150 Statement Making Ombre Hair Colors

Let’s catch you up with the latest trend that is the Ombre hair, shall we? So, basically, ombre hair is the moderate blending of one hair color into another; usually beginning from the darker shades to lighter ones. Ombre hair does not involve a lot of rules and regulations. It is a fancy, yet an easygoing hairdo that you MUST look into, at least for once. It is great for making all those hashtag-hair-goals dreams come true!

All that an Ombre hair look requires is one color at the roots which eventually becomes a different shade at the ends. You can also choose to go extreme with the hues, being high-spirited with the use of vibrant and jolly colors. Styling your hair can always be fun, ladies.

Some of the celebrities who have perfected the Ombre hair are Olivia Wilde, Lauren Conrad, Amber Heard, Kate Beckinsale, Ciara, Jessica Alba, Anna Kendrick, Khloe Kardashian, and the names go on and on. Not only have the celebs rocked the ombre hair on the red carpet, but also every other model on Instagram feed. So, here I have rounded up subtle to extreme, and everything in between of inspo-worthy Ombre hair color ideas.



Soft Shades of Brown

These soft shades of brown give the hair a very gentle glow. The blends of honey and brown create that ‘sombre’ effect to your hair giving it a very subtle dimension. Try out this casual and low-maintenance hairdo.



ombre hair

The Blonde Blend

As the name refers, the dark roots are eventually transitioned into a bright and cheerful shade of blonde. Ombre hair colors look great on any lengths of hair, be it long or short or shoulder-length as shown in the picture.

Chocolaty Blonde Ombre

The fall of the hair starts with chocolaty shade which gradually is blended into vanilla blonde. This creamy vanilla shade goes on well with her medium length hair giving it that classy end.


Caramel Blonde Ombre Hair

Again, another beautiful shade of ombre! The hair with dark undertone fits perfectly with the caramel blonde shade. The edgy waves give a look an absolutely beautiful depth and volume.

Caramel Ombre Bob

Just by the look of it, you can see the CLASS that it’s reflecting! You can also try ombre hair colors on sleek, straight, and short bobs as shown in the picture. The mix of caramel and brown shades highlight the hair even more.

Light-Brown Ombre

These waved five-inches of brown roots are made purposeful, not forgetful, all thanks to itty-bitty, hand-painted blonde highlights that start at her hairline and snake their way down. Simply marvelous!

Frosty and Inky

The beautiful blend of refreshing and cool ashy under-roots and solidifying inky hue at the edges is determined to make your look bold and intimidating. This is a great transformation to give to your hair. Don’t miss it out.

Soft Brown Hue

If you are looking for an easygoing, low-maintenance, cheap, yet a stylish flair for your hair, then this right here is the one for you, girls. Looks casual and totally doable!

Short Waves

Love how the ombre hair color works perfectly with these short waves! The light brown blonde is a perfect pick for her hair. This hair is suitable for office standards to the night out looks.

Chestnut and Blonde

Once again a masterpiece on the wavy short bob with the blend of chestnut roots to the brown-blonde shade. An ideal pick for a date or a day out, any given day!


Ashy Spikes

The black roots of the hair are gradually blended into a very chilled light-blue hue creating a tapering spike all the way to its edges. The back undercut makes the look very precise and stirring. 

Layered Ombre Hair

We are digging the fine look this hair is serving! The brown-blonde hair seems like a great match with layered haircut. This hairstyle is great for ladies with sleek and arm-pit length hair.

Ombre on A Bob

We were not lying when we said that Ombre hair color looks great on every haircut! The blend of honey-brown color comes out very well on a short bob that is side partitioned! Even if you have short hair, don’t wait out, and get an ombre look.

Curled Up Bangs

This hairstyle is very modern, chic, and resourceful! You gotta love the ombre work on the subtly curled up bangs. The side of the hair is trimmed finely giving it an extra edge on the style-spectrum.


Long, Layered Peachy Blonde

Ombre hair surely knows its way through making the hair look fabulous, doesn’t it? This hair is trimmed into long and lacy layers which are painted with peachy blonde hair color. 

Khloe’s Up-do

Khloe Kardashian- another worldwide famous fashion icon, showing off her edgy, blonde ombre hair. Kardashians can make anything trendy overnight, that’s for sure.

Chocolaty Twists

It does not need the genius to figure out how amazing this hairdo is! The chocolaty shade is slowly edged into a peachy shade of blonde. The wavy rolls give the whole look a great taste.

Caramel Blonde

This is a very gorgeous look on a very short bob that is painted by caramel blonde color.

Side Bob

I really like this chic-looking hairstyle! The use of blush blonde ombre hair looks great on a side bob.

Boy-ish Cut

The mix of butterscotch shade and the boy-ish haircut really make an irresistible look. It gives you a kinda professional vibe!

Chestnut Color

This hair color has more of the red pigments that are really an eye-catcher. Try this hair for your everyday style.


I am digging this mash of frosty blonde with dark roots. This sleek hairdo is made so cool with the blend of ombre.


