121 Perfect Jumbo Box Braids That Tells About You

Jumbo box braid, also known as box braid is a real dope hair fashion in the field of hair styling. The exact origin of these magnificent braids is not known yet, but it’s believed to have originated from the African continent. The jumbo twist is a traditional hairdo that was very common among the black tribes, but with the development of this modern society, this hairstyle is recognized as one of the most classy hairstyles. No matter how modernized we become we should never forget our traditions, and with that very belief, these jumbo braids still couldn’t have been replaced by any other hairstyles. They are just getting reformed into various genres with slight variations and efforts.

There used to be beliefs of these large box braids belonging to only black women; it was considered black women hairstyle. But in this contemporary world, we the women have broken all the stereotypes and discriminations. We have owned this hairstyle with all the heart and rocked them like queens.

If we talk about these jumbos, they are multiple braids. They are suitable for large and dense hair textures, but there’s no harm trying them on less thick hairs too. We also can not forget the fact that the real beauty of these knots lies in their thickness giving them a rope-like appearance. There are numerous ways you can dress these braids, here in this article we shall see 121 of the most cooling knots.

Jumbo box braided bun

Jumbo box braided bun is the most suitable hairstyle to start our article. We all have made regular high buns many times, sometimes to get rid of the annoying flicks and sometimes out of joy. But have you ever tried this large box braid cum bun before? If not then give it a shot; it’s not very much complicated as it seems.


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Silky jumbo box braided bun

If you look at this hairstyle, you would say there’s no difference between the first one and this one. But let me tell you, you are somewhere wrong; there’s a difference, although a little but that little difference also has a lot to affect. Unlike the last bun we saw, this bun has bit thin and shiny braids wrapped around. Besides this change, you can make it in precisely the same way as the one described above.

Free jumbo braids

Now if you are done with knotting your braids, no need to bunch them together. Have a look at the picture below; it is the most straightforward variation one can do with the large box braids. Just let it be free! You’ll be so satisfied with this hairstyle, and won’t be able to stop smiling gorgeously like the lady in the frame.

Mid parted jumbo braids

Just like the style we saw above, it also asks us to leave the knots to roll down, but it has been admired with the mid partition.



Blonde Box braid ponytail

Box braid ponytail is a comfortable combination of box braids and a high ponytail. Take all the twists up and tie it high on the top and there you get this chic hairdo. To give it much classier look, you can have this artificial blonde hair dye.


Lemonade braid ponytail

Lemonade braids are just one of the types of large box braids, but they have the rule to be followed, twists should always be kept on either side. Here also, the model has bunched her pigtails into a high ponytail and has brought the knots to the left side.

Jumbo box braid with gold cuffs

The only hair accessory that goes well with this hairstyle is the cuffs; you can’t use fancy pins or bobby pins. Cuff looks same as a bead which is put into a thread; it’s similar here; cuff is the bead and braids the thread! You can have colorful beads according to your choice.

Multi-colored jumbo box braid

Want to give more dimension to your original jumbo box braid hairstyle? Don’t hesitate about to color your hair. As multiple twists will have various colors, it would look much terrifying.

Silver braids

Silver colored hair is very often praised and compared to the moonlight. Here both the ladies look like a boss with silver paint all over the twists. Silver-tone mostly reminds us of metals, and these two girls are leaving no chance of slaying their metallic looks.

Half-up ponytail

Rather than offering your hairstyle a high ponytail look, try giving it a half-up ‘do look. Don’t tuck in all the braids into the pony; partition the multiple strands into almost two halves, tie the upper half with a rubber hair band and leave the lower half free to roll on the back.

Front parting high updo

The strategy behind this updo is parting the crown region into essential sections, braid them individually, pull them back and add them with remaining braids. Convert the collected twists into a high updo and glam the look.

Black thick braids

Part the hair into thick sections and braid each section tightly.

Cute Jumbo box braid updo

A hair that is black, lustrous and strong are the requirements more than enough for this hairstyle. Like other hairstyles, it also involves making multiple braids. In the fashion of hairstyling, all the sections are gathered up into a cute high ponytail that gives appearance much like that of a flowing waterfall.

Half updo bun

We have already come across half ponytails in the previous parts of this article, but this one is all about a bun! An adorable high bun indeed. Since other components are left, make sure you enrich them with cuffs!

Brown jumbo box braid

You might ask how is bringing twists to the forth an advantage? Well, you can gain some idea by looking at the picture below. Not got it? Take them in front; you’ll be surprised with how people react to it. Put on big earrings to complement your overall get up. You can also hook rings into the braids, sounds strange but that will suit!

Orange braids

Despite knitting your hair into multiple parts, if you keep the sections limited then also this hairdo will work well. This bright orange color is contrasting, bold and eye catchy; if you are looking for a hair dye for your jumbo box braid then this is a high pick!

Shiny brown braid updo

Brown is a natural hair color and is among one of the most common hair colors. Braids are more enhancing when the hair is glowing; here the large box braid sections have been collected and built into a posh high bun.

