89 Outstanding Platinum blonde hair ideas for 2019 for your motivation

Platinum blonde is one choice of every chick lately. We have seen quite a few celebrities coming up with a stunning look of having an icy-platinum hair in recent times. Even though their merging in your hair is slightly lengthy and costly process, they look out-of-this-world when finished. Platinum blonde, unlike other hairstyles, need a much longer time before you can show them off to your friends. You need to stop dying your hair six months before you start going snowy.

Furthermore, before 1-2 weeks, you need to get an in-depth hair conditioning treatment. And added to that is abstinence from bathing before two nights of each process. And most importantly, you need to have at least 700$ in your pocket while you start going icy-silver.

If anything is sure in this uncertain world, then that would be one fact that how you will be some talk of your next party night after going silver. We have handpicked these unique clicks of models to celebrities who look stunningly gorgeous in this platinum look. So without any further ado and praises for this wonderful hairdo. We start off straight at these stylish pictures. Here we go.

1. Softer than fur

Platinum look’s one guarantee is that they look very smooth and sleek. You might want to roll your hair countless times after you get them. So why not try these now?


2. Up in air

Although platinum metal is weighty, this hair we are talking about can fly high up. We can see that down below. So let some wind flow for your platinum hair to operate in its full glory.

3.Raining down hair

Not just only icy hair, every hairstyle can get you a hair running down like stream such as this one below. But get this silvery style once, and then you’ll know what each difference is.

4.Emilia’s sense

Who is better in platinum blonde than that dragon queen herself? We have always admired this soft and slick hair she has been on every set of Game of Thrones. We also hope she doesn’t leave this look anytime soon.

5.Braid’s stream

If anyone here knows how much eloquence braids add to any hair makeup, then they would make a loud clap for this. Icy look like this is rare to look awesome like this in any other style.

6.Glossy look

Silvery look as we see down below is courtesy of these platinum bl0nde designs. Who would not hope to try this once in their lifetime?

7.Cat-eye appearance

With her cat-like eyes and diamond earring, we are sure she is a red-carpet celebrity. Furthermore, these shiny curls with a slight shade of grey add glamour to it.

8.90’s fashion

If you lived enough to see those 80’s and 90’s music, video-games and fashion, I am sure you haven’t forgotten this seducing look.

9.Shades of grey

Some colors like plum and grey are magical. They add a beautiful tone to your silver hair so that everyone turns their head towards you at a single glance.

10.Shiny element

Want to shine like a diamond? Why not try these breathtaking left and right hairdo? They are exuberant and exude an inner glow.

11.Metallic scene

One of some benefits of going straight platinum blonde is that tender metallic view it provides us. Nobody can stop admiring these slick design. Furthermore, we want to try it now.

12.Frame your face

In case you are lucky that God has given you long or at least medium hair, then dye it icy. For a reason, icy looks appeal more to masses than any other color.

13.Ageless trend

Going silvery blonde is ageless. They don’t get restricted by country, race, gender or culture. And therefore certainly not age. See how it has entirely matched this lady’s body.

14.Smile your heart out

How more compassionate you can get than this lady? With specific astounding long hair, she has mesmerized us through her every aspect. Smile, eyes, teeth and indeed her glow.

15.Pearly strands

One can always try this slightly dark shaded hairstyle. They suit your next New York summer vacation as well as your date with Dan Stevens.

16.Shaved mess

These messy curls just on top of this pointed-nose girl are insane. Despite being shaved, her hairstyle deserved every bit of attention.

17.Snowy fur

I wouldn’t be surprised if you got confused whether these are real or snowflakes. Taking it to one extreme, this lady has gone full white, leaving some trace of platinum in it.

18.Platinum Bangs

Platinum bangs are easy ones to look after this year. Those who have piercing blue eyes like this hottie have to go for it.

19.More glamour

‘glamour’ is every then and while associated with platinum blonde. Bombshell curls we are witnessing in the tresses of this mouth-watering beauty are admirable.

20.Blurred fashion

Can you see these threads of hair in this lady’s asset? No, certainly I don’t. They seem to have digitally blurred to that extent none can find out even one strand. But this is real and is one magic of going mercurial.

21.Brighter than sun

Sun has such brightness that we can’t see directly towards it. Here too we feel certain dizziness when we try to look towards this lady’s shiny dangling bangs of hair in its full might.

22.Romantic Mood

Romantic mood can be clearly articulated with the icy hair. Platinum blondes are found to be one of the most effective trends for romantic situations ascertained by the various study.

23.Infinite Curls

Snowy hair flakes are so soft and tender that the wave they form is extravagant. We admire them and the person who innovated this creative idea.

24.Pure as an angel

She is pure as an angel, white as milk and soft as cotton. Platinum blonde can’t get more serene than this.

25. Don’t stop the flow

As poets and admirers often point out “My heart melts as I see thy hair flow,” flowing hair is dashing and eloquent. Some readers here want them right now, I guess.

