53 Loose curls that are surely going to blow your mind away(With Tutorial)

When poets describe of their lover or an angel using phrases like “Raining hair” or “A flowing stream” and how they get dumbstruck by them, they are admiring those loose curls that their special one possesses. Loose curls are today’s most coveted hairstyles and also one fashionable hairdo, if not the most. While they look simple and clean, they are equally lovely and some of them, well, mesmerizing to be literal.

If you think you want to get rid of your old hairstyle and try a new fresh look, then there might be no better way to do so than by applying some curls to your hair. Loose curls are very versatile, in this sense that they can be blended with any other hairstyles, like braids, updos, buns and even pony. Plus they are of so many kinds that they fit in any venue, may it be party, proms, wedding, fashion ramp or else.

It is a natural hairstyle to achieve; you might not need things more than pin curls, curling rolls and curling iron, even a flat iron, to your amazement, will work if you don’t have a curling one. So we have got you these beautiful and sleek loose curl hairstyles to check out. You might want to be ready in one of these for your next party.

1. Braid Combo

You can incorporate a side braid in your hair with the flowing curls. They match perfectly and can turn heads towards you at a party for sure.

loose curls hair

2. Sleek designs

You might want to add some shining wave of curls to your hair as has this model. This elegant blonde has made these curls look so stylish that we are trying it now. We love them.

3. Curls in two steps

When you have just rolled your hair with a towel or some curl rolls, then you might want to stew your thick hair around so that you get perfect loose curls.

4. Princess curl

With those small twinkling flowers inside those braids, waves of chocolaty curls down below looks elegant. You can try this one if you are thinking of rocking your next prom.

5. Celeb curls

Taylor Swift is one of those rare actresses who is entirely in love with loose curls, and we have seen her in such styles number of times.

6. Messed loose curls

This brownie has such volume of hair that can cover up an entire pillow. You can use a curling iron to get these dark and bold hairstyles. It is best for your casual outgoing because it is a simple of hairstyle.

7. Stunningly simple

With her piercing blue eyes, this classy look is one easy and sweet example of loose curls. If you are looking out for sweet curls to go with on your next formal meeting, then this might be a match for you.

8. Dark Princess

See those messy but lovely curls; they can be quickly pulled off with curl pins or curling irons. This lady looks no less than a princess with that cute crown 0n one top, doesn’t she?

9. Vintage curls

This curl style, with some art pieces, looks old and classy. You can also see that seemingly non-ending rainfall of blonde bouncing curls down her back. You want to try this out, don’t you?

10. Multi-tinted curl

With some really good color blends, these loose curl perm can be obtained by either “thio-free” or traditional curling techniques. You would want that former option, so your curl is hair-friendly and natural.

11.  Casual types

Go anywhere with these raining black curls. They are easy to make as well.

12. 20-minute-magic

Who wouldn’t invest their 20 minutes to make these luxurious magic curls? You even don’t need anything except a curling iron, a comb(optional) and another one thing, time, to have these natural loose curls.

13. Glamorous styles

Curls are not new to this world of glamour; Hollywood, Bollywood and other such industries. Even being so simple, as this lady’s cascading loose curls are, they can make a million fans.

14. Shades of grey

This blonde’s hair, being so pure, is looking elegant. A little bit of shade of brown-grey at each end of her lovely curled hair makes it all nicest of all.

15. Pour some pink

This breathtaking style has all its courtesy to an angelic look of this beauty and pinkish shade added to that curled hair. Just wow!

16.Using tin-foils

Curls can be made out of easily found things like this. You need a tin-foil, pressed into a tiny ball. What you would want to do is roll your hair inside it, then flatten it. And once you are done bringing all your hair rolls out, gracious me, you’ve got these mermaid curls.

17. Super curls

These infinite curls attract attention on even quarter glance of anyone. While these might seem little challenging to do, they need few of your minutes to have on.

18. Soft curls

These looks often lure eyes of glancers. When you see such a soft blondie in such a pulled apart curls, what else can you do?

19. Casual elements

This simple look might make you want to try it out instantly. And why not, these elegant loose curls weaved so perfectly make everyone flat.

20. Gold-tinted curls

Bouncy curls like these with a golden tint can look so pure that definition of purity is redefined . With your long hair, these might definitely make you talk of some night at a party.

