91 Stunning Medium Length Hairstyles That We Are Absolutely Loving

Nor too long nor too short, medium hairstyles are choices of everyone. They even cross that gender border. That is to say, both men, as well as women, love them. They are easy to keep, quick to maintain and give a great comfortability while you are busy with your day to day work. Not only your usual affairs, but they are also great too when it comes to prom, party, official along with informal meetings. Not to even mention, they are loved by most ladies choose when they think of going out on dates. For clubs, bar, night scenes, and other romantic places, medium hairstyles make a perfect choice.

Medium hairstyles can be of some types. Ranging from cute bobs to ponytails, they find themselves in every style of hairdo. Braids, kinky twists, loose curls, sides bangs and what not, medium hairstyles are incorporated in every type of design. And down below, I have selected some particular medium hair type from a wide range of pictures all over our internet. I am pretty sure at least one of them would totally suit your interest. These 91 clicks have their own unique look and eloquence.

So let us begin to choose ‘that one’ that we would never miss to wear on every occasion. Without any further ado, we run off.

1.Multi-coloured braid

This multi-hued braid looks so romantic and straightforward that we can’t take our eyes off them. Even though it is a braided hairdo, this messy updo of her head makes this a nice hairstyle. We would love to wear it on.


2.Silky up-curls

Medium curls like these don’t necessarily have to be point sidewards or downwards. This classic blonde example has shown us how curls can be brought up to make an elegant and poetic hairdo.

3.Pure blonde side bangs

Your mid-reach can take a lovely look like this if someone has inspired you on making side bangs. Side swept bangs like these are seemingly tender and furry. How about wearing them for next Sunday party?

4. Readhead curls

For most redheads reading this article, we suggest this straightforward yet luring design. Next prom of yours is really going to be exclusive with this cute design.

5.Classy bangs

None needs to worry about not having long hair when you can pull this classy side swept bangs out of your sleeves. We adore this romantic look, absolutely.

6. Tied braid

While other hairstyles may have their own impact, braids never fail to give you princess-like-look. Their pattern allures everyone. That is one reason you almost everytime, see a Disney Princess with twists on her blonde hair.

7.Spiraling curls

Sweet hair styling techniques like we see below look great on this golden blonde. Firstly siding those thick bangs on either side of that trichion gives and great impression and secondly, that spiraling curl makes it even better.

8.Messy many-hued curls

We are seeing this unique style where this lady has mixed many coloured hair strings to give her hair a dirty but lovely look. Caramel, chocolate and dark cream are some colours we can see simultaneously in this picture.

9.Caramel blonde style

Do you find yourself worrying about how to give your tresses a gorgeous medium hairstyle? Then stop driving yourself crazy and try on this elegant and showy thing now, instantly.

10.Soft and sleek

We have found something for your sweet and smooth medium hair. And this is what it is. A creamy flow of curls is very able to give you clear look like this.

11.Interlocked braid

Tressing your shiny white hair in this form indeed provides you ease during your day-to-day activities, but nonetheless, they give viewers a spectacular look.

12.Copper rolls

Its time to handover yourself a shiny and clear copper-tuned look like this smiling lady has. We immensely adore her creative idea of twining her medium hair to make infinite rolls and capturing our heart.

13.Cool loose curls

A girl needs nothing more than a curling iron and some hair to make this happen. Multi-tinted medium hairstyles such as these melt glancers.

14.Flowing golden stream

Flowing hairstyles as we have seen down below are capable of giving a natural and artistic view of our earth in your hairstyle. So why not try these when someone calls you up for some community program or tree-planting ceremony?

15.Multi-braiding system

Time and again, we have seen one magic of braids and how they can give a mesmerizing look to their owners. Here too, we can see the eloquence braids have added to this medium hair of this girl.

16.Softer than ever

Can anyone think of a more tender and passionate hairstyle than this? Every blonde should try this now for medium hairstyles with bangs.

