125 Gorgeous And Bold Purple Hair Ideas That Are Trending In 2019

If you are looking to give yourself a completely new look in this new year, then trying the purple hair would be a great choice. They are bold, sexy and fascinating. Ever wondered why the purple color is so seducing? It’s because they are known to stimulate those parts of your brain that release the excitement hormone, i.e., the adrenaline. Anyway, having some purple items in your repertoires such as a violet lipstick or an iris sundress is great when your mood is to try something new and fascinating.

Let’s move on to see these amazing pictures of some gorgeous ladies dressed in purple hair.

1. Grape color

Sometimes having a grape color in your hair gives you a pure and serene look. In fact, this lady’s hair is not just colored in grape color but also some violet and raisin ones.


purple hair

2. Shiny and glorious

If you ever wondered how can color like purple can be shiny, then you’ve come to see the right picture. This lady’s soft and smooth hair does even more justice to the purple hue.

3. Grayscale ideas

Nevermind if someone doesn’t like your grayscale hair so much. Purple hair, when greyed out a little can look fabulous. That’s why celebs want to have some greyness in their attire.

4.Multiple shades of purple

Generally, having multiple shades of the same color in your dress or your hair makes it look an ugly mix. But that’s not the case with purple. We love this girl’s idea of jamming variations of this color like magenta, lilac, violet and even blue to the same hair.

5. Simple and smooth

Despite looking not-so-fancy and straightforward, we love this hairstyle. Those beautiful curves do all the magic at the end of her hair. Just WOW!

6. Dark Desires

It’s easy to misjudge a color when you just take an ordinary look. Most people find themselves incorrect when labeling this lady’s hair color. This is actually a mix of several variations of purple such as iris, orchid, eggplant, and plum. Go, check for yourself.

7. Princess braid

Princess looks great when decorated in this type of classic braid. We love the fishtail braid running around the back of her head that’s added a great glory to this whole style.


8. Purple hair without bleaching

Most people are scared of bleaching their hair. May it be the case of making your hair platinum or purple, people try to find other alternate ways. This style is for those hotties who don’t want to bleach a tiny thread of their hair.

Actually, bleaching is not a bad process but has a high risk of damaging your hair if done incorrectly.

6. Fuzzy creations

Even though a straight, smooth and shiny hair would come to mind upon hearing purple hair, this permed idea is also one of the best. That is why we love it so much.

7. Cute faces design

One can see the deep magenta applied to this gorgeous young lady. In addition to that, the roughness in the hair is complemented by softness in the lips.

8. Hot inspirations

Katy Perry has always been a role model for teenage girls and a sex symbol for adolescent boys. We love her tricky attires and bold sense when it comes to fashion. Here, she has shown us the power of a black violet hairstyle.

9. Glamour everywhere

Being a glamorous girl doesn’t only translate to being a cutie or a hottie or a gorgeous one. It all boils down to your sense of yourself and sense of fashion. We can call this nymph a glamorous as her hairstyle is impeccable.

10. Bright violet purple hair

Who cares about anything when you’ve got this kind of classic style under your sleeves. The way this haircut shine can shadow the sun at times. Great work lady!

11. Purple hair highlights

Never there has been a time when purple hair was neglected. Here too, some great highlights can be seen on this brownie’s hair. That’s gorgeous.

12. Curvy techniques

Who knows how did she learn to roll her hair in such a wonderful style? Anyway, if God has gifted you such sense of fashion, then you are sure to rock any social occasions like parties and proms.

13. A mix of everything

I will need more than two pages if I start to list the no of colors that have been used in this hairstyle. Some of them are violet, sky blue, light green, and plum. Just go to your dear stylist and tell them that you want to have hundreds of shades of purple in your hair just like this lady has.

14. Astonished view

Were you astonished when your best buddy came in gorgeous attire and blew away all boy’s mind, including your boyfriend’s too? Well, now its time to blow your mind by having a seductive purple hair design and looking in your mirror.

15. Rough but tough

Even sometimes people disagree with the opinion that rough things tend to degrade very fast, there are some exceptions. Purple hair dye for dark hair is always a brilliant counterexample for that.


16. A short style

Generally, people tend to have long hair so that they can enjoy every hairstyle out there. But with purple hair, that’s no good excuse. Your short hair will look great as the Titanic if dyed properly in dark violet.

17. Purple hair highlights 2019

It’s indescribable and inexplicable. Sooner or later, this kind of mesmeric hairstyle will take over all those hairstyles ideas in the market. Let’s welcome our purple empire.

18. Purple buns

Buns tend to be black, golden and copper most of the times. But purple buns are something else; they are capable of luring any tough boy’s attention to you in an instant.

19. A sleek design

Simple and elegant design lets you save your precious time by being so time efficient. One can make such styles in a matter of minutes.

