120 Fantastic Long Layered Haircuts For Every Faces

If you have been searching all over the internet about trendy and modern hairstyle, then I am glad you came to the right place. Girls get bored out of their regular and ordinary hairdos like side braids, loose curls, dreadlocks, Dutch braid, etc. While they are unique and glorious in their way, they don’t invoke that much interest when they were new to you. Therefore, for you new choice which is fresh and raw, we have brought you a completely new and ravishing hairstyle that can sweep you off your feet. Yes, girls, I am talking about these eye-catching long layered haircuts. Long layered haircuts for women have taken over a large mass and have been rising rapidly more than ever.

These long layered haircuts are so versatile that they suit almost any type of occasions. Parties, proms, pubs, bars, there is no such place where this hairdo fails to entice people. That is one of the reasons we are strongly suggesting you try one of these wonderful styles. Secondly., long layered angle haircuts are made for all types of face. Girls have different faces. Some have round, some have perfectly oval, while some have somewhat rectangular face shape. Nonetheless, these long and layered haircuts fit every shape and size. Therefore, without further ado and unnecessary talks, we are heading straight to our primary topic.

Let’s move on with this joyous voyage of some fantastic clicks of gorgeous ladies of this style.

Shakira lookalike

Even though there was no one and there will be no one who can replace Shakira, we have found this one. Although she may not be a singer, she is definitely an amazing artist. She has mesmerized us with those red artistic lips and green eyes.


Interview style

Long layered haircuts make you a great makeup when you’ve to attend a significant interview. Look how this pretty, chubby lady has mixed that boldness in her attitude.

Cute, shaggy look

Long layered cuts 2018 are famous because of great examples like these. This model’s large pendants along with that dark, voluminous hair are stunning.

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Old but gold

Even when you are old, you can have the same elegance and hotness as you had when you were young. We admire this lady’s boldness to make her sweet cleavage look incredible like this.

Straight hair desire

Deep-layered haircuts for thick hair can’t have a better model than this. Firstly, we are amazed to see those light dimples on her either cheek.


Glamorous look with sunglasses

A soft shade of auburn can give your hair an incredible swag. Moreover, largely layered haircuts with bangs are a treat to behold.

Iconic Styles

We are blessed with opportunities. It is so because we were rational when these icons were rocking the Hollywood in 80’s and 90’s.

Dakota Johnson’s inspiration

Dakota Johnson has been our long-time inspiration for erotic and sensual fantasy. She has never let us down in these areas.

Glowing face + deep layered haircuts for thin hair

Firstly, those piercing blue eyes are absolutely able of killing someone just by a glance. Secondly, That cute set of teeth inside two red lips is enchanting.

Cute Asian look

Every time we see a cute teen in long layered cuts with side bangs; we fall flat. It’s a matter of a few seconds that they hypnotize us.

Another Korean Look

Koreans have a lot of love for running layered haircuts with side bangs. We also love them wholeheartedly.

Soft and chubby cheeks

If you have such soft, smooth and sublime cheeks, then you are sure to rock your next party on this look. Time and again, we have focused on the significance of long layered cuts in 2017.

Elderly age + young enthusiasm

Your old age doesn’t tell how much young you are inside. That is one of the reasons this gorgeous aunt is rocking that stage with her long layered cuts fine hair.

Romantic look + curls and twists

Rolls and curls have one specific work. They add a romantic effect to your hair. Moreover, that soft ombre shade of red is stunningly cute.

Dark shiny hair + lovely  cheeks

Who doesn’t adore those red edible cheeks? In addition to that, we are stunned by those natural black hair flowing down from her head.

Japenese sensation

Japenese models are usually found in this kind of textured blonde nowadays. All the thanks go to the ongoing fashion revolution in that country of rising sun.

Dazzling smile

Smiles and laughs are contagious, aren’t they? We are fazed by this gorgeous cat-eyed lady’s wonderful smile. Not to mention, her blonde long layered cuts and highlights are adding more to her beauty.


Cuteness overloaded

Long Layered cuts with bangs are exquisite and perfectly designed. People from all over the world adore them.

Naughty mood

As we can see, this cute lady has an enticing beauty which can turn even a dead man alive.

Cutie pie + easy peasy hairdo

Long layered cuts black hair are extremely carefree. They symbolize your relaxed and happy attitude.

Close your eyes

We are pretty sure that this girl’s stylist has asked her to close her eyes while making some great styles. That is why long layered cuts brunette is that much famous.

Ravishing view

We adore this easy peasy look, don’t we? Try to get this style for your next vacation.

Sun’s effect

Sun has a various impact on our life. Here we can see those black tresses shining due to light from the sun. It’s glorious and heavenly.

Demonic eyes

Eyes are those things that give you a unique identity. Here, those light grey eyes which are iconic have given a hypnotic effect to this miss’s personality.

Redhead’s motivation

Short and Long layered cuts are always in contrast to each other. Some say that short one is better, while rest say just its opposite. As an enthusiast of hairstyle, I mean that both these styles are a treat to watch.

