104+Remarkable Rainbow Hair colors For You

When you have a multitude of color in your hair, what more do you need? We are known to various types of hair styling and coloring, ranging from braids to side-swept bangs to crew cuts. They all look fantastic and alluring. But you need to know about one more hair type that has been crazily trending in recent years. That is none other than Rainbow Hair. Even though sounding simple, spectrum hair is mesmerizing to behold. They incorporate the seven primary colors that are included in a rainbow. Rainbow hair isn’t monotonous and humdrum as it sounds. There are some variations that a prism hair can be a blend. Furthermore, they fit in every type of hairdo, making it icing on the cake.

Rainbow hair color can be found in most of the salon store nearby you. Although perfect for vacations and holidays, the rainbow colored hair is suitable for almost every occasions. Parties, proms, fashion ramp, holidays, official meetings, etc., are some venues where prism hair makes you the center of attention. You guaranteed to be the talk of next party with this stylish and cool fantasy hair dye. There can be both long rainbow hair as well as short hair. So, without any ceremonial procession, we head straight to these selected clicks of hypnotizing prism hair. Pastel hair and hidden iris hair are the most popular among these clicks. So we begin by going alongside you on this long voyage of wonder hair.


Do you know what the title implies? They indicate the seven colors in a spectrum of colors in order as they appear from top to bottom. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

This young cutie has included all shades of those hues in curly permed hair.


Textured dark hair

Dream hair dye can be used to give a momentous look to this dark, bold hair.

Mesmerizing multiple braids

There is no need to mention our love for braids. We adore them wholeheartedly. In addition to standard double braids, this heavenly girl has also incorporated small cute pigtails on either side of those large twists.

Glowing braid

Thick, dense braids are something to admire. Look at this auburn hair that can catch the attention of every bypasser. This is a perfect example of rainbow ombre hair. Braids are very friendly with multi-tinted color.

Dream hair underneath

While you may think it is not necessary to show off your prismatic hair everytime you go around, we have got this for you. Now you can easily hide that captivating thread of hair underneath the surface hair.

Glorious view

We wonder if we are sinking under after looking at this sky blue colored hairdo. As we have said time and again, braids make an exciting and catchy combo with a spectrum of colors. To be honest, this style doesn’t have many colors, but they rock.

The second picture is an extended version of the first one.

Mermaid teen

She is young and small. Her chests are small. But they are sure to take an enticing look as she grows older and wiser.

Party mood in New York

In some busiest and party-loving cities of US like New York and Las Vegas, this unusual style has gone viral overnight. Look at those multi-tinted buns along with that princess-crown on her head. We adore them.

Snake’s nest on top

If you have some knowledge on Hinduism, then you are quickly able to compare this hairstyle to that of Might Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has a snake nesting just like this on the top of his head.

In addition to that, this girl has some rain-like flowing her down her back.

Blue roses making a band

What is more elegant and romantic than some blue and light roses circling your head? Her hair seems like an aurora that is seen in evening times at some unique locations on earth. This is a notable beauty of rainbow hair.

You could say that these are some beautiful examples of rainbow roots hair.

Slick and sublime

If someone can get this smooth and soothing hair at eases, who bother trying other nonsense hairstyles? I love them like all the people reading this post.

Crew cut + colored quiffs

This is the new definition of modernization and authenticity. We have not seen a more authentic look than this in recent times. The three parallel shaved line on the faded crew is nothing less than glamorous.

Chocolate-blended iris hair underneath

I guess many of the readers agree with me on this title. The hair dye hidden beneath that normal blonde hair looks very similar to chocolate candy. Hidden hair can make you an overnight internet sensation.

Elegance reloaded

The mirrored look is insanely fantabulous. Prism hair pastel is being copied more and more. Celebrities and divas are ruling Instagram with their ravishing multi-dyed. This evidence only supports the statement that 80’s are back again with a bang.

Artist’s impression

When an artist makes a masterpiece after several decades of their experience and hard work, he feels extremely proud of it. We are also feeling that proudness while looking at these rainbow tips hair.

Flowing hot lava

Lava flowing out from erupting volcanoes have a similar style as this girl’s rainbow hair. At least ten different hair colors are mixed in this relaxed blend.

Silky and glossy

Glossiness can’t come in a more pure and serene form than this. Not just only the spectrum hair dumbstruck us here, their oily and bright attribute make us hold our breath.

Perm look

Perm hair can also have rainbow spectrum embedded in them. They look fantastic and cool. The greenish blue shade that this model’s eye has is pure joy.

Short pixie

Pixies are short and cute. They are enigmatic and breathtaking. Here what we are seeing is a perfect example of parrot pixie that embodies spectrum hair pastel. It should come as a result of a search for’hair short’ and ‘hair boy.’ Not to mention, this unique coloring style is ageless and genderless, both boy and girl can have them.

Fashionista’s choice

Thin and soft trees are quite brilliant. They make us think that we have found purpose in our life. Black eyelashes are very scenic and calm. We love this gorgeous blonde for her fearless daring to try this overwhelming look.

