120 Best Pompadour Haircut For Rocking Parties In 2019

You’ll find the pompadour haircut to be one of the most trending and easily recognizable on wherever you go. In this article, we will talk about the spices that we can put to this dashing haircut and about its wonderful variations.

What is Pompadour?

It all started when Elvis, The Rock, and Roll King was regularly seen on a particular type of haircut in his prime iconic time. All the credit for sporting this unusual alpha hairstyle doesn’t go to Elvis alone; it goes to the truck drivers. You may ask how the truck drivers get the share of credit. Well, Elvis was initially training to be one of them, unless he chose the music genre and gained worldwide fame.

Pompadour haircuts have countless variations, from long to medium to short, all of them having more or less the same macho sense. Modifications include a disconnected style, undercut paired, an extra long one or a swift short one. In addition to that, there are many tools you can use to help style your cut.

Let’s begin delving into this alpha cut without any further ado.

1. The gentleman cut

Here you can see what is called the gentleman pompadour. To get this kind of style, it’s quite good taking pictures to your stylist. The roll on the middle is neither too long nor too short.

pompadour haircut

2. Buzzed sides

There’s no rule for the pompadour haircut when it comes to handling the sides. You can buzz them to any razor length. As seen below, this man has chosen to go for a short guard setting(#2) for his side hair.

3. Styled sense

Longer pompadours don’t always need to be gelled up back. You can simply style them into your mood to get a more customized and dashing look.

A fully shaven side(#1) adds more ravish effect to your cut.

4. Uniform drag back

It’s all up to your preference whether to curl or just make a smooth drag back of your mid hair. There’s nothing better than having a smooth top when planning a party. Go for it.

5. Short and low

A short but clean pompadour cut is best when you ask your stylist to taper your cut such that the hair seems to fade into your neck skin. This technique is the soul of the pompadour haircut.

6. Hold the middle

You need to spice this outstanding haircut to get the most effect. And high-hold pomades are the best anyone can get. Light hair such as the one down below become the best version of itself when a light hold is applied.

7. Lined pomade

Creating a perfect pompadour haircut that you’re fully satisfied is quite a task unless you are used to it. Firstly you’ve got to have a damp hair, from just out of the shower. It’s quite a tricky process overall, but don’t give up quite easily, would you?

8. Dark and Shining

As much as the men’s pompadour haircut suits round-faced people, black-haired people are as much luck in that sense. Look at the energy this amazing cut radiates outward. It’s one of a kind.

9.Caramel Effect

Caramel is not just only for girls who are trying to make a braid or an updo. If you manage to get yourself a shiny caramel effect on your pomaded hair, then it’s inevitable that you would be in a real problem of handling all the hot chicks.

10. Lifted Horns

It’s incredible how adapting your front pomade-coated-hair to a horn-like-shape gives you a pure macho look.  On top of that, an excellent facial haircut will prove to be the icing on the cake.

11. The headlines

It can’t be right if someone tells you that the lines in your hand determine your future. Rather nowadays, one thing is sure, its that the style of lines in your hair defines your future. Don’t you agree with me?

You surely will after looking at this dashing young man. He’s even got face-lines. That’s mesmerizing.

12. Brown smoothie

This cool style results when you know how to lift your hair properly with a comb and apply a few generous scoops of holding pomade to your lifted hair, finishing it in and backward.

Women love them, its pretty damn sure.

13. Thick rolls downwards

Pompadour fade haircut won’t get much ideal example than this. This guy has finished his pomade application with a backward rolling of his mid hair all the way back to the neck.

The nice and shiny coating his pomade has given to his hair is majestic.

14. Faded to the neck

As we have discussed before, if you know how to ask for a pompadour haircut properly to your stylist, you’re done already. We love how this guy has asked his hair specialist to make a smooth and serene roll up his neck.

15.Textured style

Parting your hair while you are on the way to get a pompadour haircut is necessary. But applying a cool shade of matching texture afterward is great when it comes to having a macho look.

16. Boy’s fade

This boy would be an exception if he didn’t have girls around him when he was studying in the high school. This type of uniform and combed fade are seductive and have a high fame value.

17. As perfect as it can get

Asking for the perfect example of men’s pompadour haircut would be the same as asking for this photo. As a rule in haircut industry, the shinier your mid pompadour gets, the merrier.

18. Desirable lift

Parting your hair is simple, you just need to pick a parting line and comb your asset in opposite directions. But when it comes of lifting it after coating with pomade is a work of pure art. Those who mastered are only revered.

19.Piercing look

It’s unbelievable how this young man has got a piercing look like that of an astounding nymph. Maybe it’s his dark eyes and large earloops.

20. Your average style

It’s false if someone says that pompadour haircut is just for models and stuntmen — actually its best for you.