26.Pink Lips

Platinum blonde is one of the lightest and light hair color out there. This cutie makes them look more fantastic with her ravishing blue eyes and the thick pink lips.

27.Messy but classy

It is messy but it stylish. What is it? The thing we are talking about is this babe’s ravishing flying hair. You may have guessed already by the time I revealed that secret to you, haven’t you?

28.Innocent vibe

This picture down below is cent percent capable of giving a sweet, childish and innocent look. I could praise them all day long if I had enough time.

29.Double braids

Sun seems less shiny than this spirited collection of twists. We had seen more than a few looks like this one, but this particular one goes out of the windows when it comes to seducing us.

30.Short and thick

We can make our solid platinum blonde stand out among others by blending it into this unique style. Just give it a shot.

31.Bold and short

Who said that you couldn’t make your short hair give a bold look? Well, that may be partially true, but this picture defies the odds and surpasses all the limitations.

32. Innovation is at its peak.

You would be a genius if you had this idea already in your mind. Tattoo printed in hair is the least heard thing in 2018. But doesn’t it look great when pulled off this artistically?

33.Loose platinum blonde curls

Just like bangs and braids, curls of platinum blonde hair are equally compassionate and lovely. Is there anyone among the readers who hesitate to say yes?

34.Killer smile

While we have been talking about hair and platinum blonde, all these minor things go aside in front of this powerful killer smile.

35. Take me home

Yes, this lady suggests what’s already written in the title. Icy look such as this is useful when you have to articulate yours in verbal messages.

36.Left and Right

Either side view of the spellbinding look of this chick is extraordinary. We would certainly want to look like this, don’t we?

37.Inspired by noodles

Everybody gets encouraged by something. Some may be inspired by the book, some by movies, some by movie stars and rest by real-life heroes. But this hairstyle has been motivated by noodles.

38.Slicker than ever

Ever thought that platinum blonde can get slickness of this range too? Well, now you have seen this with your own eyes, let’s wake up from our bed and make this happen for ourselves.

39.Risky styles

We can’t see the ‘risk’ in this hairstyles. But the fact it giving yourself a silver-look shot is one of the most dangerous experiments with your hair as it can do permanent damage to your hair if done even slightly wrong.

40.One-eye goddess

I don’t think any pantheon has mentioned the existence of one-eyed goddess. Here we are lucky enough to behold the excitement of seeing her in a modern era.

41.Interlocked braids

Various models and fashion designers have said countless times that like bread and butter, braids and blondes go side by side. We can observe how that saying goes true while being astounded by this deadly combo.

42. Say something

Eloquence is the primary feature of platinum blonde. All of the readers can be expressive when they finally get their dream tin-hued hair.

43.Old day’s trend

As popular it is today, this was equally or even more popular back in those days. One of the earliest sex symbols, Marylin Monroe quite clearly shows us the power of this fantastic hair makeup.

44.Modern aura

For your need to look chic, we have found this for you. Through many searches on google images, we have brought you this ultra-modern hyper bold look where just a pair of sunglasses and silky greyish hair do the work.

45.Short and sublime

A definition of noble is expressed in the below picture. Short hair like this one, reminding us of grass covered with snow is unique hairstyle to choose. Also, the triads of ear piercing look vibrant in every sense.

46.Baby Doll 

‘Dolly’ termed had been coined when fille similar to the one down below started showing up in the Hollywood Industry. All the courtesy has to be given to icy sweet hair.

47. Show me the face

Even we don’t have the fate to see this supermodel’s face; the hairdo their work. They allure us to a trap called “Hair is enough to fall and bow.” But I won’t bow that quickly unless I see her marvelous face.

48.Classic updo

Platinum blondes very much support the genuine updo. That’s the sole reason updo loves also fascinate being silvered.

49.Emma’s choice

Golden blonde is what Emma prefers. And what Emma prefers is what we love to wear.

50.Sheer white

From top to bottom, this darkish model is groomed in white. She is in love with white. As consequences, all her fans including me, have started wearing white clothing and accessories.

51.Red-carpet element

To those who aspire to become red-carpet walkers one day, don’t miss out on trying this look. Its authenticity at this best and glossiest hairstyle I have ever seen.

52.Inch-perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows can be a precise medium to reveal your intention towards anyone. This girl has honed her eyebrows so brilliantly that we failed to see her white teeth glowing and red lips talking. Also, the star on her upper outfit reminds us of Elsa from ‘Frozen.’

53. Twines all over

Model down below has dumbfounded us through her many sexy crochet twines. Dicaprio shouldn’t see this or else we would lose our opportunity to date this miss.

54.Glowing grace

Kate Perry is seen very rarely on youtube recently. But her hairstyling sense is seemed everywhere, on every nook and corner of the world. That’s what we look up to her.

55. Bob cut platinum blonde

Bob cut has always been a friend to silver hair. And here too they show their compassion and friendliness.

56. Short-cut beauty

This length is the limit for shortness of hair to show your elegance. Go even a millimeter short than this, and you’re gone from Hollywood.