17.Rain hair down

Giving a raining look to your short to medium hairstyles can be fantastic. A worthy example is this. Simple and effective.

18.Straight Bangs

Bangs need not be always curled or twined. They look equally sexy in straight medium hair too. Stop your non-ending search for best look for medium hairstyles and get ready in this one. Who knows Dicaprio would want to date you as he has with Camilia Morrone?

19. One eye is enough

Astounding beauty is what you see down below. Those red lips and piercing grey eye are seducing, to say the least. And much of the courtesy goes to the thick medium sized side swept blonde bangs. Call me when you see a more enchanting hottie than this.

19. Furry madness

Emma stones are rarely seen out of her signature side-swept bang look. Why should she by the way? These blonde bangs, which to be honest, seem like Barbie doll’s hair are very soft. And are very much suited to medium hairstyles.

20.Natural design

The whole plant of rose sewed to her flowing golden hair has inspired us to be natural and green to attract natural and friendly people toward oneself. How great!

21. Sexy swag

Her eyes aren’t silent; they are telling or suggesting us to do something, to be more precise. This kind of sexy swag is the courtesy of light blonde hair of her blended into the side swept bang’s style.

22.A naughty shade of purple

Purple, from my experience, can be said to be the colour of hair. We love them while they are on the hair. This chick’s naughty look is a perfect match for her blonde-cum-plum hair. And we don’t know how we got so attached to them.

23.Cent percent romantic

Taylor Swift is the symbol of romanticism. She has brought it to a new level with her breathtaking hairstyle. Also known for her versatility of making any hair length, that is, long or short or even medium hairstyles.

Red lips and the cute flower band around her head are enough to entice her male fans.,while the curly rolls of blonde hair lure the female followers.

24. Five to jive

These five steps will take you through to have thick cute flowing curls. No one can stop praising the simplicity of this style, can they?

25.Windy Curls

Medium hairstyles are usually found in these raw form among one red carpet people. They love to let them flow with some speed of the wind. This beauty has also applied a technique to attract the male actors towards her. If you ask about her fans, fans are already special ‘fans,’ they always magnetize towards her.

26.Fizzy and curly

We rarely get to see this iconic and bold look that is going to make you rub your eyes when you look at them. I am damn sure you will rise from your bed and groom yourself up to get to pick up girls upon seeing these sexy hued curls.

27.Artist’s stroke

At your first glance, it is not surprising that people will confuse themselves debating over special realness of this picture. It is normal because many hyperrealistic actors are capable of god-like picture creation. Braids are unique only ones here that do all magic.

They are so silky and perfect. How can we remain silent on this topic?

28.Framing bangs

Cute-face ladies like this one below can use their mid-range hair to bring out this unusual medium hairstyle that includes side bangs. Her sexy outfit suggests even more to her expression.

29.Back with a bang

Lena Headly likes to groom her heavenly blonde tress into curling bangs. They make her such a queen that we really get confused that is her character in Game of Thrones actually real or not.

30. Buns as medium hairstyles

Buns make up for your every act of laziness where you had to limit your hairstyling in one last remaining minute. Be ready girls, buns for you.

31.Snakes’ home

More twines, more gloss. That’s what Hollywood says and we too. Medium hairstyles give you an opportunity to be comfortable with yourself and same time release an aura of gloss around that environment. Trespassers will stop themselves for a minute to look at these.

32. Cuteness reloaded

In that left picture, we can see a blonde captivating us with her immaculate bangs, while on one right we can see fire embodied on this hairstyle that gives it a ravishing and out-of-the-world view. Hats off to these stunning innovations.

33.Fun and fuzzy

Who wouldn’t love this? This fuzzy style has already won thousand of heats. Medium hairstyles such as these can be your great asset while on special occasions. So if you think of being unstoppable on a next party, go with these.

34. High style

Medium hairstyles, although named ‘medium,’ can take a variety of looks. Gorgeous models like her can blend into any design. Tall hair here, in this case, has hypnotized us. Her diamond earring makes this picture more eloquent than ever.

