119 Brilliant Long Hairstyles For Men To Try Out Now

Men are fond of new hairstyles. Unlike those hair-experienced women, men find it difficult to style and bring out great haircuts. But with some newly learned skills after a short time of experience, they can beat women in hairstyling nonetheless.  For your long natural hair, undercut, man-bun otherwise called man ponytail and man braid are the most popular choices. Just letting your long hair flow can also be a good choice as long hairstyles for men. Dreadlocks and curly are also some good options to choose from a large collection. Men have a large variety of such styles to pick out their liked one. Furthermore, they can make their unique hairstyle too.

Men like to remain cool and composed when it comes to hairstyling area. We don’t like unnecessarily putting up ‘cute’ accessories in our hair. We have picked up some trendy and fashionable style that guarantee you a manly and fresh look, so no one misses your name when it comes to this list of most fashionable people around them.

So without further ado, we set off to this fantastic list of most trendy and sought-after long hairstyles for men in 2018. You are completely and finally free to choose any one of them for your next momentous occasion.

1.Simple and wavy

Plain designs like this are popular and natural ones. They don’t crave attention but deserve it.


2.Blonde and messy

Why bother trying another complicated thing with your hair rather than letting it flow on its own accord? You blonde manly long hair like this style.

3.Manly top bun

Men are fond of buns just like women. Bun, therefore, is not restricted by gender and age too. We can see a bun lying on top of a 5-year-old as well as on an eighty-over grandma. Have long hair? Give a shot at this.

4. Side Bangs

Side bangs are just as prevalent among men as they are with women. You can look sexy and clean with side bangs. Girls also love boys with bangs.

5.Messy bun + full beard

High men buns are sexy. We have seen many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth and even Dicaprio striking stages with those buns. Meanwhile, beard gives you a daring look.

6.Royal element

No one needs to aggrandize their looks to look royal. Every day and side parted hairstyle for long hair can provide you that regal look.

7.Bun with beard

If you like to have a short dirty beard, then we suggest you keep a muffin too.  Combination of these two has a deadly effect on your apparent manliness.

8.Dashing low roll

Give some of your hair strands freedom to flow down your face. They add eloquence to your glance. Fearlessness and confidence are exuberant in this style.

10. Coconut shaved + braids

It is not much different than coconut. You know what I am talking about, that shaved hair. Twists running from them provide effervescent look.

11.Textured bun +White whiskers

Who doesn’t love this gangster look? While we may not like this exact word ‘gangster,’ our eyes can’t go anywhere after being a lock on this. Great job buddy!

12. Creative multiple braids

Don’t get yourself confused with this scene. They are braids, not dreadlock. Their organization is mesmerizing. One fundamental difference between dreadlock and braid is that twists take a few hours to make while dreadlocks may take days even weeks.

14.Shining curls

Not everybody has natural shiny twines of black hair like this. If you are not among the ‘everybody’ I mentioned, then delve into this style right now.

15.Messy for medium hair

A total mess like this can attract your special someone. When thought profoundly, they convey a relaxed and carefree look. This is opposite to when we give a single glance.

16.Combed up and parted

We witness two types of design in this one look. One is a combed up manner, and other is that parted bang. They consolidate to implement a sexy finish.

17.All blonde

Everything that is hairy is blonde here. From hair to beard, we see that golden shine. Sometimes a man can make up his hair in this manner to add a living spirit to themselves.

18.Dreadlock dream

At least once in our dreams, we have seen ourselves in this naked look. While just dreadlocks are there to cover our only ornaments, we are here to see what is going on.

19.Tapered dreadlocks

Rappers and basketball afro-American are mostly seen in this fashion. If you like their calmness and bold look, try them regardless of your race.

20.Hitman’s look

Keanu Reave’s classic John Wick look reminds us of that daring, fearless element incorporated in this form. Parted hairstyles are always great.

21.Pointed locks

This stable form of dreadlock comes on top of this list of hairstyles for men with thick hair. You are guaranteed to have an impeccable look with this coveted choice.

23.Extreme ringlets

These multi-hued dreadlocks going down to abdomen are respectable. While they me of some inconvenience while doing activities, they give you a charming look for sure.

24.Aladdin with a goatee

This modern-day Aladdin has gone some through some severe changes. Old Aladdin didn’t have crochets, slight-shaved top and apparently, that iPhone.

25. Diffused wool ball

People can get disoriented after seeing this man in a hat. Sporadic percent of our viewers here are successful in distinguishing whether we are seeing a man or a diffused wool ball.

26.Textured + messy hair

This handsome guy has some great gifts form gods. Although optional regarding the sharp mind of viewers, they are first, that coarse blonde hair and secondly, those piercing blue eyes.

27. Wonderful dreadlocks

Unique styles like these come under the category of professional long hairstyles male. They can add to a man’s worth in no time. We adore these looks. Bob Marley and the karate kid(will smith’s son) are our inspirations for this coveted look.

