89 Wonderful Prom Hairstyles To Rock Your Next Special Prom

Prom dance has been around for more than a century by now. They represent your elegance, sweetness and social intelligence. You may be astonished to hear that the word ‘prom,’ which we think we are very familiar with is a short form of an unusual word. Promenade was made short and called ‘Prom.’ Anyway, rather than telling you fact-that-you-never-heard-of, we are showing you an excellent collection of great prom hairstyles. They are sure to rock your next prom. We can guarantee you that you will be the only talk of your upcoming gala. Classic updos, side-braids, swept bangs, dreadlocks, permed hairstyle, etc., are some great hairstyles of wear on while going to a prom. Therefore we have brought you this fantastic collection of prom hairstyles for every kind of hair for your inspiration.

With that said, we are heading off to see these great styles which your hair can have in a special prom. Prom hairstyles 2018 have gone rampage after seeing these out-of-the-box scenes. So without any conventional procedure, we are running off to have a look at these mesmerizing pictures of beautiful and cute girls. Although these styles are especially for proms, you can use them for any occasions. From parties to pubs, they make a great hairdo that will make people crave for you. These 89 cool and sexy prom hairstyles are a must watch of this generation to rock any prom. Let’s move on.

Banded updo + cool braid

Updo is a trendy choice for girls who are planning to go to a prom. This girl has a nice twist on the back of her head. Those cute white pins add more beauty to this style than its counterparts.


Textured chocolate hair

Prom hairstyles down are unique and fascinating. When one knows how to pull this style of out of a hat, what more is needed? We all recommend you try this cool style once.

Rosy updo

Despite the major thinking that updo is messy and dirty, she has done the opposite. You can also make this sweet and lure updo knot for your prom. That way, your partner will never let go of your hand.

Romantic loose curls + voluminous hair

Prom hairstyles for long hair can’t have a more elegant hairstyle than this. What we see down below is best when your partner is also very handsome and caring.

Tight bun + spread-out braids

Despite people’s criticism of buns and dreadlocks, they make a unique hairstyle to have on prom. As a result, we suggest you try this style once as prom hairstyles.

Cute flower + sky blue tint

Never mind other people’s opinion. Prom hairstyles updos are brilliant when your hair has some shade of sky blue color. You are guaranteed to be that only icon in next prom.

  Snake-solid curls

There is no need to mention that all prom hairstyles are romantic and passionate. They reflect the kindness and passion you have in your heart. That is why we have brought you this heart throbbing snake like a curly hairstyle. Don’t miss out on this one.

Soft and silky

People get confused on whether these things are hair or creamy liquid. We admire and adore such kinds of royal and elegant hairdos. What more can you expect of prom hairstyles?

Diamond dust spray

The title is very relevant to these two pictures below. It seems his cute teen has provided a spray of diamond dust to her caramel highlighted hair. As a consequence, we have become a fan of these.

Perfect doughnut bun

Every element in this cutie’s hair is admirable. Her caramel highlighted ends, dart roots and that masterpiece of bun at the end are heart stealing. For your information, braids look great when you have a textured hair. It is one of some cool prom hairstyles.

Cute and sexy

With that nude back, she looks stunning. You don’t need to overcomplicate your hair by trying other complex and difficult style to go to a prom. Simple and eloquent style like this loose curl is enough as one of some prom hairstyles.

Messy but powerful

Time and again, we have said that being messy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dirty and lazy. Messiness is a symbol of being carefree and relaxed. In my opinion, messier prom hairstyles are some best versions.

Blue hypnotizing eyes

These two eyes of the cutie down below are hypnotizing. They can pierce any human heart in range. In addition to that, her amazing pendant is absolutely royal and eloquent. We are crazy about her.



Thick braids + flowers on top

Flowers symbolize romanticism. Prom hairstyles with braids are unique when flowers are used to groom them. That is why prom hairstyles Pinterest are going trending on the internet nowadays.

Fishtail braids + shiny hair

Your hair is what determines your look. Despite people saying you need an amazing face too, you hair plays an even more significant role. So next time you are out on prom, groom yourself in this classic and genuine scene so that everybody falls for you.

Tie Knot

This thing is creativity at its best. For most people having lengthy hair, we advise you try one of these cool prom hairstyles for long hair. Get ready to make your partner and all other’s partners dazzled with your glory.

Iconic and glamorous

Not just for proms, this romantic and cute hairdo is exemplary in the field of masterpiece hairstyles. The prom hairstyles can be traced back to 19th-century universities in America that held celebration banquets after each year’s graduation.

Princess is back again

That cute artificial leaf on her hair gives her a glamorous look out of nowhere. Plus those tapered hair strands on the bottom of her hair gives this cutie an unprecedented iconic view.

Large, and space-consuming

Don’t get fooled by the title above. We aren’t talking about luggage being large and space-eating. We are talking about your cool style that comes under some top ten list of great prom hairstyles. Prom hairstyles at home can’t get much smoother and sublime than this.