35.Plain and simple

People love neat and immaculate looks, don’t they. Why not try this refreshing and trimmed trend so that you can be some talk of one prom next time, huh?

36.Purely black

Black is one colour of nature. Night, zebra and what not. They don’t necessarily mean evil. This dark haired model has melted our hearts with her eyelashes and lips.

37.Tapered hair

Medium sized hairstyle has now evolved into this extraordinary look. We salute her idea of using that glossy lipstick and a serene hairdo along with her sexy cleavage.

38. Celeb style

Celeb is known for either short hair or long hair, not their medium hairstyle. Sound dubious, isn’t it? Surely it is. They usually keep medium hair and turn it into this bold and striking gaze.

39. Let them roar

Medium hairstyles can be made eloquent by letting them flow sideways and shout. Everyone, yes me, loves this.

40. Double Braid

If you are engaging in google or bing searching ‘medium hairstyles 2018’ for over an hour, then try this one. For tomorrow’s prom, you wouldn’t get a better look than this.

42.Deep hairdo

As that locket is hiding in her assets, our eyes are lost in her deep and dense hair bangs, rolling outwards. Her pink lips and bold nails are other accessories that keep us trapped.

43. Directly cute

When we limit one line of cuteness, we get this. These raining down blonde strings of hair makes this picture look so soft and passionate.

44. Make a Bun

The soft bun on the top of her head is what we can compare to the copper rolls on the electricity transformer. We like her fondness for tidiness.

45.Egyptian princess

The brown braid running down from her forehead to her back makes her so Egyptian. Mohammed Salah would love to watch this divine angel and take her home, the place where she actually belongs.

46.Bronze element

Smiling angel often come in bronze, the legend says. And they say it because they know. Look how her hazel eyes are suggesting the male viewers take her back home and make her a princess.

47.Shine bright like a diamond

Shine more and more and more and more. That not what I say, that’s Rihanna’s say. Well at least indirectly. She astounds her with her silky tress and compassionate look.

48. Bridal view

Medium hairstyles don’t fail to give you a bridal view too. They can be customized in any occasions we want them to fit in.

49.Left and Right

Both are bright, despite being left and right. These caramel colored hair give us an impression of water flowing down a brook.

50. Side of glamour

With a pair of reflecting sunglasses on, there’s no stopping you from showing your sense of glamour and hypnotize us. Go on, lady.

51. Wait! What?

Look clearly and see what’s going on. This angels’ background is the thing that gave you confusion. We admire this humble view of the goddess, otherwise. The slick coils of her silver hair near the hair are the courtesy of medium hairstyles. They are also the best shoulder length haircuts.

52.Rihanna’s fashions sense

We have seen this Afro-American pop star in many hairstyles, from long to shaved and medium to short. But his crochet one, suited for short to medium hairstyles are the best from the rest.

53. Black and sleek

Sleekness is what we can clearly observe in this straight hair swept bang design.

54.Frame the face

Medium hairstyles can frame your face quite fantastically when turned into bangs. We can see how this lovely lady has been successful in doing so.

55. Add more curls

These curls instantly demand our attention. And we give them so. You can turn yourself up in this design to go out casually or to go dating with your boyfriend. They also work seamlessly for all romantic honeymoon nights.

56.Elsa’s look

For your frozen look, you must get into this princess sensation. Why not look, Elsa, while you are young?

57.Tight-knit design.

The tighter the hair, the slicker the look. You can see the shiny roll of hair on the top. Don’t you want to try it?

58. Angelic style

Her swift bangs with the cute braid on the middle of her hair give her a heavenly view. We adore these look from our heart.

59.Mohini look

Ever heard of Mohini? She is the most beautiful angel in the Hindu pantheon even above the famous names like Urvashi, Menaka, Tila, etc. And you might get dumbstruck when you come to know that Mohini was one of the avatars of mighty god Lord Vishnu.