20. Highlight’s magic

Have you ever thought that the proper use of hair color highlights in your hair could create a magical moment? Well, if you haven’t, then its the time to think. You can also get inspired by this lady.

21. Hidden mysteries

Now, many people would wonder why is there a black haired lady in an article that is showing purple hair ideas. The reason is simple; we are talking about those purple ends in her hair that extend to her bareback. It’s very tempting, isn’t it?

22. Gorgeous face

Even though a petite, this damn hot girl’s face can make any guy that catches a glimpse of her crazy in an instant. Sometimes you need to think if you can also get such styles.

23. Unique and ravishing

This style is unique and on top of that raw and ravishing. Let’s know some secrets about it. This style was first seen on media in some early ’40s. Then it gained worldwide popularity after Marilyn Monroe sported it insanely.

25. Mystical scenes

People would find themselves dizzy if this picture were included in the harry potter series. We can’t see the reason not to be amazed at this. Plus, that long narrowing braid down her back is enigmatic.

26. Hippie’s inspiration

Hippie, though carefree, are very detailed about their hair and eyes. One can clearly see the reason behind this theory. So next time you meet a hippie, don’t forget to compliment about their hair and eyes.

27. Braided beauty

Everyone has watched American Beauty, haven’t they? This picture shows what one real American beauty is. Yes, I am talking about braids and purple hair.

28. Child’s choice

While you were busy watching Netflix series and some ‘cool’ stuff, this tiny girl was preparing to surpass Giselle on modeling. Never underestimate the power of a cute girl.

29.Household things

Your purple hair is equally suited for household things too. They don’t interfere with anything or anybody. In one word, they are friendly.

30. Raining down

Rainfalls make water everywhere while a curly style makes a hair look like a rainfall. That’s wonderful, isn’t it?

31. A beautiful design

More and more cuties are talking about this style — one main reason being that beautiful and thick violet braid down this cutie’s face. Nobody despises it.

32. Dashing scarface

I dare to those people who have innate hate on Scarface. Nobody loves those peoples. Scarfaces are known to be pure and serene by heart.

33. Piercing eyes

When you have got some amazing tattoos on your hand, a brilliant eyeliner and on top of that a plum hair, you are on your road to the Hollywood.

34.Cowgirl’s motto

Every cowboy or cowgirl’s slogan is to safely rear cows and take care of them by roaming in a horse. But with one exception, this lady. Her dark purple hair is an example to everyone who is a cowgirl.

35. Dazzling scene

Most people get dazzled when a sudden flashlight falls on their face. But to those who understand the beauty of a hairstyle, this picture makes them impress. Yes, you can ask this thing to some real admirers of beauty.

36. Asian Craze

Usually, Asian don’t try to copy westerners. But when it comes to coloring one’s hair, they are copying from even the aliens. Yes, that’s true.

37. Dark cloud and silver linings

Everybody has heard the proverb ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’. Yes, this girl also has some great attributes in her that are going to make her a superstar one day.

38. Out of this world styles

God, just let me meet her once in my lifetime. If you know some people who have their own out of this world styles, then go and meet them no. No one can guarantee if you’ll be able to meet them anytime soon or ever in your lifetime.

39. Sleek and smooth

Now that the time of rough and tough is gone, everybody is looking for a sleek and smooth design. That’s the same for girls; everyone is now in search of a zero-figure and sleek and soothing girl to give them a company.

40. Simple yet dashing

Nevermind those people who say that living a simple and ordinary life is a curse. When you show them this type of majestic hairstyle, there’s a huge lot of probability that they will change their opinions.

41. Bright as the sun

We often get confused looking at this picture. Is our sun brighter or her face?

42. Purple updo

Updos are brilliant, especially when the hair is dyed. Look at this one; those purple magic have worked to make her style evergreen and majestic.

43. A stunning glance

Sharp glances are enough to take a guy’s life. But when girls start giving off these ultra sharp look, then the possibility for boys to remain in good health is one lowest.

44. A ribbon’s effect

Ribbons are known to give girls a cute and soothing effect in their hair. That’s what exactly happened in this case. Those fishtail braids are no less than majestic along with that golden ribbon tied in her braid.

45. Modern Lady

Guys like a modern lady but modern ladies like simple guys. Moreover, we can see that cool effect of purple on her attire which gives her a mesmeric look.

50. Cute glances

Cute glances make desires erupt like volcanoes in a guy’s dream. We adore her lovely dimples and those perfect eyebrows. In addition to that, her lavender haircut is one most impressive.

51.  Purple highlights

There are many shades of purple hair dye chart. You can see this in one below picture.

52. Sexiness reloaded

The purple color is a symbol of sex appeal. This fact was proved time and again by celebs such as Katy Perry and Aishwarya Rai. There no need for me to describe what has been an absolute truth for over centuries.

53. One Moon Queen

Regardless of people’s choice, a Moon’s queen and a Mar’s princess are far more benevolent that an Earth’s queen. Let us take Her Highness Elizabeth as an example.

