116 Stunning Poetic Justice Braids Hair Trends

Want a hairstyle that suits any kind of personality? You better end your searching process as Poetic Justice Braids is the perfect one.

Braids are an old way of decorating your hair but bringing new modification to it has always given it a new form for every generation of people. That is the reason why it never goes out of style. The best part of Poetic Justice Braids is, once it is made, can last longer for more than a month which will help to skip the tension of making hair look good whenever we plan to go outside. This can be considered as the most practical solution for hairstyle as girls feel less confident when they find there hair looking ugly and unattractive. For making it perfect, they waste a lot of time and even be ready to cancel their plans for visiting if they don’t get the result they wanted while preparing for it.

Its unique name has been given after a hit movie called “Poetic Justice” in 1993 where Janet Jackson had nailed it with her giant braided hairstyle leading it to give a new title rather than “Box Braids” which was its previous style name. From this, we can unequivocally state that influencing celebrities do have the power to bring changes in the very imposing way in various aspects.

This hairstyle usually blows our mind seeing the classy presentation done by the African-Americans who have the capacity to carry the look in such a lovely way and it’s very eye-catchy as well. You are inevitably going to fall for it with it as soon as you give a try to let your hair look like that of Janet Jackson or bring some new changes according to your desire.

Below Pictures Are The Looks You Can Experiment With This Braids Style

Thin Poetic Justice Braids with pouting red lipstick

We can easily carry Poetic Justice Braids for parties without tieing a bun and just letting it spread all over with some touch of makeup and bright lipsticks.

poetic justice braids


Box Braids Up-do

Taking all the Poetic Justice Braids to the top gives a style like a fountain and looks best in selfies.

Long Braids

Braids look amazing in longer hair with a contrast extension of purple.


Braids in casual dress

A tomboy getup also suits this kind of braids and doesn’t necessarily need a particular dress code to carry it. The beauty of this braids will not be hampered by any type of pose and can go with the flow.


Thick hair with no braids ending

If you have long and thick hair, try this out and blow other’s mind as it is sexy along with glamorous.


Bun and ribbon combo

Bun at the top with a bright ribbon for separating two partitions is a marvelous idea.


Huge Top up-do

Creating bun either by taking all hair at the top or by leaving half down and half up insanely gives new style.

Side Braids

It is beautiful when the parting of hair is more in one side with thick  Poetic Justice Braids.

Long even sized braids

Tidy even-sized Poetic Justice Braids give a classy look.

Dancing Braids

If you are looking for braids style for a sunny day, try this out.


Jumbo Braids

Zigzag partition with a thick bundle of hair gives neat and less messy style.

Extremely long and thin braids

Having long hair is sometimes a blessing when it is given a combination of Poetic Justice Braids. Longer the hair results to more killer style.


Braids with Headband

If you want to add a headband to your hairstyle, it looks perfect when it is kept at the starting of your hair and tieing a ponytail at the back.

Differently sized braids

It is not necessary to make Poetic Justice Braids in perfect shape and size. The funky look gives a new style.

Mixing black and golden

This is the style where you let others know your natural color as well as add a beautiful shade of golden to it except in the roots.

A middle part with braids itself

Tiny Poetic Justice Braids in a row by dividing into two sections give a stunning touch for night parties.

Large Up-do

Putting all braids at the top and giving a side pose with hand leads to a classy look for photographs. Every girl is obsessed with pictures to post on Instagram or Facebook. So, if hairstyle looks good in photos, there is no doubt to repeat the same hairstyle time and again.

Long and twisted

If you are looking for long braids style with a touch of large braids from small braids on one side, then you are surely gonna love it.

Blonde Hair with a hat

This is a pretty cool form of showing your Poetic Justice Braids in a different color rather than black and also adding this style with a hat is giving a fun look for summer.

Mohawk with tomboy looks

It is not necessary that every girl needs to like the pink color, short dresses, heavy makeups. Some girls love to try out boys kind of fashion and love to see themselves in tomboy outfit. So, this is the perfect hairstyle for those ladies as it has got Mohawk as well as braids on the remaining sides.

An Initial stage of hairstyle

You can see the beautiful transformation of hair into Poetic Justice Braids. You can make this hairstyle at home by yourself and stay tension free about your hair for more than a month.

Fun and Casual

This hairstyle can be made in whatever way you like. It can be best in summer with bright and sleeveless clothes while heading to a park or a beach.

Creativity level in its best form

This hairstyle is a sample of how much creative a girl can be when its come to their appearance and personality. Poetic Justice Braids are twisted in a zigzag way giving more focus on a side and letting it fall on the shoulders.