21.Double-sided curls

This style is one of the easy loose curls out there. Steps are, two bangs of hair are rolled by a curling iron and then pulled apart after some time. You’ve got your dream curls.


22. Fizzy curls

As warming look is of this striking beauty, so is each curled fizzed hair. So simple yet remarkable. For parties and meeting, this one is indeed lovely.

22. Blended look

When you also know about doing a side braid, then you can get this lusty look. When mixed with another hairdo like braid or bun, loose curls can get a real fresh look.

23.Swift curls

Not much of heavy curling yet this look has to be a classic. She has just applied quiet curls of one bottom of her hair to get this evergreen look.

25. Princess look

Unique fishtail side braid only adds more beauty to her elegant curling, already mesmerized by loose curls that resemble two snakes rolling while making love.

26.Bold creations

With this beautiful shade of golden blonde, she has just perfected some art of making bold curls. How to describe those multi-hued curls at every bottom of her hair?

27. Six to fix

Sam shows us six magical steps to achieve sweet and stylish curls that would blow your and other’s mind aways. Look at these simple steps to transform yourself into a fashion star.

28.Tornado rolls

Even with this simple updo as a base, she has managed to bring off these loose weaved curls that resemble multiple tornadoes ready to hit the grounds of Texas and Kansas.

29. Redhead styles

Updo and curl combo have our hearts won. It’s such a sleek and luring design that you will find your eyes lost inside these dense loose curls perm.

She just managed to give you an inspiration of making a causal and simple loose curl while roaming outside.

30.Blonde effect

With a simple lock in the middle, one can make such easy curls flowing down the back.

Lock in the middle is a little doubtful; it seems to unlock anytime. But be sure, the techniques used are impeccable.

You definitely love this.

31. Pious styles

If you are wondering how to do loose curls, then get inspired by this, simple and stunning.

She has even added fragrance to the gold by putting on a cute woolen tam.

I don’t think it could get any simpler for loose curls without losing its glamour.

32. The multi-color magic

Some ladies use their creative mind like this one has to make the bottom tips of her hair so shiny.

The bottom part of the hair, if you have eyes and mind somewhere correlated with mine, then you certainly thought of caramel candies.

They can get you surrounded by fans on a party, beware!

33. Braid and rolls

If you are wondering what best pair there could be than bread and butter, then you have found it. Its braid and curl.

Quite not what you expected, right. But look how these two completely different hairstyles have shared their beautiful home.

This brunette has surprised as well as inspired us to make practical use of knowledge of different hairstyles and test the combinations of them with each other.

34. Charming look

Some curls while being wrapped up to the extreme can give an alluring look, as this one has.

Furthermore, that cute accessory she had held in her hair makes her even more lovely and desirable.

Without any question, this one has to be your number one choice for this summer.

35. Bold elements.

As a result of these bold, sexy loose curls this chick has on her hair, she can rock any ramp.

Not to mention those lovely hushed eyes, she has definitely won our hearts for inspiring us to look such elegant yet simple.

Don’t you think so?

36. Infinity

What comes when you think of the word “infinity,” well this one happens to my mind. While looking overly complicated, you can achieve this look using simple curl pins.

The complexion of hair, golden blonde indeed is unique here. Regardless of the color of your hair, this hairstyle is sure to make you star of the party.

Try it once!

37. Celeb favorites

We have already mentioned how some stars can’t get over with the affection for curls. Taylor Swift has certainly made herself queenly with this silky blonde curl and her assets.

She is equally romantic in this look as her songs are. You agree with me, don’t you?

38. Messy curls

Looks messy, doesn’t it? But I guarantee you no look would magnetize your partner more than this brown-cum-blonde curl does. Hope you have a great night with your special one after wearing this.

39. Silky designs

What would you do when you wake up one morning to get these luxurious, soft and silky blonde hair. Your mind would brainstorm itself for a couple of hours for sure.

Then it would come up with some ideas; updos, braids, buns, ponytails, bob, just mere bang etcetera. But you would miss out on the most coveted one, the loose curls.

Give yourself a 10-minute break to get this out-of-the-world hairstyle and make yourself a princess just out of a Disney movie.

40.Thick blonde design

If you find this artistic, then I would doubt that there’s some connection between you and me, the connection of art. Art is a natural language of communication.

