125 Mesmerizing Ponytail Hairstyles for any Juncture

Ponytail hairstyles came into existence in the late 18th century; it was influenced by the long tail of a horse and hence the name ‘PONYTAIL’. Of all the hairstyles we have ever known; ponytail hairstyles are the simplest and the most righteous ones that we can show up along in any occasion we attend. Let it be going to college, meeting up with the old mates or attending an official event; it always works fine.

A ponytail is something you can catch up effortlessly; you just got to hold all your hair and tie it up using fancy or any other ordinary bands. It is indeed among the simplest hairstyles that see no time or place. If you love experimenting with your hair and are seeking for different variations that you can perform with your ponytail; congrats, you have visited an absolute place! Given below are few of the alterations of easy ponytail hairstyles we will talk briefly about later:

Silky brown high ponytail

One of the most general hair colour usually seen is the brown colour. Regardless of the hair colour you own, you always are more concerned about having silky and shiny hairs.
At times, you might want to look facile yet stunning; for occasions as such, adopting the above-shown style won’t let you have griefs later.

Stitch Braids

Who doesn’t love being classy and attractive at the same time? Well, everybody does! And if you too want the same, stitch braids with ponies won’t be a bad option.
Stitch braids have been given the name after their close resemblance to the textile arts, and it looks more as if the hair threads have been stitched literally into the scalp.

Wavy ponytail

Having a hair that is neither straight nor curly is a blessing any girl can have, and the above-portrayed pictures say it all. If you have wavy hair then making a ponytail and using hair accessories like hair clips will spice your style up.

French braid high ponytail

Are you looking for a hairstyle that helps you show your features sharp? Yes? French twist with a high ponytail without any doubts would be great! Making French Braids no longer are a challenging task if you see, so if you are confused about what creativity you should do with your hair today then do try this style. It is one of the simple ponytail hairstyles for college and schools.

Romantic locks

Love locks also called padlocks have been on our mind as the symbol of love and commitment from the very ancient times; locking symbolises hooking two souls together up, placing this fascinating concept on hair styling is so sweet and romantic.
This hairstyle will suit you best anytime, and every time you meet up with your better half.

Short high up curls

Short high up curls is one of the types of short ponytail hairstyles we can perform on curly hairs. Collarbones are very much attractive, and that is why they are considered as the ‘beauty bones’. They are the subtle symmetrical features a woman is known by. Have you too got marvellous beauty bones? You seriously are very fortunate if you have them! Flash your beauty and become the star in the crowd with this hairstyle!

Edgy Ponytail

Exercise is something you do for the peace of your mind and staying healthy, and while doing so, you wouldn’t love to be bothered by your strands. Whether your hair is short or long, keeping it out of your face is what is your priority while doing high-intensity workouts. Other factors that you are concerned about while doing joggings and little exercises are that your hair should remain off your neck and it should have as less sweat in it as possible. Tying up your hair on edge does not need you to put in much effort, and this hair genre is absolutely the one to opt for such jobs!

Back low braided ponytail

Braids above the forehead give appearance much like that of a hair band, but braiding backwards is somewhat unique and attractive. Taking portions from both sides of the head, knotting them and finally ending up in a ponytail is the loveliest finishing possible. Back braiding ponytail hairstyles are worth an appraisal and these are going to look stunning on you, give it a try!

Flowing half pony

Hair brimming down your back endows you a mesmerising look everybody would admire. Here we can see two contrasting styles: puff followed by a half pony; that complements the hair type to a great extent. This hairstyle is similar to water flowing through a waterfall, gentle and silent yet beautiful. The model above is flaunting her hair in her off-shoulder top.

Topknot fall

Keeping hair smooth and silky is not a child’s play; it requires too much attention and hair care. Topknot fall is a simple variation you can do with your hair; all you need to do is comb your hair thoroughly, pull it behind neatly, tie it up with an elastic band and finally let it flaunt your back. This hairstyle gives suitable gaze for fashion shows and award functions where you can flaunt yourself in whole.

Woven ponytail

Side French braiding and wrapping up hair in a simple pony looks like a classy woven ponytail. This fashion suits girls of all ages. If you are looking for weave ponytail hairstyles, then this is the cleanest and easiest one you’ll ever get. To beautify this fashion, one can use varieties of hair accessories as shown in the above picture: The girl has an enhanced hairstyle with a pink ribbon tied around like a bow. You can also make your classic ribbon bow and rock this hairstyle.

Flowing high pony

No matter which hairstyle you wear, do not forget to wear your natural smile! Having said those words, let us know more about our next style which is flowing high pony. Unlike flowing half pony, it tucks in all the hair in the knot. You may spread strands from near the back of your neck to give your hair a volume and dense appearance.