Beautiful rose + fishtail braid

Rose and fishtail braid make a perfect combination that lets other people down in front of you. In addition to that, the dark chocolate color that this hair blends into adds a glorious effect in those braids. As a result, we love prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair more and more.

Heavy textured hair

Prom hairstyles are scenic when you can get a rough and ravishing texture on your tress. Prom hairstyles at home are admirable. We want this crazy style right now. Try this at home to give yourself a glossy look.

Redhead’s motivation

We don’t know how this model got motivated to get into this cool layered style. But we know one thing for sure, she looks enchanting and enticing in this elementary design. Those loose curls look like they have been permed. Nevertheless, they are natural as a  newborn child.

Top bun + high roll

Bun along with black hair make a deadly combination that ever existed in the world of fashion. Here, this red lip hottie has killed us with her tapered hair strands that come to give shade to her face. It is admirable and fantabulous.

Queen’s look

Look at these two exquisite pictures of a hot chick in one of some gorgeous hairstyles. It is a classic example that has to be on that list of some best hairstyles for shoulder length hair. I want to give a standing ovation to her creativity and innovating mind. Not everyone has that kind of elegance and imagination.

Mirrored view of a beauty

Your thin hair will be very happy about being blended like this. Promenade hairstyles with weave and hairstyles of long hair have found a great example to show off to the world.


Ton of curls

We are pretty sure that this gorgeous blonde has permed her hair. Promenade hairstyles and makeup are like friends. They don’t go alone but in pairs. We are fond of this insane and crazy hairdo.

Romantic idea

If you think of having the best night with your partner on your first honeymoon night, we suggest you try this. Those hidden braids in flowers and rolls at the bottom are mesmerizing and astonishing to behold. Let us take a break and take our hats off in praise of this iconic beauty.

Caramel + balayage blonde hairstyle

Never say that you hate balayage blonde. Promenade hairstyles are incomplete without shades of caramel, ombre and balayage blonde. Just like we have some best and intimate friend, these three items are best friends of ball hairstyles down.

Locked style

Gala hairstyles all down can’t get better than this. Just wow! It is one of some most admirable and adorable hairdo that is gaining mass popularity nowadays. They work for all age group. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to label these designs as prom hairstyles age 11.

Sexy back and bouncy hips

Many Hollywood divas and celebrities are famous just because of their bouncy breasts and sexy hips. If you have some acting skills and amazing figure, you can be our next Kim Kardashian. We guarantee you that thing. As a result, we have to include this one-of-a-kind hairdo in our top twenty list of the best gala hairstyles for short hair 2018. All hats are off in praise of her magic.

Flowers everywhere

Who is not a fan of red roses? I am telling you that I am an avid fan of all kind of roses, from blue to pink. That is why I am suggesting you this fishtail braid hairstyle that has been able to win over a million hearts by now.

Classic Bun

You don’t need to worry about looking stunning and gorgeous in your next prom date. Promenade hairstyles Asian are there for your help. We frequently see hairdos such as below in Korean, Japanese and Indian movies. Regardless of their popular places,  you can make yourself unique in these dance hairstyles.

Ravishing fishtail braid

We have lost our count on how many times we have praised this type of unique fishtail braid. Never miss out on this style for your prom. Ball hairstyles 2018 can’t have a soother example that this. Great job in enticing us, lady!

Permed black hair

Gala hairstyles and how to do them has a nice answer. Just perm your hair and get a handsome partner. That’s all we have to say.

Glamorous icon

Glamorous celebrities are always rocking. We have to praise their effort for looking so sexy and cute while at the same time, preserving their own personality. Let’s take a break at sip coffee looking at her.

Platinum + balayage blonde

Ever thought how a mixture of platinum blonde and balayage blonde would look like. What you are seeing is one of some special promenade hairstyles that girls are dying to learn. Maybe Madonna or Paris Hilton will teach you this amazing hairdo sooner or later.


Thick, dense trees

Fishtail braid along with an updo combined with lovely loose curls resemble a stream of flowing water. Those two red balloons in her hand resemble a debatable figure. This cutie has won over our hearts in an instant.

Chubby cheeks + princess crown

This lady’s princess crown is ravishing and eloquent. We admire that enchanting and enticing look that radiates a unique aura. We want her to massage our back when we are stressed. Dance hairstyles are really the best of all hairstyles.

Priyanka Chopra’s motivation

The title is relevant because it is actual and factual. This style is Priyanka Chopra’s signature move. She is often found in roughly textured caramel blonde that never goes out of trend.

Silky, smooth

Never tell me that you have seen some other hairstyle that is more slick and sublime than this. There is not even a 0.001% chance that I would believe your talk. This red carpet icon has increased the glory of red carpet by walking on it. Her long tress is one of some cool promenade hairstyles for medium hair.