Black bun updo

Take only the front braid portions and mold it into a high bun!

Braided bob

All this way we have seen hairdressing attempts on long hairs, but if you view this given picture below, you’ll know how overwhelming jumbo box braid portions can be on short ranged hair.

Blue jumbo box braid

The blue is the color of trust, honesty, responsibility, and loyalty. Blue twists here are so satisfying and attractive.

Blue thin jumbo box braid

We by this time very finely know the psychology behind the blue color. On comparing this one with the above one, we come into just one conclusion- this ‘do differ only in the context of the thickness of braids. That was thick, this one’s thin.

Side parted braids

The jumbo box braid can be parted sideways; they’ll look flawless!

Shag braids with golden cuffs

As already mentioned earlier, cuffs are one of the hair accessories that are suitable for twists and especially when it’s golden on black braids then the combination is out of this world.

Side puffed Jumbo box braid

Who could think of transforming braids into puffs? It’s amusing yet fantastic!

High half ponytail

That pout on that hairstyle is so heavenly.

Thin braids

Thin braids are so heartwarming, their pattern much similar to that of woolen used in knitting is beyond any appraisal.

Light blue highlight

This hairstyle also has beautiful slim braids with stunning light blue ends.

Golden braids

Gold looks bold! An incredible color to dye your hair with!

Purple thick braids

Purple is a very fantastic hair color that is contrasting, eye catchy and bold.

Pulled back braids

Jumbo box braid, when pulled back and tied, looks very soothing and elegant same as shown below:

Star parted braids

Hair partitions are not only limited to middle parts and side parts, as can be seen here, but we can also give away various transitions to braid partings. This partition below gives an appearance much like that of a start embedded into the scalp. For more fashion, you can wrap around your braids with exciting threads and can even use hair cuffs.

Mid parting black box braids

The most straightforward transition you can do with box braids is side parting them.

Shiny brown big braids+thin star braids

Mostly attracted by shiny objects, this model has used her hair appropriately by braiding few strands thick and making thin star-like patterns on to the scalps.

Maroon braids

According to the color psychology, people who dye their hair maroon are passionate and creative. Maroon braids are marvelous deeds that we can see in the under given pictures:

Chocolate-brown jumbo box braid

Chocolate-brown jumbo box braid hairstyle is as chocolaty as it sounds. Red is a complementary color of brown and hence you can wear red lipsticks to make your look even more fashionable.

Black Shaggy braids with golden cuffs

The indicated hairstyle here is effortless; take a small section of braids to the side, tie it, and add golden hair cuffs for further enhancements.

Zig Zag parted braids

It is a cool way in which you can carry your box braids up, zig-zag parting makes the entire clothing high-class and with this hairstyle on you can slay everywhere you go!

High half bun

This exotic hairdressing is breathtaking! With the aid of few numbers of cuffs and a top half bun, you can give it the high touch up looks.

Turban braids

Transforming simple box braids into a turban is a unique idea. I must say, the hairdresser has put in a great effort to make this piece of art. It is money reclaiming work.

Moss green jumbo braids

Have confidence in yourself, and you will entirely be carefree with what you wear! This moss green jumbo braid looks antique and is secured.

High turban braids

Some communities have a turban-wearing custom, and men mostly wear it. But now few women have also started wearing it; well, if we see here, the lady is not wearing a real turban but has instead modified her braids into one.

Side rolls

Another way you can dress your box braids is by merely rolling them by the side and pinning it.

Black braids

Make your hair the reason behind your heart-warming smile and sassy personality!

Semi Silver braids

Don’t color your hair entirely with the silver dye, stain only some strands so that when you make braids, you get them like the one shown below. In place of silver, you can choose any other color as well.

Turban wrapped ponytail

Turban is basically a piece of cloth used as a headwear that covers in all the hair inside; but here, the lady has used it in a different yet a very creative way. You can also use colorful turbans to wrap around your high ponytails.

Magenta purple braids

This purplish-red color symbolizes energy, passion, and power that is ample to depict your boldness and strength fiercely.

Fine box braids

To be very honest, box braids doesn’t suit anyone better than toddlers, especially when they have cute and little hair cuffs dangled around their twists. The adorable girls in the photograph down look so happy with their box braids, and why wouldn’t they be? Afterall they have gorgeous braids to show off.

Baby curls

Baby curls are very delightful; these are the types of a spiral that girls try harder to get. If you have them naturally, lady, you indeed are blessed! If you don’t have, don’t panic! We have fantastic curl irons available everywhere.

Rope curl braids

Don’t these box braids look like a rope? I don’t know why but they seem very much like ropes to me. Thick, long and healthy!

Pine green braids

Pine green is the darker version of the green color. This color represents generosity and is an incredibly consistent hair color if you are a nature loving person.

Candy box braids

Till now this is the most colorful hair we have seen with the combination of different colors including pink, yellow, purple, silver, black and blue. Hair shavings are getting very popular among girls these days because it gives them both edgy and feminine look at the same time. Isn’t this side shaved hairdo hot and sexy?

