Top 115 Protective Hairstyles For Fabulous Look

We know that not many of you would like to spend your precious time on styling your hair. But you wouldn’t like to walk out with hair looking like a mess like something just exploded in your head either. Even though hairstyles are unlimited, natural dryness and kinkiness of our hair limit their application. Protective hairstyle protects and limits the impact of such natural factors.

A protective style is any hair composition that keeps your hair tucked away safely with low maintenance. These hairdos not only keep our hair safe from the elements but also maintains moisture, gives a stylish look and promotes thick and long hair. Besides providing a perfect, exquisite look, protective hairstyles keep your hair ends tucked from harmful elements.

Today we are going to learn about 115 easy nonetheless very classy protective hairstyles.

Tucked Cornrows

protective-hairstylesTucked cornrows are suitable for short to medium length hair. To achieve this hairdo, first of all, braid your hair in three different section. Then roll the hair ends into a bun. And you are good to go. You can use a couple of clips to hold the hair in place.

Artistic Cornrows for Long Hair

If you have reasonably long hair, the artistic cornrow might me the right choice for you. Now your hair can hang freely without having to worry about it for weeks.

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Top Bun with Twisted Dreadlocks

First of all, create a bunch of dreads by taking small strands of hair at a time. Then make a bun at a top using the back dreads. Feel free to wear this style anywhere.

Thick Braids Protective Hairstyle

These braids are for you if you have short to medium length hair. Coupled with golden clips this hairdo will furthermore enhance your beauty.

Braided Double Bun

This hairstyle consists of regular braids twisted to make two buns on either side. Simple to make and equally easy to maintain this is the style that really stands out for you. For this reason, you can expect some awed people on your way out.

Stunning Braided Ponytail

Whether preparing for a party or just casually, the braided pony-tail is there for yours to make. Also, some decorative accessories will genuinely add more charm to it. Or you can rock the subtle look.

Braided Ponytail for Long Hair

For people who love hairdo especially pony-tail and dreads, this might be the best option available out there. Moreover, this elegant hairstyle is effortless to pull off and yet lasts you for weeks.

High Bun with Ponytail

This protective style combines high bun with a ponytail to give you an exquisite look. Furthermore, you can rock this hairdo if you have medium to long length hair.  A little time and effort will consequently reward you with a sense of accomplishment and thus a beautiful looking hair.

Star Power!

Dazzle people with the power of a star on your scalp. This astonishing hairdo will undoubtedly turn some heads. To sum up, the braids are arranged in a distinctive pattern and require some serious skill to make.

Bun with Braids

The alternating thickness of braid is what makes this protective hairstyle unique. Also, the stylish bun is what adds the icing on the cake. Due to being tight, this hair is more suitable for working out in style, or you can rock it anywhere.

Pony-tail of Braids

This hairstyle has a striking resemblance to the one before. To put it another way, if you unfold the bun from the bun with braids, this is the hairdo you get. Switch between these two hairstyles seamlessly for a quick change of looks.

Geometric Braids Protective Hairstyle

Arranged into perfect horizontal and diagonal lines of braids swept to one side, this hairdo indeed gives you a gorgeous look.

Braided Legion

Rock these armies of braids anywhere whether it is an event or a casual day. In case you don’t have enough time to do complicated hairdo but want a compelling look, this style is for you.

 Large Braided Bun

The fact that this protective hairstyle resembles a floral pattern makes this hairdo very noteworthy. This hairdo is easy to prepare for any length of hair as you only do large braids.

The Red Dread

This dread is a furious hairdo that adds a unique flair to your look, especially with the color red.

Braids and Buns Protective Hairstyle

Sometimes just mixing the buns and braid will truly give you a cuter hairstyle. All you need are four large braids, two braids for a bun and you are good to go.

Side Swept Box Braids

This neat looking hairstyle will give you the confidence for any event. This hairstyle screams “Less is more.”

Short Curls

If you have very short hair, this protective hairdo is probably for you. It is a very low maintenance hairdo for your daily hairdo needs.