Don’t hesitate to try these famous deadly locks even if they push you out of your comfort zone. Feel the fear and do it anyway. The alarm doesn’t go away until you say to yourself  “I know I’ll handle it.” and go with the flow of your mind. The underlying fear that comes from not doing the so-called ‘fearful tasks’ is even more dreadful than the first fear itself.

28. Curly long hairstyle for men

Long hairstyles for boys are very pleasant to see. Both women and men admire them. You are almost guaranteed to get your girlfriend bow down and salute you after you get into this messy-cum-neat mens long hairstyle 2018.

Everyone will be proud of this dreamt style. So be ready for those kinky seducing smiles of hotties when they see you roaming around in this sexy outfit.

29. Real Braids

Men are very experimental. They try everything that comes in their mind regardless of this aesthetic choice or fashion trend. Look how this guy has made a Rapunzel braid tied with a rubber band. Nothing can beat them regarding uniqueness.

30.Framed face

Who knows you might want to look like this hero? Well, there’s nothing much to do. Just copy him and his not-so-uniform style.

31.Mult-tined model with a full beard

Initially inspired by Indian sadhus, these full beard models are the heavy demands nowadays.

32.Serene parted ways

Part your hair and never worry about lacking classiness. Added smile to this solid look can make you a red-carpet king. Beware, there are many men-eating-mermaids out everywhere.

33.Korean’s selection

What do you see down below is a perfect example of a long hairstyle for a boy. Long hairstyle for men can also categorize this Korean boy’s picture with wavy hair.

34.Tarzan’s fizzy tress

You feel those crochets. They are real and authentic. For this reason, we have been a fan of this Tarzan hairstyle since we saw the chest-drumming Tarzan back in 90’s.

35. Tornado Braids

Long hairstyles for men often include these tornado-cum-braid. A straight line in middle and two either-sided zig zag ones give a genuine look. And, that unique quadruple of braids add more intensity to this strong tornado.

36.Platinum effect

An effective hairstyle is this platinum one. No wonder, regardless of the medium hair, they provide an intense glossy look that is very endangered nowadays.

37. Celebrity sense

Chris Hemsworth is a brilliant actor, and we have seen him act in some motivational ways more than a few times. But how many of you know about this fabulous fashion sense he used to have back in his early days? Many artists and celebrity still follow his most-loved choices like this parted blonde slick design. We adore his sense and intelligence.

Therefore I will take you through these divas to show how a real man would groom himself to become an apple of an eye for hotties and chick. Let’s go.

38. Rolled up dreadlocks and braiding system

Long hairstyles for men don’t get better than this. Dracula dreadlocks are some beautiful examples of some choices to make when you have long thick hair. You don’t have to be an Afro-American of Africa to put this under the test; you need to have the will.

Even they may take some of your valuable time and effort; all pain is worth it. So why lag, get up from your bed or toilet leaving anything that you might be doing and get one of these beautiful dreadlocks to give a daring, fearless look. We admire that beauty and boldness of these great hairstyles.

But keep in mind one thing that these systems are permanent(except braids). And as a result, you may have severe difficulties while removing them. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy their art instead of complaining about them.

39.Indefinite curls and twines

Let me know if anyone of you reading this article despise or disgust the curls. I will try to convince why they aren’t. Meanwhile, we will look through these exceptional examples for long hairstyles for men. I will also teach some basic ideas of how you can make them gleam like the sun.

Curly forms of hair are extravagant and ravishing. We usually can’t take off our eyes them. Some are full curly, some are partially, and some are even curly for couple fo hair strands.

We are going to see some unusual and shiny clicks of a modern version of curls and twines. Get ready and prepared to make your own choice. And as a consequence, you will need not to worry about your next long hairstyles for men for an upcoming vacation or romantic date.

40.Straight fashion

Straight strategies can be constructive for long hairstyles for men. If you have a wide range of ideas and at once, have a tremendously difficult choosing one of them, try this serene one.

41.Painter’s impression

The first look on this wonderfully sketched thing gives us goosebumps. But we can see it a combined form a braid and dreadlock. We admire this kind of creativity from the heart. Gracias!

42. Game of Thrones’ Look

This kind of warrior look where the sides are shaved is a beauty of long hairstyles for men. Mens long hairstyles short sides are quite not matching. If you replace the ‘short’ with ‘shaved,’ then everything fits perfectly in its place.

43. Smoky hair

Medium hairstyles for men like these can be great as Long hairstyles for men. Those smoky shapes these natural crochets have got are scenic and elegant. They express playfulness, serenity, and eloquence. There is nobody that despises this kind of wobbly hairstyle.

44. Half king-half queen

Even though he should have been king, which his gender suggests, he is a half-queen and a half-king. These beautiful and proper braids along with a messy updo make him a half-queen. He can be said to have a dubious gender. We admire his fearlessness to groom himself in such a bold suggestive look.

This art is the magic of long hairstyles for men. Great job!

45. Girlish innocence

Innocence can’t be more significant than this, can it? Long hairstyles for men are glorious to see in this form. Our inner heart praises this curly and messy element.

