101 Easy Lemonade Braids That Will Blow Your Mind

Only two words, “Lemonade Braids” does not do justice for this hairdo! With properly arranged braids and the flat twist, and elegantly Bun-ned up hair strands, these braids are of a variety of types; moreover, the African-American population, in the past days, preferred this hairdo a lot, but these days whole American people are a fan of this beautiful braiding technique.

So, ladies, may I present you the most trending 101 Lemonade Braid that you will ever find.


Half Updo Lemonade Braids

lemonade braids

A half-updo can solve so many hair problems, and if you have lemonade braids, this can enhance your casual look, even more, making you look prettier than ever before.

Flat Twist With Side Swept Margins

This hairdo can make any hair types look elegant, and with those golden colored hair accessory, you are sure to contemplate slaying hot!

Frizzy Hair And Braids

This hairdo was one of the most preferred hairstyles of all the times in the olden days. It relates to the tribal hair of African society and. Maybe that’s why people preferred it more.

Alica Keys Hairdo

Alica Keys, back in the 90s, produced many hits and in most of her music video, she had her hair looking something like this!

The Cleopatra

Wouldn’t you like to look like the fierce queen of Egypt, Cleopatra? If yes! You need to try this hairdo for sure.

Long Lemonade Braids

Nothing can beat this long braids; moreover, if you are going for a feminine look, you need to give this hairdo a shot.

Spiral Pattern

Why try the same old braiding when these cool braids are ruling the fashion world?

Braids With Red Extensions

If you want your hairdo to look just perfect, adding a few extension is not going to harm.

Thin Braids

Be it in jumbo braiding type or a normal thin one; lemonade braids look fab! Similarly, it does keep your hair manageable as well.

Crown Braids With Curly Ponytail

Isn’t this braid cure? If so, you need to give it a shot for real as it is effortless to do this hairdo.

Rope Like Long Braids

To ladies who are a fan of long hair, I know how difficult it gets to keep the hair in order. Well, this braid not only prevents your hair from being a hot mess but makes your hair look iconic at the same time.

Braided Ponytail

Now that’s called a fashionista! And those thin braids go quite well in the ponytail as well.

Braids With Cuffs

Cuffs are one of the best hair accessories that is sure to make your hair look sizzling hot!

Trendy Side Braids

The side swept, and pinned design of this hairdo is undoubtedly appealing to any eye.

The Dark Twisted Braids

This braid is the most trending hairdo among Teens, maybe because anyone can look so cute in this beautifully made hairdo.

The Diva Braid With Cuffs

Putting on right makeup and a light lip-color lipstick can surely give you a diva look but when you braid your hair right, trust me, you are going to slay the whole look!

The Golden Medium Braids

Braids in black hair can look boring at times and to make your hair look extraordinary; you can add some golden glow.

Thick Zig-Zag Braids

Middle partition has become too mainstream, and if you want to try something new, this hairdo is undoubtedly going to bring a smile on your face.

Flat Braids For Short Hair

Who said short hair couldn’t have lemonade braids? Seriously, who said that?

Thin Braid With Sassy Look

With braids like that and shades like those, anyone can look sassy with no doubts.

Tied Up Braids

This hairdo surely makes a fashion statement. With the beautifully braided hair and tied up strands, it’s hard not to look hot!

Braided Bun With Few Free Strands

When it comes to lemonade braid, there are so many hairstyle possibilities which can surely make anyone overwhelmed.

Another Ponytail

The best part about braided ponytail is that it gives a view of your body and does not block it so that people can notice that gorgeous curves as well.

Chunky Small Braids

What’s a better way to make a hair statement than to get braids for your beautiful hair.

Thin And Thick Braid Compilation

This braid isn’t just elegant; it’s artistic as well! And with that combo, what could go wrong?

Flat Twist In Style

Let’s be honest; it is easier to do flat twist than the actual braid. So, ladies in a busy schedule can consider getting a flat twist for your hair.

Beyonce’s Lemonade Braids

Beyonce can slay any hairdo and even when it comes to a lemonade braid; she looks like the goddess of hairstyling!

Multi-Direction Braids

This hairdo starts from any direction, and this specific characteristic of the braid makes it stand out from the rest.

The Queen B Style

How could you ever go wrong when you are following the footsteps of Queen B, herself?

Criss-Cross Pattern

If you are the kind of person who loves to experiment between all the type of hair design in a braided style, this hairdo is made only and only for you, darling.

Braids With Golden Extensions

A golden extension can look pretty amazing in any braid types. Moreover, if you have a dark shade of hair, this color is going to look just perfect!

Braids For Teen

If you are one those teens who want to get a classy hairdo, this hairdo will not bring you down.

Middle Partition Braids

Isn’t this hairdo so classy? People have this thinking that lemonade braids can never look neat and elegant, well then, they have not seen this hairdo till date.

Reverse And Normal Braid

Who said you couldn’t have a reverse and a regular pattern braid at once, because when it comes to lemonade braiding anything is possible.