Curly High Top

I have to say that this protective hairstyle is easy to maintain and beautiful as well. Try this out if you specifically have curly hair.

Cute Hairdo

Suitable for any event this hairstyle is very intricate. Finally, step your cuteness up with the help of this hairdo.

Protective Hairstyle for Children


Your kids will love this hairdo due to the reason that it is enchanting. Above all this hairstyle makes sure that your kids look fantastic and protect their hair all year round.

Spiral Bun

A polished braid ending in a spiral bun on top of your head is sure to dazzle people around you.

Double-Stranded Twist

Resembling the DNA strands this hairdo makes you feel unique. Furthermore, the twisted braids with side swift will get along with any events.

Charismatic Braid

Loose double strand twirled braid that explicitly serves you with a gorgeous look.

The Braid Squad

This simple looking squad of braid is suitable for the long hair. Moreover, you can wear it in any place of your choice.

Side Swept Braid

Simplicity adds beauty to your personality. A single braid style on our list that is easy to make and keep up especially if you have a long hair.

Crescent Hairdo Protective Hairstyle

Wrapping around your head this beautiful hairstyle closely resembles the crescent moon. Besides, this hairdo gives you an exquisite look.

Side Swept High Pony-tail

Flaunt this gorgeous and casual hairdo anywhere. This hairstyle definitely goes well with anything and any events.

Braided Pigtail

A fresh hairstyle with multiple braids swept on both sides is in particular suitable for youths and school kids.

Low Cute Bun

Incorporating a bun with a beautiful braid this hairdo neatly wraps around your head. You can significantly rock this protective hairstyle for a simple yet classy look.


Excellent and protective, this hairdo keeps your hair safe for a long time. The ornamental string indeed adds some flair to the look.

Light Braids

When you want to make your hair a little less dense, this hairdo can be your best choice. It makes your hair look lighter and classier accordingly.

Three Braid Combo

Consisting of three large bread merged into a high ponytail this hairdo gives you a stunning look. Henceforth rock in any parties with this fabulous hairdo.

Wavy Heart

Cute and straightforward, this hairstyle will surely win anybody heart. Note that this heart-shaped wavy hairstyle is especially suitable for short hair lengths.

A Very Big Bun

The big braided bun sitting on top of your head gives you a significantly glamorous look. Also, this protective hairstyle seems jaw-dropping.

Polished Ponytail Braid

Creating this hairstyle having a single ponytail is comparatively easy, and it takes no time to make. Unfold the braid to reveal the stunning wavy hair.

Exclusive One-Sided Braid

A hairdo that shines you with the mesmerizing looks and fits in for any event. This protective hairstyle, of course, makes you look attractive.

Cool Side Braids Protective Hairstyle

The most relaxed form of side braid that you can take around. For the long hair, this hairdo constructs enticing appearance.

Dreadlock High Bun

Coupled with bright white string these dreadlocks adds to the beauty of your hairdo. The dreadlocks are encircled into a high bun ensuring the queen like appearance.

Loose Braid with Top Bun

Gracefully flowing downward are the loose braids from braided bun on the top of your head. This combo decorates you with the beautiful shape of you. Moreover, you are ready to go to any place of your choice.

Beyond fabulous

Sometimes long hair length is a boon that you can show off boldly. For those with really long hair, you can definitely carry this stunning hairdo for musical events.

Shining box braids

Loose box braids with the unique design on your scalp are more than enough to make you a diva. This protective hairdo is, in fact, easy to create, and it stays for a long time.

Stylish Loose Braids

These loose braids are lovely and surprisingly comfortable to make your everyday look.

Dreadlocks Partial Updo

Dreadlocks keep your hair safe for a notably long time. When you are in a hurry, you can style into dreadlocks partial updo and set free rest of your awe-inspiring dreads.

Stylish Braids

The artistic arrow design with alternating thin and thick braid on the scalp gives you a royal look. These high buns are made by partially twisting the braids. Remarkably bright string adds to the beauty to the hairdo.