21. Parted pompadour haircut

You can part your hair too in this hairstyle. This is an optional step, of course. Unparted pompadour looks dashing also.

But in case you want to part your hair, only pick up a parting line ( choosing just above your right eyebrow is great) and comb your hair in opposite directions from there.

A parted pompadour is great even in short length as below.

22. Rough and curly styles

Roughness adds more alpha value to men. We can see the bright line, starting from just above the left eyebrow is chosen as a parting line which fits the hairstyle greatly.

23. Bent way

Sometimes its great to have a bent pompadour haircut. Its even found to be a popular haircut among athletes. Barcelona goalkeeper Mark Andre Ter Stegan is one of them.

24. High and shiny

Sometimes, your pompadour can look like a dense forest. And that’s exceptional, as long as it is silky, shiny and tidy.

25. Unparted  variations

You can also choose unparted style while going for a pompadour. Pompadour haircut is one of the most flexible style trending in 2019.

26. Low styles

There’s no limit on how low should you go. Pompadour allows you to go low as much as you like. The pompadour fade haircut seems cool for this guy.

27. Beckham’s Inspiration

Along with Elvis, Beckham can also be considered as one of the world-famous sportsmen who sported this amazing pompadour haircut.

You can see the fade on either side of the mid hair which gives a more cool effect to the whole thing.

28. Apply some ointment

Sometimes, during your busy daily schedule of walking and running, the newly created pompadour might betray you. To avoid the risk of getting your hair lump fall right over your face, apply some ointment, hard and sticky.

29. Fade with beard

Men’s pompadour haircut fits greatly with a dashing beard as much as fits with a round face.

This man is sure to rock his next party and seduce some girls despite his age, it’s guaranteed.

30. Student Style

It is very likely that you may have seen this cool haircut on a hard-working student’s list.

31. Predator look

One of the unique features of pompadour haircut is that it makes your every glance predatory.

32. Rugged beard, neat hair

Sometimes, beard and hair can look opposite in every sense. While this fellow’s beard is rough and course, the hair is the smoothest.

33. Young Zayn

We love this kind of haircut whether it’s dusk or it’s dawn. Pompadour haircut is a favorite among many celebrities.

34. Clear fade

Pompadour fade haircut is best when your stylist knows how to make perfect sideways fade.

35. For every face

It’s not frequent that you see a trending haircut suits for every face shape. Thanks to the pompadour haircut, people with round or oval or box or any shape can get one for themselves.

36. The old days

Even before Elvis, many actors, high profile celebrities and politicians loved the high, uplifted mass of pompadour. So, the truck drivers must have also learned this style from someone else before.

37. Philosopher’s enigma

When you can’t get the real essence of something, a puff of smoke can sort out everything. The thinker down below must be on his way to find something groundbreaking.

38. Partially messy

Messy isn’t the same as dirty, as opposed to general beliefs. Those who know this great but subtle difference have made a huge mark in every industry, especially hairstyle.

39. Caramel’s shade

Brownies can have some shade of caramel in their pompadour haircut. This allows your hair to shine and make you smile deadly, like this boy.

40. Playboy details

Many consider the charm and storytelling mastery of a playboy helps them take the girl home. But that isn’t always the case; sometimes it’s their hair too.

41. Flowing movements

A haircut can engulf some great movement patterns in them. This is demonstrated perfectly by the several different flows this boy’s pompadour fade haircut has.

42. Twined varieties

It’s not necessarily the signature of pompadour haircut to make a big chunk of mid hair. A mid-hair consisting of intertwined haircuts is also the best choice that is equally loved by sportsmen and celebrities.

43. Lined cuts

Line are most helpful in your head when you have to part your hair. This guy is looking great with the beard in his pompadour fashion.

44. Mustache addition

Having a mustache makes you more enticing, especially when you are on your lucky pompadour haircut.

45. Half-lined variety

Elegance is personified when you regularly try new and creative styles like this. Half-line shave in the middle of your head gives a cool impression to those who look at you.

46. Boy’s favorite

We love who wonderfully this boy has shaped his pompadour haircut. The golden brown adds more spice to his look.

47. Regular ideas

Pompadour doesn’t need to be extravagant or frenetically new every time you pull it off. A regular style is enough to make your day great.

48. Men’s first choice

There was a time when the faux hawk was on everyone’s lips. But the pompadour has regained its value, and no one even thinks of thinking of abandoning it.

49. Shades of grey

Just like every hair color have their matching haircuts, dark-grey hair color is perfect of pompadour haircut.

50. Iconic fashion sense

It’s true that everyone knows what pompadour is and how valuable it is. Still, those who have a unique fashion sense can pull it off in a majestic manner.

51. Smooth ideas

Smooth ideas such as this style below are great when going into a pub or bar. Girls are crazy about these styles.