People with the same choice on art are close to heart. This lady with a thick, heavy volume hair indeed is an artist. Otherwise, how could she do such a masterpiece?

The thick hair just looks like the deep Amazon forest, the only difference being naturally the color, the forest is green while this is pure ash-blonde.

The way she has rolled the bottom like a stream of water flows itself in various direction, just wow. This fashion is undoubtedly going to be the hairstyle trend of the next year and the lady herself a hairstyling sensation.

42. Puzzle creation

Would you agree with me that anyone staring on her hair would at least for a minute be trying to solve the mystery of ” how that bang got out in there and came out the other way?”.

Inevitably anyone especially the young generation along with the old ones and children would fall for this puzzle.

Her creativity has to be noticed. She used the concept of molding braid with the curls by interlocking them with each other.

Wouldn’t you try this if you learn how actually to do it?

43. Bouncing loose curls hairstyle

These bouncy curls are the ones that everyone would like to caress and play with. Her glazing eyes evenly match this eloquent hairstyle, saying ” everyone’s mood must be cheerful and bouncy like me.”

Also not to mention, curls are unique in a way because they are tinted with a shade of chocolate blonde on the first black hair, which reminds us of chocolate caramel. And everyone loves them, don’t they?

You are sure to be the eye of the apple of your special ones if this look takes on you.

44. Tidy curls

As a result of these trimmed and sleek curls, we love them. Even being such simple at a glance, you can say this is eloquent of this lady’s feelings.

She’s pure, pious and nasty sometimes; the big loose curls are expressing. Regardless of your hair color, you can groom yourself in these expressive look to reflect yourself, as this blonde has.

45. The wonder girl

With this out-of-the-world combination of middle braid and dashing loose curls, she has made herself a princess by own efforts.

The braids say about her royalty, and the multi-tinted loose curls which are vintage and unique say about her openness towards the world.

These are unquestionably for you if you want to vocalize your idea through your dress up.

46.The secret

In fact, the secret is a no secret; it’s open and free. But it’s your will to do it or not. See the curling iron rolling her hair and transforming the small bangs of it into divine curls.

I won’t suggest you try these out because you have evidently planned everything out already to make these charmers.

47. Stunning twists

Look how wonderful they seem to be, multiple braids and then a stream running riot down the way. This brunette, is in fact, no less than a goddess who has the most beautiful hair in all realms of existence.

Hats off to you miss for your immense innovation.

48. The shining

If you find yourself driving crazy searching “loose curls medium hair” on google or bing or even the onion browser(if you are a hacker), then this is a perfect answer for you.

Brace yourself for the attention this one is going to garner for you at parties and proms.

49. Eloquent curls

Even with the tiniest of curls on the hair of this angel, she has expressed her fashion feelings quite simply through this dashing blonde loose curls pulled off.

Get this one if you are the one that can express through anything, style, words, body, and eyes.

50. No fail curls

As the title suggests, if you are thinking that homemade curls are going to fail and even make your hair worse, then you need to get out of your small cozy bed and try this non-fallible method once.

See how this brownie has made it in these steps: clamp, roll, roll those all and finally pull apart.

Six steps and you are ready to rock.

51.Mesmerising curls

Curls seen in below steps are as dashing and perfect as it can get. Follow through these steps to get there. You might wonder if you can pull this off. But this easy method can get to your brain once you try it.

This blonde has captured our hearts with her smile and her effort to inspire newcomers to this spectacular fashion world.

52. Diva’s look

This diva is, as most of you might know, pretty Gisele Bundchen, who gets significant credit for making loose curls so accessible as they are today.

How could we miss her?

Those fluent thick rolls down her chest are something to admire.

To conclude, loose curl is a new trend of fashioners, and it equally suits everyone, from models to ordinary people. They are admired for their sleek, simple yet effective style. Of course, curls are not stereotypical; they are of various forms and range. From thick to thin, from braid combo to updo combo, from blonde to brown, we can have infinite tastes of this fashionable hairstyle. And they all look equally elegant and expressive.

So next time you go to a prom, party or meeting, be sure to check one of these stirring looks and try them if your heart tells you that this is that one that you have been looking forever. Keep in mind, more trying means more learning. And more learning means more power regarding making yourself beautiful in both internal and external ways.

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