Baby curled hair


Meanwhile, some people use baby curl irons and wands to get those classical tight curls; those with natural baby curls are fortuitous, but not always. Baby curl is black girl ponytail hairstyles that are high maintenance hair texture that needs extra care and pampering. You can do anything with your baby curls, leave it free, tie it into a knot or braid it. The choice is up to you!

Wear it high and side

The craze of blonde colour is being spread like fire worldwide. Every other person wants to go blonde! Wear it high, and side ponytail hairstyle is to make a high ponytail and bring it in front. It gives casual looks and taking out the side bangs is a good supplement one can add to it.

Fluffy- the new fashion

Due to numerous factors happening and going around, it’s become quite a difficult job to save hairs from regular hair fall that makes the hair look parse. What do you think is a way out to this problem? I suggest a fluffy updo!

Side waved ponytail

When you wear  Hairstyle, don’t just wear it, own it! An intelligible transition you can do with your wavy hair is side pinning it. Curved hairs already are stuff to show off about. Embracing it with silver hair clips and pearl ear-tops is a beautiful accord. It is the coolest hairstyle among the prom ponytail hairstyles because of its simplicity and ease of making it.

Side edged ponytail

Fed up of same boring side ponytails? Get your fringes spiced up with colours. Highlighting or low lighting hairs make them catchy, blonde highlighting on brown hair or red colouring on blonde hair are the styles most women have already tried. Try your kind of shades that are different from your source of inspiration.

Thick mid-braided pony

No matter what type of hair you have, thicker or thinner, you still have got the chance to make it bigger and thicker by just playing yourself smart. Braid it lose giving it much higher volume and there you have the lush chick look!

Stubby mid braids undoubtedly are the chicest look you can wear around! You won’t believe me until you see the above pics yourself.

Dutch braided pony

Have you ever wanted to be both rooted and stylish at the same time? Or say have you ever tried looking like a modern princess? If yes, then dutch braided pony is a good pick! Make the braids lose, give it some volume and there you rock the show! Above model gives full justice to this hairstyle with a fantastic muffler around her neck. If you try, you too will look amazing for no doubt.

Fork ponytails

Life doesn’t let you travel several paths at the same time but trust me, this hairstyle does! Two ponytail hairstyles and single braided ponies are so typical, and everybody does them. Fork Ponytails are little girl ponytail hairstyles parted into three head sections; these hairstyles are braided and partitioned into three parts as that of a fork; these are most suitable for adorable little girls. If you love exploring, you can try this style on your kids and younger siblings.

Middle split side ponytail

Priyanka Chopra, a heart throbbing Bollywood actress, is all ready for the shoots of Hollywood series Quantico. She has always been in the news for her incredible sense of dressing and hairstyling. She’s an ideal model to look up to. Like the actress has made her big comeback, middle splits too have made its come back. These were widely popular till the mid-90s then they vanished somewhere abruptly, but it’s back again to tribute the retro life. Middle splits still are trendy, and everyone loves having them.

Princess updo

Present yourself as a modern exotic princess with the princess updo! Add around ear pieces for the better looks.

Casual ponytail

Casual is all about something happening by chance and being comfortable. A casual ponytail is a wreak you can put on on a daily basis. This hairstyle doesn’t need much, just tying up the hair works well.

Purple is vibrant

Hair without colours is too dull and boring. Add some flavour to your style! Don’t be puzzled while choosing a colour for yourself, highlight it purple because it’s alive and ‘alive is awesome’. The colour purple is usually not seen in nature and is also considered sacred. A person who chooses a dark purple colour is assumed to be bold and robust.

Messy puff updo

Life is way too short to have dull hair. Have messy hair and leave on others to care!
In this busy world of independent working women all around, it has become harder for them to take out time and focus on hair care. Messy updos go well with that kind of people who are always running out of time.

Pin the chain ponytail

Pin your ponytail with golden and silver chains. They indeed are icing on the cake.

Flaunt your waves

Great hair does not belong to everyone, only lucky ones have them! Exposing and showing off hair always has been a girl’s habit and why not do that when you have got the hair to be proud of? Wavy hair isn’t just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle and parading it has reached a mischievous and carefree drive on it.

Front banged ponytail

The all-embracing look comes to those who maintain their hair themselves! Having a big forehead doesn’t equal being less beautiful, but if you still want your big forehead covered up, then you can have a slight change in your appearance with front bangs.

Keep it simple

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’
– Leonardo da Vinci
No matter how stylish the world has become, keeping things simple still attracts everyone at first. The same fact holds true in the case of hair making, keeping your hair simple not only saves your time but also makes you look adorable. Above illustrated are the simple ponytail hairstyles for every day that do not of course need much time.

Keep it back


Not everything has to be in front to be valued! Straight hairs are more polished and professional; hence natural straights are to be treasured than showing off. Straight hairs are mostly preferred in the field of modelling, and it is clear from the above pictures. You can add more flavour to your looks using vivid eye shades.