Multi-Pattern Braiding

Now, why would you prefer going to the same braiding pattern when there are multiple directions to choose from, for sure.

Chunky Black Side Braids

If you want to show off that beautiful earring or a top in your ear lobe, this hairdo is perfect for you.

Braids With Black And Pink

Ladies who are a big fan of pink, this hairdo is undoubtedly going to make you pleased in so many different levels.

The Jumbo Mama

When you can style your hair right, be it thick or thin, you are going to look pretty fab! And with a proper finishing touch, girl you are going to look sizzling hot.

All About Cuffs

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Honestly, you don’t need a real cuff to decorate your hair; if you know how to play along well with rubber bands, you can get your half work done in no time.

Different Start Up

Now here I present you, the hair with multiple starting points.

The Hair Track

Pretty sure that you know the term ” train track,” honestly this hairdo similar to the one that I have been talking about, as it has multiple tracks like that in which the train runs.


Reverse Braid

Reverse braid is one hell of a problematic hairdo but if you ask me whether it’s worth it! I would say absolutely.

Pretty Thin Braids

Getting thin braid is a lot better than getting a jumbo braid because, jumbo braid, at times, can look over the top- while with the Thin Braid, you can tie a ponytail and give it a general final touch.

The Mama Style

If you are in love with looking like a gangster, this braid will work out all right. And with those hair cuffs, you are surely going to slay the hair game!

The Golden Braids

Braids in black hair can look boring at times and to make your hair look extraordinary; you can add some golden glow.

Lord Shiva Like Bun

Are you into Hinduism? If yes, you surely know the mighty Lord Shiva, and you have noticed his hair for sure. Well, this hairdo is undoubtedly going to give that vibe.

Jumbo Flat Twist

From my experience, I can tell that no one can differentiate between a braid and flat twist. So, ladies, if you want to spend less time and get the sexy look- getting a Flat twist, will not harm!

The Cheer Leader Hairdo

Are you in your high school and are all up for cheerleading? If so, you undeniably need to try on this hairdo.

Lemonade Braids With Arabic Vibe

Arabians used to love this hairdo, but these days, you rarely see any Arabian lady trying on this braid.

Lemon Colored Lemonade Braid

Not everyone is going to like this hair, and not everyone is going to prefer it! But if your favorite color is lemon-yellow, this hairdo is made for you, and only you.

Braids With Swag

When it comes to getting a more refreshing hairstyle, who doesn’t want a little swag?

Large Bun Of Braids

Letting your braids free can be beautiful but getting it into a proper and organized bun is not only going to make you look pretty but also is going to give such a magnificent aura.

Braids And Loose Hair

You can always apply a unique idea when it comes to braiding, and one of the attractive design is to let your curls loose!

Braids To Look Like A Diva

Who doesn’t want to look like a Diva? If you love to get a diva look, this is a beautiful way to start.

The Metallic Gold

There are many hair extensions that you can try to make your lemonade braids look but, no of them is going to look like the golden- metallic extensions.

Iconic Braid

Isn’t this braid cute? If so, you need to give it a shot for real as it is effortless to do this hairdo.

The Regal Hair

Haven’t you heard people say, it’s almost impossible to look regal in lemonade braids? Well, prove them wrong by flaunting this hairdo of Braids.

Braids For Teen

Be it your teen daughter or a teen sister; I would suggest you to tell her to get a lemonade braid.

Simple Lemonade Braids

Over makeup and these braids don’t go along well. So, you might try adding nude color to your lips and a simple tap of compact, Voila! You are going to look like a princess in this hairdo.

Flaunting Them Curls

You can always apply a unique idea when it comes to braiding, and one of the attractive design is to let your curls loose!

Criss-Cross Pattern

If you are the kind of person who loves to experiment between all the type of hair design in a braided style, this hairdo is made only and only for you, darling.

Queen Of Golden Extensions

Ladies who are in love with gold shine, need to get this hairdo as quickly as possible because you are going to impress yourself with this.

Jumbo Chocolaty Braids

Don’t you like the chocolate color and the texture? Oh yes girl, I can hear you say “Umm!” If so, go to your hairdresser and get that perfect braid that is meant you suit you the best.

Model Like Hair

With a perfect body, a Perfect dress and, of course, a Perfect hair, any girl out there can look like a model!

Fierce Red Braids

Doesn’t this braid look sizzling hot? Moreover, the perfect cuff adds a much-needed charm to the whole hairdo and is sure to make you a head turner.

Golden Lemonade Braids

I don’t understand why people love the golden shine so much, but if you are one of those ladies who are obsessed to get that shine of gold, you need to get this hairdo in no time.

Simple Lemonade Braids

Just take a few minutes and look at the beautiful lemonade design. Isn’t it fantastic? Well, a lemonade braid with no unnecessary accessories can also look magnificent on its own.

Lemonade Braids ForĀ  Manageable Hair

Every long hair girls have the ultimate concern oh how they can manage their long strands! Well, worry no more as lemonade braids can solve all the hair management issues in an effortlessly elegant way.