Stitched box braid ponytail

Stitched box braids look like they are stitched into the scalps, this hairstyle doesn’t fail giving utmost satisfaction!

High bun ponytails

This hairstyle is all about making two top bun ponies! A nose ring is a great adornment that slays box braids like a dope. You might want to add nothing at all, no problem; this will look great even with no accessory on!

High bun+ponytail

How about molding your high bub into a ponytail? It’s a classic blend of two!

Mid parting bob box braids

The perk of bob haircuts is their easy maintenance. Dark green color attires are ladylike and elegant; natural black also goes well with this genre of hairstyling.

Black and Golden box braids

Even today when someone asks for my suggestion regarding the colors, I suggest them black with gold. They are the best-suited colors and are even brilliant when put into jumbo braids as these:

Black thin box braids with cuffs

An antique nose ring, big earrings, hair cuffs and then this hairdo, everything on! Imperfectly perfect! You go, girls, you both are on the path of ruling the world with this hairstyle on!

Thin box braids

Box braids are even classier when braided thin, you can see live examples below:

Swag box braids

This swaggy box braids are stealing over the internet with this phenomenal hairstyle up! A hat on and shades of your favorite colors are the perks you can add into this hairstyle.

Rainbow and silver braids

Take these hairstyles one more step forward and color them crazy!


Pink and purple braids

Pink and purple are the colors having the same origin; The first phase is pink, while purple is the final phase obtained after adding dark flavor. Instead of coloring your hair with the only pink, try decorating it purple too! It will serve as a great combo!

Box braided mid ponytail

Don’t keep it too high or it will fall, don’t keep it too low or it will be bound! Try maintaining a mid ponytail instead!

The lady portrayed here has sharp facial features and the accessories she over her chest is making her outfit even more versatile!

Crowned box braids

Change your box braids into a crown with little effort, and you have the princess look you can wear all around!

Braid it aside

Bring your box braids to a side and further braid them into three plaids! Put on a glass for more relaxed looks!

Star-shaped partitions

This hairstyle when looked from above gives an appearance more like that of lining stars. Adding cuffs or wrapping around exotic ribbons is a great deed you can add to this hairdo.

Keep them aside

An exotic hand tattoo, a cold drink in hand and jumbo box braids! A look sexy enough!

Pull it back

A very much simpler transition after the ‘leave them free’ or ‘keep them aside’ updo. Pull your braids back and tie them up! A perfect look!

V partitioned braid

Just like a slight stroke of color adds very much to the hair appearance, this slight V-partition also adds a sudden uniqueness to the braids. One might think of parting the hair either straight or to the side or maybe zigzag sometimes, but this idea of parting is worth appraising! The gold cuffs and pink threads are purely embracing this updo.

Thin brown box braids

Jumbo box braiding indeed is time-consuming and sometimes tiring. How about these cool simple braids? Just braid some of the sections and divide them to both the sides.

Stretched back crown

Pull back only the braids from the crown section of the head and get a sexy look like the ones below!

Stretched back crown pony

This hairdo much familiar to the upper one as well is sassy but has a slight variation, rather than pinning the braids taken from the crown section, tie it up into a lower half ponytail.

Purple box braids

Box braids are much awesome when they are colored; purple is a color you can always go with!

Spider box braids

How creative people are can be proved by this picture. Braided deep from the scalps, this hairstyle has much resemblance to that of spiders on the crown region! It’s a savage hairstyle indeed!

Line flower parted box braids

Mid partings and side partings are too mainstream, why not becoming different from the crowd? Try this sexy line flower parted box braids and sought all the attention you deserve! Use white threads to add more texture to your fashion.

Mid parting headbands

You can convert your jumbo box braid into a middle parting headband by just a few simple hacks. Comb your crown region separately and braid them later precisely as seen in the pictures below.

Dope high mid buns

We have till now seen variations of box braids, but this one is the dopest by far. Why following the trend like sheep of a herd, take yourself out and experiment with your hairdressing!


Stretched back pony

Taking back the crown region braids and adding them to a mid-high ponytail is a simple and a great way to fashion these box braids.

jumbo box braid ponytail

Make a pony gathering up the braids and divide them into two halves by bringing the braids in front.

Side layered box braids

We saw the varieties of partings that can be done for our front profile. Side layering is another idea you can add up to enhance your front profile. You just need to take braids from any side and tuck in braids underneath it taking braids from the opposite side as depicted in the image below:

Barbie box braids

Isn’t this hairdo as cute as the model? Coloring the braids similar to that of your skin tone is very complimenting, so you too try this idea out and lock your look!

Mid parting side waves

Partition the braids from the middle and pull them back loosely to give waves like appearance!!

Multiple ponies

This hairstyle looks adorable on small girls. It is all about parting the hair into different sections and braiding them separately like shown below:

Colorful braids

Color your hair and make your hairstyle more interesting!

Highlighted braids

Make you braids more overwhelming and highlight them with your favorite colors!