Hot, appealing look

You can’t get a more sexy and lewd look that this one.

Reflecting sunglasses

More than her silky, shiny tresses, we are fond of those cute teeth and that little-pointed nose.

Great layered haircuts bangs

Isn’t it great? Blondes kill many fans of their while grooming in this mercuric style. That is why we love them so much.

Side look

Flowing tresses can have a major impact on your look and fashion sense. Therefore, we suggest you try this brilliant hairdo for once and for all.

Chocolate beauty

Those chocolate caramel hair tresses are something to admire. We are fond of her extraordinary look.

Largely layered haircuts back view

One peculiar but nice thing about long layered haircuts is that they aren’t so straggly and messy. Thanks to that exact volume of an unnecessary hairstyle from edges and mid-head.

Plum and purple

Plum is one of some best hair color you would want to choose for your hair. They add an unreal effect which forces people to fantasize about you and your hair.

Dark roots + caramel highlights

Although looking rough, this style is very soothing and sublime.

Selena’s style

Selena, as of now, is the most followed celebrity on Instagram. We hope Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t surpass that glorious record. Moreover, her extended layered haircuts back are quite admirable.

Profuse layered haircuts form the back view

That above title says it all for this picture, doesn’t it?

Glorious + Glamorous attitude

Those large assets are mercuric. Although having a tanned look, this hottie is killing with her appealing look.

When you smile, the world stops for a while

This iconic line of Mr. Mars has every bit of reality in it. All the courtesy goes to her curly and long layered and shaggy haircuts.

Ombre effect

Ombre has a unique and hypnotizing effect on your braid.

Longface matters

For your information, we would like to say that long face matters. It can add scenic beauty to your facial expression.

Cute, round face style

This chubby model’s round face is nothing short of magic.

Grey + platinum hype

Platinum is one of some most excited hairdo. But that word ‘hype’ doesn’t do justice to silvery hair. They are mesmerizing.

Flowers in your picture

Flowers are a symbol of romanticism. That is what those white flowers add to this picture of countless bricks in its background.

Permed style

Who said perming is dangerous? I certainly didn’t. And by mistake, if I had said such a thing, there is no obligation that you must believe me. You can disbelieve those things that your soul rejects.

White teeth + thin hair

Greatly layered haircuts for thin hair can be quite difficult to achieve. But when you already have thin hair, they are easy peasy.

Auburn + caramel highlights

Medium and tall layered haircuts are this time’s trending styles. You can catch up with them to remain trendy.

Glowing like a moon

She is absolutely glowing, isn’t it? I would prefer to compare her face to that of a moon.

Thick, golden hair

Hairdos such as this one down below remind us of the 80’s and 90’s. Therefore, they are seen in today’s mainstream movies to add nostalgic effect.

In the streets of France

We can guess this street to be in some place in France. Anyhow, these high layered haircuts Bollywood are fantastic.

iPhone booties

If you have some nice booties, then iPhone can be your best friend. It can help you capture that image and show it to the whole world.

Mirrored view

Everyone loves this kind of mirrored view, don’t they? We also love deeply layered haircuts in 2018.

Loose curls in effect

No one can even think of despising loose curls. This example down below is great for long layered hair with bangs.

Greenery in your background

Greenery is losing its quality and quantity day by day. Thus, this picture is so fresh and raw that we can’t resist looking at it.

Platinum choice

Medium layered haircuts are unique and exotic. That is one of some reasons for our extreme love for them.

A1 look + silky tress

Who doesn’t like A1 look? This hot chick has expressed her feeling through this A1 look.

Messy curls + long layers

Redheads are really blessed. Their tanned and tawny hair color matches every hairdo.

Furry fury

Above the title is cent percent relevant. Those snowy tresses flowing down her head are quite exotic. Furthermore, we are always fans of haircuts for long straight hair.

Golden Hue

Its a privilege to watch that flowing curls and brilliant eyelashes.

Icy style

It’s pretty much like icing on the cake. Her thick, dense hair is terrific.

Multitude of layers

I can’t describe in a word the ton of layers this girl has included in her hair. We love them and adore them blindly.

Miley Cyrus’s inspiration

Her blue eyes and tall layered haircuts for coarse hair enchants us.

Black everywhere

When you have got black tresses like these, you don’t have to style them anymore.

Ravishing, raw and fresh

Ombre and balayage are true friends. When they combine, you can have a heavenly hairstyle.

Soft as cat’s fur

The above title says what is needed to say. I guarantee that your cat will be envious of such hairdos.

Tapered Asian look

It’s a proved fact that Asian love this kind of edgy, tapered look.

Sweet, sly smile

It’s not a good thing that your smile is sly and quirks rather than authentic and generous.

Powerful position

When you put your hands on your waists and smile, then it looks powerful than any other current hairdos.

Asian fantasies

Most Asian alpha males are fantasizing about this cutie’s company.

Messy, windy design

Designs such as these are a true impression of different types of long layered haircuts.

Queen’s look

Long layered haircuts diy is insane. People are going crazy about this hair.