46. Impressive textures

No one can stop glorifying that brilliance of composition in these hairstyles. Texture plays an essential role in making the look of our hair more sexy and seducing. They add a certain warmth and eloquence that other components fail to do to your hair.

Sometimes long hairstyles for men looked so groomed and tidied that we wonder about the reason behind that. In such cases, much credit goes to the texture of these hairstyles.

47. Full blown crochets

Crochets are necessarily the critical component for good long hair hairstyles for men.

48. Uniform classy dreadlock bun

A bun is best when they are made up of locks. A sublime example of long hairstyles for men.

50.Girlish intentions

You are girlish. As a consequence, you have to show these forms occasionally.

51.Roll like pasta

People love pasta. Therefore they have provided their hair with a pasta look. A unique example of long hairstyles for men.

52.Super long locks

It is in no way less than some work of Picasso. Despite its long looks, it’s a breathtaking example model of long hairstyles for men.

53.A full head locking system

More locks, more beauty. Therefore never miss out to implement this one in your lifetime. A splendid model for long hairstyles for men.

54.Textured braiding with a short pony

You could also call this style as hairstyles for men with medium hair. We love them. And that’s why they are here on this world-famous blog.

55. Generation of twisters

Who doesn’t love a twist in movies? Not only in film, but twists are also enjoyed in every scenario. They carry the name of long hairstyles for men. These are the reasons we have put them on our world-class list.

56.Classic lock of nuggets

We adore such cuteness of this manly dreadlocks. These long hairstyles of men articles feature some things time and again. Therefore we move on to the next thing without further ado.

57. Brushing man

Try this style next summer and post your photo in our comments section. We’ll rank them and give a reward to the best pic.

58. Flying tie

The tie-shaped end at the top makes us imagine the flying tie. Everybody is crazy about them.

59.Pure Marley inspiration

The way we see Michael Jackson as inspiration to Bruno Mars, we know this kiddo as an inspiration of the legend Marley.

60.Slick and shiny

Long hairstyles for men are best when we do these cuts. Therefore, we suggest you take care of these golden quiffs.

 61. Perfect face shave

Face in the picture looks more like a robot than a human. The diamond shape earring and chain are best for long hairstyles for men.

62. Expressive face

The more we express, the more we live. So says this picture. As a result, you should try this once after your birth.

63. Messy beard

What looks messier than this dirty beard? Get on this look instantly.

64.Dashing view

When coupled with the eloquent face, this model’s face is the most in-demand thing in the modeling world.

65. Dirty artwork

Not to mention the shining blonde strand of hair, this whole setup is a dirty artwork in the name of long hairstyles for men.

66. Flowing hair

A river is always flowing in its might. In the same fashion, his hair is leaking like a mighty river.

67. Slickness at its zenith

Long hairstyle for men can’t get more smooth and sublime than this guy. Not only slick but also warm and golden.

68. High blonde

Coupled with the shaved look, this top blonde looks perfect for the modern era.

69. Light bearded juvenile braids

Braids are the emblem of cuteness. Therefore, we like to call this man a cute one.

70. Justin  Bieber look

We are fond of these cute looks. As a matter of fact, we all love it from our bottom.

Go through these and comment the most childish one in the comment section.

71. Fuzzy rockstar

Not to mention his vast airspace, we also find his eyes bold and robust.

72. Queen scene

Even girl can’t manage to do what this man has done. Hats off!

73. Elegant designs

Take an excellent logistic of these varying pics on long hairstyles for men. And tell us later which one was your personal best. We will support your idea in any way possible to find your best hair-choice.

74. The Beggar look

While you complain and groan about how much you hate beggars, the new trend in the world is Beggar look. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself.

75. James bond’s thing

We respect Mr. Bond(s). And we recognize this thing too.

76. Diva’s choice for long hairstyles for men

Let’s see how popular models and celebrities groom when they are called to Red-Carpet.

77. No-nonsense uniqueness

People nowadays do anything to be unique. But these styles reflect authentic and genuine uniqueness.

78. Denzel’s grandson

For the young Afro-Amerian kids, we have something special. Learn about hairstyles form this refreshing kiddo.

79.Exercising routines

Long hairstyles for men are the best for a workout. They provide flexibility and comfortableness when working out.

80. Morning Mood

You should never miss this shiny tin-themed hairstyle. We are suggesting you this as our special member.

81. Side-combed neatness

We are running out of words to praise the long hairstyles for men. Put an effort to make this one for yourself.

82. Some classy elements.

We would like to bring you these very best of the modern era. Let’s go now, will you?

83. Wonderful visions

To say nothing of the black and white theme, we fancy this hairdo. Long hairstyles for men are best in these cases.

84. Throw the bun

They look shiny. Therefore, we want them.

85. Nice thick beard

We, men, love beards, don’t we? As a matter of fact, we dream of getting this thick beard every night.

Finally, I would suggest you give yourself a break and make a choice that best suits your interest. With just one of these, you are going to provide the world with an impression of a boss. So why late for the good deed? Go for it and go hard.