Stylish Ombre

I just can’t believe how stylish this hair looks. The short hair is made more definitive by the work of buttercream blonde color.

Ombre Hair Pink

The gradual blending of golden to look makes the look very playful and vibrant. Look at how her eyes come out as bright as the hairdo!

Ash Color

This edgy and spiky short hair with dark undertone is diffused to a cool ashy shade.

Brown Ombre

This look serves the suitableness you are looking for. Mix up a warm brown shade to your beautiful hair to get the look.

Popping Shades

Another great pink ombre! The roots are brown, and it is slowly tinted into a strong pink shade which makes the hair look very popping at the place.

Sandy Roots

These sandy blonde strands are surely an illuminating view for your hair.

Ombre Art

Notice that there is the use of three different shades in this stylish ombre hair. The dark brown roots are blended into honey brown shade which then creeps into a sunny blonde shade. This an art work, ladies.

Purple and Pink

The roots and the straight downside fringes start with a purple shade which then eventually is mixed with a bright and jolly pink shade. Hashtag WOWZA!


Beach Ombre Hair

Kinds gives you a vacation vibe, right? Me, too! Dye your half-rolled hair with a beautiful baby blonde to get this look.

Silver Blonde

Want a heavy-metal twist to your hair? Then paint it silver blonde, you guys.

Gingery Ombre

Love Chrissy Teigen’s ombre hair with the touch of ginger shade to its layers. You got to try it for a change.


Golden Highlights

These wavy short hairs are highlighted with a bright golden hue for that extra layer of ombre style. 

Short Hair With Fringes

Try out this cool short hair with front fringes dyed in chestnut brown and blonde edges.



Casual Ombre

This look seems great for a casual day out. The blend of chocolate brown blonde is very amazing for a simple transformation.

Beach Blonde

We love how natural and funky this flow of hair looks. Beach blonde is always around the corner to save your boring day.

Grass Green Ombre

The look of this hairdo is so chic and stunning because of the color work of blonde and grass green color. The under roots are washed by green color making it a great mix.

Subtle Golden Highlights

As the name speaks, the subtle use of bright gold highlights takes the hair to THE next table, of course.

Auburn Ombre

This look proves that the auburn shades look great on whatever style it’s given. Try out your new ombre hair with the bright auburn orangey hue. 

Fiery Pink and Red

Okay! Let us just take a moment to appreciate this color work. The fiery-pink roots blend into a warm red hue making this look very irresistible.

Straight Ends Ombre

This is an ideal hairdo for your straight and choppy hair. Brown and blonde will never go out of style.

Neutral Colors

See how the neutral blonde create a blend between the warm and the cool shade? Yes, this is the next look for you!



Jennifer Lawrence’s short yellow spikes surely make another statement, don’t they? Wow, so pretty!

Bronzy Side Cut

This bronzy front-spiked hair is an ideal match for your personality, ladies. The shaved sides also definitely do a justice to the new ombre style.

Blonde And Baby Pink

I really like how this neutral blonde mimics the baby pink edges in this hairdo. If you like a breezy look, then you should opt for this one.

Honey Blonde Hair-Up

A stunning style accompanied by the blend of dark roots and honey blonde hair-up spikes is the head-turner look to try out!


The black dark roots are faded into this cool, strong frosty ash color making this hair look so striking! It suits her tone and face very well, too!


Black Blonde Ombre

This look is just alright, ain’t it? I want to comment all the heart emojis to this stunning black-blonde ombre hair.



Do we see the mix of blonde and orange shades here? You need no color chart to define the fine mix of colors for you. This color is suitable for any skin tones out there, trust me!


Caramel Gold

Again, a very natural yet striking look for you ladies. The caramel and golden shade mix make the hair look so amazing that I just feel like rushing over to the saloon asap!

Bold Ice

Do you want your hair to make an intimidating statement? If yes, then here you have the most perfect combo of ombre colors. Love how the black color subtly makes its way to bold icy shade.

Sleek And Precise

There is nothing very tricky about this hairdo. It is sleek and precise with a fine and cold undertone of ashy color. Great work!


Ombre on A Layered Bob

We could not miss out on the ombre work on a short layered bob. This is an outstanding hair to wear on an everyday basis. Gotta like it!

Purple Lips

When you carry such a stunning hairdo, you got to have a bold make-up to accompany it. Try out bold purple lips with the frosty ombre hair.


I feel like that an Ombre hair out does any kind of hairs and cuts. It makes you look so rocking!


Red Auburn Ombre

This shade of auburn contains more tinted red pigments that make the hair very sheeny and youthful. It is subtle and sweet for a quiet change.


The Messy Layers

Try some reddish pink ombre transitions on your messy and wavy layered hair. You never know how it will surprise your hair look. 

Bold Red Ombre

Have you never thought of dying your hair bold red? Even if you don’t like the idea, you might wanna change your mind cause this dark copper red shade will automatically catch everyone’s attention. And you will love your ombre hair even more.