54. Perfect cat girlfriend

If you are thinking of petting a cat, then you have one more alternative. And that is making this cutie a girlfriend. She will do the works of both; a cat and a girlfriend.

55. Iconic look

Most girls wonder how they can get such an iconic look. Well, the method is simple just make purple peekaboo highlights.

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56. A magnificent bun

Buns are always a part of women’s hairstyle. They are supportive of athletics and sports events. That is why this bun is an artistic and a magnificent piece.

57. Aura of gorgeousness

Everything has its aura from saints to leaders to average people to God. But if you talk about an aura o gorgeousness, then this is it.

58. Sweet designs

Wearing a cool hat and having pastel purple hair only doesn’t make you a sweet girl. It’s your attitude and benevolence that attract people.

59. Attitude overloaded in purple

You can quickly find your attitude, your sense of yourself after dying your hair in purple. That’s not just what I say, that’s the expert’s say.

60. Dark beauty

This beauty has shown us what a perfect example of black hair with purple highlights underneath is. We are fortunate that she is in this post.

61. Glamour everywhere

When I talk about glamour, I talk about attitude. Despite this, having purple highlights on black hair without bleach surpasses one’s mood, and the topic comes on pure talent.

62. Soft and furry

Ever wondered why people love cats and high breed dogs? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s all because of their sweet and furry coat. In case of girl’s hair too, having short and furry hair gives you a chance of getting a wealthy company.

63. Dark inspiration

Great difficulties arise when you have to color your hair, and there are just a few days left. In such times, making purple highlights on black hair without bleach is more than perfect idea. Just try it once, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

64. In the car

There’s always a high possibility of special moments happening with yourself if you have made your hair into some bold and purple color. We can’t even say what might happen in your car the next time you’re traveling with your boyfriend.

65. Color Frenzy

It’s needless to say that more and more girls are out on a frenzy about this color. But the trend will slow down as purple is only for those who have a white and pure heart.

66.Messy but classy

Ever wondered what the word ‘messy’ actually means? In my mind, messy means a little bit nonuniform. I am against the widespread belief that being messy is equivalent to being dirty. These people are insulting the English language, and it needs to be sorted fast.

67. A gloomy bride

If you are a newly sworn bride and have dresses yourself in a bold and sexy hair, then the chances are that your partner might get the idea of making both of you sweat all night long.

68. Cute child

Children are said to the incarnations of God. They are the symbol of truth. That’s why this cutie has colored herself all purple.

69. Looks from the movies

It certainly seems that this look has been extracted from one of the X-men movies.

70. Asian Goddesses

Even though Asain gods and goddesses are limited to stone sculptures, you are lucky enough to witness a living one.

72. One American’s choice

Every American teen has wished once in her time to get an iconic look like this.

73. Happy face

If you are happy, the world is happy. That’s what has happened here. This lady’s smiling face more or less makes us smile too.

74. Hotter than the sun

Everything compares tiny to the sun, but not this smoking hot girl.

75. Purple hair men

Men are fond of purple color just like the women. Why wouldn’t they be? Everybody is human

76. Glorious bun

Never underestimate the handiness of a well-designed bun.

77. Gorgeous Katy Perry in the purple aura

78. Purple rainfall

79. Charismatic design

80. Teen’s favorite

81. Soft and sublime

82. Frickin’ Smokin’ Hot

83. An Afro-American favorite

85. High School Dreams style

86. Crochet’s brilliance

87. Romantic sides

88. 90’s classic

89.Rough and riveting

90. Seductive Katy Perry

90. Appealing look

91. Heavy buns in the plum color

92. Cute and tiny

93. Gorgeous as Aishwarya

94. Pop star’s element

95. Asian dreams

96. Flowing streams

97. Darkness evolved

98. Korean star’s choice

99. Short and sweet

100. Silky and bright

101. White and Creamy girl

102. Tight + Neat

102. Red lip’s magic

103. Lavender highlights + dark hair

104. Asian elite

105. Reddish purple

106.Bobcat example

107. Pure and Serene

108. Romantic wishes

109. Lovely Ms. Perry

110. Sweet and desirable

111. Heart throbbing style

112. Aishwarya Rai Lookalike

113. Shiny styles

114. Ton of perms

115. Lovely lips + soft purple shades

116. Dazzling braids + multitude of colors

117. Rough but stylish

118. Outstanding point of view

119. Lara Croft’s inspiration

120. New and raw

121. Sweet and delicious

122. Blonde’s makeover

123. White’s shades

124. My glamorous attitude

125. Thick hair

126. Shruti Hassan Lookalike


In conclusion, the only thing I would like to emphasize is that purple hair is the symbol of boldness and appeal. You might want to make your new year a more exciting and fun, which is precisely the purpose of the purple hair ideas.

Have fun!