Flirty and Sexy

If you want to stand out from the crowd in a night party, then you are surely gonna love the way this hairstyle as it makes you look sexy and flirty to go out for a night by taking all the braids to the top forming a thick ponytail.

Matching with the eye lens

If you have a light brown eye lens and want to try out this hairstyle, then this is the one for you. It is a super cool way of mixing a caramel highlights in every braid and you’ll surely receive a compliment.

Playing with colors

Another example of eye-catching look you can try from this hairstyle is by mixing bright colors and carrying it like a queen with all confidence.

Extension Rocks

If you want everybody’s head-turning where ever you go, then this is what you are looking for. It is a super cool way of trying out varieties of bright extensions which will add more spices even in a simple casual outfit.

Dark and long

This hairstyle has become a popular style choice for formal wears as well as casual wears by partitioning in the middle in a long hair.

Amazing Side Style

Want to make your look pop on the beach during summer, then here you go. Mohawk at one side and box braids on the other side is a pretty cool way of presenting your hairstyle in a bikini.

Short and Dramatic

If you want to show off your tattoo and look stunning in short casual wear then why not try this out.  You will love how this hairstyle with a golden touch of color to the hair in a dramatic way.

Thick and elegant looks

If you are innocent and shy kind of girl, this hairstyle will suit you. Making thick braids and tieing some braids from both sides at the back will give a girly yet glamorous look.


Hollywood Style

Do you love the way how Beyonce style herself? Then this is all you need with the brown shade of hair in a black crop top.

Twisting the simplicity

Want to look glamorous in your design, then try this out. It is the style where all braids are tied up like a pony and brought at the front.


Bun with spirals

This is a breathtaking style where you make can make a bun at the top adding some golden accessories to hair. Big earring with big sized bun makes a great combination.


Red Hot

Change in the color of hair is all you need. Try out red and fall in love with yourself by keeping it at one side and let it merge in your body.


Short Hair Bun

This is a cool and casual way of making a bun in short hair. It is a simple yet elegant look.

Crossing of braids

If you are looking for the hairstyle of decent pattern which will put all the Poetic Justice Braids together, then this is the best one. Crossing the thick braids gives an amazing form to the hair.


Pink Bun

The maximum number of girls like pink color a lot. Trying out pink in your hair makes a unique style of bun giving an eye-catchy hairstyle.

Double rolling buns

Rolling Poetic Justice Braids over a bun and partitioning in the middle with half of the hair down makes you look funky and fabulous.

Keep it simple With Bob

Simplicity is the real beauty can be the best example for this hairstyle. You don’t always have to put on makeups to look beautiful. Parting on the side and letting your hair to have all the focus of attention is just awesome.

Jumbo Bun

It is a beautiful design of thick braids and is bold enough for carrying in casual as well as in party wears.

Thin braids

Half red and half black color in thin braids which is tied at the top provide an extraordinary sense of styling.

High Top Bun

If you want to be bold and beautiful, this is the one for you. Taking braids at the top and creating a bun with a touch of colorful scarf is awesome.


Short styling

These Poetic Justice Braids add an extra topping in a formal wear and are easy to maintain for office employees.

Glamorous hair-do

Some girls love to see them sexy and glamorous. This is a breathtaking style with a mix of golden braids which will help to become a spotlight.

Cool and Fun

If the child within you has not died yet, then try this out. Parting in the middle and making braids tail on both side gives the beautiful design to your hair to go out casually.

Paint me Blonde

Life is short. So, don’t hesitate to give a try on new colors. Light Blonde which is near to white color gives a unique appearance to your braids which you will not regret.

Black Bun

All the jumbo braids are pulled together to give a shape of a bun at the top.

Hippie Makeover

Playing with colors is always a fun thing to do. If you love when everyone’s head turn towards you, then this is the best look. Light blue Poetic Justice Braids with golden locks at one side and dark blue lipstick with heavy eye makeup as well as the awesome earrings are fabulous.

Partial  high top Crochet

Awesome thing about braids is you can make its design the way you want it to look. It is a perfect example of being a  little bit of funky along with the simple presentation of makeup and clothes.

Bangs and Rolling Bun

This is a style of hair which consists of cross bangs at one side and spirally arranged bun at the top which is best for formal events or ceremonies.

Long thick braids

A thick bunch of hair is turned into braids and a half ponytail is created at the top along with half braids to flow in its way.

Half up, half down

This is a glamorous style for summer where you can make a bun at the top and let another half in its simple flowing braids form. A touch of bright lipstick never lets you down in this hairstyle.