Sparkle with Strings

Hairdo with adornments is the best way to flash on any event. The bright threads on some of your braids will incredibly enhance your glamour.

Stunning Short

If you have short hair, don’t you worry. This protective hairdo flawlessly gives you excellent scalp design along with playful braids floating freely.

Slim braids

Slim braid with entirely loose style demonstrates your perfect look.

Amazing and Easy Hairdo

It seems like this hairdo is easy to create and in fact, it is. Braid is formed from around the edge of the head, brought in the center, then twisted into a beautiful braid bun as can be seen in this picture.

Ravishing Coils

Ravishing coils are radiant and serene. This protective hairdo is the one that you surely desire to appear with and be the light of the event.

Gorgeous Style

For short length hair, this hairdo fits the most. It’s simple and beautiful. The high ponytail secures the hair. Finally, the curls are set free in all directions giving you enchanting looks.

Protective Hairstyle with Curly Bun

Few braids twisted into a bun give this hairstyle a flawless look. All in all the curly bun adds a new flavor to the hairdo.

Simple braid

Whenever you are in a rush, you can wear this simple braid. By and large, this hairdo is easy to create.

Gear Up Dreadlocks

Fascinating dreadlocks, this has a loose curl at its end. To emphasize, the ring in dreadlocks with loose curl adds an extra bloom.

Circular Bun

The scalp design of this hairdo provides you great looks from any angles. The braids are usually put together into a round high bun. This protective hairstyle remains for an extended period.

Easy and Lovely Hairdo

Definitely easy to create, this hairdo in our list is adorable. This style will never let you down.

Pretty Braid

All in all, this hairdo is suitable for the everyday look. The heart themed apparel adds to the overall aesthetic of the look.


A fresh way to style your dreadlock, this partial dreadlock updo is undoubtedly good for outings.

Gorgeous Styling

Off you’ll go with this hairdo through any events without delay.

Rings in Braid

A combo of multiple thick and thin braids remains for several weeks and needs less maintenance. Beautiful rings compliment the braids straightaway.


Thin braids here resemble the sunrays pattern. The braids are twisted carefully to make sun like round structure. Meanwhile, the versatile color pattern of the hair adds a unique style to the hair.

Round Pigtails

Is that mickey mouse? Definitely! Braiding design is incredible, and you can wear it on any place of your choice.

Brilliant Curls

What a striking hairdo, only the front side section is braided ultimately giving the shaved effect. You can wear to any event.

Dense Braided Bun

Magenta color of the hair is radiating the beauty of hairdo. The twisting of thick braids results in the top bun, surely will give you a stunning appearance.

Side Swept Thin Braid

For loose thin braids, you can side sweep the braid in a unique pattern.

Great Braid

Alluring hairdo with incredibly dense braids will certainly melt any heart.

Curl Updo

Firstly braid the front section then pull up all of your hair and twist them with the braid to create the stunning bun. The side curl adds a decorative effect to your hairdo.

Fancy Hairdo

A significantly fantastic hairdo with the braid set carefully into a round shape will, in any event, give you a romantic look.

Enchanting Side Braids

This hairdo is without any doubt mind exploding. The side designed hair braids are truly fantastic.

Diagonal Braid

Zigzagged style braid for short hairs.

Loose Style

Loose style of this hairdo is simplistic.

Low Braid Bun

You won’t let go of this fantastic hairdo.  This protective hairdo also keeps your hair safe for the long run.

Spiral Braid

These braids create the spiral effect, and you can use the ring like accessories to enhance your hairdo significantly.

Few Braids

You won’t afford to lose this stunning look with braids ending in a low bun.

X- effect Scalp Design

The scalp design is mind-blowing. Cross braid in the front consequently gives your hair the X-factor.

Awesome Curls

You can style your curls with these three twisted braids on one side. And this style does wonders to your hair.

Perfect Two Bun

Want to give yourself a fresh look?  The try this surprisingly low maintenance nonetheless elegant hairstyle.

Braids and Low Buns

As the picture reflects, you can flaunt this hairdo with equally simple earrings and a necklace.