Rainbow ponytail

Just like rainbow hair, a rainbow ponytail is also scenic and dashing. This shiny lady has made herself look like a beauty pageant.

Lie down in the grass

This girl has made her tress fizzy and fuzzy. They are spread all over the lawn. That’s the beauty of fantasy hair color, isn’ it?

Bold, appealing look

The first thing that came to my mind after looking at this glorious picture was ‘My place or her place.’ Such is the eloquence of this spectrum hairdo. Her bold and artistic outfit adds even more to her magnetic appeal.


Rainbow finch’s inspiration

This is purely inspired from that hanky-panky bird who is in a tip of a tongue of every girl out there.

A gem in the ring

Her braid is magnificent. More than that, her multiple colored nails and a large treasure locked in that sexy index finger are admirable.


Crochet all over

Crochets are mercurial. And when we add tints of several hair colors like plum, sky blue and shiny green, then they become angelic.

Thick bangs with multiple tints

Yellow, orange, indigo, pink, blue, green and red are some colors that we see in the picture below. Each side-swept bangs is colored in a different hue. She has surely been inspired by that flying finch.


Korean style

I am not talking about Psy’s Gangnam style here. I am talking about this eye-catching short and cute hair that is formed by blending all colors of a rainbow.


Bun over a bun

I suggest you try this unique and incredible hairdo right now, in this very moment. People with this kind of colored hair color ideas are great and wise. They deserve a salute and a standing ovation.

Hidden rainbow hair

At first, our naked eyes can’t see something that is not mundane in the first picture. But as she opens her secret, we are blown away like fur in the wind.

Ravishing, raw look

Who doesn’t want to groom oneself in this one-of-a-kind glossy hairstyle? They contain every fantasy hair dye you can imagine. Let’s be honest; they are the best hairstyle of this decade. Admit it without any hesitation.


Greyish shade

Greyish, neutral shad is quite magnanimous. Such designs are calm and quiet. But they can explode if tempered with badly and carelessly. Dyed hair color ideas are great for both shiny as well as dull and grey look.

Cuter than a lion’s cub

Everybody’s opinion can be different. That is obvious. Otherwise, there would be no debate and variations. I find this mesmeric hairstyle consisting of hundreds of blue and pink shades to be quite fascinating.


Unique bob cut

Bob cuts don’t have to dull and dumb from now on. The parrot lines flowing from top to this model’s cheek looks soothing and sublime.

Flowing down to the hips

There is no problem in clicking your nude picture from the back if you’ve got this long shiny curl like this. Even Donald J. Trump loves this unique and sexy hairstyle on Melania.

Platinum cover

We can’t say this design as a hidden rainbow hair. Its because they aren’t hidden, they can be seen clearly with no effort. Nonetheless, we are proud that this lady has managed to pull this off from the magical hat.

Granny’s choice

Everybody reading this post is quite sure that this look is not put on by Granny herself. Her naughty grandchildren and kids have made her look like this, naughty and fun. Well done, granny!


Rainbow Twists

This is a deadly combination of updo and upward twist. We can’t describe or explain things like this. They are meant to be enjoyed and behold.

Simple, plain

Who said that being ordinary and straightforward is a bad thing? Ignore all those snowflakes who try to force you to extremes of everything. Being ordinary is good, in fact, perfect in some cases.

Flowing candy

This look is reminiscent of our old childhood days. We used to run for colored candies and expect Santa clause to gift us a box filled with colored candies. I still love candies and sweets very much.

Red + blue

Red combined with blue make an atomic relationship which can give your hair a certain color. These two colors go hand in hand in every case, from sky’s look to your hair.


Soft, shiny, cheeky

Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky. Who does she think she is. Blended pastel rainbow hair is capable of turning thousands of heads towards your hair in an instant.

Parrot’s motivation

Birds like parrot and finch are motivations for rainbow tress dye. We can see this rapper with rainbow trees glowing like the great moon. Rainbow under hair is good, but this classic show off style is impressive and out-of-the-window.



Simple brunette

Elijah Cordova has recently been seen in hundreds of looks. Even models and celebrities copy her lustrous look. It’s time that you get up from your bed go to a gym and then come back home to put on this magical element on your tress.

Red, yellow, blue and green highlights

Highlights are enigmatic. They transfer all the power of one color to full hair. You can see that mysterious effect here. Just coloring some strands of your hair in four different colors is giving the hair a fantastic and expressive vision.

Popstars’s selection

This hot chick down below is girlfriend material. Her sexy weaved eyebrows and glossy pink lips are enough to melt a hard guy’s heart.

Pure Fantasy

Fantasies are wild, aren’t they? You may have some illusions that you are embarrassed to say to even yourself. I do. So next time you see such a unique hairstyle on someone, salute them for their daring. They are real-life heroes who have brought out their wildest fantasies to life.

Piercing everywhere

Ultra modern look such as there are very popular in recent times. We salute her painstaking effort to look different and powerful despite the resistance of society.

