probably one of the best Havana Twists. As a result, they are widely used.

Over Ear Beaded Braid

It seems like no one thought about this. As a result, the hairstyle looks pretty ugly. Could be subjective though.

Regular Braid with Curly Ends


A regular braid is classic whereas the curly end is cute. Hence, the combination is pretty good. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Regular Half Bun Braid With Highlight

The half bun hairstyle is the newest type of hairstyle that has been making waves. Combine it with a good highlight. Consequently, you get a keeper.

Curly Braid

Curly braids are one of the best Havana Twists. They have this feminine feel to it and it makes it a perfect hairstyle to have.

Short Cornrows with Curly Ends

A short cornrow shows a bit of boldness wheras the curly side shows a subtle nature. As a result, the combination becomes beautiful.

Curly Braid with Highlight

Curly Braids really have the finesse to it. Mix it with the highlight and it’s even better. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Long Regular Braid

Regular Braids are classic and long length is always appreciated. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Center Senegalese Style Braid

Senegalese styles are great. Hence, this is no exception. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Short Style Braid with Bluish Accent

The bluish accent is one of the best colour choice, period. Having said that, the hairstyle itself is a killer. Totally worth it. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Short Braid with pointed Ends

Short Braids are always a nice thing, the pointed ends add a finesse to it. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.


Thin Braid with Ends Highlighted

Thin braids are always nice, mix it with a hint of highlight and it’s even better. Due to this, the hairstyle has stood the test of time. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.


Thick Highlighted Braids

Thick hairstyles might be bold but the highlight certainly compliments them. As a result, you get a really good hairstyle overall.

Full Bun Very Thick Braid with Beads


A very thick bead is also a pretty good style to nail due to its simplicity. In contrast, the bun ruins it.

Regular Long Cornrow Style Bread

A regular braid is very nice due to its classic nature. Similarly, the cornrow has a hint of boldness to it. As a result, this becomes a really cool combination.


Cornrow Style Regular Thick Braids

I have got a  problem with this hairstyle. First of all, Cornrows are masculine. Likewise, thick displays boldness. As a result, this might not be a good combo.


One-sided Highlighted Braid with a brownish accent

Brownish Accent is good because of its subtleness. Above all, the hairstyle is such a classic look. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Long Braids with Half Bun

A half bun could be nice because of it not being that bold. As a result, the hairstyle deserves a pkus vote.

Medium Braids with Curly Ends

Medium Braids have a nice aesthetic. Maybe, they are one of the best Havana Twist. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Regular Braids

Regular Braids are classic. Hence, the look is still relevant. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Braids with reddish highlight

Reddish Highlights are always pretty nice to work with due to its aesthetics. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Braids with Blue Accent

Blue accents are very subtle and they could be pretty on all types of girls. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Turban Style Braid

Not a big fan of the turban, as a result, i might have to give it a downvote.

Half Bun Marley Twists

Half buns are pretty nice. They bring that cool flavour to the table. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Very Thin One sided Braids

This version of the Havana Twist really compliments girls with introvert character. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Marley Twist Regular

A marley twist regular is also a very classic look that is looking to make a comeback.

One-Sided Braid

One-sided braids display submissive property but they are aesthetically pleasing. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Short Reddish Braid

A short reddish braid has that nice flair about it. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.


One Sided Long braid

One-sided long braid can be worn by anyone and it is pretty relevant too. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Curley Ended Short Braid

Curly ended short braids have best of two worlds. They are both curly as well as short. Therefore, it’s recommended. As a result, a great style to wear.


Multicoloured Braid


Multicoloured braids are a great way to showcase your duality in front of the world. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Center Jumbo Havana Twist

A centre jumbo Havana twist is a great way to showcase your self-worth.

Thick Braids

Thick braids are always very bold and thus, wearable. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

One Bun Thick Braids

A one bun thick braid is an impressive hairstyle to get.

Cornrow Style Golden Braid

Cornrows are bold and the golden colour adds more boldness and power to the table, this hairstyle in a way is very powerful. A true style statement. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.



Two Bun Purple Accent Braid

Purple Accents have good aesthetics, the two bun ruins it though.

Beaded Single Braid 

Single woven braids with beads are very good. The hairstyle deserves a positive review. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

One Bun Curly Dark

Curly dark hairstyles are cute whereas, the bun is bold. Hence, the result is pretty good. The hairstyle is one of those hairstyle that really has a punch to it.


One Bun Jumbo Havana and Short Braid with Highlight

Both the hairstyles shown above are recommended. They’re pretty nice to wear.

Regular Long Braid

A classic hairstyle with an elongated physical size, this hairstyle deserves a plus. As a result, this hairstyle is recommended.

Jumbo Havana Twist with Beads

One of my favourite Havana Twist, I recommend the hairstyle to everyone looking to spice up their hair game.

One Bun Braid with Beads

One bun is generally bolder than what I would like it to be. Nonetheless, this hairstyle is good enough. It doesn’t get a downvote.

Reddish Highlight Braids

A small amount of reddish highlight on braids look really beautiful. Consequently, A must try.

Red Accent Braids

A total red accent is intense. However, its worth it. The combination is one of a kind. Hence, we recommend this.

Jumbo Havana Braids with Pointed Ends

The hairstyle’s name; Jumbo Havana Twist itself is a statement. The thick braids really catch the eye in this one. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle

Highlighted Cool Curly Braid

Curly Braids, when highlighted, is always an aesthetically pleasing site to witness. Therefore, the hairstyle slays. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Highlighted End Long Braid with Beads

The hairstyle has a kinky texture, it looks intense yet it’s subtle. Very good hairstyle overall. As a result, the hairstyle is loved by all.

One Bun Braid with Highlight

One bun is always a down vote but the highlight makes up for the style. Hence, the overall combination is not too shabby. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Butterfly Style Dark Braid

This hairstyle is very creative. It has a butterfly-like bun and a really lengthy braid. Therefore, it looks like a novel style. A must try.

Highlighted Braids with Beads

A highlighted braid with beads is an exceptional hairstyle that everyone needs to try.  As a result, The beads make it really stand out.

Curly Ended Braids


Curly Ended Braids have a really good texture and looks gorgeous. It is compatible with almost everyone. Consequently, it gets real love from the people.

One Bun Reddish Accent Braid

First of all, this is one of the few One Buns that look pretty good in all conditions. The Reddish accent is quite flawless. In contrast, some might find it a bit intimidating because of its boldness. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.

Short Braid with Bluish Highlight and Curly Ends


A short braid is always cute. The bluish highlight compliments the cute look and the curly ends provide a novel texture that makes it a very good hairstyle that you can try out. As a result, we recommend the hairstyle.


Havana twist hairstyles have become a great way to differentiate your image due to its compatibility. These types of hair extensions can make your hair look truly impressive because it only requires a minimum effort. First of all, they are made of artificial fibre but look and feel just like real hair. Likewise, Using a Havana Twist, you can beautify your hair in no time and get compliments for it.  The amount of styles you can choose is also very extensive.

You can use a different type of twists for different types of hair and mix it with different types of colour accents and highlighters. It makes it really easy to find your taste and style yourself accordingly. If you have curly hair that you thing could not be possibly managed then, Havana Twist provides you with all the alternatives that you can choose from. Apart from the above 150 styles, many more styles can be created in no time. Finally, the hairstyle trend really lives up to its reputation. It seems like the trend is there to stay.