Bold, fearless attitude

Those pure and dark eyelashes hit on every bypasser and make them flat.

Silky, glossy style

Your textured hair can get this glossiness if you master the art of fashion designing.

Sexy, desirable style

A most desirable style is courtesy of tapered eyelashes ad layered haircuts for long dark hair.

Eye covering swag

You can’t blame your swag for this kind of long layered edgy haircuts.

Fantastic smile

Smile are lethal weapons for murdering people in an instant. That is why we love these long layered emo haircuts.

Piercing look

Your look can get enchanting and alluring if you have piercing eyes. Extremely layered haircuts long hair is brilliant, to say the least.

Cute, teeny smile

Her fantastic set of teeth say it all. Those long layered haircuts v cut is essential for parties and proms.

Evening and Morning shots

Everyone can get this mercuric shot if they get ready in either morning or evening.

Silent smile

Long layered curly haircuts with bangs were very popular back in 2015. They are still popular now in the name of long layered curly haircuts 2015.

Dark rooted caramel insight

Your insight is what motivates you. Here too, this lovely lady has shown her lewdness with her dark rooted style.

Popular pendants + extreme colored trichion

Trichion is ruthless. They can make you whatever color you blend them into. Long layered haircuts for curly hair with bangs are insane regarding popularity.

Glasses for you

Even though you might not see clearly, this lady is wearing a pair of sexy glasses.

Nice view of glamour

Glamour is everywhere, from the red carpet to your doorsteps. Let’s dwell into this kind of edgy hairdo.

Bun + alluring dimple

Different long layered haircuts are amazing. Rather than asking how to do long layered haircuts, you can get into this style in a matter of an instant.

Simple and plain outfit

Everybody loves her simple yet effective outfit. Extreme long layered haircuts can’t have a better example than this.

Submissive style

She is trying to say something. We all know instantly the tank of feminine aura this model has in her soul.

Ravishing, elegant

Elegance is our main need, isn’t it? Long layered haircuts do it yourself is a new trend nowadays.

Teen view of Asian Fantasy

Asian are renowned all over the world to have wild and crazy fantasies. This girl comes in wild dreams of millions of Asian Guys.

Blonde + soft light inspiration

You can get inspired by anything you like.

silky tresses + egoistic attitude

Being a self-centered person isn’t a bad thing. You have to be robust and determined to have such an attitude.

Sublime, soothing

Her black eyes are insanely cute. We love this girl’s innovation.

Smiley face

A smiley face can help you anywhere, anytime. That’s the sole reason people make their face smiley every time.

Blue eyes + divine glare

We can’t help calling her divine after looking at her hypnotizing blue eyes.

Sexy, dark model

We don’t know that confusing background image, but we sure do know one thing. We now her fresh and childish desires.

Bold look + cleavage show

Showing you nice cleavage is a brilliant strategy to enlarge your fan following.

Brown glasses + easy long layered haircuts

Never mind those beautiful tresses running down her head. We adore them as we adore Zayn Malik’s voice.

Soft, silky hair

I am a fan of this lady’s cute face. Her tress is a desirable object to play with.

Professor’s look

She is giving off a professor’s look. I like that thing on her hair.

Glamorous view

That unique outfit is out-of-this-world.

Softness simplified

It is soft as it can get.

Silky, fizzy

Plum colored nails

Desirable style

Taylor Swift’s idea

Taylor Swift is a modern sex symbol. We need to follow her.

Let’s have a look at other similar styles where platinum shade is dominant.


Red hot and ravishing

Red shade of hair is unique and glamorous. These all are a brilliant example of redheads.

Crazy look


Dashing beauty

Outstanding looks of stunning hairstyles

Take some time and say something about these extremely layered haircuts long hair.


Some red carpet celebrities

Burning hairstyles

Insane + fearless look

Chocolate Fantasies

No-nonsense curls

We were always in love with these no-nonsense curls. This magic is a great example of long layered little girl haircuts.

Thick, dense tresses

Elegance personified

Epic blonde styles

Sexy, stunning desires

Everybody has his/her own wild desire. We also have them. This picture invokes those pressed and hidden desires.

Flowing tresses

These tresses of thousand of color seem like flowing down from a mountain of chocolates.

Cinderella’s choice

I don’t think Cinderella had a better hairdo than this.

Long layered haircuts for medium length hair

You can have your hair groomed in this style if you want to rock your parties.

Gorgeous looks

I want to tell you that these long layered haircuts with glasses(you might not be able to see it) are glorious. Thanks to our blog readers.

Mirror magic

Your mirror is perfectly capable of giving you this kind of magical and spellbinding look.

Ginger styles

Running layered haircuts from the back view

There is not that much to say about this mesmerizing view of this beautiful lady. We love her wholeheartedly.


As a conclusion, we would like to say that you must try one of these astonishing hairdos. You are sure to be the talk of the party if you want to impress everyone overnight. I also tell you that you will get a perfect life partner in these same layered haircuts.


Goodbye and have a great day!