Curl down pony

Let your silky and shiny curls roll down!

Side headband ponytails




Natural headbands are gorgeous than the artificial ones. The type of headbands may range from French to three plaids and the Dutch. Headbands look nicer even when the hair is left to roll over the shoulders, and you put on other beauty accessories.

Double Headband Pony

When a single headband can look lovely then why not trying double headband? It will purely seem cuter! Side bangs to these types of ponytail hairstyles will certainly  act as the aid to the stairs of grace.

Turn braid around

Everybody uses rubber bands to tie their hair into ponytails but to use colourful rubber bands too often for tying up hair is generic. Some might not like colour different from that of hair colour; it’s quite a marvellous deed having a band as natural as your hair. So to pick up this hairstyle, first try side braiding, elongate it till the end, twist it around your pony and there you have your natural hairband!

Lemonade ponytail

ponytail hairstyles

Inspired by Nefertiti, Egyptian culture and royalty; lemonade braid came into power. It suits all women, and it makes any lady feel like a queen. Owning this hairstyle isn’t any lesser than owning an invisible crown. The most important rule not to be neglected while making lemonade braids is that they should always be held by the side as shown in the above pictures.

French Braid

How hard do you think is to stay glamorous? Not so hard if you see! French braid is the hottest pick up these days, and it’s possibly going to be a significant trend for this year! French braids rumoured to be devised in the 18th century is a twist in the old traditional braids that is worn by sporty girls, college going women and working women. It can be dressed elaborately or simply. It’s a part of history that would always be followed.

Play with sections

When a single hair can draw your beauty, imagine what fragments of it can do in whole!
If you love playing with your hair, then this genre is genuinely for you. Try this style out with just few rubber bands separating your ponytail into graceful segments!

Side fringes ponytails

Cutting side fringes is a very challenging task for any girl; if cuts become too short, you are left with nothing but regrets and a long wait for them to grow all over again. But the growing up of fringes is a delightful journey you can ever go through. Add more spice to your regular and boring ponytail by choosing side swept fringes.

Clip it up ponytail

Searching for a solution to knob your frizzy messy hair? Don’t worry; hair clips will salve your pain! Make a high ponytail and tuck in all your hair strands with beautiful hair clips. This hairstyle in the above picture looks like a fictional character with fiery hair, so bold and strong!

Poofy ponytail

Poofy ponytails are very famous because of the volume they provide to our hair. Making puffs on curly hair is more comfortable than those on straight hair. Curly hair already is voluminous, but by putting some efforts, it’s possible to transform even a sleeky ponytail into a thick, poofy one!

Short Ponytail hairstyles

Women with short hair, don’t despair! However, making ponytails with short hair is not entirely smooth, but bobby pins are always there to deal with them in just a click of a finger. Another way out is keeping it low.

Braided ponytail


There are several ways you can opt to make your ponytail alluring, and the most common one is braiding it to the base. They say; ‘girls without braids are like mountains without waterfall’. Braids certainly have always been a girl’s best friend, and hence the sense of combining a ponytail with braids ( French, Dutch or Fishtail) is a wise selection. We have seen braided ponytail hairstyles for black colour hairs, but watching at the above-given images, we can say that braids look pleasing not only on black hair but they look good on different coloured strands as well.

Twirl your grey

Grey hair is God’s graffiti, slay it with a high ponytail!

Twist it up

Puff ponytails are common but how about a slight modification with your puff? Don’t wrap them in, twist them instead!

Inverted braid ponytail

‘Being generic is too mainstream; let’s go upside down!’
Inverted braid ponytail is the combo of braids woven in a reverse direction from back to the midway and a simple high ponytail making you the centre of attraction.

Layered ponytail hairstyles

Come out of boredom with this Layered ponytail hairstyle! Make a half puff-extended pony over a mid ponytail and combine them both. There you are with a new ponytail hairstyle ready to steal the show!

Side parted ponytail

Keeping your hair side-parted never gets outdated, it’s an evergreen trend that won’t be ever replaced by another hairstyle. Side parted ponytail hairstyles are always easy to carry and are attention-grabbing styles.

How much can a good appearance effect someone? Might not be completely but up to some extent, yes it does! An immeasurable presentation gives you strength and self-confidence to show up in front of someone. Hairs are the best friends of girls, they love them more than anything else, and it’s essential to keep them maintained using several hair preserving tips like oiling, regular combing, using conditioner and shampoo, using hair gels, etc.  So with all the types of variations of ponytails you came along here in this article, I hope you know how to slay this year. I would recommend you to try them all according to the occasions and events you attend.  Hairstyling isn’t something like tattooing that can’t be changed daily, wear your hair according to your mood. Even with simplest of simplest hairstyle, you can always look perfect anywhere and everywhere.