Go Green

This is the best example of showing your unique personality through the means of hairstyle and color. Green color always looks calm and relaxing and gives beautiful combination in white clothes.

Sea Blue

It is a good example of trying out blue braids and, if you want to be extra, this might be what you are looking for.

Wavy thin and short bangs

This is a fun style of giving a curvy design on your forehead rather than completely taking all hair to make Poetic Justice Braids.

Short yet stylish

Having short hair and trying out this braids style gives a new taste to stunning girls.

Creativity Level

Girls can be a lot creative when their time comes to show their talent of beautifying themselves. This is the best example of making a puffy hair-do at the top and round bun at the back which can be applied for special events.

Magical Hairstyle

This look is sure to get a compliment as a new style of bun is created with twists and turns at the top and half to open freely. A shade of mild red is eye-catchy.

Black, Purple, and Blue

This is the best way of showing off your colorful personality. You can try different colors all at once in Poetic Justice Braids and will surely get a compliments from the majority of people.



Player look

Being a sporty girl is a cool thing. If you want a hairstyle which will give you the best look while wearing jersey then this is what you are looking for.

Caramel tone

It is a good example of trying out caramel color for your hair and creating a beautiful ball like bun at the top with half flowing down the line.

Simple Style

This is a simple hairstyle which blooms even in no makeup and casual outfit.

Casual and Beautiful

Long Poetic Justice Braids with a partition in sideways also mixing grey color extension is one of the best combinations of hairstyle with golden locks at some points.


Smile Please

This jumbo Poetic Justice Braids suits you a lot more if you are a smiley person. Smile is the jewelry anyone can wear and, with the support of beautiful braids, no one can take off their eyes while staring at you.

Cute and Girly

Thick Poetic Justice Braids and simple makeup gives a lovely appearance. This is something which can suit anyone for any occasions.

Youngsters Love it

This is an amazing style choice for teenagers and youngsters who like to experience more and more different varieties of braids method.

Janet Jackson knows

From the famous movie “Poetic Justice” Janet Jackson gave a new style in braids which everyone loves to try out. It is a simple and stunning way of changing your hairstyle for night parties.

Short and Fashionable

Have short hair and want to make braids on it, then this is what you are looking and no need to search anymore. Try this out for casual as well as for formal wears, and you will surely get best compliments from others.

Glamorous Style

Poetic Justice Braids are made in thick shape, and side partition is done with some golden accessories which is merely making it a glamorous look.

Can’t say “No” to selfies

It is a perfect example of making braids and doing partial up-do in a spiral form which gives the best result in selfies.

Smoky Hot

Even in a simple T-shirt, you can look smoky hot with this hairstyle and correctly done makeup containing red lipstick to pop this look out of the crowd.

Celebrity Style

If Janet Jackson can carry this hairstyle in such a fantastic way in Hollywood events, then you never less than her if you pull all Poetic Justice Braids together to the top and wear a white hairband same as her.

Shade of Red

This is a perfect example of elegant hairstyle with a mild tone of red in round high top at the back.

Trendy look

This braid with a partition in the middle is an excellent choice for official works and special events.

Sexy Vibes

This look is sure to stand out in a day out or night parties. It is simply amazing.

Twist at its Best Form

Twist of Poetic Justice Braids in a shiny black hair is mind blowing and glamorous to handle. No one will beat this style.

Fun Fashion

This is another great look for casual wears. It is left long and loose which makes it simple and amazing.

Large Bun

It is that style which no one can keep their eyes down. Half of the Poetic Justice Braids are pulled together to make a large bun at the top, and others are left long and loose.

Versatile Hairstyle

Using different colors extension in hair is the perfect example of showing your uniqueness. You will be in the limelight where ever you go. It might be on a beach or party or just in casual events.

So, Poetic Justice Braids are a lovely hair-do. It is applicable for a child, a teenager or woman of any age groups. While making it, you can visit a salon and consult a stylist, or you can do it on your own by watching YouTube tutorials at home.

Once you make these braids, you don’t have to worry about your hairstyle more than a month which is awesome for official ladies or children going to schools.

Maintenance should be done time and again. Nothing can look good forever until it is taken care. Same way, Poetic Justice Braids might be damaged or out of shape if some tips are not appropriately applied. It is best to wear scarfs while sleeping at night or on a hot sunny day. This will prevent from damage. On the other hand, hair serum should be applied from time to time to get shiny and beautiful braids.This will moisture the hair strands and make it much stronger.