Long Ombre Hair

One of the most natural and spicy looking colors in the spectrum should be this gingery shade of red! Mark my words for you won’t regret its mix to your long, ombre-d hairdo!

Effortless Ombre

If you want an effortless yet a stylish ombre look, then opt for the look in this picture. Easy and chic.

Kimmy’s Gold Foyalage

Kim Kardashian carries one hair, and it becomes popular overnight. Her beautiful golden foyalage hairdo really explains it why. Simply stunning.



Purple And Blue Hues

This striking mix of blue and purple shades is really a funky look to give to your hair. Just like a superstar, get ready to rock this look, girls. 

Pinkish Blend

Just one word- Vibrant! As a matter of fact, this look is not for everyone and anyone, but you can pull the pinkish blend off if you have the heart to rock it!

Golden Copper Ombre

I love how the golden copper red ombre hair help accentuates her beautiful face. The middle partition gives a stunning frame to her face. Ready to carry it, are ya?

Stunning Buttercream Blonde

To add even more texture to your copper hair, you have got to try this stunner shade! The buttercream blonde makes her look more cheerful and youthful.

Blue, Pink, Purple, Ashy, Green

Turn your heads to this colorful, joyful mix of colors. If you are a fan of all the shades out there, then you will surely try this jolly mix of blue, pink, purple, and what not!

Grass Green

The touch of grass green ombre hair is an absolute standout! This hair is sleek with a straight-cut giving it a precise look. The grass-green shade starts through the mid-section of the hair towards its ends which is very gleamy.


Chestnut Red

If you are wondering what to choose for your long and lustrous hair, then you got to listen to the orchestra of the chestnut red tint. I love how marvelous it looks for an ombre dyed hair. Thumbs up to this hair look.


Red Ombre

Red Ombre in a short hair looks supper.

ombre hair


Ashy Edges

Again another heavy-metal twist to the striking ashy edges. You might wanna try this look for a minimal yet a striking look for your hair, then this is it for ya all!

Auburn Gold

Auburn Gold shade never goes out of style. From famous personalities to a regular working girl, this shade finds its way with everyone. This color suits every skin tones- from pale to dark!

Bright Looks

For a warm and bright finish, ask for a breezy blast blonde dye.


Scarlett’s Outstanding Hair

Scarlett Johansson surely on the edge of the sexy style spectrum. I love her short hair with a rooty blonde spikes.

Edgy Bob

To give a perfect finish to your edgy bob, you wanna opt for vanilla blonde hair color. If you like a creamy hue, then you will surely fall for this look.

Brassy Sassy

Cover up your dark roots with a brassy paint for cranking up the million head turns, ladies.


Spotlight Hairdo

This version of honey gold ombre hair surely brings your eyes in the spotlight. It is a classic ombre-do!

Kylie’s Ocean Blue Hair

Oh, the statement-making Kylie Jenner! Whatever she wears; be it fits or hairstyles, she slays the style. I love her ocean blue ombre-do on her sleek, straight lob.



Give your ombre hair a feathery touch to shine away!


On a Fringe

Love the work of ashy ombre hue on a short lob along with a straight fringe falling down. This look frames your face just the way you want it to.

Classic Blonde Ombre

Just another perfect, classic example of our good, old, regular, blonde-brown ombre dye! 


Ah, Kylie’s ashy classic on the floor, once and for all. 

Blush Blonde

A very fine move from black roots to blush blonde ends to change your hair game, ladies!


Burgundy Hair Color

How can we forget our ancient, most prettiest burgundy shade? This shade is a dark-red violet hue that is dramatic and also memorable. It is ideal for dark or olive-tonned skin tones!

Blue-y In A Grey

This shade is very refreshing and is a suitable match for pale or tan complexions and any eye color! Added with some front bangs, it will surely stand out, right there!


Memorable Purple

This color is a fine mix of a pink and purple which makes it more memorable and sweeter. This shade of ombre hair will shower you all the love you need.


Hollywood Glam

This can be your signature glam shade, with almost bronze hue alongside. A hint of makeup and you have that Hollywood charm.


Rose Gold Edges

Her neatly brushed up silver hair with some rose gold edge is the look to opt for! All the heads will be turning toward you!

Brighter Than The Eyes

You gotta give all the credits to the hair look for making this look the heart of an eye. Heart-eyed emojis right on!

Burgundy Halfs

Burgundy is a shade of class! Make all those lovely imprints on whoever’s watching with this move.


Gleamy Gold

As they say, “Gold gathers more than a shovel.” So, girls, be ready to gather all that attention in the town with a gleaming gold hue.

Ombre Braiding Hair

Cute girl with long ombre braiding hair.

ombre hair

Opalescent Blonde Ombre

Thanks to this iridescent pearly color that takes this ombre hair look angelic. Stunned, aren’t you? Bookmark this look to take to your next hair appointment.


So, this was my version of ‘how to have more fun with ombre hair colors 101.’ Just kidding! Or am I?

Well. anyways, I hope you have found out one or two ideas to style your gorgeous hair with. Colors never let you down, so try all the colors in the book, at least for once. Happy styling!