57. Let me eat that

Another excellent example of free articulation of freedom is this picture. Soft bleached tresses enable you to present your cravings and desires openly and purely.

58. Pour some blue

Some tint of blue on the edge of your hair will add a gracefulness to your visage. All these factors are very significant when it comes to looking splendiferous. My god! She looks graced.


59. Straight out of Disney movie

If there is one thing that every Disney movies never forget to miss, then that is the silvery hair color for their lovely princess. I guess very less would disagree on me if I claim her to be the next Disney princess for the upcoming series.

60.Simple but tranquil

Tranquility is everywhere. God has provided every one of us a gentle heart. Even this gal has got that thing in her pelage. Everybody values them, not just us.

61.Golden Scene

Sometimes gold can do what platinum can’t. It has provided a sense of warmth and heat for this young girl and her hot assets.

62.Lawerence’s rule

More than the diamond earring hanging in her ear, the scenic blonde hair is what allures us. None can and should disagree with me on this matter.

Take a thorough look at some of Jennifer Lawerence’s ravishing queenish look once and tell me which one do you like the most in the comments section. We will start a debate about it.

63. Trichion magic

Make two bangs of hair along either side of your hair trichion. You surely are going to be the talk of the prom. It is all the courtesy of the glossy red hot lips. Who knows how many marriage proposals you might get from the handsome lads?

64.Sublime face

Sublime beauties in their mid 20’s are best to have this hairstyle. They are gentle and naughty both, which is the theme of this hairstyle. We can’t stop approving them.

65. Out-of-the-box look

Nobody had thought that even this little hair could garner so much praise and attention. But still, they rank behind the bold eyeliner regarding luring power.

66.Bold and Strong

When you feel strong, you can delve into this celeb look. Time and space don’t matter. The only thing that matters is your disposition to look this elegant and intrepid. What’s your say?

67. Sexy and seducing

Your boyfriend has stopped looking at you sexually. There can be two problems; either he has lost his manliness, which I don’t hope to be the reality. Or you need to seduce him so that he carries you to the bed. If the latter case is right, nothing can help you other than this platinum blonde grace.

You can also choose to wear the below style in such case.

68. Sensual icon

Sensitivity is what you want. Try this hairstyle and exteroception will be what you get. Be ready, get, set and go to take over this fashion trend before your jealous friends do.

69. Magical and Mercurial

For some reasons, you can get bored out of your old monotonous hairstyle. Then its right time to get yourself a platinum blonde taste. Who knows, maybe you find that sweet out of all tasted you have gathered?

70. Thick and heavy flow

These are for those girls out there who would like their hair not to fly along the wind, but to flow downwards along the gravity.

71.Clean and tidy

Short platinum blonde should be this neat and clean. They serve your desire to be a trend-setter rather than a trend-succumbing person.

72. Grand look for Grande

Ariana is my crush, don’t make her yours. We have always seen her hypnotizing style of making her hair glowing like tin-foil.

73. Your magazine look

I would suggest you get into this hairdo if you honestly want to be in the front page of the Cosmopolitan or The Vogue. And also for those who covet to be on the Maxim too.

74.Current of threads

We would love and like to see at least a brilliant 10 of you in this great dashing hairdo. That’s solely for the sake of our survey titled “Amazing platinum blonde looks of 10 gorgeous models”. If you don’t like the idea, you can drop it now.

75.Shiny bed look

Bed look doesn’t necessarily mean bad looks. We are inspired by the way this charmer has given a new definition to the bed look.

76. Cuteness reloaded

I don’t think platinum blonde hairstyles can get much cuter and tenderer than this. Awe! Thos blue tranquil eyes pierce our heart with an ice pick.

77. Vogue Designs

I have specially collected these click for those lovely babes reading this who covet the vogue and ravishing design.

Give a glance at these magnificent pictures. And choose one of them for your holiday style.

78.Splendid arrangements

None would believe that these particular snaps are from the top 10 hottest girls out there in 2018. Check them out.

79.Velvet Mood

Since you are here and have been utilizing your precious time learning to form these innovative models on how to be stylish, we suggest you point out the best of the best from this list.

80.Utmost shiny glance

Please give us a quick opinion on which one on this inventory list is such an attractive and splendid. Write down in our comments section and tell us your valuable advice.

81. Princess’s desire

We would love to hear your thinking out. Kindly tell one most inspiring and motivating one from these unusual ones.

Nonetheless, platinum blonde gives you an instant celebrity look when pulled off flawlessly. Light shades of matching colors like purple, gray, copper or gold can give them even more stylish and glorious view. We advise you to try at least once its magic of going platinum so that you know how it affects your lifestyle. But we are already giving you some advice; platinum blonde is a risky and wary hairstyle to try on. They can permanently damage your hair if that procedure you are following is experimental and non-professional. But don’t get scared; your hair never stops growing.

These classy looks guarantee you that wherever you go with these, there will be a mass fan following. In every occasion you can think of, they fit. Parties, prom, office meeting, romantic setting, charity event, birthday celebration, etc. are some events that are perfect to go out with your classic look.