Look at this expensive iPhone

We all know why people buy iPhones instead of buying more featured Samsung Galaxy S9. People want to classify themselves as rich. This premium blonde has also repeated the trend. Apart from that, we have to admire those classic wall pictures hanging just at the front.

Naural reproductive look

Although it may sound not-so-gentlewomen, the natural leaves sewed in her hair reminds us of semen particles that are found in human sperm. Anyway, this is a great example of promenade hairstyles with a weave. Plus, that thick bun is very strange and incredible at the same time.

Permed style + princess pendants

A permed style is enigmatic and positive. While princess pendants add to your glory, those flowers on her head add more to her ravishing look and eloquent expression. We admire this kind of beauty.


Hot chick + sensual desire

Kill me if you have seen a more sensual picture in your entire life. She looks glamorous and heavy in this golden colored hair that is best when blending with caramel highlights. Therefore, we say that model are some best examples for having ball hairstyles.

Out of the shower look

When you just get out from the shower, you can have this kind of mesmerizing look. You can have this glorious scene on one condition. That condition is if you pay huge respect to your hairstylist.

Red hot look + pure black design

Promenade hairstyles for curly hair are one of some best elements. Even though we can’t say these are prom hairstyle African American, they will surely rock you afro-American origin hair too. Your prom is going to be so much fun that you ‘ll remember it for a long time to come.

Sweet and simple

Sometimes you have to quit being extreme and confused and adopt this sweet hairdo. Her rounded head suits that revolving braid. I like it more than any of you.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

I can compare this kind of great look with an art form. It seems that the style is trying to say something. Maybe an incoming disaster of futuristic heaven. You can bet on any of these two styles. Dance hairstyles and makeup go together all the time.

Diamond earring

This model’s diamond earring may cost millions of dollars. But we are inspired by that ravishing braid and low updo which is priceless.

Brunette’s idea

All people know that brunette have sharp minds. They can imagine even the rarest of possibilities, work on them and come out victorious. Her too, this icon’s silky hair has enchanted all alpha males out there and made them look like unicorns without horns.

Soft ash-blonde braid

This cutie’s lewd and erotic look is fantastic. Her incredible braids along with that curly ending is a pleasure to watch. We can’t describe her eloquence and attitude. Therefore, we watch her like a man watches women in action with him.

Mercuric fishtails

Fishtails are scenic and glorious. They never put our hopes down. Since the last century, they have gone rampant and now viral on the internet. Promenade hairstyles updo is sugarless tea in front of this prom hairstyle for thin hair.

Infinite curls + perms everywhere

If you are a lady who loves curls, then you should get to your prom with curls. I suggest you try this ash-blonde look to mesmerize men in upcoming dances.

Thin fishtails + dinosaur design

This element resembles the fossils of dinosaur that existed millions of years ago in the earth. Therefore, as a tribute to those lost dinosaurs, you have to adopt this hairstyle. I support you no matter what other people say regarding this style.

Silky knotted bun

You have to groom yourself up in this cool style for your next prom if you want to be the only talk of it. Gala hairstyles for long hair are appreciated when made to look like this. This style is equally fit gala hairstyles for curly hair.

Golden eagle + fishtail braids

A golden eagle is our national emblem. We admire them. We also admire this chick’s daring to get herself a golden eagle style that impresses everyone around her. Let’s make a vow and find her address so that she can tell us the secret.

Pinkish Dream came true

Her double braids are enticing. They are genuine and authentic. We love this cutie’s innocence. As a result, we are explaining her beauty. The messy bun adds even more to her attitude that is relaxed and carefree. Those small kinky tattoos one her back gives her more lewd and erotic look.

Heavy scene + ponytail style

This sexy beauty’s high ponytail reminds us of those evergreen stars of 80’s and 90’s who were classic and genuine. Try this and never regret even once.

Taylor Swift’s choice

In most of Mrs. Swift’s music videos, we see her attending a college party of a prom. She has taught us how to look glorious and sexy as a Hollywood actress while going to prom.

Soft as rabbit’s fur

Her prom hairstyle is soft as rabbit’s fur. She has proved that softness is what your hair require when going to a fantasy prom. Promenade hairstyles black girl are yet to come. Therefore you need to be extra patient and persistent.

Take a look at some unique and heart throbbing styles down below.

Romantic Mood

If you know already that you’ll get romantic and wild on your prom date, give a shot at this. We’re sure you will go rampant in this style that is one of some dance hairstyles updo.

Go through these mercuric styles at once.

Tie Knot

We are crazy about her tie knot. That knot very much resembles a gentleman’s tie in a tuxedo. It is a great choice among some pretty gala hairstyles.

Finally, I would like to end this blog by suggesting you try one of these heart piercing styles. Promenade hairstyles like these are sure to make you an apple of the eye for every boy as well as a girl attending the prom.