Protective Hairstyle with Twisted Dreadlocks

Side twisted dreadlocks with the color dark on top together with a mixture of blonde and black and brown indeed makes the hairdo lot prettier.

A Perfect Bun

Feel like Queen with a high bun on top of your head. Alternating thick and thin pattern around your head, in particular, creates a stunning look from all angles.

Light Green 

Here, three braids are combined to form a perfect bun. Additionally, you can use light green highlight in the bun enhances your hairdo.

Side Twirls

Due to the gorgeous and stunning side twirls, you surely will love this hairdo.

Diva Locks

Feel like the diva with this perfect hairdo. The style of braid is unique, and it looks like the braids are connected to each other with colorful threads and then decorated with accessories.

Twirls Partial Updo

This protective summer hairdo is suitable for the short and medium hair. A partial updo and rest of hair freely falling downward is sure to give you a pretty look.

Shift to Side Protective Hairstyle 

The scalp design gives maple leaf effect. Furthermore, you can style your braid to the side.

Easy Braid

Simple sideways braid like this is exceptionally easy to make and maintain.

Divine Box Braids

Give yourself an explicitly perfect look with these beautiful yet straightforward divine box braids.

Side Swept Box Braids

Configure these braids to be swept in any side to give others an expressly clear view of your scalp work.

Classy Red Braids

Invest some time and effort in doing this hairdo, and you will eventually reward yourself with a beautiful looking hair.

Beaded Thin Braids

Ornamental beads accompany these thin braids that have a fantastic scalp work.

Swept Bob Braids

A bold braided hairdo coupled with a golden ribbon gives you a picture-perfect look.

Braided Updo

It seems like this hairdo with braids wraps around your head ending in a subtle updo.

Ornamental Thin Braid

Well, look at this beautiful thin braids with decorative beads, perfectly winged eyeliner. Truly amazing!

Magenta Curls

She looks preeminent in this curled and colored hairdo. Another key point is to add color to curly hairs for a glamorous look.

Triangular Scalp Work

Everyone will love these hairdos having a fantastic triangular scalp work.

Majestic Dread Buns

Give yourself an explicitly majestic look with these elegant dread buns.

Side Thin Braids

We all love this stylish braids with thin braids swept to the side. Well, who wouldn’t?

Braided High Bun

Try these high braided buns if you desire to keep your hair from being messed up.

Elegant Thin Braids

With thin braids, you can always award yourself a sleek look. Above all, a smile is a secret to overrule the crowd.

Dense Cornrows

This hairdo is an outstanding example as a result of loose cornrows ending up in a dense twirl.

Dreads and Bun

Don’t we all want to have an appealing look? If your answer is yes, you have to try this hairdo.

Magnificent Dread Bun

Style your dreads into a majestic bun. I promise you will look amazing.

Messy Buns

For having a banging look, this unique style with two braids and two buns is a must.

Partitioned Pigtail

Sometimes a neatly partitioned braids ending in a perfect pigtail can surprisingly magnify your beauty many folds.

Wavy Ponytail

Feel like a celebrity with this polished hairdo with equally cool wavy looks.

Exclusive Bun

We all love this hairdo. It is a surely a fashionable way of styling your braid into a bun.

Blonde Braids

Gorgeous coloring makes this hairdo look very beautiful. You have to try these blonde designs immediately!

Stunning Loose Braids

Probably the most excellent way to keep your braids loose and stylish on our list.

Creative Style

If looking neat is equally important to you as are braiding, look no further than this simple hairdo.

Simple Dread

Look at these simple dreads! Not to mention the necklace and earrings equally enhance the simplicity of this hairdo.

Twisted Hairdo

Not only is this hairstyle sexy and twisted but even more head turning.

Alternate Braids

Make yourself feel unique with these alternating braids.

Be sure to try these fantastic hairdos. Additionally, to care your hair, use natural oils to nourish your hair and scalp. Moreover, make sure to protect your hair from extreme temperatures by wearing a hat.