I can compare her to Mohini of this generation. Her accessories make her the modern one.

60. Smiling divinity

Divinity can be expressed by humans too. Like this girls has with he beautiful smile.

61. Blondeness in effect

Sometimes when other hairstyles fail, blonde manages to glorify the medium hairstyles.

 62. Thick tight twists

Medium hairstyles can be made into these magnificent form as well. Love these intertwining view. Why would you resist on trying these?

63.Brunette choice

Brunette is lucky in the sense that they look pretty in every look. Here also they come into effect.

64.The gossip

Can someone lip sync what this blonde is trying to say? Maybe she is trying to say, “You should definitely try my hairstyle.”

65.The piercing eyes

The blue eyes are enough to describe her beauty. And we mean it.

66.Shinier than ever

Nobody can look this polished in medium hairstyles. Maybe you should try this to shine in the next office meeting to impress your coworkers and perhaps boss too.

67.Expressive eyes

Readhead is always expressive. And here the eyes do the trick rather than the hair. By the hair, her hair is a classy example of short to medium hairstyles.

68.Queen-like braids

Having this queen like braids, you can seduce any man and make them dance at your fingertips.

69.A nice frame for your face

To frame those lovely face, you need even more delightful hairdo. And this shoulder length hairstyle has done the work for her.

70.Rest on the shoulders

Maybe you should try resting your hair on the shoulders. They can be an obvious solution for flyaway hairs.

71. Genuine look

Medium hairstyles with bangs can give you an authentic and cool look if you try on one of these.

72.Encave your delight

This delightful lady with solid eyes is a joy to behold for our eyes. Only the medium hairstyle consisting of side bangs can encave this strong face.

73. Innocence expressed

Innocence can be revealed by this soft and delicate ash coloured glance. Be innocent with this inspiration and get out of jail. Just kidding.

74.Blending of rainbow

You can catch the steelhead and put it in your hair. Medium hairstyles for thick hair can be made to see like this if you want to.

75.Dashing element

We love her sense of style, don’t we?

76.Dangerous thing

Not all hairstyles look sublime; some are dangerous too.

77.Slick and Thick

Can anyone resist looking at this? Certainly not me.

78. Let them go by the wind

If you are a freedom lover, then try this honest hairstyle. This hairstyle provides full liberty for your hair.

79.Whatta look.

The way she looks at us, it is enough to be hypnotized.

80.Extreme slickness

If anyone among the readers can find more slickness in hair than this, call me. I’ll wake up even in the middle of my sleep.

81. Ravishing Mood

For your sudden desire to look ravishing and fascinating, don’t miss out on this look.

82.Glowing bun

For your need to have a hot look right now, why try other entangled looks? Rather delve into this.

83. Dimple queen

We have found out this best medium hairstyle for the dimple beauties out here.

84. Dashing Asian look

Asians know what to do with their medium hair. Look at this stunner.

85. Tigress’s stare

If someone stares like this with their rugged side bangs, you can be and should be scared.

86. Iconic eyes

Someone with that ghostly eye is the dream girlfriend of every handsome male. And the hair is wow!

87. Simple yet glorious

Just bow to those who can make pure hair grand and non-mundane style.

88.Flow like river

You need to make this type of hairstyle for your medium hairstyle. Why?- to have your own golden stream.

89. Call her a princess

Point me out which thing she lacks that a princess should have.

90.Killer Smile

Medium Hairstyles are also friendly with a smile. So that when you smile, they make you glow like this.


91. Czarina

More than romantic, more than a princess, we would like to call her Czarina.

Finally, I suggest you all special beautiful girls out there reading this post to give a shot at any of these gorgeous styles. You can give yourself varieties of look upon trying these stunning medium hairstyles. Medium hairstyles are never out of fashion as they were here for a long time and for many years to come. Go for it, now. You’ll love them once you try them.