52. Sepia days

This one looks like that of old days, with a former player blurred in the background. But is just magic of sepia effect and the evergreen pompadour haircut.

53. Clear-cut line

Using a little extra pomade is always beneficial when handling a pompadour. It makes your whole day safe and secure.

54. Pseudo-Partition

The style down below can be confusing at times. But if you look the hair isn’t parted, it’s just as-if parted.

55. Soothing sense

Looking at this picture could be beneficial when styling your hair to make it soothing.

56. A spray of magic

It looks don-ish when you apply a spray of magic on your front pompadour. We love this for its boldness and calmness.

57. Make it high

No need to make your whole mid-hair high as the sky. Just comb 2 inches of your front hair and lift it backward with some balm. And your wonderful pompadour haircut is ready.

58. Popular in army

A mustache along with thick-combed pompadour fade haircut is what army-men adore.

59. A wolf’s hair

A mighty wolf is naturally provided with a pompadour if you have noticed well enough. Nevertheless, we hear to teach how you can too achieve that.

60. A don’s impression

Usually, a don is pictured as an alpha male with a dashing hairdo. Despite you being not a don, you can still have that kind of mesmeric haircut.

61. Golden and shiny

Despite being unparted, this young man’s pompadour haircut inspired us to have one.

62. The merry rose

More the beautiful tattoo on your head, the merrier. The wonderful rose along with that mesmeric pompadour is likely to enchant a girl on the spot.


63. Musician cut

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that pompadour haircut is musician’s haircut. Despite Kurt Cobain in a different haircut, most musicians love this style.

64. Soft and furry

The softness of this young blonde’s hair is inexpiable. That is why you have to salute him for having such a high and royal fashion sense.

65. Shinier than ever

Pompadour fade haircut or in other words, Men’s pompadour haircut is too good to be true.

Its because it allows you to express yourself in the most literal way possible.

66. Some evergreen pompadour styles

These usual but evergreen styles can steal your one’s heart in an instant.

So, Let’s have a look at these beautiful and detailed haircuts.

67. For all ages, and sizes

Don’t make a false assumption that this haircut only suits for a specific age or body types. It suits perfectly for anyone who wants to have it. Let’s have a clear look at some pictures.

68. The cocky style

Nobody is cooler than someone who has a cocky haircut and cocky sense of humor. Let’s see these wonderful and spicy hairstyles that are new in the genre of pompadour.

69. The colored varieties

It’s very rational that golden and brown hued hair tend to be catchy when seen from far away. Therefore, having a pompadour on such hair color gives you an extra bit of attention.

70. The mustache effect

Never let some barber cut your beloved mustache. Even though some people may try to compare your asset to Hitler, let them say what they say. The mustache is a king when it comes to making a special impression on someone.

71. Perfect Lining

More you become precise on telling your barber how to make a pompadour haircut; the more perfect will be your cut. We love this style of cut. Everybody loves it, including Kim Un Jong. Donaldo Trump might not enjoy it, but that’s understandable.

72. The old tiger

Even when a tiger is old and clumsy, still its predatory instincts are intact just like time it was born. We love the pompadour on this guy as we love it on kids.

73. Unique styles

These styles are unique and fresh as they have just been taken out of a refrigerator. I don’t think anyone can beat them.

74. Programmer’s choice

It’s not a secret anymore that programmers are crazy about this clean and tidy haircut. Pompadour haircut are favorites of everyone, may it be a programmer or a playboy.

75. Shiner than the sun

76. High up in the air

These types of haircuts are ready to kiss the sky.

77. Brownie smoothie

78. As handsome as it gets

79. Worried look

80. Albino’s choice

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81. Boy’s cut

82. Round styles

83. Alpha male’s secret

Believe it or not, alpha males all secret originate from the pompadour haircut.

84. As dense as it gets

85. Clean and tidy

Being super clean is a character of this fantastic haircut. That is to say, have it now, at this very moment.

86. Grandfather’s mustache

87. Beard complemented by the hair

88. Businessmen’s sense of fashion

89. Cute boy

90. Hair resembling a rubber ball

91. Hairstyle and beard cut of the century

If someone doesn’t agree that this boy has got both haircut and beard as a masterpiece, then bring them to me. Thereafter, I will clear their misunderstandings.

92. Inspired by Kim

One can easily see the effective and efficient usage of pomade in this man’s hair. Therefore people tend to conclude that all men aren’t created equal when it comes to fashion sense.

93.  Dagger eyes

This boy’s eyes resemble a dagger. As a result, it can pierce through your heart on a mere touch.


Overall, the pompadour haircut is the best one can get in today’s date. They are flexible, sexy and alpha. No wonder many celebrities, musicians and sportspersons have this cut all the time.

You just need to ask your hair stylist to get this enticing haircut. Go for it, now.