Creamy chocolate

I have seen such creamy mouth-watering chocolates in various stores. She has realized and actualized that concept through her thick, dense hair.

Powerful colors

Rainbow hair pastel is dangerously powerful. If you can choose some powerful colors and blend your hair in them, you are sure to rock the fashion ramp.


Messy view

Messy scenes can also create a buzz. So try them now.


Two shades of grey

Even there are as high as fifty shades of grey; this chubby model has blended two beautiful shades of grey in her hair.


Hidden rainbow hair

Every time we look at them; we get dumbfounded. That’s the sole reason for large fame for rainbow ombre hair.

Unicorn’s horn

You can also be imaginary with this out-of-the-box look. Unicorn look is one of some best rainbow strand color techniques. We thank this lewd for being our inspiration.

Platinum vs. Rainbow hair

I think the rainbow will win for sure. It has more definition, detail, and power than its counterpart.

Lovely braids for kids

Kids look stunning in these rainbow strand color techniques which make high use of braids. If I have a cute girl in the future as my daughter, I will make her like this to give a queenish style.

Sia’s style

If you want some cheap thrills and don’t want to waste countless dollar bills ridiculously, then this is for you. Bob but plus short straight hair give an iconic and dashing look to your face. We cann0t describe how much we love those dark eyelash coloring.

Sweet like honey

Honey is the sweetest of all substances. This rainbow ombre hair is a glamorous example of that case.

Show me those flows

Hair flows like a river. Her colorful hair makes us believe that she is an angel who has come down from heaven to inspire and motivate us.

Devilish braids

See how amazing and a large scene can be created by using the visible spectrum of colors? We follow them crazily and believe in them fully. May God bless us. We aren’t sure if she has identical tattoos on her arms.

Naturalness redefined

Red alongside shades of yellow and green tones are quite a scene to behold. We are in true love with this genuine and authentic hairdo.

Enticing black buns

What more can we say about this shiny black buns? They can dumbstruck everyone staring at them.

Blonde’s fantasy

I advise you get some silky and cool yet eye-catching hairdo as this blonde has. She deserves a standing ovation. I have given her a standing ovation, and it’s your turn now.

Soft as cat’s fur

Furry, silky, ravishing. These three things are some best rainbow color techniques. People worship a goddess like her.

Thick dark rolls

Rolls can be mighty alongside magnetic. Nobody despises them, do they?

Queen’s look

It is one of some most romantic and compassionate scenes I have seen till date.

Hidden rainbow hair

You don’t need to show off your mesmerizing multiple colors. You can always hide these gold nuggets beneath your natural blonde tress.

Thick, enigmatic rolls

The base color is dark and bold. When copper tunings are added to this style, we get dumbstruck. Let’s praise them wholeheartedly.

Rainbow strand pastel

Glorious plus glamorous. These are the only two heavy terms that come to my mind after looking at this stunning beauty.

Cute  Asian look

Although Asian love long and simple look. This girl has done something different.

Ravishing, raw scene

Despite not having many chances, she has proved herself as a mega fashion icon

What are you wondering?

Her look is unique. We love her poems and her innocent, funny look.

Messy, textured style

Design such as these is textured and tone, giving them a clear effect.

Negative return

Most of today’s camera can capture negative images. See how a negative of rainbow hair looks like. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Hide them inside a closet

More mystery, more attraction. That is the reason why you need not show off your rainbow hair.

Ravishing, stunning mood

This one’s for your romantic and naughty mood when you need some physical satisfaction from your partner. He’ll love to caress with that hair.

Iconic braids

Iconic twists are a joy to behold. We praise them, admire them.

Soft, sublime

Not to mention that rough background, she has killed us with this style.

Normal yet straightforward

While they look normal, they are passionate and sexy.

Shining bob cut

This style has something called ‘Disk-effect.’ That is to say; her hair shines like a disc in sunlight.

Two steps to rule

Follow these two simple steps and get the look of your dreams.

A downpour of blue anguish

Everybody gets tensed sometimes. We have foun out this deadly look for those difficult times.

Classic rainbow bob cut

This style is not for just models and actresses. Everyone s allowed to have them.

Hidden rainbow hair

Rapper with rainbow hair is hard to found. But here it looks like we have found one.

Chubby designs

Chubby girls are marriage material. They make a perfect choice for lifelong partners.

Bird’s feather

The title is relevant because this hairstyle is inspired from colorful bird’s feather.

Glorious divinity

These are divine. Only God has such creativity to make something like this.

Take a look at some wonderful pictures down below and get stunned.

Red ice-cream

We are fond of ice creams, aren’t we? I prefer red vanilla ice cream despite all other fancy choices.

Take a thorough look at some lovely hairdos that are a brilliant example of rainbow roots hair and rainbow under hair.

Lastly, I am ending this blog with an advisory statement that, get these styles as soon as possible. You can try them as long as they are trendy. Once they are gone, your effort won’t bring so much sensation in parties and proms.